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2009 Kansas Wildlife Restoration Grants

The Wildlife Restoration Program, which is also known as the Pittman-Roberson Act of 1937, awards grants that fund projects that restore, select, improve and rehabilitate areas of water and land to be utilized for resting, breeding and feeding areas for wildlife species, making this program very important to the future of the wildlife populations found throughout the nation. The funding for these grants comes from an 11% tax on firearms, ammunition, bows, quivers, broadhead arrows and points, 10% tax on handguns, revolvers an pistols and $.43 on arrow shafts plus interest earned on the Wildlife Restoration Fund. This type of funding makes this program one that is used and funded by the same people.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is responsible for the administration of the Wildlife Restoration Program grants that are awarded to agencies throughout the nation, such as the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. In 2009, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks was awarded one Wildlife Restoration Program grant. This grant is the Kansas Federal Reservoir Public Lands Operation and Maintenance Grant.

The Kansas Federal Reservoir Public Lands Operation and Maintenance Grant is $730,976.25 and extends from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009. This grant, which is funded by the Wildlife Restoration Program, provides funding for maintaining and improving wildlife habitats and maintaining stable wildlife populations throughout the state as well as maintaining facilities so that they remain sanitary and safe on a total of sixteen areas throughout Kansas. This grant can prove valuable for the future of the wildlife population in the state of Kansas by these maintenance projects that are related to these populations.

The Wildlife Restoration Program, which is responsible for funding many grants, enable a cycle to be complete, a cycle that begins and ends with the user of the facility that received the grant. This grant is used for many projects that are in place to improve public use, wildlife resource access and wildlife management programs funded by the Wildlife Restoration Program and the funds are calculated using an apportionment formula which includes taxes, land area and number of paid license hunters of each state that apply for these funds. These grants are disbursed to the states and insular areas on a reimbursement basis of up to 75% for the states and up to 100% for insular areas of America and with conserving the wildlife species and their habitats for many years to come.

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2009 Home Run Derby Winner is Prince Fielder

The 2009 Home Run Derby winner was expected to be Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard, but the 2009 Home Run Derby winner was not either of them. The 2009 Home Run Derby winner was from the National League, and from another NL Central team. Prince Fielder wasn’t a surprising winner, but he wasn’t the hometown favorite. Nevertheless, Prince Fielder became the 2009 Home Run Derby winner with long shots that helped redeem an otherwise disappointing night for the St. Louis crowd.

The 2009 Home Run Derby winner was widely expected, and hoped, to be Albert Pujols, as the St. Louis crowd cheered him on. However, Pujols never really got going, and only got to the semifinals by winning a three-way “bat-off.” By the second round, Pujols was too far down to get to the finals.

The 2009 Home Run Derby started off with Texas’s Nelson Cruz and Prince Fielder putting off a big show, with 11 home runs each. But instead of that being a sign of things to come, the rest of the Home Run Derby lineup struggled in a disappointing display.

Detroit’s Brandon Inge had absolutely no home runs, San Diego’s Adrian Gonzalez had only two, and Joe Mauer, Carlos Pena and Pujols all tied with five. Ryan Howard’s seven home runs came in fits and spurts.

After the first round, it became obvious that the 2009 Home Run Derby winner would either be Cruz or Fielder. Pujols never really threatened to get in the finals, and although Howard got up to 15 home runs in the first and second rounds, Cruz and Fielder just needed to hit five to get in the final.

In the end, Prince Fielder’s bombs – one of which was the only 500 foot home run of the night – were just enough to get past the surprising power display of Texas’s Nelson Cruz. For the second straight year, a Texas Ranger fell just short of becoming a Home Run Derby winner.

Prince Fielder has been a home run powerhouse in the last few years, much like his father, Cecil Fielder, was in the early 90’s. Once the All-Star break ends, Fielder will try to get the Brewers in the playoffs for the second year in a row.

Fielder and Cruz’s moon shots highlighted an otherwise disappointing night in St. Louis, and not just because Pujols came up short. Pundits criticized a weak American League lineup, and indeed, only Cruz redeemed the performances of Pena, Inge and Mauer. The big boppers from the National League also disappointed, save for Fielder.

Many have complained that the Home Run Derby has lost its touch. Without any big, Josh Hamilton-like performances this year, the 2009 Home Run Derby is certainly vulnerable to those charges, despite the effort from the Home Run Derby winner.

