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2008 Easter Sunday Sunrise Services in Louisville, Kentucky

In many families it is an Easter tradition to visit a sunrise service on Easter Sunday. Here is a look at the churches in Louisville, Kentucky, that will be offering Easter Sunday Sunrise services this Easter Sunday.

Bethany United Methodist Church

Bethany United Methodist Church will be hosting a Community Outdoor Sunrise Service overlooking the Ohio River at the Farnsley-Moremen Landing Pavilion. The service will begin at 8 AM, with breakfast to be served after the service is over. To learn more about Bethany United Methodist Church or its Easter Sunrise Service you can contact the church at (502) 937-4040 or visit the church’s website.

Metropolitan Community Church of Louisville

An Easter Sunrise Service held at Hogan’s Fountain in Cherokee Park will be hosted by the Metropolitan Community Church of Louisville. The service will begin at 7AM with a breakfast following the service at 8 AM. To learn more about the service or the Metropolitan Community Church of Louisville you can visit their website or call (502) 587-6225.

Crescent Hill United Methodist Church

Crescent Hill United Methodist Church will host their Easter Sunrise Service at the Peterson-Dumesnil House, located at 301 South Peterson Avenue. The service will begin at 8:30 AM, and a light breakfast will be held at the church following the service. To learn more about the Easter Sunrise Service you can visit Crescent Hill United Methodist Church’s website or call (502) 896-0396.

Grace Evangelical Free Church

The Easter Sunrise Service at Grace Evangelical Free Church will begin at 6:30 AM, with a light continental breakfast held afterwards. The church is located at 13060 Factory Lane. To learn more about the Easter Sunrise Service or Grace Evangelical Free Church you can call the church at (502) 241-2991 or visit the church’s website.

Shively Park

An Easter Sunrise Service will be held at 7 AM at Shively Park, located on Dixie Highway behind the Shively Municipal Building. The service is being sponsored by Shively area Ministries, the Foundation for Positive Christian Imaging, Tunnel Hill Free Methodist Church, and Parkview United Methodist Church. Breakfast will be held after the service.

Our Savior Lutheran Church

Our Savior Lutheran Church, located at 8305 Nottingham Parkway, will host their Easter Sunday Sunrise Service at 6:30 AM. To learn more about the church or it’s Sunrise Service you can call (502) 426-1130 or visit the church’s website.

Greater Good Hope Baptist Church

The Sunrise Service at Greater Good Hope Baptist Church, located at 840 South 26th Street, will begin at 7 AM on Easter Sunday. The Sunrise Service will be a combined service with both Ebenezer Baptist Church and Elim Baptist Church.

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2008 Election Battleground Previews: Is Wisconsin a Battleground State?

As the days wind down toward the general election on the first Tuesday in this coming November the battleground states in this election are becoming more and more hotly contested. The pundits will continually critique every little word that comes out of the candidates mouths for a slip that could cost them the election, and the campaigns will spend millions of dollars on trying to get their message across to the voters.

The past two elections have been as close as elections can possibly be, so the importance of each battleground state has become more and more clear in the past eight years. If you want close states in recent elections look no further than Wisconsin. Wisconsin has been decided by 0.22% and 0.38% in the last two elections. Will Wisconsin be a battleground state down to the wire this year or will it be different in 2008?


2006 Census Data
White- 85.7%
Black- 6.0%
Female- 50.3%
Male- 40.7%
65 or older- 13.0%

2004 Exit Polls
Democrats- 35%

A first look at the demographics in Wisconsin would lead you to believe that John McCain should do well in Wisconsin, but many polls aren’t showing that to be the case. John Kerry won the state in 2004 by edging out President Bush among the independent voters in the state. Reports on the ground say that the democrats have registered far more new voters than the republicans since 2004, so expect the democrats to outnumber the republicans at the polls in 2008.


The state as a whole has traditionally leaned fairly heavily toward the democratic side, but over the past decade it seems to have swung back toward the middle. The majority of the counties in the state go republican, but the heavily populated areas go for the democrat. Dane County, which is the home of Madison and the University of Wisconsin, has becoming increasingly democratic in recent years and is said to be much of the reason that John Kerry defeated President Bush in 2004 in Wisconsin. Given that the state went very slightly for Gore in 2000, one might have expected it to switch to Bush in 2004, but Kerry actually finished stronger than Gore did in this state. One of the bigger reasons for this was the huge drop off in support for Ralph Nader. In 2000 Nader brought in 3.62% of the vote here, but in 2004 he received only 0.55%.


The RealClearPolitics average of the four most recent polls in this state show Obama leading by 7.2%. There hasn’t been a poll showing McCain leading in the last three months.


Barack Obama appears to have some real strength here. Since he is from Chicago, which is very close to the Wisconsin border, one could expect Obama will do very well in the southern part of Wisconsin. The signs here are pointing to the fact that this state should not be as close as it has been in the past, and it is unlikely Wisconsin will be a prime battleground state this year.


2004 Election Exit Polls Wisconsin CNN.com

Wisconsin: McCain vs. Obama Realclearpolitics.com

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2008 College Football Preview: Who's Got a Real Shot at the National Title?

