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2008 American League Batting Title Up for Grabs

The American League batting title race is a wide open affair as of this writing, with ten players realistically in the hunt for the coveted prize. Currently the AL batting title lead belongs to Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees at .324, but that could change in a hurry with hitters like Magglio Ordonez, Milton Bradley, Ian Kinsler, and Joe Mauer in hot pursuit. The American League batting title race is certain to go down to the wire and if the leaders fail to raise their standards above A-Rod’s .324 mark, it will be the lowest average to win since Rod Carew’s .318 in 1972.

Rodriguez has played in 91 games for New York in 2008, tied for the fewest among the top ten in batting with Texas Ranger Milton Bradley. A-Rod has spent time on the disabled list this season, while Bradley is nursing a strained quadriceps muscle and has sat out the last five contests. The Tigers’ Ordonez at .321 is very much in the hunt for a second consecutive AL batting crown, having won it in 2007 with his .363 average. Bradley at .320 and teammate Ian Kinsler at .318 are fast on their heels, with Joe Mauer, the only AL catcher to ever win a batting title, in 2006, breathing down their necks attempting to win another as he is in fifth at .316.

Johnny Damon of the Yanks and Kevin Youkailis of the Red Sox both stand at .315. Justin Morneau’s .313 is the same as Boston’s Dustin Pedroia’s. Ironically, Placido Polanco, another Tiger, rounds out the top ten at .311, the significance of that being that five teams each have a pair of players battling for the AL batting title- New York, Boston, Detroit, Minnesota, and Texas!

Rodriguez might have the toughest row to hoe, seeing how the Yankees play a majority of the games they have left on the road and against some of the iron of the American League. This could get to the third baseman, who would be only the second third baseman since George Brett in 1990 to win a title, the other being Boston’s Bill Mueller in 2003. Ordonez has rebounded from a mundane June in which he hit just .266 with a sizzling July of .386, but he also missed the first half of July with injuries. Bradley and Kinsler could wilt in the scorching heat of the Texas summer; only two Rangers have ever won an AL batting crown- Michael Young and Julio Franco.

Mauer and Morneau are in the midst of a close divisional chase and although they get to face the woeful Detroit staff again, along with hapless Seattle, they also face Tampa Bay, Chicago, and Kansas City down the stretch. Youkilis and Pedroia are on a Red Sox squad that is right in the middle of a three-way dogfight with the Rays and Yanks for a playoff spot. Damon is in the same boat, as is A-Rod, making every at-bat and every pitch a pressure-packed moment. If you subscribe to this way of thinking, then Ordonez and Polanco on the Tigers, who are on the fringe of the wild-card chase, coupled with Kinsler and Bradley playing on a Texas team that is out of the hunt, will have far less importance placed on their plate appearances.

Odds are that Ordonez will overtake A-Rod for the AL batting title since he makes better contact on a regular basis and plays in a cavernous home park that favors gap hitters like him. However, if A-Rod is able to pull it out then he will have won his first batting crown since his .358 led the AL while with Seattle in 1996. His 24 homers are the most of these contenders, while Morneau’s 87 runs batted in are tops of this group. The AL batting title will more than likely be decided in the last week of September, much like some of the playoff races that these hitters are involved in.

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2007 New Year's Eve Events in San Francisco, California

There is nothing like celebrating the New Year in a big city, but sometimes it can be hard to find just the right party. Maybe you like something loud with lots of music and dancing, or perhaps you want something a little more classy but still a fun New Year’s event. This article details only five of the many New Year’s parties in San Francisco and may help you decide which event is right for you.

2007 New Years Eve Events in San Francisco, California #1: Sin City San Francisco New Year’s Eve 2008

The Roe Nightclub is host this year to the second annual Sin City San Francisco New Year’s Eve 2008. This New Year’s Eve bash is on December 31st from 9 PM to 2 AM. If you’re looking for excitement this New Year’s, then this is the place you want to party at. There will be 3 levels of music. The bottom level will have Hip hop, R&B, and Mashup. The middle level will be playing House and Electronic Mashup, and the top level will be playing Mashup, Top 40, Club and Hip Hop. Alcohol will be served until 1:30 PM and if you seem to be really drunk, the bartenders will not serve you. There will be hors d’oeuvres,dancing, party favors and much more. This is event is located at 651 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94105 and their phone number is (415) 227-0288. Buy your tickets soon because this event will sell out. General admission is $150 per person. VIP tickets are $200 dollars.

2007 New Years Eve Events in San Francisco, California #2: New Year’s Eve Gala featuring Michael Feinstein

The San Francisco Symphony is hosting a New Year’s Eve Gala featuring Michael Feinstein. You can enjoy an evening of live classical music with party favors, complimentary champagne and desserts. You will also have a chance to dance on stage and in the lobby. When the clock turns to midnight, the San Francisco Symphony will release 2008 balloons from the ceilings. This New Year’s Eve Gala will start at 9 PM on December 31st. Tickets range in price from $105 to $175 dollars. For more information, call (415) 864-6000 during regular business hours. They are located at 201 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102.