Sources “Prince takes crown, but its Pujols’s court” “Night for a Prince: Fielder upstages Pujols at Home Run Derby”

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2009 Jewelry for Fall Fashion

The look for jewelery this fall is heavy, short necklaces, made up of several layers of chains, mixing in delicate details with bold styling to create a sort of rocker chic flare. This in many ways complements the bold detailing on classic styling design of shoes this season.

Examples of this look are the Black and White Beaded Necklace from JC Penny. A mix of glass, plastic and metal beads on a 21″ chain with a 3″ extender. This is just a single layer necklace with a combination of different sized beads giving a whimsical, fun feel to the whole lay out. You can check it out at It has a regular price of $28 but is currently at $19.99.

A super example of this clash of delicate details and bold styling is the Mixit® Chain & Pearl Necklace. The pearls are lady like and charming while the chain gives it a rocker edge. Making something completely unique in the combination. This is a multi chained necklace or a 15″ length with a 3″ extender. The metal is silver plated. It is originally priced at $24 but is no at $18.99. Check it out at

Another great example is the Twist Brown Pearl Necklace. The pearls having have that classic elegance and charm, but being in shades of brown, and twisted so together they don’t have the quality of innocence that has come to be associated with pearls. This is originally priced at $24.00. But is now $14.99. This is a triple-strand of simulated brown pearls .

Earrings tend to be of substantial size with out being garishly large with rustic detailing that give a bohemian trend to them.

Examples of these are Mixed Metal Fishhook Earrings. These are a dangling set of concentric circles that are made of metal with a burnished gold, silver and copper finish. They have a slightly irregular look to them that gives them style. They were originally priced at $14.00. But are now $10.99. Check them out at

Another example is the Decree® Teardrop Earrings. These are teardrop shaped earrings that are beautifully etched with a flower design. They are copper. Priced at $10 they are quite a good deal.

With short necklaces and larger earrings you want to always make sure to choose one of the other to be the focal point. For example if you have a bold necklace wear simple hoop earrings and vice versa. The goal is to draw attention to a single accessory with out drowning yourself out in the process.

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2009 Honda Rebel 250: When it Pays to Own a Motorcycle

I shake my head back and forth as we drive past a two-wheeled, roadside shrine dedicated to the wild life. A mechanical creature once brought to life in search of the open road and good times, now lies idle. It’s V-twin powerplant stands caged by a falling economy and its handlebars are collared by a “4-sale” sign.

I know what my wife is thinking even before she says, “We can’t afford it. Don’t even think about it.”

However, she agrees to let me purchase a motorcycle as long as it saves us money. And that’s why I considered a 2009 Honda Rebel motorcycle.

Enjoying wind in your hair in a falling economy

While more and more large-displacement motorcycle s are collecting roadside dust while their owners attempt to sell them to shake off a $400-a-month payments, many riders have turned to smaller-displacement motorcycle s with credit-card prices. These bikers will gladly trade off cubic inches of displacement for lower fuel costs and a less-expensive bike so they can enjoy the thrill of riding.

Remember, it’s better to hear, “Why aren’t you riding your bike to work to save gas?” than to shrug your shoulders at a screaming wild woman as she demands, “Have you sold that damn thing yet?”

25-year History

The Honda Rebel motorcycle began its life in 1985 as an inexpensive offering to appear to first-time riders, college students and female riders. However in recent years, more and more city riders and commuters have put a leg over the 2009 Honda Rebel motorcycle because of its tremendous fuel economy, reliability and low cost of maintenance.

Fuel Economy

This is where the 2009 Honda Rebel motorcycle shines. The sporty little bike averages about 65-70 miles per gallon, depending on your driving habits. For me, a 40-mile round trip back an forth to work on the Rebel requires less than a half a gallon of gasoline a day. My gasoline-thirsty pickup truck, a requirement when you live deep in the back woods of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, chugs down about 2.5 gallons of the Middle East’s finest during the same journey. At $3 a gallon of gas, I save $6 a day, $30 a week or $1,500 a year on the Honda Rebel. Wow, saving money and riding a motorcycle is like getting paid to…well…eat. I like eating a lot a lot also.

The 2009 Honda Rebel motorcycle sports a 2.6-mile fuel tank so you’ll be able to go about 150 miles before you need a fill-up.


The 2009 Honda Rebel motorcycle is powered by the same air-cooled, 234 CC parallel twin motor that first moved the bike back in the middle 1980s. This means the kinks have been worked out of the motor long ago and riders are able to enjoy years of service out of their Honda Rebel. According to Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine, the 2009 Honda Rebel motorcycle is capable of reaching 80 mph. And that’s fast enough for my trip to work, my journey to the local watering hole, and the weekly charity ride.


