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20 Reasons Why You're Superdad

As a child growing up, do you remember some of the things your father did that made him great? How many times did he put on the “magic cape” and fly you around the room? And besides helping you with a school project (and somehow almost did the whole thing for you – oops), he didn’t mind picking up a doll and joining you for tea.

I’ve come up with a little present to all dads out there – including mine, that I miss dearly.
To all dads who read this: you’ve done a good job so far and keep it up.

20 Reasons Why You’re Superdad

1.You were patient enough to realize that Ken is Barbie’s boyfriend and always will be.
2. According to you, when building with blocks, my designs were the best – even better than yours.
3. There was a great understanding that coloring inside the lines was so overrated.
4. You could always make the greatest belches at dinner to keep me from getting in trouble.
5. I always wanted to fly – you just helped me out a little bit when you took on the “magic towel” as your cape.
6. When I handed in my school projects, mine was the best (well, I should say yours was the best).
7. You helped Mom enough to make sure dinner always tasted great.
8. Bedtime was never bedtime – it was more of an excuse to let the imagination soar.
9. You always made sure Santa got everything right on my list.
10. You were nice enough to turn your vacation time from work into “fun at Disney”.
11. You always understood that Barney was the greatest (although, you seemed to stay later at work when Barney came on).
12. When racing cars, your car always seemed to have a little trouble at the end.
13. I always won at Monopoly thanks to you.
14. You knew that a dog was the answer to everything.
15. Despite hanging onto the car door, you stuck it out while I learned to drive.
16. You thought that every person I dated was the greatest (despite the fact that many of them weren’t).
17. Even if you hated the music I listened to, you tried to dance to it.
18. Every horror movie was up there on the must-see list on weekends.
19. You knew that not only kids could eat Halloween candy (so that’s where half my candy went).
20. Best of all, you loved me for being me, and stuck it out.

To all dads out there: Happy Father’s Day. And to my father: I miss you and I’ll always love you, and believe me, you were a superdad whether you knew it or not.

Dedicated to all fathers out there, including my father: Curtis Dale Hargrove (July 23, 1961 – February 20, 2009).

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20 Telephone Etiquette Tips for Businesses

Today’s technology has many advantages and a great many disadvantages. I often wonder how our society survived without a mobile telephone.
One disadvantage of a mobile telephone is the lack of telephone etiquette. People seem to have no manners when talking on their phones. Personally, I do not care to hear another person’s conversation. That really annoys me.

Concessions can be made for time away from the workplace regarding telephone etiquette. In the workplace, impoliteness and rudeness to others when on the phone or not, is totally unacceptable from employees. I find it extremely difficult to ignore improper telephone etiquette I hear conversations employees have with customers, clients or patients. I think of the many opportunities I have to offer my consulting services to the companies who have not made the connection between untrained employees in the area of proper telephone etiquette (or any area if the employee is untrained) and reduced profits. Every connection an employee has with a customer, patient, client (or potential one) is vital to the profits of any company. I, therefore present, 20 Telephone Etiquette Tips for Businesses. I’m aware many of these tips are common sense yet I’m also aware common sense is not very common, oftentimes. This list was initially written for dental and medical healthcare professionals but is applicable to any business.

Make sure you identify yourself, speak clearly and are smiling as you answer the phone.

Before placing a caller on hold, ask their permission first and thank them next.

It is better to return a call than to keep someone on hold too long. If the phone rings back to you, you’ve kept them on hold too long.

Do not forget to return a call as promised.

Do not permit the phone to ring into the office more than three times.

Always use a pleasant, congenial and friendly tone.

Never interrupt the person while he/she is talking to you.

Never engage in an argument with a caller.

Do not handle an unhappy caller’s concern openly at the checkin-checkout desk.

Do not make it a habit of receiving personal calls at work.

Do not answer the phone if you are eating or chewing gum.

Do not give the impression that you are rushed. It is better to return the call when you can give the person the time they need to handle the reason for their call.

Learn how to handle several callers simultaneously with ease and grace.

Return calls promptly that have been left on voice mail and ansafones.

Always get the best number (and an alternate) and the best time to have a call returned to the caller, especially if a manager or another team member must return the call.

Do not leave a message with someone else or on an ansafone or voice mail regarding details of a delinquent account. Instead, leave a message asking the person to call the “Accounting Department.”

Always make collection calls in private and away from the patient flow or public areas.

If possible, provide a telephone for patients/customers/clients to use. An area providing privacy is preferred.

Do not call a patient, customer or client’s home before 8:00AM or after 9:00PM, unless you have been given permission to do so.

When hanging up the phone, make sure the caller or person called hangs up first. Always hang up the phone, gently. I recommend a remote, handless headset for the business staff. They are wonderful. This will solve hanging up as you push release on the headset to hang up the phone. Also, it does not tie your staff to their desk. The team member checking on insurance really appreciates this device. (The phone can also be answered if away from your desk.)

Keep in mind, the sale begins with “Good morning, thank you for calling – ” A friendly, pleasant, warm and cheerful voice could be all the caller needed to choose you over your competition!

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20 Saddest Songs of All TIme

Guaranteed to make you weep, or at least dampen your mood, these are the saddest songs ever recorded, pop & rock tear-jerkers. The 20 saddest songs in pop and rock music history:

1 – Seasons in the Sun (1974) by Terry Jacks, is a sad song about a dying man saying good-bye. The boyband Westlife re-recorded the song in 1999, but it’s the original 70s songs that really hits the sound and pulls the heart strings. The Jacks 70s version hit #1 and topped the charts for several weeks back in 1974. It’s also been called one of the worst songs ever. To each his own.
Goodbye my friend, it’s hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky
Now that the Spring is in the air, pretty girls are everywhere; Think of me and I’ll be there.
We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed. were just seasons out of time

2 – Yesterday (1965) by the Beatles Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, Now it looks as though they’re here to stay…

3 – Tears in Heaven (1992) by Eric Clapton, written about the death of his young son.

4 – The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (1976) by Gordon Lightfoot, tells the sad story of the true ship that sank and took its crew with it.
When supper time came, the old cook came on deck sayin’ “Fellas, it’s too rough to feed ya”,
at 7 P.M. a main hatchway caved in, he said
“Fellas, it’s been good to know ya”

5 – Cats in the Cradle (1974) by Harry Chapin, about a cycle of family members not spending enough time together.

6 – The Final Cut (1983) by Pink Floyd

7 – One (1988) by Metallica, about a soldiers who is alive, but has lost his limbs, and use of his eyes and mouth, leaving his perfectly functioning brain trapped in his body. “Nothing Else Matters” actually has a sadder music to it, though.