Another college football season is upon us, the main question returns: which NCAA teams have a legitimate shot at the national title? There are several major teams in play, although most of these teams either have question marks at key positions, insanely difficult schedules, or other factors that makes picking a couple teams out very difficult. This article ranks teams from most likely to make it to least, and takes schedules and other factors into effect, so this is NOT a list of best team to worst. Some of the best teams on this list will be last because of killer schedules (see Georgia).

#1 Missouri: This is a team absolutely loaded in talent. In fact, only Oklahoma was able to beat Missouri last year, and this season the majority of starters return, including multiple players who were expected to go pro but came back. With no Oklahoma, or Texas Tech on the schedule, only Texas stands in the way of Missouri’s straight shot to the Big 12 title game if they stay focused. There won’t be a lot of undefeated teams this season, so Missouri wins the Big 12 title game, and they’re in.

#2 Ohio State: Like it or not (and nobody outside of Columbus likes it), there is an excellent chance that Ohio State makes the title game. The biggest hurdle is an early season against USC, but USC has injury issues and is still unsettled at QB. With the sheer number of returning starters to OSU, this team is loaded and is in perfect position to pull the upset against USC. If they do, only a “trap” game with Wisconsin will stop them, as a mediocre Big 10 simply won’t challenge the Buckeyes. If they go undefeated, there probably won’t be enough undefeated teams to shove them out.

#3 USC: It’s all about getting the team together early. There is a lot of turnover, as always, although if any team has proven it can give up 13 players a year to the NFL without consequence, it’s the Trojans. That said, there are a lot of injuries on this team and an unsettled quarterback position, meaning Ohio State has an excellent chance of knocking them off. If USC can hold off the Buckeyes and stay healthy, then like Ohio State USC looks good to go all the way. The Pac-10 will offer more challengers than the Big 10, but if Ohio State can’t knock off USC, then other Pac-10 teams will be hard pressed to do the same.

#4 Florida: I actually think Georgia is the best team in the SEC, but their schedule is absolute murder. Florida’s schedule isn’t a cupcake by any stretch, but they are a strong team with a lot of returning starters. Florida’s hardest games: home against LSU and South Carolina, @ Tennessee, and @ Georgia. If they call pull the upset against Georgia, they will be favored all the way to the title game. At that point one win and an undefeated Florida team will definitely get into the title game.

#5 Oklahoma: Oklahoma has an insanely good team, and QB Sam Bradford was absolutely incredible for a true freshman. The Sooners have an unusually high number of starters returning, in addition to fantastic depth. This team is loaded at every position, and their schedule is far more manageable than many other contenders. The biggest obstacle might not be an always strong Texas team, but the potential revenge game against Texas Tech, a dangerous team poised to take a shot at the title, as well. They don’t play Missouri until the Big 12 title game, so the Sooners have the best shot they’ve had in years at winning the national title.

#6 Georgia: This may very well be the strongest team on the list, but Georgia’s schedule is murder. Their games include away games at South Carolina, Arizona State, LSU, and Auburn and home games against Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia Tech. Aside from this incredibly brutal schedule, Georgia has also suffered several major injuries before the season started, not to mention a recent slew of suspensions. Asking them to handle all these teams is just too much, and that’s even before the SEC title game.

#7 Clemson: Clemson looks absolutely loaded on paper, but it can be hard to trust this team after the last few seasons. On paper, Clemson should run away with the ACC, and among the top contenders has the easiest road to the national title game by a wide margin. The three hardest games? Home against Alabama and South Carolina, and @ Wake Forest. If Clemson can play to their talent, there’s no reason they can’t be 13-0 after the ACC title game, and in a season where most teams will have at least one loss, that could be enough. Or Clemson could blow it. The biggest thing working against Clemson: with a non conference schedule that includes three I-AA teams, Clemson won’t win a tie breaker against any other undefeated team.

#8 Texas Tech: Oklahoma and Texas are the toughest opponents. The Red Raiders are always dangerous on offense, and with Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree coming back, this time will be close to unstoppable. The defense should be one of the best since Leach arrived at Tech, and with a large number of returning starters, this may very well be the best chance Tech ever has at a national title. If they can beat Texas and Oklahoma, they should be able to match up against Missouri to determine who goes to the national title game.

#9 West Virginia: This team has the best shot of the Big East teams. In reality, neither Big East team has a chance without going undefeated, but with RB Noel Devine taking over, there’s a chance that this offense, with 8 returning starters, could be the best this team has ever put on the field. The defense will need new starters to step up and fill in the gaps, but if any team is going to go undefeated in the Big East, this is the most likely to pull it off.

#10 USF: USF started out on fire, things got really rough, then they appeared to finish strong but were destroyed in their bowl game against Oregon. This is a team with a lot of returning talent, but some holes in their front seven of the defense and at running back. If the returning players can improve and this team sweeps the Big East, that should provide enough quality victories to put them in consideration. This is a long shot, but not impossible by any stretch.

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2008 Grammys: Winners Spoke What Could Not Be Sung

Grammy night brings visions of red carpets, lovely gowns, and the music industry’s hottest artists. However, the Grammys also give a nod of honor to the spoken word of authors and artist in genres that do not involve the art of voice or instrument. The 50th Grammy Awards Ceremony gave three awards to the gifted voices of the spoken word and comical collaboration.