The Honda Rebel has classic Harley-Davidson-inspired looks that turn heads where ever you ride. From the swooping handlebars, to the teardrop gas tank and to the Sportster-inspired rear fender and chrome-covered rear shock absorbers, this bike looks like it belongs on the same road as any offering from Milwaukee, Wisc., does.


The 2009 Honda Rebel motorcycle is no two-wheeled weakling either. The 331-pound bike has a 57-inch wheelbase which is long enough to keep you on a the straight and narrow while you motor down the highway. And it’s long enough to survive a feisty side wind or a gust of wind thrown off a passing tractor-trailer truck. The seat height is 26.6 inches so its tall enough for the average rider but low enough for those of us who are 5-foot-7 or shorter.


Pricing for the 2009 Honda Rebel motorcycle is $3,999 plus freight, tax and dealer setup but the gasoline savings are endless.


Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine


Personal experience

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2009 Jonas Brothers Tour Dates for Canada and the United States

Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas – known as the Jonas Brothers — are going on tour according to the Jonas Brothers MySpace page. The Jonas Brothers tour 2009 is hailed as a Jonas Brothers world tour, and eager fans of Miley Cyrus and associated Disney acts are counting their coins for tickets. (A list of 2009 Jonas Brothers tour dates is below.)

Unlike Disney acts that had to shed their mouse ears, the Jonas Brothers are still steadfast in their dedication not to partake of sex, drugs, and smokes – with rock ‘n roll being the one exception. This has led to merciless teasing by those who believe the Jonas Brothers tour to be the proving ground that will determine if their purity promise rings will soon grace the fingers of groupies rather than the brothers themselves.

Jonas Brothers Tour Dates for June

June 20 finds the brothers in Dallas, TX at the New Cowboys Stadium for the official USA tour kickoff. June 22 takes them to Tulsa, OK, June 24 will place them in Denver, CO; on June 26 they visit Nampa, ID, while on June 27 they are in Portland, OR. The month ends with a June 28 Jonas Brothers show in Tacoma, WA and a June 30 outing to Vancouver, BC.

Jonas Brothers World Tour Dates for July

July will be busy with 16 venues. Starting off the July portion of the Jonas Brothers tour is July 2 in Edmonton, AL at the Rexall Place; next comes a July 4 gig in Provo, UT, then a July 5 performance in Winnipeg, a July 7 date in Omaha, NE; July 8 finds them in Minneapolis, MN, July 9 in Milwaukee, WI, July 10 in Rosemont, IL, and July 13 in Washington, DC.

July 14, the Jonas Brothers are in East Rutherford, NJ, July 17 in Boston, MA, July 20 in Uniondale, NY, July 24 in Philadelphia, PA, July 25 in Pittsburgh, PA, July 26 in Detroit, MI, and the final two July Jonas Brothers Tour dates are July 28 in St. Louis, MO and July 29 in Kansas City, MO.

August Dates for the Jonas Brothers Tour 2009

Finishing up in August, the Jonas Brothers Tour begins this month on August 1 in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay Events Center (a gorgeous venue), and from there the Jonas Brothers travel on August 3 to San Jose, CA, on August 4 to Sacramento, CA, on August 5 to Fresno, CA, and on August 7 to Los Angeles, CA, thus satisfying California fans.

Next, the Jonas Brothers Tour visits on August 11 Phoenix, AZ, on August 13 San Antonio, TX, on August 14 Houston, TX, on August 15 New Orleans, LA, and on August 16 Birmingham, AL. Then the brothers travel on August 18 to Tampa, FL, on August 19 to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, on August 21 to Jacksonville, FL, on August 22 to Atlanta, GA, on August 23 to Lexington, KY, on August 25 to Nashville, TN, and on August 26 to Columbus, OH. The Jonas Brothers Tour comes to an end with gigs on August 27 in Cleveland, OH, August 29 in Montreal, August 30 in Toronto and finally August 31 in Ottawa.


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2009 Maine Sport Fishing Restoration Grants

The Sport Fish Restoration Program, which is one of the programs funded and authorized by the Dingell-Johnson/Wallop Breaux Act established in 1950, awards grants that improve recreational boating and fishing opportunities throughout the nation. The funding for these grants comes from a 3% tax on electric motors, a 10% tax on fishing equipment, import duties on fishing tackle as well as pleasure yachts and boats, motorboat and small engine fuel tax and interest earned on the Sport Fish Restoration Trust Fund.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is responsible for administering the Sport Fish Restoration Program grants that are awarded to state agencies throughout the nation, such as the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. In 2009, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife was awarded 7 grants. These 7 grants were the Maine Inland and Fisheries Operational Plan, Aquatic Access and Fishery Enhancement and Maintenance, Sportfish Restoration an Enhancement, Marine Aquatic Education, Striped Bass and American Shad Restoration and Monitoring, Recreational Finfish Distribution in Marine Coastal Waters and the Saltwater Recreational Fishing project.