8 – Where Do the Children Play? (1970) by Cat Stevens

9 – The River (1981) by Bruce Springsteen, about failed dreams, and losing hope.

10 – Slow Marching Band (1983) Jethro Tull

11 – The Quiet Room (1978) by Alice Cooper, about a man living in an insane asylum, and “How You Gonna See Me Now” also from the same LP.

12 – May it Be (2001) by Enya

13 – Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles. Ah, look at all the lonely people…

14 – Billy Don’t Be a Hero (1974) by Paper Lace, about a young man leaving his fiancee alone to go off to fight, and die, in a war.

15 – My Heart Will Go On (1997) Celine Dion. The true sadness here was the poor quality of the movie it got attached to.

16 – Dead Man’s Curve (1964) by Jan and Dean

17 – Waterfalls (1994) by TLC.
So he goes out and he makes his money, the best way he knows how;
Another body laying cold in the gutter, Don’t go chasing waterfalls …

18 – Candle in the Wind (1973) by Elton John, about the death of Marilyn Monroe

19 – The Wounded Whale (1990) by Fairport Convention

20 – Desperado (1973) by the Eagles

Bonus Track: “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” recorded by the Hollies is meant to be uplifting, but really comes out sounding sad. “Mandy” by Barry Manilow is pretty depressing, too.

I’m depressed just reading the list. It’s time to cheer up, and for that we need to check out:

The Top 30 Feel-Good Songs in Pop Music

Top 40 Dance Songs of the 80s

Top 40 Romantic Loves Songs of All Time

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20 Questions Every Band Should Answer

Want to know if you’re cut out for a full-time music career? Would you like to know at what level you’re best suited to play? Well, hang tight because that’s exactly what you’re about to have the opportunity to explore.

After reviewing the successes, failures, exciting stories, and disappointments of a variety of artists and bands, I compiled a list of some of the key characteristics and habits of those who have punctured their local and regional envelope and dashed out onto the national scene. I also reviewed interviews and coaching sessions I’ve done with artists or bands who came to the realization that they were really better suited and more aptly served by keeping their efforts closer to home-in their city, state, or region.

So as promised in the last article (“Will Your Band Be Successful?”), the following is a 20 Question Artist Evaluation that you (and possibly your band mates) may want to take. It could give you some insight as to where you are on your pathway.

Simply answer “Yes” or “No” to the following questions (and by the way, if your answer isn’t a solid, unequivocal “Yes,” then it’s “No”-and remember, honest answers will give you more valuable feedback, so tell it like it is):

1. Can you take genuine feedback easily and are you willing to hear ways you could improve without becoming defensive (i.e. are you committed to continual improvement)?

2. Are you willing to push beyond your limitations even when it’s hard and very uncomfortable?

3. Do you talk about how awesome it is when other bands reach a level of success you haven’t yet reached (does it inspire you and stoke you up to do better)?

4. Do you (or your band) regularly write songs that people (beyond your friends and family) are hungry to buy (in whatever format you have them in)?

5. Do you practice at least 3 times a week (for periods of 3 hours or longer)? And yes, gigs can count as practice. So if you’re out gigging multiple times a week and are constantly improving by doing so, great! Just make sure you are also spending the time outside the gigs to improve your performances where needed.

6. Do you regularly rehearse your established sets as if you were doing a live show in order to perfect your entire performance (and get it embodied at the cellular level so you have the freedom to effectively improvise)?

7. Are you fully committed to blowing your audience away every time you perform regardless of where you are and how many people are there (i.e. do you perform full out 10 times out of 10)?

8. Do you regularly make wise, well thought-out decisions in life (do you seek advice from people who are more experienced than you)?

9. Do you have a strong, viable, grassroots fan base that promotes you and serves as your Street Team and your die-hard advocates?

10. Are you accumulating a fan info data base that’s in a useable format (including email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, whatever you can accumulate from mailing lists, fan clubs, social networks, etc.)?

11. Do you create opportunities to interact with and associate with your fans in ways that also allow you to celebrate who they are and what they’re passionate about while still leaving them wanting more?

12. Do you have a website, Facebook site, MySpace site, and a Twitter following that you regularly update and utilize to build fan loyalty and interaction (a key ingredient of successful communities)?

13. Is destiny calling you so strongly that you are convinced an essential part of your nature has to do with bringing your music to as many people as you can reach?

14. Is your musical career at the top of your priority list (right after your ethics and your key relationships)?

15. Are your ethics aligned with and key relationships enthusiastically and unrelentingly supportive of your dream and goals about a career in music?

16. Do you regularly get into the studio (how ever large or small) and record your music, work out arrangements, master the art of studio performance (vs. live performance) so that your recorded music captures the verve, vitality, and vibe of your live performances?

17. Is your passion for music and success greater than your ego (i.e. can you drop your sense of self-importance or your story and become results driven vs. ego driven)?

18. Are you comfortable not being home and being on the road in far less than elegant circumstances?

19. Do you have a job(s) and/or the lifestyle that enables you to take time off and hit the road?

20. Are you an incredibly dedicated, tenacious, hard working person (or group) who never gives up?

If you answered “Yes” to at least 18 out of 20 questions, your commitment level and your chances of excelling are high (if you’re in this category and also answered “Yes” to Questions 13 through 20, then your odds of expanding beyond a local and regional level are greatly increased).

If you answered “Yes” to at least 15 out of 20 questions, your commitment level indicates that you have a moderate chance of excelling (and you may likely be better served to stay local or regional).

If you answered “Yes” to less than 15 out of 20 questions, it’s likely that you are either not ready to “go for it” or may not have the level of passion needed to take your talent beyond friends, associates, or regulars at the bar or local hang out (and that’s fine, by the way-you can still have a very enjoyable experience sharing your music at the level that works for you).

Now, if you scored lower than you’d like, take a look at the questions you answered “No” to and ask yourself why you didn’t say “Yes.” Is this something you’re willing to work on, learn from, and improve? If so, naturally you can increase your score over time and your odds of taking your musical dreams to higher levels. If not, and you think this questionnaire is bogus, that’s okay too. There are exceptions to every rule and I’d genuinely love to have you prove the survey wrong. Just one thought about that approach, however. In a business that’s already got one in a million odds, do you really want to make the odds even more difficult? Okay, so that makes 21 questions, but you get the point.

