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2008 Week Nine NFL Football Picks and Predictions!

We have now reached the halfway point of the 2008 NFL football season and nothing seems to be the way everyone expected it to be. The Titans are 7-0, the Cowboys are struggling, the Colts are flopping, and the rest of the league can not seem to decide who they are. All of this is making this the most challenging year of picks that I can remember. That said, we have a very respectable record of 71-45 going into week nine, and given the way the season has gone, I will take it.

For those that have been with me several years, get ready for the best time of the year. The second half. This is when we step up the game and dive a little deeper. It is crunch time now. Let us not waste another minute.

Here are my picks for week nine of the NFL football season:

NY Jets at Buffalo – Brett Favre and the New York Jets are having trouble with teams they should not be. The Bills actually came down to Earth a bit this past Sunday. Both teams are capable of playing great football, and both are in the playoff hunt at the halfway mark. My guess is that the Bills will control the clock with the running game to a degree, and that they will have enough offense to win. Favre in cold weather again should be fun, and he might just snake bite this pick. Still, I think Buffalo is the team to pick here.

Result- Bills Win

Detroit at Chicago – The Lions actually made a decent showing during week eight, but now they travel to Chicago to meet a rested Bears team. The Bears should be kicked out of the league if they lose this game.

Result – Bears Win

Jacksonville at Cincinnati – Jacksonville is doing everything in their power to make me pick against them. The Bengals always get picked to lose. I think I will take Jacksonville if for no other reason than the fact that they should be able to run all over the Bengals. (Literally)

Result – Jaguars Win

Baltimore at Cleveland – Cleveland and the Ravens are always fun to watch. Somehow, the Browns have snuck a couple of wins lately and that adds intrigue to this match up. I think that the Browns will sneak one in this week too. The Ravens really need a quarterback, though Flacco looked decent against the Raiders. I still say the Browns should be playing Quinn, however, I think Anderson will win this one at home.

Result – Browns Win

Green Bay at Tennessee – The Titans took care of the Colts and I really did not see it coming. I figured that the same old Peyton would pull out the season and take the Titans to their first loss. The Packers are the next to test them, and should be a strong opponent. I still think the Titans will win at home.

Result – Titans win

Arizona at St. Louis – Just who is this new St. Louis team? They are showing a lot of heart to try to salvage the season. Warner is throwing the ball like he was in St. Louis still. This is going to be a fun game to watch, especially for old fans of “The Greatest Show On Turf” and Rams fans. The Rams will surprise the Cardinals.

Result – Rams Win

Houston at Minnesota – The Vikings are a team that I hate to pick. They seem to find a way to lose the games that they should win. This game is a prime example. The Texans are no push over, and could easily surprise the Vikings. Expect that very thing to happen.

Result – Texans win

Tampa Bay at Kansas City – Tampa gets back on track.

Result – Bucs win

Miami at Denver – The Broncos have got to learn to turn off the opposition’s scoring. Problem is they can not stop the run and that is exactly what Miami seems to be able to do. Run the football. The Broncos will win, but not easily.

Result – Broncos Win

Atlanta at Oakland – The Falcons are no joke this season, and will get a needed win on the road.

Result – Falcons win

Dallas at NY Giants – What would have been a marquee match up just three weeks ago, is now a pretty easy pick.

Result – Giants win

Philadelphia at Seattle – The Seahawks finally found an offense this past week in San Francisco but it is to little to late. The Eagles are going to win this in a tight one.

Result – Eagles win

New England at Indianapolis – The Colts simply must win this game and will do so at home. Cassell will struggle against the Colts D.

Result – Colts Win

Pittsburgh at Washington – The Redskins and the Steelers will be the best game of the week. I expect that the Skins will have to pass at some point as the Steelers are tough against the run. That will be their downfall.

Result – Steelers win

Monday Night Score – Pittsburgh 28 Washington 14

Week Eight Record – 8-6

Season Record – 71-45

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2008 Utah Grouse Hunting Season

The 2008 Utah Grouse hunting season can be somewhat confusing. This hunting season covers several different species of Grouse, all found in the state of Utah. Forest Grouse, which are Blue Grouse and Ruffed Grouse, Sage Grouse and Sharp-tailed Grouse, are all found in parts of Utah, but they have different dates they can be hunted as well as where they can be hunted. These dates and locations as well as other rules and regulations that are important to this hunting season are determined by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources with approval from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. These rules and regulations include methods that can be used to hunt and take grouse, the number of grouse that can be taken, the licenses and permits that are required for hunting grouse along with the dates and locations of that are covered in this hunting season.