The most noted vocal winner Sunday night (2008) was Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Obama won the ‘Spoken Word Album’ Grammy for his audio book version of his best selling book “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.” This is Obama’s second Grammy win; the first in 2006 was for his audio book “Dreams From My Father,” a memoir published in 1995. “The Audacity of Hope” is a book with many levels of discussion. Barack Obama deals with his absentee father.

He speaks of his journey to find his families roots and talks about his youthful struggles. Obama is candid in his book about marijuana use, alcohol use, and his struggles to find his place in the culture of his time. His political views and disappointments become clearer in his writing. The book gained great recognition and endorsement from the media and his current supporter Oprah Winfrey. This New York Times Best Selling book became one of the key introductions of Barack Obama into the role of political “Golden Boy.” Many believe, the recognition and empowerment that began to rise after the circulation of this book, sprung Obama into his early run for President of the United States.

Obama now shares Grammy company with the another Democratic hopeful, Hillary Clinton. Clinton won a ‘Spoken Word’ Grammy in 1997 for her New York Times Best Seller “It Takes A Village. He also shares the award with former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Clinton won in 2004 for a collaborative children’s story and in 2005 for his memoir “My Life.” Carter won in 2007 for his audio book “Our Endangered Valued: America’s Moral Crisis.”

The 2008 Grammy winner for the ‘Spoken Work Album for Children’ was Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows, audio Jim Dale, written by J.K. Rowling’s.

The Seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series drew as much attention and speculation as any other. With misguided gossip, this installment has more than earned its keep. Pre-dated implications of the death of Harry himself, and talk of voluptuous main character relationships, sold out the paper printing well before the final t’s had been crossed. Later, as introductions to homosexual characters emerged, the Harry Potter series found a way to even sale out to the few who had not already owned a copy. The seventh book, won for the audio reading, is the only part of the series that travels forward in time. Nine years later the reader gets to imagine characters with lives that include children, marriage, responsibilities, and the memories of death. Written by J.K. Rowling’s, The Harry Potter series has been the highest grossing and most sought after series of all time among children and teen readers.

The ‘Best Comedy Album’ of the 2008 Grammys went to “The Distant Future Flight of the Concords”, Sub Pop.

The original series, broadcast on HBO, describes as odd and bold. Though there is singing, the songs are not about music, but about comical “attacks” of various artist and music styles. Most of the nominations in the comical album Grammy category do not involve any musical voice or instrument. The duo, known for their outrageous ‘gags’ and are often quirky and surprising. These New Zealanders (Bret and Jermaine) hit New York City with a bang then with a bust in the current HBO series (with the same name) Classified as folk-comedy, the duo of comedians have a strong fan base that is sure to grow after the 2008 Grammy win.

(Form EP – 1 disc, can receive music downloads, released August 2007)

You may listen to a sample of this Grammy Award winning album at Amazon.

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2008 Halloween Costume Trends

It’s the second most popular holiday in the United States. Halloween is a special time for kids both young and old. It’s a chance to eat tasty candy, stay out late, and dress up in elaborate costumes. What more could you ask for? One of the most important decisions a child or an adult makes at this time of year is what type of Halloween costume to wear for a night of trick or treating or for that grown-up Halloween party. Should you be a superhero, an imaginary animal, a celebrity, or a movie character? As with fashion, Halloween costumes tend to follow trends, usually reflecting the current social and political climate. Here are some 2008 Halloween costume trends you may see this Halloween:

Halloween costume trends: Political figures

It’s an election year and most Americans have politics on their minds. What better way to make a statement than to bear the likeness of an important political figure at a Halloween party? Don’t be surprised if you see comical renditions of Obama and John McCain at this year’s Halloween parties. Not to mention the current woman dominating the political news, Sarah Palin. Some people are so wrapped up in politics that they’ll use any occasion to express their political views. Be prepared!

Halloween costume trends: Celebrities

When America isn’t fixated on politics, they’re obsessed with the latest celebrity escapades. Not surprisingly, their glamorous lifestyle inspires people to walk in their shoes if only for an evening. What better way to do it then in full Halloween costume? It’s quite probable that you’ll see more than one Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Angelina Jolie carrying a trick-or-treat bag or attending a trendy Halloween party this year. For males, don’t be surprised to see a few Brad Pitts ringing your doorbell for Halloween treats this year.

Halloween costume trends: Sexy costumes

Hopefully, you’ll only see these costumes at adult Halloween parties. Some women see Halloween as the time to become the femme fatale they’ve always wanted to be. This trend seems to have been gaining momentum in the past few years. From the more sedate Marilyn Monroe impersonations to the blatantly sexy, scantily clad French maid, Halloween is a time of fantasy and many people are taking advantage of it. What other day of the year can you dress like a Playboy bunny or a dominatrix and get by with it?

Halloween costume trends: Traditional costumes

Fortunately, the traditional costumes we’ve come to associate with Halloween are always in vogue. Expect to see your share of snaggle toothed witches wearing black, pointy hats as well as their opposites, fairies in white, princesses, and, the perennial favorite of little girls everywhere, Cinderella. And what would Halloween be without little boys in white sheets making ghostly moans and giant orange pumpkins carrying Halloween bags filled with tasty Halloween treats? Some things never go out of fashion.