The Maine Inland and Fisheries Operational Plan is funded by a $2,113,500 grant. This grant provides funding for inventorying and assessing the populations of sportfish and forage fish in Maine’s streams, rivers, ponds and lakes, for conducting assessment and restoration of sportfish habitats and for gathering angler data that relates to the population of sportfish. This grant also provides funding for updating management plans related to sportfish species and the bodies of water in Maine and to evaluate sportfish stocking programs as well as developing programs for investigating and recording invasive organisms with a propensity to impact the sportfish population in Maine.

The Aquatic Access and Fishery Enhancement and Maintenance project is funded by a $52,500 grant and runs from October 1, 2008 until September 30, 2009. This grant provides funding for operating and maintaining boating access facilities throughout Maine.

The Sportfish Restoration and Enhancement project is funded by a $134,000 grant and extends from January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009. This grant provides funding for

providing technical support and for assisting in developing management plans for interstate fisheries, for the coordination of Maine’s monitoring and assessment of sportfish programs and for the preparation of annual reports for submittal to the Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission. This grant also funds for protection of sportfish populations and habitat from water development programs and for the coordination of the management and restoration of Anadromous fish populations and protection of the migratory populations of sportfish.

The Maine Aquatic Education project is funded by a $231,000 grant and extends from January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009. This grant provides funding for educating the public to the Gulf of Maine ecology as well as the value of the marine sources that are associated with it and how to enjoy the saltwater fishing that it offers.

The Striped Bass and American Shad Restoration and Monitoring project is funded by a $201,000 and extends from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009. This grant provides funding for monitoring the striped bass recovery program and determining juvenile alsosaids abundance indices in the Kennebec River as well as coordinating the restoration program for anadromous fish in this same river. This grant also provides funding for reviewing studies and projects related to hydropower licensing, for restoring the American shad population on both the Kennebec River and the Medomak River, for maintaining and providing fish passage facilities and engineering assistance.

The Recreational Finfish Distribution in Marine Coastal Waters project is funded by a $242,718.75 grant that extends from January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009. This grant provides funding for determining the relative abundance and the species composition of finfish and their habitats in the coastal Maine shallow waters.

The Saltwater Recreational Fishing project is funded by a $198,000 that runs from January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009. This grant funds the Marine Recreational Fishery Statistics Survey and to increase the awareness of the contributions made by the Federal Aid program including the enhancement, restoration and protection of the sport fish population and the marine habitat throughout the state of Maine.

The Sport Fish Restoration Program, which funds many grants, provides a cycle that begins and ends with the user of the facility where the grant has been awarded. The funds that are spent getting to the water and while on the water often help fund the grant that is awarded to make improvements as deemed necessary. Improvements such as the ones for which these grants have been awarded in the State of Maine create a safer and more accessible way for boaters and anglers to enjoy the vast bodies of water throughout Maine. The fund established by the Dingell-Johnson/Wallop Breaux Act enables boaters and anglers to invest in the recreational pastime that they choose each and every time they venture out on the water. Grants awarded by The Sport Fish Restoration Program are calculated using a formula that includes land area, the number of paid license holders as well as minimums and maximum. These grants are disbursed on a reimbursement basis of up to 75% of the cost of the project and up to 100% of the cost of projects for United States territories.

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2009 MLB Preseason Playoff & World Series Picks/Predictions

American League

East- Tampa Bay Rays
Tampa Bay has a significantly better roster in 2009 than in 2008. Although they traded starter Edwin Jackson to Detroit for Matt Joyce, they may have a better starting five. Highly touted rookie David Price will have his chance to start and should make the most of it. The Rays added veteran Pat Burrell who will bat as the DH. Howell, Wheeler, Balfour, and veteran Percival make for one of the strongest bullpens in the American League (I would put them behind Boston). With rising stars Evan Longoria, BJ Upton, and Carl Crawford, the Rays are definitely the team to beat even with the stacked Yankees (with a lame A-rod) and a World Series contender in the Red Sox within the same division.