Forest Grouse, which are Blue and Ruffed Grouse, can legally be hunted 30 minutes prior to daylight until dark daily from September 13, 2008 through December 31, 2008 throughout the state of Utah. During these days, grouse hunters in Utah can use a 10 gauge or smaller shotgun, a handgun, falconry or archery equipment to take a daily bag limit of 4 Blue or Ruffed Grouse with a possession limit of 8 Blue or Ruffed Grouse. Hunters who will take part in this hunting season will be required to obtain a valid Utah Hunting License or a valid Utah Combination Hunting and Fishing License if they are residents of Utah. Non-residents of Utah can also hunt Forest Grouse during this hunting season if they obtain a 3-day Small Game License or a Non-resident Utah Hunting License or Non-resident Utah Combination Fishing and Hunting License. Both residents and non-resident are required to have proof of successfully completing a hunter education program if they were born after 1965.

Sage Grouse can legally be hunted 30 minutes prior to daylight until dark each day from September 27, 2008 through October 12, 2008. During this time, hunters can take 2 Sage Grouse throughout the season. According to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Sage Grouse can be hunted in “West Box Elder County in that part of Box Elder County west of a line that begins on the Utah/Idaho state line and the Locomotive Springs-Snowville-Stone, Idaho Road; south on this road to Locomotive Springs; then due south along an imaginary line to the Box Elder/ Tooele county line.” In this area, there are 410, 2-bird permits available to the grouse hunters. In Rich County, which is all of this county, there are 240, 2-bird permits available. In Diamond/Blue Mountains, located in Daggett and Uintah Counties, according to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, “boundaries begin at US-40 and the Utah/Colorado state line; west on US-40 to Vernal and 500 West; north on 500 West to 500 North; west on 500 North to 3500 West (Dry Fork Canyon Road); north on 3500 West to Dry Fork Canyon; northwest along Dry Fork Canyon to the Red Cloud Loop Road; north and east along Red Cloud loop to US-191; north on US-191 to the south shore of Flaming Gorge Reservoir; east along this shore to the Green River; southeast along the Green River to the Utah-Colorado state line; south along this state line to US-40.” Here hunters will find 100, 2-bird permits. The Parker Mountain area, located in Garfield, Piute, Sevier and Wayne Counties has grouse hunting in an area, according to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, whose “boundary begins at the junction of SR-24 and I-70 near Sigurd, south on SR-62 to SR-22; south n SR-22 to Antimony; south on John’s Valley Road through Widtsoe to Bryce Junction and SR-12; east and north on SR-12 to SR-24; west on SR-24 to SR-72 at Loa; north on SR-72 to I-70; west on I-700 to SR-24.” This location has 370, 2-bird permits.

Sharp-tailed grouse can be hunted 30 minutes prior to daylight until dark each day from September 27, 2008 through October 12, 2008. During this time, hunters can legally take 2 Sharp-tailed grouse, the limit for the season. These grouse can be hunted in Box Elder County in an area, according to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, which is “that part of Box Elder County beginning at I-15 and SR-83; west on SR-83 to Lampo Junction an the Union Pacific-Central Pacific Railroad Grade to Locomotive Springs; north on the Locomotive Springs-Snowville-Stone, Idaho Road to the Utah-Idaho state line; east along this state line to I-15; south on I-15 to SR-83.” In this area, there are 270, 2-bird permits. Sage Grouse can also be hunted in Cache County, according to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, “beginning on the Utah-Idaho state line and I-15; south on I-15 to US-89/91 at Brigham City; northeast on US-89/91 to the Box Elder-Cache County line, south on this county line to the Cache-Weber County line, east on this county line to the Cache-Riche county line, north on this county line to the Utah/Idaho state line, west along the Utah/Idaho state line to I-15.” In this area there are 60, 2-bird permits.

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2008 Texas Sales Tax Holiday

Attention all Texas shoppers: the 2008 clothing sales tax holiday is set for August 15-17, just in time for all that back-to-school shopping for the kiddos. The goal of the sales tax holiday is to help parents outfit their children for the new school year, and it has been a huge success in Texas since its inception in 1999.