Great quotes: Long-time friend and music industry executive, Coby Regehr, commented in a recent email, “In the many years I have spent surrounded by the music industry, I have drawn the same conclusion as you state in your articles. Success has only happened to the ones who truly believe in music, the roots of music, and the sheer love of playing music.” He went on to share a classic quote from Waylon Jennings, who once laughed when asked what it was like to be a big star. “Don’t kid yourself,” he told the reporter. “Being a star in the music business is really just one long, glorified bus ride.”

Added Tip: For a phenomenal education on an artist’s relationship to the music business, take a look at Donald Passman’s “All You Need to Know About the Music Business.” It’s the like a college level course on the biz that everyone who’s serious about stepping up to the next level should be fully conversant on.

If you enjoyed this article, here are three more you might like “So You Want to Make it in the Music Business“, “Will Your Band Be Successful?l” and “Songwriting 101: Advice from the Other Side.

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20 Reasons to Buy a Daily Newspaper

I woke up one fine winter morning to discover that Mother Nature had deposited nearly 6 inches of fresh snow all over my car, driveway and the surrounding landscape. Being out of work at the time, I decided that there was no urgent need to go out in the cold to clear away all that snow as there was nowhere I had to go. I made a pot of coffee and started preheating the oven to make some Cinnamon rolls to enjoy with my wife. The noise I was making caused my wife to wake up and after our morning pleasantries to one another, she asked “did you go out yet to buy the paper”? That simple question caused me to ponder the worth and value of going out to pick up a daily newspaper versus turning on the computer on a day when I really did not feel like dealing with the elements. After our simple breakfast, I started jotting down reasons why the paper is such an important part of our lives. After a very short time, I had twenty reasons to buy a daily newspaper and decided that going out that morning, even if just to purchase that paper, was worth the effort instead of surfing the web. Here then, in no necessary order of relevance or importance, are twenty good reasons for getting your daily newspaper.

1. Going out to get the newspaper makes you get up, get dressed, brush your hair or put on a hat and go outside to, as my folks used to say, “get the stink blown off”! Oh sure, sitting down at the computer might be easier, but it does not prepare you for the rest of the day clothing or stink blown off wise.

2. You get your daily influx of news, both local and national, sports and weather. Come on, admit it, it’s easier flipping the pages of a newspaper instead of jumping from site to site on the Internet. And, in lots of instances, local newsworthy events are more up to date and easier to find in the paper as opposed to searching the net.

3. Checking out local events in your area is a breeze using the newspaper. All you do is turn to the “Local” section of the paper and voila, there are all the notices about Red Cross blood collection sites and hours, special events happening at the mall, big price slashing sales at the grocery store, what community centers are offering meals for senior citizens that day, the list goes on and on.

4. While this offers the biggest distraction to reading their product, most newspaper editors graciously offer up daily television programming information. Perhaps sometime in the future, there will be a television reality show based on a group of people reading the newspaper!

5. Have you ever tried to line the bottom of a birdcage with a lap top computer instead of a few sheets of newspaper?

6. The “Classified” listings of the newspaper brings you a plethora of information, categorized under specific headings, relative to what people want to sell, what they want to purchase, what jobs are available, real estate, rental properties, vacation opportunities, lost and found, automotive sales by dealers and individuals, pets for sale; if it’s something you are looking for, there is probably a classification for it in the want ads.

7. You can use sheets of newspaper to wrap fragile china and glassware for storage. I guess you could also use your computer for that, if you have the time and it’s worth the effort to print out sheet after sheet on your printer labeled “glass”, “plate”, “bowl”, etc, etc, etc..

8. It’s easier to roll up a section of newspaper to shoo away flies or other bugs rather than trying to swing a lap top or PC at them.

9. The Sunday paper usually contains a comics section with brightly colored cartoon selections. Think how entertaining it would be to recycle that colorful section of the paper as gift wrap!

10. Those portions of the comics section that you don’t use as gift wrap, can be creased and folded and with extreme artistic deftness on your part, be turned into party hats for whatever celebration you are giving the gifts at.

11. If you have a pet dog or cat, a couple sheets of newspaper on the floor can create hours of entertainment for them, trying to burrow under it to see what lies hidden beneath. If you have a cat as easily entertained as mine, a balled up section of paper becomes a toy that he can bat all over the house and chase until he wears himself out. This particular form of pet toy is a whole lot cheaper and less noisy than those infernal plastic balls that have little tiny bells inside that will invariably wake you up at 2:30 in the morning when the cat decides it’s time to play.

12. As day turns to night, and the temperature starts to drop, remember that news print has superior insulating qualities versus your computer. When you’re snuggled in your recliner, preparing to watch the television program that you read about in reason number 4 and your feet or hands start getting a little chilly, just place a section or two of your daily paper over them. Almost immediately, you will start to feel the comforting warmth of your own body heat, trapped under that simple insulating layer of paper.

13. You would not use a lap top to house break a puppy would you? If you did, I’m sure the warranty that came with the computer would be voided. Newspapers don’t care what ends up all over them after they have lived out their usefulness as a source of information.

14. Continuing in the vein of using newspapers in conjunction with animals, if you enjoy putting bird feeders in your yard to attract swarms of feathered friends throughout the year, you know that some of those tube style feeders don’t offer the largest of targets into which you pour the bird seed to fill the tube. Instead of relying on a steady hand and a good eye, why not take a couple sheets of newspaper, roll them into a makeshift funnel, and then pour away. No more wasted bird seed all over the ground to attract unwanted pests. This however will not keep your annoying cousin Charlotte from complaining about the bird poop that gets on her car whenever she comes to visit you.

15. Have you ever tried to start a fire using a computer as kindling? While not recommended to start fireplace fires, newspapers are handy to have when trying to ignite bonfires or campfires. You don’t want to be making “s’mores” over a fully involved computer fire!

16. Newspapers are far superior to computers when it comes time to relax in a hammock on a sunny day or make your way from under cover to your car on a rainy day. You get done mowing the lawn and decide to rest up for a bit in your hammock. The sun is beaming down so fiercely that even when you close your eyes, you still get that impression of glowing red through your eyelids. Solution at hand – just drape a section of newspaper across your face. Hey, that brings to mind the fact that newspapers can protect you from melanoma much better than a computer can! On a rainy day, when you walk out of your workplace or shopping center, and you need to make that hundred yard dash to your car, would you rather have a newspaper or a six hundred dollar lap top to hold over your head protecting you from the rain? If you knew it was going to rain and you’re a proactive type person, I guess you would have an umbrella at your disposal for this instance thereby negating the need of the newspaper. But you should have bought the paper anyway because of all the other reasons I’m giving you.