Central- Detroit Tigers
The American League East is completely up for grabs in the 2009 season and no team can be ruled out. The most improved team due to off-season acquisitions is the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers have improved their starting rotation, defense, and bullpen. Starting pitcher Edwin Jackson and new closer Brandon Lyon will bring stability to the pitching staff. The Tigers have one of the best lineups in all of baseball with Granderson, Polanco, Cabrera, Ordonez, and Guillen. The Detroit Tigers will control the AL Central in 2009.

West- LA Angels
The American League West is a lock for the Angels. The Texas Rangers seem to not care about pitching, and they will be hurt once again in 2009. With a healthy Vladimir Guerrero and new addition Bobby Abreu, the Angels may be able to out hit the Rangers, even though they won’t need to with the strength of their pitching staff. Even with the loss of Francisco Rodriguez, the Angels arguably have the best pitching staff in the AL West.

Wildcard- Boston Red Sox
The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will have a classic battle for the Wild Card this season. Unfortunately the Yankees are bound to have an inconsistent season with A-rod out an indefinite amount of games. The Red Sox are getting back Mike Lowell who is finally recovering from injury, and have added veteran pitcher Brad Penny who will solid up the starting rotation. Boston can dominate games with pitching and hitting, and should contend with Tampa Bay the entire season for the top spot in the AL East. The Red Sox will fall behind the Rays but will beat out the Yankees for the 2009 AL Wild Card.

Los Angeles Angels vs. Boston Red Sox- Red Sox will once again win this match-up, too much pitching and experience, Boston moves on. 3-1 Boston Red Sox

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Detroit Tigers– Although this series might not bring in the ratings, it would be a great watch. The Tampa Bay pitching staff and young talent would prevail against the Tigers powerful lineup. 3-2 Tampa Bay Rays


Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox
Although the Tampa Bay Rays have improved, I wouldn’t count on them to beat the Red Sox in the ALCS two years in a row. The Red Sox are battle tested and as long as they are at full strength, should be able to beat the Rays in a 7 game series. 4-3 Red Sox, Papelbon ALCS MVP

National League

East- New York Mets
The New York choke artists will overcome their recent troubles to win the National League East in 2009. Francisco Rodriguez and J.J. Putz instantly turns their bullpen into a power in the National League. These moves mirror what the Phillies were able to accomplish in 2008 with Brad Lidge and staff. As for the Phillies, I see a rough year for their starting staff and see them just missing the Wild Card spot to the rising Florida Marlins. The Mets lineup with Wright, Reyes, and Delgado rivals that of the Phillies and should put up significant power numbers. This is simply the Mets year, sorry Phillies.

Central- Chicago Cubs
The National League Central is the Cubs’ division to lose. No team in the Central has made significant enough moves to surpass the Cubs as the power in the division. Carlos Marmol will save 40+ games and Zombrano will have a better season than in ’08. The Cardinals may make a push and should finish 2nd in the Central, but I don’t see them getting past Cubs in the standings.

West- Los Angeles Dodgers
Manny Ramirez is the key to the 2009 Dodgers as he was the second half of 2008. The entire lineup (especially Andre Ethier benefits greatly from the presence of Manny in the lineup. The Dodgers will have to fend off Arizona in the West, but should pull away down the stretch with consistent hitting. Hiroki Kuroda and Chad Billingsley will have to have breakout seasons, but I see both of them contributing 15 wins. The Dodgers will win the West by 5+ games.

Wildcard- Florida Marlins
The Florida Marlins are one of the fastest rising teams in baseball. In 2008 the Marlins were an impressive 7 games over .500 at 84-77. The Marlins will have an incredible year offensively due to one significant change in the lineup. Cameron Maybin will start in center field and will lead-off for the Marlins. This will push star Hanley Ramirez deeper into the lineup (at the 3 spot possibly) and will result in a dangerous lineup and much better power numbers for the Marlins and Ramirez. The Marlins starting five consists of some of the best young players in all of baseball. Starters Andrew Miller, Chris Volstad, Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez, and Ricky Nolasco are all under 28 years old and have the best years of their careers ahead of them. Don’t count the Marlins out of the East, but I would consider them the favorite for the Wild Card spot.