Clothes and shoes under $100 are the main tax-exempt items during the sales tax holiday, but the list does include diapers, some sports apparel, and backpacks for elementary and secondary students.

Accessories like wallets, hair items (barrettes, etc.), and watches are excluded from the list of tax-free items during the Texas sales tax holiday, along with baseball cleats, purses, jewelry, and sports helmets and pads.

Consumers are allowed to buy on lay-away plans (where permitted) to help everyone take advantage of the sales tax holiday. Texas residents also can receive the sales-tax break when they purchase the permitted tax-exempt items online during the sales tax holiday.

The Texas sales tax holiday helps retailers sell more items during the busy back-to-school shopping season, and most retailers have additional sales during the sales tax holiday to entice consumers to spend more (and save more) at their stores.

So take an inventory of your child’s school clothes, decide what items you need to buy this year, and get geared up for the 2008 Texas sales tax holiday on August 15-17!

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2008 Too Late

In the year 2008
it was all but too late
they tried to bail us out
there were bonuses given out
so now we’re taxed more in every state!

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2008: The Year in Preview

So, for many of us 2007 has been a tumultuous year, filled with ups and downs and curveballs galore! We have survived the Year of the Dreaded Retrogrades (the title bestowed upon 2007 by astrologers and intuitives), with blocked communications and misdirected emotions. 2007 was a turning point, and 2008 is going to be about new beginnings, and what we are all going to do with what we’ve been handed, as well as what we’ve accomplished.

This article utilizes mundane prediction. Mundane prediction is focused on broader, community events (local, state, national or global). This is much more challenging for me as it involves the free will of many, many different parties. I will be giving my interpretation of the energy patterns I sense, and how I believe that they will manifest.

The stage for politics will be set early in the coming year. On the state level, I get the sense of waffling back and forth. I also feel that most lawmakers’ hands are tied. On the national level, 2008 is an election year. I feel as though everything will be just about deadlocked, not allowing for any significant change to take place. I also feel an impotent effort made to try to relieve gas prices come late winter. While a great deal may be made of it, little will change. By mid summer, the presidency will make a last ditch effort for ‘moral change’. I feel that most of this change will unravel by years end if it takes hold at all.

I feel like the war will be given a shiny new label around March. April will bring something significant to the war, but I’m not sure exactly what it will be. I feel as though the number of troops we have overseas will remain roughly the same for another 2 years. I do feel as though the violence of the war will continue to subside.

Terrorism will be an attempted buzz word in politics through much of the summer (big surprise). This will likely backfire, more on the Republican candidate than the Democratic. (Note: I will NOT be giving a prediction as to who makes it to the White House in this article. I am reserving judgment until I get a stronger feeling on the matter, and until I get the chance to analyze the candidates’ astrological charts). I also don’t feel a particularly strong independent party candidate at this time.

There is a scandal involving some form of prejudice surrounding the Democratic candidates. I also feel health issues taking a toll on the same candidate. This seems to happen in February and April.

I also feel a new vaccine or immunization coming into the public eye around April/May. I’m not sure it’s all that it’s hyped to be, but it is a definite step in the right direction in fighting several other diseases, such as HIV and some form of nervous system disorder (Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s possibly).

Also, this is going to be a year filled with very public and embarrassing recalls. I don’t know if there are actually more recalls happening, or if there is just an increase in news coverage.

A general overview for the tone of the year. January seems much like 2007 – scattered and shifty. The energy feels as though it settles into to place for most of us by mid to late month though.

February gets things riled up again. Most of us will be a little stir crazy by then. I also feel that the weather goes more psycho than usual in Feb.

March actually allows most of us to channel our energies more effectively though. The feeling of being crushed seems to ease and we can accomplish more than we have been able to in months!

April gets helter skelter again, and I’m anticipating a lot more issues in filing taxes than have occurred in years past. All and all, the month ends well.

May seems to be conspicuously off of my radar screen. I am getting that it will be a ‘blah’ month. I think that this will be a month better spent in planning than action for most people.

June and July fly together and bring a roller coaster of emotion. I feel a great loss in the political arena, but also great promise. Everyone seems to stay closer to home this summer than they normally would.