2007 New Year’s Eve Events in San Francisco, California #3: Comedy Countdown 2007

What could be better then bringing in 2008 with laughter? The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre is having a Comedy Countdown 2007 on December 31st starting at 9:30 PM. The opening acts will be Mitch Fatel, Paul F. Tompkins, Greg Fitzsimmons, Todd Barry, and Tig Notaro. Tickets are $65 dollars per person. You can buy tickets online, in person, or by the phone. For more information call (415) 421-8497 or go to

2007 New Year’s Eve Events in San Francisco, California #4: Belle New Year’s Eve Cruise

You can book a short cruise with Hornblower for their Belle New Year’s Eve Cruise on December 31st. You can board the ship at 8 PM and the cruise is from 9 PM to 1 AM. You will be served a 4 course meal and there will be a bar available. Live bands, dancing and party favors will help keep you entertained as you cruise along through the waters. Ticket prices are $249 for adults, $224 for seniors & military, $149.40 for children 4-12 and free for children under 3. You can make reservations online. Boarding is at Pier 3 San Francisco, CA 94111.

2007 New Year’s Eve Events in San Francisco, California #5: New Years Eve 2008 “Sunset To Sunrise”

Are you ready to party for 12 hours in a row? You can certainly party hardy at this event that starts at 8 PM on December 31st 2007 and ends at 8 AM on January 1st 2008! The Sunset to Sunrise is being held at the Mission Rock Cafe located at 817 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158. There will be music, dancing, snacks and more. It’s right by the waterfront and it’s completely tented. You can buy discounted tickets now starting at $60 dollars. Visit their web site at for more information on buying tickets online.

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2007's Most Important Person - the US Soldier

With all the unrest happening in the world today; all the concerns in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places; the United States Soldier is more needed than ever; but sadly is often least appreciated today.

It may not be a popular view today to be supportive of all soldiers; at least in the mainstream media. But in the real everyday life in middle America; I believe, that there is a deep gratitude to our fighting men and women. I don’t think that small-town Middle America, where most of the living and working that keeps this country running takes place; has ever been unloyal to the American soldier. In small town newspapers, the brave young men and women that volunteer to serve their country in the Armed Services; are still honored with write-ups in the newspaper.

If a single soldier makes a mistake or commits a crime; then THAT is news; but everyday ordinary men and women putting their lives on the line to help defeat terrorism; and protect our freedoms, that is not news. And in one way, that is true, it is not news that the American soldier does whatever it takes to do his duty and protect his country. However, what shape would this country be in if the American soldier was not willing to do the invisible job of helping to preserve the freedoms that we almost give no thought to; because we are so secure in the knowledge that the freedoms are for sure there. Because we have not had to fight for the rights and they have always been there; we tend to undervalue them.

So I say that the most important person in 2007 is the lonely soldier in Iraq. Who hasn’t seen his family in maybe a year. Who will spend Christmas sweating in Iraq; worrying about his children having to spend Christmas without him or her. Aching from the missing them; and knowing that he or she is missing parts of their lives that he or she can never get back. Going to sleep with the worry of will they see another day? Waiting til they have the chance to write home or email or call to connect with their loved ones for a precious few moments; before he or she wipes their eyes; and sucks it up and goes back to doing his or her duty.

The United States Soldier may not make headlines everyday; like a panty-less Britney Spears does. But our country needs their soldiers to continue on in this world. While Britney Spears needs an intervention and to attend more parenting classes and less parties.

God bless each of our soldiers and protect and bring them back to their families safe and secure. For each soldier there is many others just as concerned and worried as they are. All those wives, husbands, sons, daughter, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and more; that care and miss our soldiers are giving much given love and support to those that support and protect this great country of ours.

My most important person of 2007 is the United States Soldier.

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2007 World Series Game 2

The Colorado Rockies came into this year’s World Series winning 21 out of their last 22 games and swept both the Philadelphia Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks. What does last night’s drubbing at the hands of the Boston Red Sox mean for Colorado’s psyche and can they bounce back for Game 2? I’ll breakdown what went wrong and look into some of the reasons that could have been behind the Game 1 blowout.

First, let us examine the LAYOFF. Colorado breezed through their National League opponents and then sat and watched the Cleveland Indians take a commanding 3 games to 1 lead over the Red Sox. With Cleveland’s top 2 pitchers, both Cy Young award candidates, coming around in the rotation, it seemed like the Indians would win one of the next 2 games. When the Red Sox pushed the series to the limit, the Colorado players must have begun to feel some pressure. Not only were they now sitting for a handful of days, but they knew they would be waiting nearly another whole week before playing again and instead of playing the Indians, a team like themselves with little playoff experience, now they were facing the vaunted Boston Red Sox. A battle-hardened team with much post-season experience. A team that is built to take on and compete with the best in baseball.