17. You can use an inexpensive daily newspaper to attain the same protection that you would get from a much higher priced drop cloth if you decide you need to spray paint something that is not stationary. Just spread that handy paper out, place whatever you are painting atop the protective paper shield, shake the living daylights out of that can of spray paint, and then Michaelangelo away to your heart’s content. When you’re done, the item you wanted to paint is painted and the surface below where you were painting is not painted. This of course becomes a moot point if you want the item being painted and the area around it to all end up the same color. If that’s the case, don’t bother reading this suggestion.

18. Let’s say you have just had new carpet installed in your home or you just spent a lot of effort cleaning the carpet you already had. Company is coming over and wouldn’t you know it, here comes the rain as well. You never thought to purchase a shoe or boot tray on your last shopping trip and you don’t want your new (or freshly cleaned) carpet to be subjected to the wet shoe soles that you know are arriving with your guests. Ta Da, just break out a couple sections of your handy, dandy daily newspaper and spread them neatly on the floor near the door. Then when your guests arrive, you can politely explain to them your carpet situation and request that they remove their wet shoes and leave them on the papers by the door. This not only saves your carpet from becoming soiled prematurely, it also affords you the opportunity to see which of your guests has the audacity of leaving home with holes in their socks! Further research will probably reveal that those folks were never chided by their mother about leaving the house with dirty underwear. You know, “what if you get hit by a car and need to be taken to the hospital and when they take your clothes off they see you’re wearing dirty underwear. What are they going to think about your mother if that happens”?

19. Energy conservation is on everyone’s mind these days. It is a lot cheaper to operate a daily newspaper for a couple of hours (especially if it is recycled newspaper) rather that firing up the old computer. I don’t care how energy star compliant computers are, I just know that it costs more to use electricity than to read a paper.

20. My final offering is for those who have kids who have ever had to produce a school project. Oh the computer can be a huge help with homework and projects but they will never,ever be able to take the place of the good old fashioned daily newspaper when it comes time to produce one of those elementary school assignments – creating a mask or a solar system or a building – out of paper mache!

Well there they are, twenty good reasons that you need a daily newspaper in your life. And, as if on cue, there goes my doorbell. I think I’ll carry out a number 18 followed by number 3 and if that fails to cause us all to leave the house, I’ll check out number 4 in case we run out of things to talk about – that we discovered this morning in number 2.

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20% Off with Their Heads!

Not long ago, I went on a bizarre safari with my parents, to one of those monstrous, membership-driven, continent-sized, discount shopping marts (I can’t spell out the name of the store, because I can spell “lawsuit”). Although I didn’t have a membership, my parents did, so I canceled my mail, got my entry visa stamped and stepped in.

The place was enormous: spacious enough to merit its own postal code, big enough to own its own military base and Congressman (of course, these days, you can buy a Congressman anywhere). As a single guy, I was staggered by the “bulk purchase” options. I felt like Alice in Wonderland, after taking the wrong pill.

Jars of mustard the size of lampshades. Bags of personal plastic cups, 850 per bag. 250 shrink-wrapped slices of American cheese. Rolls of tin foil you could use to re-roof a house. Pallets — PALLETS — of laundry detergent.

I saw a box of Wheat Thins you could stand on to paint the ceiling. An ark of animal crackers that no airline would accept as carry-on baggage. A hogshead of syrup that would send half of Hollywood spiraling into a sugar coma. A colossal container of liquid soap that I couldn’t use in three lifetimes – I would have to bequeath it in my will.

As a single guy, I can’t consume a bag of shredded lettuce before the looming expiration date. I end up prowling the pantry, looking for things to throw lettuce on, at, in or under, baking lettuce on toast, strewing lettuce in the yard for colon-conscious birds, offering cups of lettuce to my neighbors.

I saw 50-pound bags of sugar. In my fridge at home, I’ve had a 2-pound bag of sugar since, roughly, the Nixon administration. I noticed … and it’s probably not a coincidence … that from a cloud-shrouded shelf high above the sugar bales, you can buy a full-sized couch.

While shopping, you can also snack on samples, which is a good idea, because shoppers have gone missing for days, and were semi-conscious and famished before finally being located by geo-positioning satellites. It’s just not temporally possible to get from one side of the store to the other in one lifetime. In one aisle, I saw an elderly gentleman embracing his grandchild, dispensing advice and pointing him to the next aisle. The patriarch handed his compass, staff and shopping list to the earnest child, tearfully surrendered his shopping cart, and then laid down and died. Four minutes later, he had been tagged “Marked Down!” and somebody bought him.

In this one building, you can find a realtor to find you a house, or hire a builder to construct one, furnish it, pick out tile, countertops & window treatments, buy a fridge, stock it, have your prescription filled and your eyes & ears checked, choose an entire fall wardrobe, and pick up a new pickup, with a spare set of tires, to drive all the loot home … and fill up the truck with gas … all while waiting for your photos to be developed.

They also have their own liquor store, but next to, not in, the main bazaar. I don’t know why they segregated alcohol, but I’m guessing that Baptists were involved. Or maybe it’s for those in a hurry: those enterprising binge drinkers who miscalculated the rush hour traffic, ran dry in mid-road-rage, and need to pop by for a quick purchase, before weaving back into the middle of two lanes. Busy, busy, busy. I got things to do, places to go, people to hit.

For all I know, somewhere in the store’s distant back acreage there’s a full casino, complete with “personal massage therapists,” a surgical ward and Labor & Delivery unit, a full K-through-12 education system, a retirement community and a crematorium. I don’t know. Maybe that’s what I missed by not having a membership.

But at the end of day, using my parents’ credentials, I bought what, by my math, will be a 15-year supply of kitchen garbage bags. Cost me three bucks.

I’ll be needing them when I toss out my 239 expired slices of cheese.

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20 Most Anticipated Rock and Alternative Albums of 2010

Who doesn’t love music! Music is a great release for many people, it is just an easy way to connect and perhaps understand the many mysteries of life. I have always been a big music fan, of most all kinds of music.

This list includes the most anticipated rock and alternative music albums of 2010! I will be doing a series of these articles, for each music genre, so stay tuned!

July 2010

Sheryl Crow – 100 Miles From Memphis will be released July 20.
Hellyeah – Stampede will hit shelves on July 13.
Jimmy Vaughan – Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites on July 6.
Bret Michaels – Custom Built on July 6.
George Thorogood – ‘Live in Boston 1982’ on July 27.
Korn – Will release Korn III: Remember Who You Are releases on July 13.