August is nose to grindstone. I feel that a lot of new businesses will be springing up in the area about this time. A highly beneficial project seems to either start or culminate involving Old Town in Lansing about this time as well.

September and October are spent waiting to exhale. Politics have us tied up like a soap opera. I almost feel as though we’ll need hourly updates to feed our craving for political news during this time.

This obviously pours over into November when the elections take place. By the end of month, though, everyone seems to be running over with enthusiasm to get back to their personal business.

December will give an explosive retail season. So hang in there retailers! This will be a great time for profit.

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2008-2009 Tennessee Dove Hunting Season

The 2008-2009 Tennessee Dove Hunting Season is set by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency with aide and approval from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Along with setting the actual dates of the dove hunting season, these entities are also responsible for determining who can hunt doves in Tennessee, how many doves can be taken during this season and what weapons can be used to take the doves.

When is the 2008-2009 dove hunting season in Tennessee? This season opens at noon on September 1, 2008. Hunters can hunt doves until sunset this day. From September 2 through September 26, October 11 through October 26 and December 19 through January 15, from half an hour before sunrise to sunset. During this time, hunters can take a daily bag limit of 15 Mourning doves or they can take as many Eurasian-collared doves as they wish, as there is no limit on them.

Who can hunt doves during the 2008-2009 Tennessee Dove Hunting Season? Residents of Tennessee must have a valid resident hunting license plus a Tennessee Migratory Bird Permit and must have a HIP (harvest information program) registration before they can hunt doves during this season. They must also have proof of attending and completing a hunter education program. The only exception to this is landowners and their families, including spouses, children and grandchildren who hunt on the family property. Non-residents can also hunt doves in Tennessee with the proper licensing and certificates.

The 2008-2009 Tennessee Dove Hunting Season can be enjoyed statewide on the many days mentioned earlier. Dove hunters in Tennessee must only use a shotgun that is a 10 gauge or smaller and can only hold 3 shotgun shells. This gun must also be plugged if it came from the manufacturer with a plug.

Dove hunters who wish to hunt during the 2008-2009 Tennessee Dove Hunting Season must follow the rules and regulations that have been set forth by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency if they wish to avoid facing fines, imprisonment and even confiscation of their property. Planning ahead and getting all the proper licensing and certificates is a must for all dove hunters in Tennessee as well as using the correct weapon and hunting during the proper times of the year. These rules and regulations are also to be followed by hunters who are not residents of Tennessee as Tennessee also has non-resident hunting licenses available.

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2008-2009 Nevada Quail Hunting Season

The 2008-2009 Nevada Quail hunting season is set and governed by the Nevada Department of Wildlife and is the time of year that hunters can pursue and shoot Mountain Quail, Gambel’s Quail, California Quail and Scaled Quail in the state of Nevada. Most hunters are aware of the dates of the hunting season as they are set by the Nevada Department of Wildlife with approval of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, but this hunting season has more rules and regulations than just setting the dates. Hunters must also know how many quail they take daily, how many quail they can have in their possession, what licenses each hunter must obtain and have on them while they are hunting quail, where they can hunt quail in Nevada and what weapons or methods they can use while hunting quail.

The dates of the 2008-2009 Nevada Quail hunting season are October 11, 2008 through February 1, 2009. During these days, quail hunters in Nevada can legally hunt quail from daylight until dark through out the state and can have a daily bag limit of 10 quail with a possession limit of 20 quail. Mountain Quail are the exception to this bag limit and possession limit; these quail have a daily bag limit of 2 quail and a possession limit of 4 quail. These dates and amounts are important aspects of this hunting season and all hunters pursuing quail in this state should be aware of them.

All hunters wishing to participate in the 2008-2009 Nevada Quail hunting season must have a valid Nevada Hunting License with an Upland Game Bird Stamp. This license and stamp requirement pertains to both residents of Nevada and non-residents of Nevada alike. Hunters who take Mountain Quail in Nevada are asked to report their harvest to the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Hunters who are participating in the 2008-2009 Nevada Quail hunting season have to be aware of the weapons or methods that they can use. These hunters can use shotguns as long as they are 10 gauge or smaller and can only hold three shotguns shells as well as archery and falconry to achieve success in this hunting season as long as they have the additional archery hunting license and falconry license. Falconry season is from September 1, 2008 through February 28, 2009. Hunters participating in this quail hunting season have from sunrise until sunset to bag 2 quail and to possess 2 quail.