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2008 Fantasy Football - Top 15 Fantasy Football Rookies

Here are my top 15 picks from the 2008 NFL Draft Class that should play important roles on fantasy football teams this year and possibly for years to come!

#1 – Darren McFadden – RB – Oakland Raiders – 1st round pick 4th overall
Even with a packed running back position in Oakland, McFadden should snag over half of the carries handed out to Raider running backs in 2008. Expecting 1,000 rushing yards and 8-10 touchdowns is very realistic.

#2 – Jonathan Stewart – RB – Carolina Panthers – 1st round 13th pick overall
With DeShaun Foster out of Carolina’s backfield, Stewart should compliment DeAngelo Williams perfectly. Together they should form a very tough tandem for Carolina in 2008. If you are planning on drafting either one of these guys it would be wise to draft the other as well. Together they could combine for 1,800 rushing yards and 15 total touchdowns. Stewart alone should be good for at least 800 yards and 8 touchdowns.

#3 – Kevin Smith – RB – Detroit Lions – 3rd round 64 overall
Drafted in the 3rd round, Smith has one of the best opportunities to become the number 1 fantasy running back among rookies in 2008. If he claims the wide open starting running back spot in Detroit, he could easily rush for 1,200 yards and 7-10 touchdowns.

#4 – Matt Forte – RB – Chicago Bears – 2nd round 44 overall
When the Bears second round pick was announced back in April, not many fans were jumping on the Forte band wagon. However with the releasing of former number 5 overall draft pick Cedric Benson, the Bears backfield has become somewhat suddenly depleted. With longtime backup running back Adrian Peterson and the little quick guy Garrett Wolf backing Peterson up, Forte should get plenty of playing time to signify being a potentially very good fantasy running back in 2008.

#5 – Ryan Torain – RB – Denver Broncos – 5th round 139 overall
In case you haven’t noticed, Denver running backs always come out of nowhere. And it appears that Ryan Torain may just become the next household name in fantasy football communities. With the release of Travis Henry, the Denver backfield now consists of Selvin Young, newly signed Michael Pittman, and you guessed it, Ryan Torain. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Torain become the full-time running back a month into the season. As of right now, Torain is a great buy low candidate with loads of potential.

#6 – James Hardy – WR – Buffalo Bills – 2nd round 41 overall
Finally breaking away from the running back trend, wide receiver James Hardy and his 6’6 height should net himself half a dozen touchdowns in 2008. If he starts alongside the speedy Lee Evans, Hardy has a great chance to be the best fantasy rookie wide receiver in 2008.

#7 – Ray Rice – RB – Baltimore Ravens – 2nd round 55 overall
Rice has huge potential should the oft-injured Willis MaGahee succumb to yet another injury. If you draft McGahee, Rice is a must have handcuff as he could instantly become a 100 yard and 1 touchdown per game rusher.

#8 – Steve Slaton – RB – Houston Texans – 3rd round 89 overall
A much hyped college prospect, Slaton is a small lightening quick running back who should see his share of carries in an unsettled Houston backfield. Although Slaton will be too small to handle a full-time running back role, he should prove to be a homerun threat every time he touches the ball.

#9 – Limas Sweed – WR – Pittsburgh Steelers – 2nd round 53rd overall
Sweed entered the 2007 college season as the best college wide receiver and NFL prospect, however season long nagging injuries soon negated his potential. Now after being drafted into a very good situation in Pittsburgh, Sweed has the chance to become the number one big man option for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Teaming with all-pro Hines Ward and the speedy Santonio Holmes, Sweed should fit nicely into the 3rd wide receiver spot and use his height against smaller and lesser used defensive backs. Unfortunately Sweed will have to share the ball a lot with all the talent around him which will limit his yardage total dramatically, however his ability to become a premiere red zone target option for Big Ben should entice fantasy owners to take a flyer on Sweed as their 3rd or 4th wide receiver option. How does 400-500 yards and 6-8 touchdowns sound?

#10 – Jordy Nelson – WR – Green Bay Packers – 2nd round 36 overall
Already loaded at the wide receiver position, Green Bay still drafted another wide receiver in Jordy Nelson with a very high second round pick. Fortunately for the Packers and fantasy owners, Nelson should fit perfectly into the Green Bay offense as a big and tall wide receiver who has shown to be great after the catch. Not to mention Nelson should also become the primary kick return with Koren Robinson out of Green Bay. Either way you look at, Nelson will be given plenty of opportunities to blend in and make a his mark with the Packers.

Sleeper Picks

#1 – Early Doucet – WR – Arizona Cardinals – 3rd round 81 overall
If you are looking for a 1,000 yard receiver, Doucet is not your best bet. However with a great receiving corps around him, and a pass happy offense to boot, Doucet should settle in nicely as the 3rd wide receiver in Arizona. Expecting 500 yards and 5 touchdowns is very realistic for Doucet in 2008. With this in mind, Doucet’s biggest value will be if Anquan Boldin or Larry Fitzgerald get injured and he snags a few starts. If this happens Doucet should definitely become a reliable 3rd wide receiver option for fantasy teams.