August 2010

Heart – Red Velvet Car releases on August 31.
John (Cougar) Mellencamp – His album, No Better Than This, will see light on August 17.
Buckcherry – All Night Long will be released on August 3.
Black Label Society – Order of the Black debuts on August 10.
Goo Goo Dolls – Something For The Rest of Us will be out on August 31.
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs on August 3.
Brian Wilson – The Gershwin Soundtrack on August 24.

September 2010:
Robert Plant and the Band of Joy – Releasing Band of Joy on September 14.
Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy releases on September 7.

To Be Announced: (These are albums and release dates are unknown at present time)
Bad Religion – Yes, the band is back for a title yet to be announced album!
No Doubt – is releasing a new album, title yet to be announced.
Evanescence – Amy Lee and the rest of the band will be releasing a new album in Fall 2010.
U2 – Songs of Ascent release date to be announced.
Red Hot Chili Peppers – title and date of release to be announced soon.

Which albums are you most excited about? I personally am eager to hear Heart’s new album, Red Velvet Car, along with U2, Hellyeah, Evanescence, and Bad Religon. Looks like it’s going to be a rockin’ summer!

Article Sources:

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20 Practical Uses for Used Pringles Chip Cans

Pringles cans are just one of many ways to recycle things around the house. The cans are sturdy enough to be used as storage as well as ingredients for certain arts and crafts. Below are twenty practical ways you can use empty Pringles cans in your home.

Note – always thoroughly wash and dry Pringles cans before reusing them.

Use empty Pringles cans to store barrettes, bobbie pins, small bows, clasps and hair clips. Slide scrunchies and pony tail holders around the outside of the can for extra space saving storage. Toss the can into a draw and eliminate bathroom clutter.

Small children love to carry small things around with them. Decorate the outside of old Pringles cans and let them carry hotwheels cars, G.I. Joes, My Little Pony accessories or whatever small toys they happen to like. At the end of the day snap the lid on top and throw the can in the toy box.

When you are painting a room that requires more than one coat of paint, store your used roller in any old Pringles can to keep it from drying out between uses. Cap and place in the fridge. A paint roller will stay in good condition for at least a week when stored this way.

Glue wrapping paper of any kind around the outside of a Pringles’s can, stuff with tissue or cellophane and fill with a small gift. This works for any holiday or special event.

Yarn can be easily stored and kept from unwinding by being put into Pringles cans. Use a Sharpie permanent marker to label the cans to match yarn inside.

One of the coolest things I’ve ever heard about in regards to recycling old Pringles cans is using the tube to create water balloon launchers, potato propellers and the like. I don’t know how to make them myself but there’s a video about it on soakermedia. Click here to see the video.

Pringles cans make great vases, especially for artificial flowers. Place floral foam or marbles or sand at the bottom of a Pringles can and fill with flowers. Decorating the outside of the tube for added flair or leave as is.

Store spools of thread in recycled Pringles cans. Label and sort according to color and type of thread.

Roll up pantyhose and tie in a ball as usual but instead of tossing them into a drawer to get snagged on bra hooks and belts, shove them into a Pringles can, toss in the freezer and they’ll last longer.

If you are limited on space and find that trying to store stationary in your desk in the box it came in takes up too much room, then roll your stationary up and put it inside Pringles cans.

Photography equipment can be expensive; lighting materials especially. Try cutting the end off of a Pringles can to make your own makeshift snoot.

Save your ziplock baggies for the kitchen. Use recycled Pringles can to store toothpaste, toothbrushes and combs the next time your travel. Just remember you can’t do this with carry-on luggage. Check with the Airlines for current travel guidelines.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight? Trying to cut down on eating so many cookies? Control portions by storing snacks in the smaller sized Pringles cans.

Create labels and use construction paper and clear contact paper to decorate the outside of several Pringles cans. Use them to store larger quantities of spices.

Instead of leaving a sugar bowl on the counter poke holes in the lid of a clean, used Pringles can. Fill the can with sugar. Hot glue or superglue the lid to the can and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Use as a sugar shaker when baking. Simply toss when the can is empty. This works great for powdering brownies and cakes with confectioners sugar.

Use postcards, wrapping paper, pictures from calendars or magazines to cover the can. Put a slit in the top of the lid and replace. You now have a very stylish piggy bank.

Fill several Pringles cans with sand and glue the lid on. Place on a flat surface and give children rings to toss around the cans. This makes a great, simple game for children’s birthday parties and carnivals.

Cover an old Pringles can with construction paper and slap a first aid symbol on it. Stuff it with Band-Aids, ointment, gauze, aspirin and emergency contact numbers. Store it in the glove compartment or trunk of your car for a small, easy-to-get-to first aid kit.

Use a box cutter and make a long vertical cut down the side of a Pringles can. Leave at least two inches at each end. Make two smaller horizontal cuts at the ends so that you can see inside the can. (the cuts will resemble the capital letter I) Put a hotdog on a bun and place both inside the can. Close the can and place it in the sun for about 90 minutes.. Voila! A solar hot dog oven.

I did not know this until my husband told me about it, but apparently you can build an antenna using an old Pringles can. Since I don’t know how to do such things I appealed to google and here’s a tutorial that teaches you how. Click here for the tutorial.

Help relieve our landfills a bit and recycle household goods – including used Pringles cans.

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20 Gaelic Baby Names

Gaelic baby names are truly unique and daring to use in the U.S. If you are a parent who is looking for a baby name that is more on the edge and has an interesting spelling, Gaelic names could be the perfect choice. Regardless, Gaelic names will open up a whole new realm of possibilities and ideas. Nameberry will help us on our journey through Gaelic names.

(1) Jennice: (female) Jennice is unique and still easy to say and spell. It gives parents the cute nickname of Jenni, without having to use Jennifer or Jenna. It’s a way to be different, without being too out there.

(2) Aingeal: (male) A variation on Angel, Aingeal has a slight difference in pronunciation and a nice feel. Your little angel can be named as such, without being quite as direct.

(3) Onora: (female) There are so many fun choices to get the nickname Nora, so why settle for just Nora? Onora is a variation of Honora, and is a beautiful name for your baby girl.

(4) Eamonn: (male) Strong and unique, Eamonn has a really great sound. It is a variation on Edmund, which is another good choice. It also fits in with the popular sound of baby boy names in the United States.

(5) Mirren: (male/female) This gender bending name would most likely be best fit for a female because of the actress Helen Mirren. It’s a great choice and easy to say and spell.