New York Mets vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
The Mets bullpen and strong lineup is no match for the Manny dependent Dodgers. 3-1 New York Mets

Chicago Cubs vs. Florida Marlins
The Florida Marlins will have a better than expected year, but the Cubs will be too much to handle even with their supreme choking abilities. I expect a clean 3-0 sweep, Cubs win

Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets
This is the series that MLB wants and will get in 2009. The New York Mets against the Chicago Cubs will be one of the highest watched National League series’ ever. Sadly for the Cubs, they will feel the wrath of the newly improved Mets bullpen. The Cubs will once again miss the World Series.
4-3 New York Mets, NLCS MVP Carlos Delgado

World Series:
New York Mets vs. Boston Red Sox
This series has 7 games written all over it. For the first time in many years we will have an over five game World Series. This series will come down to starting pitching. Although I like the lineup of the New York Mets over the Red Sox lineup, there is no competition as far as the starting pitching staffs are concerned. Beckett, Matsuzaka, Lester, Wakefield, and Penny (or Masterson) far outmatch Santana, Perez, Maine, and Pelfrey. In some playoff series the entire starting lineup may not be used, but in a seven game series it is hard to imagine Johan Santana being effective in three starts with minimal rest. 4-3 Boston Red Sox

World Series MVP:
Jonathan Papelbon

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2009 Kentucky Derby Post Positions Locked In

The 2009 Kentucky Derby is now pretty much almost set to go, with the Kentucky Derby contenders locked into their positions. With the 2009 Kentucky Derby post positions announced yesterday, the odds for each horse all but settled, and with the hopes there will be no more scratches, the final 48 hours of hype is on. From the look of the field, odds, and post positions for the 2009 Kentucky Derby, it appears only a select few contenders are in the running this year.

Though there are 20 horses for the 2009 Kentucky Derby, pretty much all of them have double digit odds, or look to be longshot. When the post positions were announced yesterday, only one of the first 10 horses were among the top contenders.

Frisean Fire, the fourth overall favorite, got the number 6 post at 5-1 odds. Surrounding him are a bunch of horses not projected to do very well at the Derby. In fact, out of the first 10 posts, only number 5 Hold Me Back at 15-1 has odds that are lower than 20-1.

The next 10 posts have a few more of the Kentucky Derby projected contenders. Favored I Want Revenge is at 13 at 3-1, with his nearest competitors, Dunkirk and Pioneer of the Nile, at 15 and 16 with 4-1 odds each.

Overall, only four horses have odds lower than 10-1 at the 2009 Kentucky Derby, with two horses at 15-1, and the other 14 at 20-1 or longer odds. Thus far, it would appear that if a Kentucky Derby winner other than I Want Revenge, Dunkirk, Pioneer of the Nile, Frisean Fire, Hold Me Back or Desert Party emerges, it will be a big upset.

This may be the result of having no overwhelming favorite or singular standout in the Kentucky Derby field this year, unlike Big Brown last year. There is a sense of parity, as is pretty much the case in most of the other major team sports nowadays.

With the horses in their official places at the 2009 Kentucky Derby, the anticipation is set to reach a fever pitch. Unless there is another scratch, with three horses having been taken out before yesterday, this is the set field and set odds for the Run for the Roses.

The 135’th Kentucky Derby is now just two days away, for late Saturday afternoon on NBC.


Bet Firms- “2009 Kentucky Derby Post Positions”

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2009 Minnesota Timberwolves Off-season Roundup: A Lot of Love

There’s no doubt that the Minnesota Timberwolves had their most interesting off-season in recent memory. Whether it turns out to be as successful as the hype remains to be seen.

Do I even need to mention the phrase “high-turnover.” The Timberwolves gave new meaning to the term, getting rid of most of their coaching staff and over half of the players from last year’s team. Hopefully this turnover doesn’t translate into record turnovers of the ball when the season starts, but all signs are pointing to a difficult year for the talented but inexperienced Timberwolves. Gone are Mike Miller, Randy Foye, Craig Smith, Sebastian Telfair and a number of other players from last year’s team.

In their place The Wolves have brought in a glut of young talent at the guard positions to go along with their version of the twin towers. Not only did the Wolves choose three guards in the first round of the draft this year, they also managed to add a highly talented young point guard from Milwaukee out of free agency in Ramon Sessions. If Kevin Love and Al Jefferson can find the right group of young guards to play with the Wolves could surprise some teams, but it’s likely that the Wolves will find themselves picking in the lottery again next year unless guys like Johnny Flynn and Wayne Ellington can excel in their rookie seasons. The Wolves also added savvy veteran guards Antonio Daniels and Damien Wilkins to help mentor the young guys. Johnny Flynn has shown some very promising signs in the preseason, so the competition at shooting guard will largely determine how competitive the Timberwolves are this year.