#2 – Andre Caldwell – WR – Cincinnati Bengals – 3rd round 97 overall
Drafted after fellow teammate rookie wide receiver Jerome Simpson, Caldwell possess more experience against tougher competition and in high pressure situations that Simpson. In other words, Caldwell is a more polished and more pro-ready wide receiver than Simpson. This coupled with Carson Palmer at quarterback, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Caldwell take over at wide receiver in Cincinnati if Chad Johnson eventually finds his way out of town.

#3 – Donnie Avery – WR – St. Louis Rams – 2nd round 33 pick overall
Donnie Avery, even though barely recognizable by football fans, still managed to become the first wide receiver taken in the 2008 NFL draft. Luckily this unknowing factor could be just the right ingredient for him and fantasy owners. Avery has the premiere speed, 4.3 at the combine, to fit very well with the type of fast elusive wide receivers the Rams have been known for in the past. If Marc Bulger can stay healthy for at least a good chuck of season, Avery could put of surprising stats for a rookie wide receiver. Keep in mind, Avery is a very high risk high reward pick as he could struggle mightily to begin the year. Anything from 200 yards and 2 touchdowns to 800 yards 8 touchdowns are possible.

#4 – Jerome Simpson – WR – Cincinnati Bengals – 2nd round 46th overall
Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good ‘you’ are, but rather how good your teammates around you are and how many opportunities you have. In Jerome Simpson’s case (or fellow rookie wide receiver Andre Caldwell for that matter), he has both of those things going for him. He will fall right into the hands of a great quarterback, Carson Palmer, and the opportunity to see lots of time at wide receiver with Chris Henry out of the picture and Chad Johnson likely to soon to be out of the picture. Simpson should team with TJ Houshmandzadeh and take full advantage of his surroundings and opportunities in 2008. All in all Jerome Simpson could become the next great Cincinnati wide receiver drafted in the 2nd round (ie. the new Chad Johnson, minus the personality).

#5 – Tim Hightower – RB – Arizona Cardinals – 5th round 149 overall
With running backs holding such a high priority in fantasy leagues, 5th round pick Tim Hightower has a chance to make an impact in what has been a very stagnant Arizona backfield. If Edgerrin James again regresses in 2008, Hightower may be in line for a bunch of carries and playing time this season as well as having the possibility to take over the full-time role in 2009.

For Additional Fantasy Football Rankings check out my other Articles.









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2008 Movie Releases: Jan-Feb

Hey everyone. Compiled below is the current list of movies being released for 2008. I’ve never done this before and having done it, I now know why. Just joking. Seriously though, here’s the quick-fix sound-bite head’s up for a good chunk of Cinema 2008. Enjoy.
Please note that these release dates are NOT final. This information is as of December 26, 2007 and things may change.
See you at the movies!


“One Missed Call” – You get a cellphone voice message that comes from you the moment before you die. If for some reason you’ve ran out of pre-paid minutes or lost your voicemail PIN, you’ll have to wait longer… Stars Ed Burns. Opens January 4, 2008

“27 Dresses” – Katherine Heigl has been a bridesmaid 27 times. Also stars James Marsden and Ed Burns. Opens January 11, 2008

“First Sunday” – Not content with just Fridays anymore, Ice Cube tackles Sunday. It seems that he and his brother are sentenced to 5000 hours of community service. When his girlfriend and kid are about to leave for the ATL unless he antes up $17,000, he decides to rob the closest vendor: a church. Also stars Loretta Devine, Tracy Morgan, Chi McBride, and Regina Hall. Opens January 11, 2008

“In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale” – Here’s the story: good versus evil in a faraway English land. Starring Jason Statham, Leelee Sobieski, John Rhys-Davies (where has HE been?), Matthew Lillard and Ray Liotta. Apparently, all weren’t doing anything for lunch that day… Opens January 11, 2008

“Teeth” – Dawn is a high school girl who has a sexual health problem: vagina dentate; or rather, teeth in the “holiest of holies.” She uses it for physical advantage when she becomes the object of male violence. And I thought the “Schwartz” ring was bad enough… Opens January 11, 2008

“The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie” – The name says it all. Opens January 11, 2008

“Cloverfield” – From producer J.J. Abrams comes a birthday party for a guy named Rob in L.A. Trouble is, L.A. is being attacked by something emitting a weird sound and shooting balls of flame. It got MY attention… Opens January 18, 2008

“Mad Money” – Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes take money about to be shredded and go on their own sprees. An indicting comedy. Opens January 18, 2008

“How She Move” – A girl who has lost everything returns to her old neighborhood and finds acceptance in breakdancing. What is it with this stuff? Opens January 25, 2008

“Untraceable” – Diane Lane is an FBI computer investigator who comes across a murderer who broadcasts his killing on the Web. Maybe those chain e-mails ARE real… Opens January 25, 2008

“Meet the Spartans” – From the two guys who gave you, “Date Movie,” and “Epic Movie,” and the one guy who brought you, “Not Another Teen Movie,” comes this spoof of “300,” “You Got Served,” and pop culture en masse. Starring Kevin Sorbo, Diedrich Bader, and Carmen Electra. Enough said. Opens January 28, 2008