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2008 World Series Preview: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Philadelphia Phillies

The 2008 MLB World Series is finally upon us. The Philadelphia Phillies will face off against the Tampa Bay Rays. Not even Nostradamus could have predicted these two teams making the World Series. The Tampa Bay Rays were the worst team in all of baseball last year, while the Phillies made the playoffs only to lose to the Colorado Rockies (3-0). Both teams are solid in pitching and hitting and both have a core of young talent. Here is a very brief breakdown of how these teams matchup and a prediction on the series.


The Rays have the upper hand in pitching with 4 decent starters. Starters Garza, Kazmir, Shields, and Sonnanstine lead a very talented pitching staff. In the bullpen for the Rays are rookie David Price and Dan wheeler who have both been very impressive. The Phillies do have the best pitcher in this series with Cole Hamels, but after that it gets a little foggy. Joe Blanton and Jamie Moyer have been unreliable and Brett Myers hasn’t had his best stuff lately as well. Closer Brad Lidge has been near flawless and is the reason that the Phillies have made it to the World Series. The Rays have a much deeper starting rotation, both teams have decent bullpens.


Batting is a push, both teams have an amazingly talented lineup. Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, and Ryan Howard are all All-Star quality players who are going to be very tough to deal with. The Rays counter with B.J. Upton, Carlos Pena, Evan Longoria, and Carl Crawford. The Rays young lineup are too inexperienced to be nervous or to realize that they should not be here. Both teams can hit the long ball, which should make for an interesting series.

Who Wins and Why?

Tampa Bay Rays in 6

The Tampa Bay Rays will defeat the Phillies because of their very tough starting lineup and clutch hitting. The Rays have better fielding, and possibly better overall talent due to the young pitching staff and rising players such as Longoria and Upton. The Rays have had too good of a season to lose it now. This should be a fun series to watch even though both teams are not media favorites. Tampa Bay will win it all at home in game 6.

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2008-2009 California Grouse Hunting Season

The 2008-2009 California Grouse Hunting Season is the time of the year that hunters can legally hunt and take Blue, Ruffed and Sage Grouse in the state of California. Hunters wishing to participate in this Grouse hunting season must not only know when it is legal to hunt and take these birds, they must also know what licenses they must have and where it is legal to participate in this sport throughout California. They must also know when they can hunt, or what part of hours of the day they can hunt these birds, what method can they use to take these birds and how many Grouse can they take. A hunter must know the correct answer to all these questions before they set out to hunt Grouse during the 2008-2009 California Hunting Season.

The dates of the 2008-2009 California Grouse Hunting Season depends on which method of hunting the hunter is considering using, what area of the state they are wishing to hunt in and which species of Grouse they are thinking about hunting. There are three methods that can be legally used to take grouse. They are firearm, archery and falconry. Each of these three methods has there own season as well as daily bag limit and possession limit.

The 2008 firearm season begins on September 13 and ends at sunset on October 13. Each day grouse hunters have from half an hour before sunrise until sunset on these days to hunt and take grouse throughout the state of California if they are interested in taking Blue and/or Ruffed Grouse. During this firearm season, grouse hunters can take a daily bag limit of 2 birds and a possession limit of 4 birds, with a shotgun that is a 10 gauge or smaller caliber and that can only hold a maximum of 3 shotgun shells or with a muzzleloader shotgun. These hunters will also have to have a valid California hunting license with a current state upland game stamp.

The 2008 archery season for grouse in California begins on August 16 and continues through September 5. Grouse hunters can use a bow and arrow to hunt blue and/or ruffed grouse from thirty minutes before sunrise until sunset each day of this season throughout the state of California. During this time, they can have a 2 bird daily bag limit and a 4 bird possession limit. These hunters will also be required to have the proper California hunting license and game stamps.

The 2008-2009 falconry season for grouse in California begins on Augusts 16, 2008 and ends at sunset on February 28, 2009. During this hunting season in California, hunters have from half an hour prior to sunrise until sunset to hunt blue and/or ruffed grouse with their bird of prey as long as they have the proper licenses and permits. Hunters choosing this method of grouse hunting can take a daily bag limit of 2 birds or have a possession limit of 4 birds.

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