Ricky Rubio was the other point guard selected just before Flynn, but after an extended buyout battle Rubio has decided to stay in Europe until the 2011 season. This is not a horrible thing for the Timberwolves. With their logjam of talented youth at the guard spots, Rubio will be able to start and possibly contend for a championship in Europe, while the Timberwolves develop their other young guards here in the NBA.

Not only did the players change dramatically this off-season, the coaching staff also has some new faces this year. Led by Kurt Rambis, the coaching staff now sports two other high-profile former players in Bill Laimbeer and Reggie Theus. This will be crucial for the young Wolves development in the long-term.

With so many changes it’s unlikely that the Timberwolves will be competitive this season. A slight improvement over last year’s club is not out of the question at this point. The preseason will be highly competitive and depending largely on Flynn and Ellington to learn quickly is the name of the game. If they can’t step up look for Ramon Sessions to have a big year leading the way.

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2009 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade List of Performers Announced

The 2009 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (the 83rd annual) is set to take place at 9 a.m on Thursday, November 26. A new parade route is being unveiled for 2009. For the first time, the parade will skip Broadway. The parade route beings at Central Park West and 77th Street in New York. The parade will travel down to Columbus Circle and make a turn onto Central Park South. When the parade reaches Seventh Avenue it will turn and go down Seventh Avenue, taking it through Times Square, to 42nd Street. It will then turn east to Sixth Avenue and travel down to 34th Street and Herald Square by Macy’s. The parade will turn at Macy’s and end at Seventh Avenue.

The parade will feature 1,500 dancers, cheerleaders, singers and performers; 15 giant character balloons; 800 clowns; 35 novelty or ornament balloons, balloonheads and balloonicles; 24 floats; 10 marching bands; and a slew of celebrity performers.

New balloons for 2009 are: Sailor Mickey, Ronald McDonald, Spiderman and the Pillsbury Doughboy. New floats for 2009 are: the Local Heroes Helping Everyday float, the There’s A Party in My City float and a new Santa’s Sleigh, which is the first new one in 40 years.

Performers in the parade include: Bello, Andrea Bocelli, Keke Palmer, Grandma and the cast of the Big Apple Circus, the cast of Hair, Boys Like Girls, DJ Lance Rock and the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba!, Kermit the Frog and Tiffany Thornton, the cast and Muppets of Sesame Street, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, cast of Billy Elliot, Sarah Hughes, Jane Krakowski, cast of Bye Bye Birdie, Ziggy Marley with Judah Marley, Miss America 2009 – Katie Stam, the Radio City Rockettes, Katharine McPhee, Mitchel Musso, The Pizzarelli Quartet, cast of Shrek, and Jay Sean.

Balloons and floats in the parade include: Hello Kitty, M&M’s Chocolate Candies on Broadway, Flying Ace Snoopy, Winter Wonderland in Central Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, Snoopy’s Doghouse, Shrek, Musical Innovation Bigger Than Life, 123 Sesame Street, Tom Turkey, Dora the Explorer, Buzz Lightyear, Pikachu, Abby Cadabby, the Speed Racer Mach 5, Bridge To The Future, Big Apple, Horton, The Care Bears Winter Fun-derland, Smurfs, Bountiful Harvest Cornucopia, Kermit the Frog, Jolly Polly Pirate Ship, The True Spirit of Thanksgiving, Woodland Family Gathering and Cele-bear-ate Hugs Worldwide.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is broadcast on NBC starting at 9 a.m. Thanksgiving Day until noon in each time zone.


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2009 Missouri Endangered Species Act Grants

The Endangered Species Act of 1973 has been regarded as “the strongest and most effective wildlife conservation law” in the world. This act was put in place by Congress with only one goal to be met, “to reverse the alarming trend of human-caused extinctions that threaten the ecosystem we all share. Section 6 of this Endangered Species Act authorizes the Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund, which has a budget for 2009 of $75.5 million. This funding covers the Endangered Species Grant program.

The Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund provides Endangered Species grants to States and Territories to be used on non-Federal lands for species and habitat conservation. Before States and Territories are eligible to receive funding from these grants they must enter into an agreement with the Secretary of Interior. Also, the States and Territories who receive an Endangered Species Federal Grant are required to contribute at least a 25% non-Federal match of the estimated cost of the all approved projects to be covered by the program. Joint projects implemented by 2 or more states or territories require only a 10% non-Federal match.

There are three types of Endangered Species Grants. These are Recovery Land Acquisition Grants, Habitat Conservation Planning Assistance Grants and Habitat Conservation Plans Land Acquisition Grants. Recovery Land Acquisition Grants fund the acquisition of lands where endangered or threatened species habitats are located. Habitat Conservation Planning Assistance Grants fund Habitat Conservation Plans. Habitat Conservation Plans Land Acquisition Grants fund the acquisition of land that is associated with approved Habitat Conservation Plans.