“88 Minutes” – Al Pacino is a forensics expert that receives a phone call saying he’s got only 88 minutes to live. There are worse things… Opens February 1, 2008

“Hannah Montana Concert in 3-D” – There’s no plot here, but then you knew that, right? I wouldn’t pay $5 to see this, much less buy a CD, T-shirt, or concert ticket. But that’s just me. Opens February 1, 2008

“Over Her Dead Body” – Paul Rudd lost his fiancée a year ago and upon the suggestion of a female friend, consults a psychic who “fakes” telling him to move on, falling in love with him. Hijinx ensue when the ghost of the fiancée begins haunting the psychic. Also starring Eva Longoria and Jason Biggs. Opens February 1, 2008

“Strange Wilderness” – Steve Zahn hosts a cable-access show that is two weeks from being shutdown. His saving grace comes from Joe Don Baker, who swears he has proof of Bigfoot. What’s sad is that I’m not making this up. Justin Long and Ernest Borgnine are in it, too. Opens February 1, 2008

“The Eye” – Jessica Alba is a blind concert pianist who, through experimental surgery, is given her eyesight back. Unfortunately, the HMO does not cover seeing “ghosts” and other haunting things. Opens February 1, 2008

“Fool’s Gold” – Kate Hudson is divorcing Matthew McConaughey, but both wind-up on a $500 million treasure hunt. Also on the hunt is Ray Winstone. Also starring Donald Sutherland. Also I don’t care. Opens February 8, 2008

“In Bruges” – Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson are criminals who are holed up in Bruges. Ralph Fiennes is sent to “take them out.” And I thought staying in Albany, GA was bad… Opens February 8, 2008

“The Poughkeepsie Tapes” – In 2001, police uncover 800 video tapes made by a couple who tortured and killed people. This film is supposed to contain actual footage from the tapes, inter-cut with interviews with police officers and investigators. Opens February 8, 2008

“Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” – Martin Lawrence is a self-help guru who returns to the small Southern town he was brought up in. Comedy. Also stars James Earl Jones and Cedric the Entertainer. Opens February 8, 2008

“Definitely, Maybe” – Ryan Reynolds is getting divorced and one night, recounts his tales of relationships to his daughter, Abigail Breslin, changing names and places so they’re a mystery to her. Also stars Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz. Opens February 14, 2008

“Step Up 2 the Streets” – I can effectively use the line, “Mostly dancing, sir,” here. Opens February 14, 2008
“Jumper” – Doug Liman’s newest sci-fi adventure about people who can “jump” from place to place… but there are consequences as the “jumpers” are in a war within themselves. Opens February 15, 2008

“The Spiderwick Chronicles” – Two children move to a house and open a book that takes them to a fantasy world where a villainous creature wants the book back. Shouldn’t this be a warning stamped on the book in the first place? Opens February 15, 2008

“Vantage Point” – Dennis Quaid, Forest Whittaker, Sigourney Weaver, and William Hurt star in a movie about a Presidential assassination told from eight different points of view. I thought three sides of the story were difficult enough… Opens February 22, 2008

“Possession” – Sarah Michelle Gellar is a woman caught between her husband and his brother. When both are in a car accident the brother awakens and claims that he’s her husband. I wanna be that guy… Opens February 29, 2008

“Semi-Pro” – Will Farrell is Jackie Moon, an inept basketball player / loveable goofball. Take your pick. Opens February 29, 2008

“The Other Boleyn Girl” – Natalie Portman is Anne, Scarlett Johansson is Marie, Eric Bana is King Henry VIII, and the plot is from a Harlequin novel. Opens February 29, 2008

Chas Andrews is a freelance writer/director who lives in Louisville, KY. For more movie info visit: http://ift.tt/296J8E9

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2008 National Football League Predictions

Last year I released my NFL predictions in early July, easily beating Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King and Dr. Z to the punch. Apparently Dr. Z was not pleased; he put out his Super Bowl XLIII winner today, picking the Vikings to win it all. Silly Z. Your article may have come out before mine, but you’re as wrong this year as your were picking the Saints last year.

The best team in the league this year, and the one that will bring home the Lombardi Trophy, is the Cowboys. Even Z admits in his article that they’re the favorite going into training camp. He should have stuck with that line of thinking. I will first detail some reasons Dallas will win it all, and then give my regular season standings and playoff predictions.

Dallas’ 13-3 record last year was certainly impressive, maybe even deceptively so. It was Tony Romo’s first full year as a starter, and the first year under head coach Wade Phillips and offensive guru Jason Garrett. With a year together under their belt they will be a better team, but even with a more favorable schedule this year their final record will more likely be 12-4. The offense will still click with Romo throwing to Jason Witten, Terrell Owens, and possibly even Pacman Jones (more on him in a minute). Marion Barber will be a monster as the feature back, especially with rookie Felix Jones playing enough snaps to keep Barber fresh into the 4th quarter. Getting away from that in the playoff loss to the Giants last year was a big mistake.