Now layoffs are funny things. Managers don’t like to discuss how a layoff affects a team, but last night’s game made it very obvious. A pitcher can be too strong after a long layoff and control is often the issue. They become a little wild, but mostly their location in the strike zone suffers, especially their fastball, which tends to stay up in the zone. A perfect example of how a long layoff hurts a pitcher… Chien Ming Wang of the Yankees. Game 1 in the series against the Indians, pitching with 8 days off, Wang couldn’t get his sinker to sink enough and the Yank’s ace was shelled. Last night, Jeff Francis was missing his spots and the hot-hitting Red Sox squad werel over him.

The Rockies offense was also very quiet. Clearly, they weren’t ready to compete in Fenway Park last night against the brilliant Josh Beckett. In my opinion, the layoff had much to do with the lopsided score last night. Now that the Rockies hitters have had a game to acclimate, they should be better prepared for tonight’s contest. One does have to wonder what a layoff, followed up with a big loss does to the psyche of the Rockies team as a whole. Surely they don’t have the momentum they had after sweeping their way the the National League playoffs. Their edge is gone and they may be wondering if their sharpness is also.

Now in defense of the Rockies, the Boston Red Sox sent a probable playoff MVP candidate to the hill last night and once again Josh Beckett was brilliant. The Red Sox play well behind him and know that Beckett will not allow many runs, which makes the Boston offense so dangerous. When the Sox don’t have the pressure to score a lot of runs, they are a very potent offense. The Boston offense that was in a slumber in the 1st 4 games of the series with Cleveland, was hitting on almost all cylinders by Game 6 and by Game 7, it wasn’t hard to see which team had the momentum going their way. Last night, Boston’s offense picked right up where they had left off in Cleveland. A sharp offense vs a pitcher that wasn’t sharp usually equals a blowout.

In Game 2, Curt Schilling goes to the mound for the Red Sox, taking on Ubaldo Jimenez. Schilling is 10-2 in post game starts and he was much sharper in his Game 6 start vs Cleveland than he had been in his previous playoff starts this season. At 41, he can no longer fire a 97 mph fastball past hitters, but he’s wily enough to bob and weave his way through opposing lineups. Ubaldo Jimenez is a 23 yo rookie, with about 17 starts under his belt. His heater can reach triple digits and he’s been sharp in the playoffs, allowing only 2 runs in 11.1 innings pitched. Once again the layoff issue, coupled with a rookie pitcher starting a World Series game in Fenway Park come into play. Jimenez has the stuff to keep the Rockies in the game. He can throw the ball past hitters and in a small ballpark like Fenway, having that ability to make hitters swing and miss looms very large. Whether a 23 year old can do such a thing in this setting is more of a factor than his 100 mph fastball.

If I was a bettor, I’d be looking real hard at an over game in this spot. Schilling is 41, his “stuff” can leave him at any time and the Rockies have had success against him this year. I think the Rockies offense will awaken, though I don’t think they’ll score the 7 or 8 runs I think they’ll need to win. As previously mentioned, Jimenez is only 23 and has little major league experience. The fact that the Red Sox have never seen him before may work in his favor… the 1st time though the batting order. I do think the excitement of starting a World Series game and the long layoff will work against him. He’ll over-throw and end up getting himself into hitter’s counts. His control is suspect and having to throw strikes to some of these Red Sox hitters, with runners on and in a small park could prove fatal to his and the Rockies overall success in this series.

I like the Red Sox to win, I would look to make a run-line play, if I were wagering. I think you’ll get close to even money on the run-line and I would take the over 10 runs. The Rockies bats won’t be shutdown by Schilling and they should get about half of those 10 runs themselves. Take over the total and the Red Sox on the run-line tonight. Boston wins Game 2 by the score of 8 to 5.

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2008 Creative Arts Emmy Award Winners Announced

On Saturday, September 13th, the awards for the creative arts side of television were given out in correlation with the 2008 Emmy Awards. The ceremony was held in the NOKIA theatre in downtown Los Angeles, and was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Calke, who are both currently staring in the comedy How I Met Your Mother on CBS. As described by the Emmy’s main page, “The majority of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which honor excellence in more than 70 categories, are dedicated to key technical disciplines and behind-the-scenes crafts essential to television production – including art direction, cinematography, hairstyling, makeup, music, picture editing, sound editing and mixing, special visual effects, stunts and more. Awards are also handed out for animation, commercials, reality series and other programming, and four acting categories.”