(6) Alistair: (male) Alexander has been popular for decades, but the Gaelic version is fresher and more modern. You would definitely have one sophisticated young lad.

(7) Ranalta: (female) I love the nickname Nalta and also the nickname Rani. It’s feminine without being frilly and different without being difficult to pronounce.

(8) Caolan: (male) This is an awesome choice for your little bundle of joy. It has the cool nickname in Cao, and also has an amazing sound as a full name. I love Caolan, and it will make a great addition to your list of possibilities.

(9) Solamh: (male) A variation on Solomon, Solamh is a great biblical choice without being obvious. I love the nickname Sol as well.

(10) Sina: (female) Short and to the point, Sina is a great alternative to a lot of the short and popular girls names of the day. Mia, Leah, Lila, and Leila are all soaring in popularity, but Sina has the same feel and is unique.

(11) Catriona: (female) Meaning pure, Catriona is a variation on Katherine. It is a great choice for parents who are attracted to old classics, but want something just a little different.

(12) Roisin: (male) The male form of rose, Roisin is a cool choice for your little man. It’s also a good choice if you don’t like nicknames, though Rois is pretty cool.

(13) Eilonora: (female) Eleanor is gaining popularity again, but the spelling of Eilonora is more exciting! The nicknames Lo and Nora are both really cute.

(14) Niamh: (female) Meaning bright, Niamh has a modern, cool feel. It also has an awesome sound and spelling. Niamh is a much better choice than the tomfoolery of Nevaeh.

(15) Eyvan: (male) This name fancies up Evan with a “y.” Many parents love the addition of a “y” in a name, and this is one that exists and is not made up.

(16) Keane: (male) Short and to the point, Keane has a bright quality that would be perfect for your baby boy. It’s also a great name if you are not a fan of nicknames.

(17) Aoife: (female) Pronounced Ee-fa, Aoife is a choice for daring parents who aren’t afraid to tell people how to say their little girl’s name. It’s fun to look at, and short and cute to say.

(18) Greagoir: (male) I love this name! It’s has such a strong sound and a cool spelling. It has the nickname Greg, that is if you want to shorten it at all.

(19) Siobhan: (female) This name is becoming common enough that people aren’t completely flabbergasted about how to

(20) Einri: (male) If you love vowels, than the Gaelic version of Henry is a great choice for your son. It also has no nickname for all of the nickname haters out there.

If any of these have peaked your interest and you are wanting more, feel free to continue your search on Nameberry .

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20 Tips to Help New Teachers Survive Their First Years in the Classroom

So here you are, recently graduated from college or maybe changing careers and on the verge of beginning your new life as a new teacher. Like so many of us, you are hoping to make a difference in the lives of students, to leave your mark on the world. This series of articles has you in mind. As you begin this adventure as a new teacher, you will find that each day brings a new set of questions and a wide world of challenges. Over the next four articles, we will address twenty teacher tips that will enhance your teaching experience. I attempted to focus on things that you may not have learned in a college, teacher tips that I could have used as a new teacher. Each section includes links to other sites, where you can explore these each teacher tip with more depth. Consider this your orientation on how to survive as a new teacher.

1. Focus on Classroom Discipline. College courses. student teaching, observations, and substituting are not the same as being a full-time new teacher. One of the biggest challenges, and often the source of the most stress for the new teacher is the issue of classroom management. The average new teacher comes in with a philosophy and their ideal behavior plan, but most schools have an established procedural checklist for dealing with behavior issues. Note the following teacher tip. There is almost always a way to integrate the two systems, not compromising your principles, but understanding that you are one part of a broader school community. Invest early. Another teacher tip is to assume nothing when it comes to what students should know about how to communicate with each other and you, using supplies appropriately, how to transition between activities, work expectations, etc. Be specific, positive and consistent. Putting in the hard work of explicitly teaching and reinforcing these kinds of procedures and systems before the honeymoon period is over will pay off later in the year when student motivation often starts to wane.

2. Prepare for Paperwork. A new teacher may struggle with this at first. This not only refers to setting up a system for assigning, collecting and grading student work, but also refers to the many special documents, staff memos, conference forms, IEP paperwork, and district mailings that often overwhelm the most seasoned professional. A teacher tip that should begin before the year even starts is to set up binders or files for each potential area such as parent communication. Establish one binder for all meetings. A binder for student or discipline files. Another for extra copies of forms, etc. Another teacher tip is to keep your work in digital vs. paper files can be very effective, allowing for computer searches. This makes all your files portable for work at home or school. Avoid bulky teachers’ editions by accessing the online editions available from all the major publishers. Even your lesson plans should be digital, avoiding one more piece of paper to get lost in a pile on your desk.

3. Avoid Perceived Neediness. One of the biggest mistakes a new teacher can make is to communicate over-sensitivity to students. Like it or not, many students simply do not possess the maturity and empathy skills to differentiate between genuine need and weakness. My first teacher tip is that if they sense that they can manipulate you by preying on your insecurities, they will. Another teacher tip is to never let them see you wilt (at least initially). As a new teacher, the same applies to coworkers and administration. There is a huge perceived distinction between a new teacher who is overwhelmed and one who is appropriately focusing on problem solving. When you do need help (and everyone does!) come with potential solutions and solution-focused questions. The new teacher will need to vent frustration at times, but make sure it is someone that you can trust; do not make all of your issues and struggles public.

4. Avoid Viewing Parents as the Enemy. This can be much more difficult that it sounds; just visit any teacher’s lounge. The vast majority of parents want their child to succeed at school, and while there may be times in which their idea of support may differ from your own, choose to focus on the factors that you control. My teacher tip is that you avoid the us-vs-them language that creates a negative relationship. Steer clear of blanket statements about whole groups of students or their families (“These parents…”). Another teacher tip that I have embraced is the importance of stressing to families that you truly see yourself in a partnership and live that out through communication. The new teacher should pursue positive relationships with your parents well before you inform them of any bad news. Convince parents that you are their biggest cheerleader and that you see all the positive potential in their child, and then you will have a strong ally in that parent, with very few exceptions.

5. Learn to Manage Fatigue. Though you may begin the year as a new teacher with a burst of adrenaline, it is inevitable that at some point, you will hit the proverbial wall. The new teacher must adjust to the different cycles of student behavior, intensity of requirements, and general stress. Using an occasional personal day may be a good way to pace yourself as you acclimate to the rigor of the school year. Utilize built-in breaks such as the holiday seasons to give yourself permission to take some time to think of nothing school or student related. Here’s a teacher tip; once you’ve had time to refresh as a new teacher, reflect on what is working and what needs to change. Be empowered to make that change happen. Students do not benefit from an exhausted, burned out new teacher. Don’t feel guilty in choosing to be a balanced, whole person. The work will still be there tomorrow!