But we all know the offense will be good. This team’s weakness last year was the inconsistency of its defense, especially in passing situations, and that will no longer be a problem. Jerry Jones has shown that he can turn around players with troubled pasts, and Pacman Jones will be no exception. Pacman’s arrival immediately solves two huge problems from last year: kickoff and punt returns and a weak secondary. With Terrence Newman and Pacman Jones at the corners, Roy Williams will be much less of a liability in pass coverage (he really should be moved to linebacker).

The off-season signing of Zach Thomas brings both intelligence and ability to middle linebacker, Greg Ellis will lead the league in sacks if he can stop whining so much, and DeMarcus Ware will continue his development into one of the best in the game. What’s been missed in much of the early analysis is that this defense has gotten faster over the off-season, and that’s a critical improvement.

As for the rest of the league, in the NFC expect the Eagles to be much better and the Giants to be much worse. Both the Saints and the Rams will have bounce-back years, and Dr. Z will come close to being right about the Vikings, but not close enough. In the AFC, it’s the usual suspects: Patriots, Colts, Chargers, and Steelers. Some things never change.

Enough rambling; here are the picks:

1. Cowboys
2. Eagles
3. Redskins
4. Giants








NFC Wild Card
Eagles over Seahawks
Saints over Rams

AFC Wild Card
Colts over Browns
Jaguars over Steelers

NFC Divisional Round
Cowboys over Eagles
Vikingsover Saints

AFC Divisional Round
Chargers over Colts
Patriots over Jaguars

Conference Championships
Cowboys over Vikings
Chargers over Patriots

Super Bowl XLIII
Cowboys over Chargers

So there you have it. After a dozen years of futility, the championship of the football world will be back where it belongs: in Texas. The 2008 Cowboys may not be as good as the Doomsday Defense team in 1977 or Jimmy Johnson’s ‘Boys of the early 1990’s, but they’ll be better than anyone else in the NFL this year. Their final year at Texas Stadium will be a memorable one, and it could start a run that will last for some time.

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2008 Massachusetts Grouse Hunting Season

The 2008 Massachusetts Grouse hunting season is the time of year that it is legal to hunt Ruffed Grouse in the state of Massachusetts as set by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife with approval from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. These two entities not only set the dates of the 2008 Massachusetts Grouse hunting season they also determine the daily bag limit, possession limits, licenses and permits needed, methods that can be used and what portion of Massachusetts can be hunted during this season. Hunters interested in participating in this hunting season must be aware of all these rules and regulations and follow them in order to hunt legally.

The dates for the 2008 Massachusetts Grouse hunting season are from October 18, 2008 through November 29, 2008. On these particular days, Ruffed Grouse hunters can enjoy their sport from sunrise to sunset each day through out the state of Massachusetts and can take a daily bag limit of 3 birds with a possession limit of 6 birds. Also, Ruffed Grouse hunters in Massachusetts are allowed a season limit of 15 birds. Being aware of these limits is important, not only for keeping the hunter legal, but also for the future of the population of the species. The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife believe, after much research, that these limits are necessary to manage the Grouse population throughout the state, which, in turn will ensure the future of this population of birds for future hunters to enjoy.

Hunters wishing to participate in the 2008 Massachusetts Grouse hunting season must have a valid Massachusetts hunting license, which is available for both residents of Massachusetts and non-residents as well. These hunters must also have a Massachusetts Firearm Identification Card if they are 15 years old or older and they must have proof of successfully completing a hunter education course if they began hunting after 1954. These licenses, permits and certificates must be on the hunter while they are hunting and must be presented to a state official should one ask to see them.

The 2008 Massachusetts Grouse hunting season, which can be enjoyed by both residents of Massachusetts and non-residents as well, can legally be enjoyed as long as the hunters pay close attention to the rules and regulations that they must follow. It is better to know and follow the rules and regulations than to face a legal charge.

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2008 Mile High Music Festival

It was announced this morning that The Mile High Music Festival will be held at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, July 19-20. Ticket will go on sale March 29th, at 10a.m., purchasing at TicketHorse.com and MileHighMusicFestival.com, by phone at 866-461-6556 and at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park box office.

The headliners will be Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the Dave Matthews Band at this to be the largest music festival in Colorado’s history.

The lineup for July 19: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Steve Winwood, Michael Franti and Spearhead, O.A.R. (Of A Revolution), Spoon, moe., Citizen Cope, Brett Dennen, Newton Faulkner, Andrew Bird, Josh Ritter, State Radio, JJ Grey & Mofro, Bob Schneider, Meese, Born in the Flood, Railbenders.

The lineup for Sunday, July 20: Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, The Black Crowes, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Colbie Caillat, Ingrid Michaelson, OneRepublic, Flogging Molly, The Roots, Leftover Salmon, Martin Sexton, Flobots, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Tea Leaf Green, Rose Hill Drive, The New Mastersounds, Serena Ryder, The Photo Atlas.

35 acts have confirmed but they are planning on 50 acts. This should be a great festival. Who would I like to see there? It would be nice to have Eric Clapton join John Mayer as has been done before. In addition to this group it would, also, be nice to see Derek Trucks, Robert Cray, as well as Robert Trower. Wouldn’t hurt to have Robert Plant and Jimmy Page as well. Not only could it be the largest festival but also the greatest.