Here are some of the award winners on the night:

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series went to Cynthia Nixon for NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series went to Kathryn Joosten for ABC’s Desperate Housewives.
Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series went to Glynn Turman for HBO’s In Treatment.
Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series went to Tim Conway for NBC’s 30 Rock.

The Outstanding Children’s Program was shared by two winners: HBO’s Classical Baby (I’m Grown Up Now): The Poetry Show and Nickelodeon’s Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: The Untouchable Kids Of India.

Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or More) went to Imaginationland, a special episode of Comedy Central’s South Park

Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming less than one hour) went to “Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind,” an episode of Fox’s long-running comedy The Simpsons.

Outstanding Commercial went to “Swear Jar,” an amusing Bud Light spot about an office in which money collected for instances of employee profanity goes toward the purchase of Bud Light

Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special went to Mr. Warmth: The DonRickles Project, a tribute to the comedy legend of its title.

Other shows winning awards for technical merits as well as editing prowess included Pushing Daisies, 3rd Rock, The Simpson’s, My Life on the D-List, and Jimmy Kimmel Live just to name a few.

Multiple Award Winning Shows:

AMC’s Mad Men, which took home four.
NBC’s 30 Rock, CBS’s 50thAnnual Grammy Awards, and PBS’s The War won three each
PBS’s AmericanMasters, HBO’s Autism: The Musical, Sci Fi Channel’s BattlestarGalactica, Showtime’s This American Life and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, JimmyKimmel Live and Pushing Daisies all won two.

Network Totals:

HBO’s 16 Emmys
ABC and PBS with nine each
CBS with eight
NBC with six
AMC and Showtime with five
Fox with three
Bravo, Cartoon Network and Sci Fi Channel with two
Comedy Central, The CW, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, FX Networks, and National Geographic Channel with one each.

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2008 Christmas Events in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville may be known as the Country music capital of the world but there are also several Christmas events that you can go to during the holiday season. It can be difficult to decide what events are out there so this article will help steer you to some of the better Christmas events in Nashville, Tennessee.

2008 Christmas Events in Nashville, Tennessee #1: Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Gaylord Opryland is having a Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the return of the Rockettes to Nashville. The Rockettes will be performing 12 Days of Christmas with festive music. Ticket prices range from $35 to $84 dollars. For a list of dates, click here. You can get 10% off if you have a Tripe A or AARP card. Military guests can get 20% off tickets with ID. Gaylord Opryland is located at 2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN 37214.

2008 Christmas Events in Nashville, Tennessee #2: Victorian Masquerade Christmas

Experience a Victorian Masquerade Christmas at Belle Meade Plantation this holiday season. From November 8th until December 31st, Belle Meade will have undergone a Christmas makeover. Have fun and wear a masquerade mask as you take your tour. There will be music from the Victorian era and you can even participate in a dance from that time period. There will be other activities on site. Admission is $15 dollars for adults, $13 dollars for seniors, $7 dollars for children 6 – 18 and kids 5 and under are free. Belle Meade Plantation is located at 5025 Harding Road in Nashville. Call (615) 356-0501 for more information.

2008 Christmas Events in Nashville, Tennessee #3: Candlelight Holiday Tours of the Historic House

You can take a candlelight holiday tour of the historic Travellers Rest Plantation on December 4th, 11th or 19th from 6 PM to 9 PM. This tour will be done with only candles lighting the way and you’ll learn about the traditions of twelfth night from days of old. Admission is $10 dollars for adults, $9 for seniors and $3 dollars for kids 6-12. Travellers Rest Plantation is located at 636 Farrell Parkway Nashville, TN 37220.

2008 Christmas Events in Nashville, Tennessee #4: Magic of the Holidays

Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art is having a Magic of the Holidays event on December 13th. There will be a magician, refreshments, a chance to make holiday crafts, holiday stories, and even decorate your own cookies. Cheekwood is located at 1200 Forrest Park Drive Nashville Tennessee 37205. To find out pricing information, call (615) 356-8000.

2008 Christmas Events in Nashville, Tennessee #5: Private Christmas Carriage Tour

Something special that you could do as a family or with a date is to go on a private Christmas carriage tour. Nashville Sightseeing is offering horse drawn carriage tours that last one hour. You’ll be taken down parts of Nashville that are festively decorated for Christmas. There are three different kinds of carriages you can rent. The cheapest one is a Vis-à-vis at $149.95. It seats up to 6 people. To find out more information or to make a reservation, click here.

2008 Christmas Events in Nashville, Tennessee #6: Nashville Gas’ 55th Annual Christmas Parade

The Nashville Gas’ 55th Annual Christmas Parade is on December 7th at 7 PM. There will be floats, bands and more as go through the streets of Houston, starting at 7th and Broadway. Make sure you go early so you can get a good view from the curb. Call (615) 734-1708 for additional information.