Our upcoming installment of New Teacher Tips will cover the next five important topics; Time Management, Classroom Layout, Class Systems, Teaching Strategies, and Finding Your Voice. Each teacher tip has been battle-tested and will benefit each new teacher as they embark upon their new career. Stay tuned!

Teacher Burnout
Classroom Clutter
Classroom Management
Parent Communication
Teacher Fatigue
Veteran Teacher Tip Interview Source
Daisy Bradwell, Gulfport Elementary School, Florida, 2010

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20 Things Every Husband Needs to Know About His Wife

Make your Own List…. Makes Great Gifts

1. Did you know that men are fertile till they are 70?

2. I love it when you whisper in my ear…sweet bliss

3. If you ask me on a date, I will say yes!

4. I love watching you with the kids.

5. Surprises, oh how I love them.

6. Whenever in doubt, go without your shirt.

7. You are sexy when shaving. But could you please do it shirtless?

8. I love it when I get scared and jump in your arms. I feel so safe!

9. For the record, I think I was always loved sports; even in my subconscious!

10. I have an excellent memory of every special occasion with you. Want more please!

11. When I think of a new storyline, you are always in the back of my head as my main character.

12. I dream about you regularly.

13. I wish we watched more romantic movies.

14. If you kiss me once, I smile. Kiss me twice, I’m happy. Kiss me three times, the result will be pleasing to you.

15. Sometimes I thank God for you before I go to sleep because you are the best dad I’ve ever met.

16. I sometimes wonder what I would have become if my life had ended up differently. Would I have become a pianist? Would I have traveled the world?

17. If you spoil me, I promise to love it.

18. I love compliments.

19. I love the closed toilet seats. Really, I do… brings a smile to my face every time.

20. I love waking up in the middle of the night to see we are holding hands.

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20 Tips on How to Lose Weight

When I started researching and writing this article it came to me that there are so many ridicules diet plans out there. What should we use? I kept asking myself: “which one is right for me”?

You get confused and overwhelmed soon, once you start reading one by one. There is no way that I will review them all. Instead, I made 20 tips how to get started and what is the easiest way to lose some Lbs.:

Tip 1: Drink plenty of water.

Drink a glass of water first, before you getting into bag of unhealthy treats. People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger, so you can end up eating extra calories when a glass of water is really all you needed.

Tip 2: Think twice about snacks at nighttime.

Meaningless eating occurs most frequently when you finally sit down and relax. Eating snacks in front of the Television is one of the easiest ways to throw your diet of the horse. Either choose fruit, or allow yourself a low-calorie snack.

Tip 3: You can enjoy your favorite meals.

Instead of cutting out your favorite meals, be very smart shopper. Buy one fresh cookie at the bakery, instead of whole box. Make smaller meals.. Moderation is the key!

Tip 4: Choose several small meals during the daytime.

If you eat fewer calories daily, more likely you will lose weight.

Eat often-smaller meals, rather then 3 times a day big portions.

Tip 5: Try to eat protein at every meal.

Protein is the ultimate fulfillment food — it is more satisfying than carbohydrates or fats and keeps you feeling full for longer period. It also helps guard your muscle mass and encourages fat burning. Be sure to incorporate healthy proteins like lean meat, yogurt, nuts, or beans into your meals and snacks.

Tip 6: Stock up your kitchen with healthy food.

Having ready-to-eat snacks, and cook in advance so you will have your meals ready sooner. You will be less likely to hit the drive-through or order a pizza, if you can throw together a healthy meal in 5 or 10 minutes. Here are some ideas to keep in your pantry and freezer: frozen vegetables, whole-grain pasta, reduced-fat cheese, canned tomatoes and beans, pre-cooked grilled chicken breast, whole grain tortillas or pitas, and bag of salad.

Tip 7: You could try to order kids portion meals at restaurants.

Ordering a kid-size entree is a great way to cut calories and keep your portions reasonable. This has become such a popular trend that most servers will not even ask the question or eyeballing you when grown person order off the kids’ menu. Another trick is to use smaller plates at home. This helps the portions look like more, and if your mind is satisfied, more likely your stomach will be full.

Tip 8: Switch pasta, for a cup of vegetables.

By eating less pasta based meals and more veggies, you could lose a dress or pants size in a year or less.

Tip 9: Always try to eat breakfast.

When you hear skip breakfast and you will lose weight. Not true! Let me put this way, not eating breakfast can make you hungry later on, leading to too much binge eating at lunch and dinner. To lose weight and keep it off, always make time for a healthy based morning meal, like fresh fruit, high-fiber cereal and low fat milk, and incorporate some nuts.

Tip 10: Lose weight slowly, rather then fast.

If you are losing weight but not as fast as you would like, do not get discouraged. Loosing pounds takes time, just like gaining them did. My suggestion is to set a realistic goal to lose few pounds a week. If you set your expectations too high, you may give up when you do not lose weight fast enough.

Tip 11: You have to get enough sleep.

When you are sleeping, your body overproduces the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin but under-produces the hormone Leptin, which tells you when you are full (protein hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure, including appetite and metabolism.). Getting enough sleep may make you feel rested, full and keep you from doing unnecessary snacking.

Tip 12: Eat rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

The best “diet” is one where you get to eat more food, not less. If you eat more fruits and vegetables, you should not feel as hungry because these nutrition-rich foods are also high in fiber and water, which can give you a feeling of fullness. Snacking can be a good thing, (yes, I said good) as long as you choose smarter snacks.

Tip 13: Limit alcohol, period.

Alcohol contains empty calories: a five-ounce glass of wine has 125cal, a bottle of beer about 153. Because our bodies do not use those calories well, they usually are converted directly into fat. But If you enjoy an occasional drink, try on weekends only, with just one drink for women per day, and two for men. Unlike food, alcoholic beverages usually end up in taking more that you should, so if you want to lose weight you have to watch on how much!

Tip 14: Chew sugarless gum.

The next time you want to take on go a fattening snack; rather reach for some sugar-free gum instead. Chewing gum gives you fresh breath and can help manage hunger, control snack cravings, and have potentials in weight loss. Although gum might make you eat less, it does not mean you can stop eating right. A good diet and exercise are still important.

Tip 15: Weigh yourself once a week.