Not sure how many are expected but it would be nice if the size would be as big as the one held in New York or at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

I can’t make it there so I am hoping that this will be on a DVD as I certainly would buy it.

Get your tickets now for only $150 for a 2 day pass. Cheap to have this great music from noon until 11p.m

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2008 Jacksonville Jaguars AFC South Preview

The 2008 edition of the Jaguars should be an exciting thing to watch. The Jaguars have one of the most exciting players to watch in Maurice Jones-Drew. He is a threat from anywhere on the field, and he is a great change of pace from an aging Fred Taylor. Jacksonville has had problems with wide receivers, and have brought in two cast offs from Oakland and Minnesota with the hopes of rejuvenating their careers.


1) Jerry Porter – The former Oakland Raiders wide receiver comes into Jacksonville looking to be the team’s number one wide receiver. Although he has never been more than a number 2 receiver, Porter does have talent. He is a tough, physical presence on the field, and his athletic ability can be unmatched when he has the desire to play. Expect great things from him this year, as he should have a career year in Jacksonville.

2) Derrick Harvey – Jacksonville traded up to get the versatile defensive end from Florida. Harvey was the second rated DE in the draft, although many had him rated higher than the Jets Vernon Gholston. Gholston had a monster performance at the combine, but one time performances can be taken too seriously at times. Look for Harvey to contribute immediately, and should help John Henderson in his role at defensive tackle.

3) Troy Williamson – The former number 7 overall pick was drafted to replace Randy Moss. Well, Moss is still having record setting performances, and Williamson has become another draft pick bust. Don’t be too quick to give up on the youngster however. Reports from Jacksonville indicate that Williamson is catching the ball like never before (which isn’t saying much), but coaches have been impressed with him. Don’t be too surprised if you see him have a great year along side Jerry Porter.

4) Cleo Lemon – Lemon will be called on to replace Quinn Gray. Gray proved to be beneficial in relief of David Garrard last year, and Jacksonville only can hope that Lemon will be that successful. He comes from a Miami Dolphins team that obviously is not at the same level as the Jaguars. Lemon will have more weapons at his disposal, as well as two great running backs.


1) Quinn Gray – Gray departed for Houston before reports leaked that he had been released in Houston. Gray won’t have a problem finding a job however. In relief time when David Garrard was injured, Gray threw 10 touchdowns to 5 interceptions. A 2-1 ratio is not bad considering second string quarterbacks don’t get to work with their first string wide receivers.

2) Ernest Wilford – Wilford was poised to have a breakout season in 2007. He finished with an average year at 45 catches, just over 500 yards and 3 touchdowns. Jacksonville fans were hopeful that he’d be able to double those numbers. After the season, Jacksonville brought in two new starting receivers, and Wilford hit the streets. He jumps to Miami where he should be able to achieve a starting position along side Ted Ginn Jr.

3) Sammy Knight – Knight was the heart and soul of the Jaguar defense last year. He led the team with 93 tackles, and departed to the Giants to replace Gibril Wilson who left cross-country for Oakland. Knight has always been a dependable safety, and his leadership in the locker room will also be missed.

4) Grady Jackson – Jackson doesn’t put up huge numbers. He had 20 tackles, and one sack. Jackson however is a force in the trenches. The job of his 300+ lb frame is to occupy blockers so teammates can run free, and that is exactly what he does best. John Henderson and Derrick Harvey will miss his massive presence next to them.

Key Weaknesses:

The Jaguars employ a pretty consistent team. The one unit that appears to be a weak spot is at linebacker. In 2007, the linebackers accounted for 71, 70, and 32 tackles respectively. Most teams have two linebackers approach 100, and usually have 1 that is in the 120-130 range. If this team plans of playing late into January, this unit has to step it up a notch.

Key Strengths:

The one-two punch of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew are a lethal combination. Taylor has always been a consistent, hard worker and even though he is getting older his production hasn’t slipped. He was still able to run for over 1,000 and average over 5 yards a carry. Jones-Drew has the ability to put the ball in the end zone from any point on the field. Look for him to get his fair share of touches out of the backfield, as well as on the kick return team.

2008 Predictions

The 2008 Jaguars appear to be the most likely team to push the Colts for the division title. They simply don’t have the tools in place to compete with Peyton Manning’s high powered offense yet. Until they get some run clogging linebackers, this unit will have a hard time playing deep into the winter.

Here is a look how the 2008 schedule looks for the Jaguars:


1 @Tennessee

2 Buffalo

3 @Indianapolis

4 Houston

5 @Denver

6 Pittsburgh

7 Bye

8 Cleveland

9 @Cincinnati

10 @Detroit

11 Tennessee

12 Minnesota

13 @Houston

14 @Chicago

15 Green Bay

16 Indianapolis

17 @Baltimore

The Jaguars play in a fairly competitive division. Expect a sweep of the Texans, as well as possible splits with the Titans and Colts. An overall division record of 4-2 is a distinct possibility for this team.

For the rest of the schedule, wins against Buffalo, Denver, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore are possible. An overall record of 10-6 and a first round playoff win are possible for the Jaguars team. They appear just one of two playmakers away from taking the next step to the Super Bowl however.

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