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2008 Football Season: The One Jet That Needs to Crash

Football season is my favorite time of year. The cool fall weather, the notion that even if you have a bad week the NFL will be there to cheer you up on Sunday, and die hard football fans that love nothing more than that sweet victory and hate nothing more than that heartbreaking playoff loss from the year before that is still eating them up inside…except for maybe one exception, a certain quarterback who is loved and hated by most NFL fans. Do you remember Brett Favre as a Green Bay Packer having huge seasons and thinking this is the best quarterback in the league? Do you remember Brett Favre, still as a Green Bay Packer, having a horrible season but still playing the game and having fun because in essence…that’s what it’s all about? Do you remember Brett Favre ruining everything about the NFL during the summer of 2008 because he couldn’t take not being in the spotlight? I am sad to admit that I remember all three of these eras extremely well.

When Brett Favre seemed to be the best quarterback that ever lived I didn’t like him. That is due to the fact that I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and wouldn’t dream of liking a player on another team. I had a huge respect for him, but never liked him. I loved to see his smiling face after throwing an amazing touchdown reception and thinking to myself, this is what football is all about.

When the darker ages of Brett Favres career hit, I felt bad for the guy. He was a class act on and off the field and was just having bad luck (perhaps that bad luck was something of a pre-karma for what he was going to do the summer of 2008). However bad he was doing, he still had that smile of an All American boy who never grew up, just out in the backyard playing pick up football with the neighborhood boys. At the end of the 2008 season, after having one of the best year’s of his career, Brett called it quits. I was glad to see a well respected quarterback retire in the city where he had spent his entire career, Green Bay, after a great year.

The summer of 2008 brought about tornadoes that seemed to come through and wipe out all of Brett Favre’s respect that he had earned during his eighteen year career. After turning down an offer to go back in play for the Packers that was presented to him earlier in the year, Favre decided in mid summer to let the Packers know that he wanted back on the team. This probablly wouldn’t have been all that bad except for the fact that the Packers new starter, Aaron Rodgers had waited on the bench, behind Brett Favre for several years, was finally getting his chance to shine in Green Bay. Being a young and talented quarterback, Rodgers could have easily started for a number of other NFL teams but decided to stay loyal, realizing that Favre wouldn’t be around for much longer. Just because Favre was selfish and wanted something to do, he decided to take all of that away from Aaron Rodgers who had stayed and waited patiently behind Favre. What a self-centered jerk!

If that wasn’t enough, Favre started talking about wanting a trade to the Packers division rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. Hey Brett, why don’t you let the team decide where you are going because you are in no place to try and figure out what is best for you once great career? Because of the Favre drama, that was all that was on the NFL network (which came to be known that summer as the Favre network). I wanted to turn on NFL Live and hear about what my Cowboys were doing during the offseason, but no, all I heard was what Brett Favre was doing during the offseason; his harshness towards the packers, his inconsistent lies, and last but certainly not least, his recent switch from aquafresh to arm and hammer toothpaste.

In the end, Favre became a Jet. I hope he has the worst season of his life. I hope he embarrasses himself and never gets into the hall of fame. He was so respected until he decided to become selfish. He brought all of this on himself. Why would he do that? To get back in the spotlight, to be a complete jerk to Aaron Rodgers, or to lose all of his respect. I guess we will never know the answer to that question…or perhaps never care to know the answer to that question. All in all I have zero respect for someone who I grudgingly respected in the past. Well Brett, while you are ruining the lives of American football fans, I hope that your wife is ruining your life. All she wanted was to spend some time with you during your retirement. Maybe she will file for divorce to be with someone who has more time for her, who actually retires when he says he is going to, someone like Troy Aikman.

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2008 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Rankings: Defensive Linemen

All rankings are based off of a standard head to head scoring system (tackles – sole & assisted, sacks, interceptions, return yards, touchdowns, passes defended, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries) in mixed AFC/NFC leagues.

For sleeper, breakout, and bust player picks, check out the key below.

BUST = player will register far below their 2007 stat totals
BREAKOUT = player will surpass expectations and/or have a career year in 2008
SLEEPER = player will be a late round pick or go undrafted and has a good chance of producing fantasy worthy stats in 2008

Good Luck to Everyone This Fantasy Football Season!


1. Patrick Willis – San Francisco 49ers
He is clearly the number one defensive linemen if you get points for tackles. The 49ers should be on defense a lot in ’08 and so Willis will have plenty of opportunities to rack up double digit tackles every game.

2. Jared Allen – Minnesota Vikings
If you want sacks, Allen is your man.

3. DeMeco Ryans – Houston Texans
Ryans is one of the premiere young linebackers in the league. He can rack up double digit tackle totals per game with the best of them.

4. Brian Urlacher – Chicago Bears
He has been a force in fantasy football leagues for years. 2008 should be no different.