People who weigh themselves ones a week tend to have more weight loss success. When you weigh yourself, follow these tips: Weigh yourself at the same time of day, on the same day of the week, on the same scale, and in the same clothes.

Tip 16: Clean the cupboards of fattening foods.

If you have fattening snacks in the pantry and chocolate cake in the fridge, you are making weight loss harder than it has to be. Reduce temptation by cleaning up your pantry and the fridge, and replacing with low fat snacks and stock on a fruits.

Tip 17: Keep a food diary.

Personally, I am not using food diary, but researching I found that for most people it does work. If you are not in control, on how much you are eating than the best thing is to write it down.

Tip 18: Celebrate success, but avoid with a food

You lost 10 pounds this month. It is time to celebrate! Rewarding weight loss success really can encourage and motivate for more success, so indulge your achievements. Buy a new dress, tell your friends, go dancing and set a goal for the next milestone. Just do not celebrate with a big slice of cake or three meat pizza.

Tip 19: Be Active; Walk, Dance, Run and Move, Move, Move…

Activity is one of the most important factors in a weight loss. You do not have to kick box, or weight lift, just move…You can clean you house, garden, walk your dog or take a nice walk with your friends. As long as you are moving, it is great think. Of course, every week try to set goal; for example if this week you are walking ½ mile, then week after try to make a mile. On the other hand, if today is 10 steps then in few days try 20. Do you see where I am going? Always do activity that is the best solution for you and you will see results.

Tip 20: Get support from family and friends.

Getting support can help you reach your weight loss goals. So tell family and friends about your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps, they will join you in exercising, and eating right. When you feel like giving up, they will help you; cheer you on through the hard times– making the whole experience a lot easier and better for you.
I found many websites with tips how to loose pounds and those tips helped me a lot over the years. I want to share my story, and what I used to turn my weight loss into success

Best Wishes,

Sana Austin


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20 Things You Should and Should Not Do if You're Planning to Quit Your Job

Many people are unhappy in their current jobs. This is an undisputed fact. In many instances, people are completely justified in feeling this way. There is a variety of reasons for a person not being satisfied in their work. These reasons can range from the type of work to the company structure and anywhere in between. If you are unable to change your situation, or remedy the cause of your dissatisfaction, resigning your position may be the best option for you.

You may be tempted to leave your position without notifying your employer. While you may get satisfaction from leaving them high and dry, you might want to reconsider, and give them notice. You have, no doubt, heard the phrase, don’t burn any bridges. There may come a time when you need to rely on a reference from this employer. You may, at sometime in the future, desire to return to this job, even though you feel as if you would never step foot in the place again. The notice does not necessarily need to be the standard two-week notice, but you should at least give them a heads up.

This article discusses ten things you should avoid and ten things you should do when quitting a job.

What NOT to do:

1. Do not attempt to sabotage computers or other office equipment before you make your exit. If you have personal files on the computer, either delete them or transfer them to portable media. Deleting company files or information important to the business can be cause for legal action from the employer.

2. Do not spread rumors among other employees. If you are going to leave a position, do so on friendly terms. It is possible that you will need to return to the establishment to retrieve your final pay or other personal items left behind. Returning after gossiping can cause embarrassment for you.

3. Do not resign via voicemail. This shows lack of responsibility and professionalism. Give the employer at least the courtesy of a personal conversation. Even if you feel as if the employer does not deserve one.

4. Do not take office supplies or other company property as your own. This can lead to legal action from the employer.

5. Do not lie about your intentions. If someone asks you if you are planning to resign, tell him or her the truth. Your actions can lead people to believe that you are planning to quit. If this is the case, and you are confronted, do not lie. This will ease any harsh feelings and possibly prevent a negative reference in the future.

6. Do not slack on your job. If you are about to resign, you may lose interest in completing your work. While you are working, your employer is paying you. Until you are no longer employed, you should complete your work to the best of your ability.

7. Do not misinform your replacement. If you have given your employer notice that you are leaving, and need to train someone to do your job, do it correctly. Teach them the right way to do things. It is normal to be tempted to leave out important information, especially if you are leaving on less than good terms.

8. Do not attempt to influence other employees to follow your example. If you are quitting and feel bitterness toward the employer, refrain from expressing your opinions to your coworkers. Nearly every sentence you utter of a defamatory nature will eventually find its way back to your superiors. You may need to use them for reference in the future.

9. Do not take advantage of your co-workers or superiors. If you have support from someone, appreciate it. Do not use it to your advantage when quitting. For instance, if you have become friends with someone in Human Resources who has told you of things you otherwise would not know, do not use this information to your advantage when quitting. Not only will it harm your friendship, it could also have lasting repercussions on the coworkers you leave behind.

10. Do not expect special treatment. Whether you are quitting without notice, or have given the appropriate resignation, do not expect your superiors or coworkers to give you a going-away party or do anything out of the ordinary for you.

Employers realize that not all employees will work for them forever. In most cases, the employer is supportive of someone who leaves their position to better themselves. Do not assume that your resignation will automatically cause harsh feelings or bitterness. If you handle yourself professionally, you will find that most employers will be supportive of your decision. Read below for ten things you should do when resigning your positon.

1. Do inform your employer of your intent. Some employers require a formal resignation letter, while others accept a verbal resignation.

2. Do give your employer notice. It is preferable to give your employer, two weeks notice. This allows them to find and train a replacement. If it is impossible to give your employer two weeks notice, give them as much notice as you can. This will act in your favor should you need to use them as a reference.

3. Do train your replacement completely and thoroughly. The better your replacement is prepared to do your job, the better it will look on you.

4. Do remove all personal items from your workplace. It is not your employer’s responsibility to deliver items left behind.

5. Do you job to the best of your ability until you are no longer employed. You are being paid while you are there.

6. Do act professionally and responsibly with company information. Every employee has information that may or may not be of importance.

7. Do thank your employer for allowing you to gain experience. While you may be leaving on less than perfect terms, always remember that you may need to use this employer as a reference. Your actions can determine the feelings your employer is left with.

8. Do follow company policy. Once you have made the decision to leave, you may feel that breaking rules will have no consequence. This is not the case. Follow company policy to the letter.

9. Do keep a copy of your resignation letter. Always keep a personal copy of correspondence between you and your employer.

10. Do ask for a reference letter. If you are leaving on friendly terms and have done your job well. Ask your employer for a letter of reference describing your work ethic and drive.

Quitting a job is usually not easy. American workers generally spend more hours per day with their co-workers than they spend with their family. If you resign from a position correctly, you will find this will ease the stress of the situation and leave your employer with pleasant feelings toward you.

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