5. Nick Barnett – Green Bay Packers
Barnett is one of the key contributors to Packers defense, and if the Packers decides to blitz more, Barnett will have a chance to record half a dozen sacks.

6. DJ Williams – Denver Broncos

7. London Fletcher – Washington Redskins
Has been a tackle machine for a couple years now.

8. Ray Lewis – Baltimore Ravens
Would be ranked higher up if he didn’t get injured so much.

9. James Harrison – Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Kirk Morrison – Oakland Raiders
On a defense that is on the field a lot, Morrison can record double digit tackles per game very easily.

11. Will Witherspoon – St. Louis Rams

12. Jon Beason – Carolina Panthers
Another young up and coming linebacker who will rack up plenty of tackles in ’08.

13. EJ Henderson – Minnesota Vikings BUST
With so many key defensive playmakers, Henderson’s production will probably drop off in terms of stats.

14. Michael Boley – Atlanta Falcons

15. David Harris – New York Jets BREAKOUT
If the Jets weren’t so bad Harris wouldn’t be rated this high, but since the Jets are this bad Harris will be on defense a lot. Which is a great combo for fantasy owners.

16. Ernie Sims – Detroit Lions BREAKOUT
This will be Sims third year in the Tampa 2 defense. He should excel at an even higher level than last season.

17. Thomas Howard – Oakland Raiders

18. Lofa Tatupu – Seattle Seahawks
After a great 2006 campaign, Tatupu disappointed fantasy owners in 2007. Hopefully a rebound in ’08 is on the rise.

19. Shawne Merriman – San Diego Chargers
Merriman pretty much has it all. Speed, strength, power, tenacity, drive, you name it. He could be a defensive star in 2008.

20. Adalius Thomas – New England Patriots
A sack machine in Baltimore, Thomas saw a significant decrease in his stat totals when he joined an already stacked defense.

21. Lance Briggs – Chicago Bears

22. AJ Hawk – Green Bay Packers BREAKOUT
Entering his third year in the league, Hawk is getting better and better.

23. Keith Bulluck – Tennessee Titans
Bulluck consistently provides fantasy owners with over 100 tackles every year.

24. Aaron Kampman – Green Bay Packers
One of the few defensive lineman who can rack up both tackles and sacks.

25. DeMarcus Ware – Dallas Cowboys

26. Barrett Ruud – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

27. Mike Vrabel – New England Patriots BUST
If he doesn’t catch those cheap touchdowns on offense then his point total drops dramatically from last year.

28. Angelo Crowell – Buffalo Bills

29. Keith Brooking – Atlanta Falcons

30. Mario Williams – Houston Texans
In terms of fantasy rank among their positions, Mario Williams is probably more valuable than Reggie Bush at this point.

31. Derrick Brooks – Tampa Bay Buccaneers BUST
Age may finally be starting to catch up on him, and teammate Barrett Ruud has taken over as Tampa Bay’s best defensive fantasy option.

32. David Thornton – Tennessee Titans

33. Derrick Johnson – Kansas City Chiefs

34. Julian Peterson – Seattle Seahawks

35. Patrick Kearney – Seattle Seahawks

36. Donnie Edwards – Kansas City Chiefs

37. Osi Umenyiora – New York Giants

38. Justin Tuck – New York Giants BREAKOUT
The retirement of Michael Strahan gives Tuck his opportunity to become a premiere sack specialist. Can we can a Jared Allen type impact in ’08?

39. Antonio Pierce – New York Giants

40. Aaron Schobel – Buffalo Bills

41. Gary Brackett – Indianapolis Colts

42. Karlos Dansby – Arizona Cardinals

43. Calvin Pace – New York Jets

44. Morlon Greenwood – Houston Texans

45. John DiGiorgio – Buffalo Bills

46. Gerald Hayes – Arizona Cardinals

47. James Farrior – Pittsburgh Steelers

48. Stephen Cooper – San Diego Chargers

49. Chad Greenway – Minnesota Vikings SLEEPER
The Vikings defense is slowly improving, and Greenway is the young anchor at linebacker.

50. Paris Lenon – Detroit Lions

51. Napoleon Harris – Kansas City Chiefs

52. Shaun Phillips – San Diego Chargers

53. D’Qwell Jackson – Cleveland Browns

54. Thomas Davis – Carolina Panthers

55. Terrell Suggs – Baltimore Ravens
Suggs continues to disappoint fantasy owners who draft him for his big time sack potential.

56. Demorrio Williams – Kansas City Chiefs

57. Kyle Vanden Bosch – Tennessee Titans

58. Scott Fujita – New Orleans Saints

59. Matt Wilhelm – San Diego Chargers

60. Joey Porter – Miami Dolphins

61. Elvis Dumervil – Denver Broncos
Sacks are his specialty.

62. Mike Peterson – Jacksonville Jaguars

63. John Abraham – Atlanta Falcons

64. Derek Smith – San Diego Chargers

65. Kevin Williams – Minnesota Vikings

66. Channing Crowder – Miami Dolphins
On what should be a horrendous Dolphins defense, Crowder will have plenty of opportunities to record double digit tackles per game.

67. Chris Kelsay – Buffalo Bills

68. Kamerion Wimbley – Cleveland Browns SLEEPER
If the Cleveland Browns want to contend for a playoff spot, the defense will have to improve. And it all starts with Wimbley.

69. Andra Davis – Cleveland Browns

70. Igor Olshansky – San Diego Chargers

71. Mathias Kiwanuka – New York Giants SLEEPER
He’s fast and can pressure the quarterback. It just depends if the Giants play him at linebacker or on the line.

72. Tedy Bruschi – New England Patriots

73. Landon Johnson – Carolina Panthers

74. Bart Scott – Baltimore Ravens

75. Tamba Hali – Kansas City Chiefs

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2008 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Rankings: Defensive Backs

All rankings are based off of a standard head to head scoring system (tackles – sole & assisted, sacks, interceptions, return yards, touchdowns, passes defended, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries) in mixed AFC/NFC leagues.

For sleeper, breakout, and bust player picks, check out the key below.

BUST = player will register far below their 2007 stat totals
BREAKOUT = player will surpass expectations and/or have a career year in 2008
SLEEPER = player will be a late round pick or go undrafted and has a good chance of producing fantasy worthy stats in 2008

Good Luck to Everyone This Fantasy Football Season!


1. Terrence McGee – Buffalo Bills
McGee’s combination of return yards and tackles make him the best defensive back available.

2. Marcus Trufant – Seattle Seahawks
If your league doesn’t count return yards, then Trufant is the best defensive back in terms of tackles, interceptions, and passes defensed.

3. Antonio Cromartie – San Diego Chargers BREAKOUT
Cromartie put up ridiculous fantasy stats in 2007 and he didn’t even begin the season as a starter.

4. Asante Samuel – Philadelphia Eagles
Interceptions are his niche.

5. Bob Sanders – Indianapolis Colts
If he can stay healthy he is probably the only defensive back in the NFL who can rack up 100 solo tackles.

6. Nate Clements – San Francisco 49ers
With the 49ers on defense a lot, Clements should get plenty of opportunities for interceptions and tackles.

7. Champ Bailey – Denver Broncos
A defensive back with great hands means lots of interceptions over the course of a season.

8. DeAngelo Hall – Oakland Raiders
If DeAngelo is as good as he claims, then quarterbacks will throw everywhere but near him which will diminish his overall fantasy value.

9. Darrelle Revis – New York Jets BREAKOUT
After a very good rookie season last year, Revis should definitely be able to build upon his numbers in ’08.

10. Atari Bigby – Green Bay Packers
Bigby is a hard hitting safety that plays like a linebacker and is seemingly in on every tackle.

11. LaRon Landry – Washington Redskins BREAKOUT
With a year under his belt, Landry should emerge in Washington as the best defensive back on the Redskins team.

12. Ellis Hobbs – New England Patriots BUST
Hobbs is strictly a return yards point specialist. So if your league doesn’t count return yards, ignore Hobbs because he doesn’t get interceptions or tackles.

13. Oshiomogho Atogwe – St. Louis Rams

14. Roy Williams – Dallas Cowboys

15. Pacman Jones – Dallas Cowboys
If he stays out of legal trouble, Pacman will be good for kick return yards as well as a few tackles and interceptions while playing defense.

16. Ed Reed – Baltimore Ravens
Another hard hitter who has an all or nothing approach. In other words, Reed will have two interceptions, a touchdown, and 7 tackles one week, and the next he only manages 2 tackles.

17. Troy Polamalu – Pittsburgh Steelers

18. Antrel Rolle – Arizona Cardinals
Rolle can rack up interceptions with the best of them.

19. Justin Miller – New York Jets SLEEPER
Miller entered ’07 as a premiere kick returner, however after an early season injury cost him the entire 2007 season, he should be back healthy and ready to run in ’08.

20. Terence Newman – Dallas Cowboys

21. Ronde Barber – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

22. Chris Harris – Carolina Panthers

23. Jermaine Phillips – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

24. Bernard Pollard – Kansas City Chiefs

25. Cedric Griffin – Minnesota Vikings BUST

26. Donte Whitner – Buffalo Bills BREAKOUT
As a safety who will play both positions, Whitner has a chance to post 100 tackles this season.

27. Gibril Wilson – Oakland Raiders

28. Clinton Hart – San Diego Chargers

29. Madieu Williams – Minnesota Vikings BUST

30. Richard Marshall – Carolina Panthers

31. Darren Sharper – Minnesota Vikings

32. Michael Huff – Oakland Raiders SLEEPER
If the Raiders are on defense as much as we think they will be, Huff will have plenty of opportunities for interceptions, passes defensed, and tackles.

33. Antoine Winfield – Minnesota Vikings

34. Kerry Rhodes – New York Jets

35. TJ Rushing – Indianapolis Colts
Another return yards specialist.

36. Ike Taylor – Pittsburgh Steelers

37. Von Hutchins – Atlanta Falcons

38. Josh Bullocks – New Orleans Saints

39. Charles Woodson – Green Bay Packers

40. Sam Madison – New York Giants

41. Marlin Jackson – Indianapolis Colts
A good defensive back who can rack up the tackles.

42. Adrian Wilson – Arizona Cardinals

43. Jermaine Phillips – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

44. Quentin Jammer – San Diego Chargers

45. Leodis McKelvin – Buffalo Bills SLEEPER
McKelvin is a great rookie sleeper pick who could very easily start and become an immediate defensive force for the Bills and fantasy owners.

46. CC Brown – Houston Texans

47. Nick Harper – Tennessee Titans

48. Deon Grant – Seattle Seahawks

49. Danieal Manning – Chicago Bears

50. Rodney Harrison – New England Patriots

51. Leon Hall – Cincinnati Bengals
Playing on what probably will be a terrible Cincinnati defense, Hall could surprise with very good fantasy stats in 2008.

52. Tenard Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

53. Eric Wright – Cleveland Browns

54. Gerald Alexander – Detroit Lions

55. Ron Bartell – St. Louis Rams

56. Sheldon Brown – Philadelphia Eagles

57. Johnathan Joseph – Cincinnati Bengals

58. Aqib Talib – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

59. Michael Jenkins – Dallas Cowboys SLEEPER
Jenkins is a wildcard entering his rookie season. He has tons of potential and ability, and if he starts he could post great tackle and interception totals.

60. Shawn Springs – Washington Redskins

61. Antoine Cason – San Diego Chargers

62. Eric Weddle – San Diego Chargers SLEEPER

63. Reggie Nelson – Jacksonville Jaguars

64. Roderick Hood – Arizona Cardinals

65. Kelvin Hayden – Indianapolis Colts

66. Roman Harper – New Orleans Saints

67. Dunta Robinson – Houston Texans SLEEPER
He will be coming off a major injury, but he has the talent to be a top 10 defensive back.

68. Sean Jones – Cleveland Browns

69. Michael Griffin – Tennessee Titans SLEEPER
As a rookie in 2007, Griffin struggled mightily. I don’t expect the same to happen this season.

70. Dre’ Bly – Denver Broncos

71. Travis Fisher – Detroit Tigers

72. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – Arizona Cardinals
He may actually be better than Antrel Rolle.

73. Corey Chavous – St. Louis Rams

74. Phillip Buchanon – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Buchanon’s bonus return yards are what make him fantasy worthy.

75. Brian Williams – Jacksonville Jaguars

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2008 Election and Political Drama: U.S. Sees Increase in Racial Tensions

We are on the eve of a monumental, historic event: the nation’s first African American is on the presidential ballot. Is this causing an upswing of racial tensions in our country? There is an increase in e-mails of a racial nature circulating on the World Wide Web. I see racial tensions increasing as Americans voice there opinions at home, on the street and in the workplace. The upcoming presidential election will, I feel, be a very intense time; people from both sides of the fence will gather at homes, bars, and other public places to watch who will become the next president of the United States. We will be glued to our televisions like never before.

Will we be a nation that stands together and show the world we have graduated in the last 400 years? Or will racial divisions increase bringing about a level of prejudice we have not seen in years. I have heard of emails being sent out about Presidential candidate Obama accusing him of being everything from the anti-Christ to Saddam Hussein’s brother. Will the election night bring about riots or fights in the bars due to opinions and comments from either side being tossed around like frisbee’s? I hope we can weather the storm without doing irreparable damage to ourselves and our nation.

This viewpoint may be a little extreme for some, but racial tensions and riots have erupted from much less. I have witnessed numerous workplace debates concerning the candidates, and heard voices raised and tempers flare. Even though politics have no business in the workplace, unless you work in a political venue, conversations are being had, and political views debated. Co-workers who are friends and race is not an issue, is now becoming an issue. And friendships are becoming strained. Race is still an underlying matter, and is coming to the top like simmering like a hot bowl of soup ready to boil over at any moment.

Has law enforcement discuss the possible outcome and unforeseeable problems and situations that may occur? Paranoia it may seem to some but it best to err on the side of precaution, you may think I have little faith in the people of our great country but some hidden scars and old wounds are starting to fester, and we have only begun to scratch at the surface of a sore that we thought had long ago healed.

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