The State of Missouri received a 2009 Endangered Species Grant that totals $7500 and is valid from November 1, 2008 through October 31, 2009. This grant, the Recharge Delineation of Kenney Cave and Poor’s Well, provides funding for determining the land surface area that contributes water to the Ozark cavefish populations shallow groundwater habitat located in Poor’s Well and Kenney Cave by using dye tracing. This grant also provides funding for identifying and mapping any “potential threats and hazards to the habitat based on the determined surface delineation.”

Protecting and restoring the population of endangered species is an important aspect of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Projects that are funded by the Endangered Species Grant program are one way that the USFWS combines with the states and territories to accomplish what needs to be done to assure a future for these particular species of wildlife, plants and fish..

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2009 Microsoft Silverlight Release: Where's the Stability?

In 2002 when Microsoft was in a dead heat with Sun Microsystems, Microsoft released Visual Studio .Net to rave reviews. The first IDE with sophisticated technology and code completion, head and shoulders above everything in terms of ease and use and everything else revolutionized software development. Its beta version was even used on large scale projects to full completion. It is this stability that is arguably the most impressive thing about Visual Studio .Net.

Seven years later, the developers who were once so ecstatic have suffered letdown after letdown at the hands of Microsoft. It seems that with each product release from Microsoft, the product performance becomes incrementally worse. Yes, Microsoft releases a steady stream of new versions with new features, but the old problems are not fixed leaving developers to ask, “Where is the stability?”

Silverlight 3 is scheduled to be released sometime in 2009. Beyond this, there is talk of a beta version being released at Microsoft’s MIX conference. The MIX conference is an annual event for Microsoft, this year to be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 18 through the 20th. The IT king no doubt hopes this software will serve as a graphics platform for companies the world over.

Now in its fourth year, MIX is a unique technology conference that connects Web professionals with industry leaders to explore the future of the Web together.

The words expressed on are positive ones. Likewise, to faithful developers Microsoft is the compass pointing toward the future of information technology. However, there is the visceral presence of a disappointment with Microsoft’s products. Developers surely wish Microsoft would better prepare these technologies before releasing them.

The released product will already be the third version of Silverlight to be released.

For some, this raises concerns over the level of professionalism associated with Microsoft products. Developers and graphic artists are quick to notice faults that, given proper testing and attention, seem completely capable of being addressed.

A glance at any Silverlight site will show that its fonts appear jagged, as if you can see the pixilation. The anti-aliasing is off. They lack the polish of Flash’s fonts.

Microsoft has begun to harness a reputation for throwing products out there that are full of bugs and not suitable for release. What’s really disheartening is that there appears to be no acknowledgment of problems! The developers- the users of these products- need to feel like Microsoft is working on these problems, eliminating bugs. And all they’re hearing is dial tone. Microsoft is notoriously silent about their products’ problems.

Expression Blend serves as an example of this. While the idea of Expression Blend is practical and forward thinking, created with the graphic artist in mind who does both coding and layout for websites, the product’s ample problems remain the same.

You don’t see Photoshop crashing because you use three layers instead of two. Does Photoshop ever crash? Expression Blend is constantly screwing up, apparently supportable by the super computers that will be a household staple ten years from now. The fact remains that the ingenuity of the product idea is admirable and practicle for today’s graphic artists.

Even those who have been faithful to Microsoft for years, including those who’ve coded exclusively in its languages, are finding themselves disappointed with Microsoft’s products.

We can only hope that Microsoft is busy testing Silverlight- for usability, problems, bugs… Microsoft has big pants to fill. Its own.

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2009 NASCAR Hall of Fame Class Very Impressive

The 2009 NASCAR Hall of Fame class is a very impressive one. The 2009 NASCAR Hall of Fame class is also the inaugural class, and will enshrine the first group of NASCAR drivers into their new Hall of Fame. It’s a huge honor, because these drivers are being called the best of the best that have retired or left the sport of NASCAR, and the first class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame is going to be one that anyone would want to be part of joining. Five drivers were voted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame from a list of 25 initial nominees, with those final five drivers being chosen by a 50-member voting panel.

The five NASCAR men joining the inaugural 2009 NASCAR Hall of Fame class are Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty, Bill France Jr., Bill France Sr., and Junior Johnson. This is a very impressive list of NASCAR Hall of Fame members, and they will set the standard by which every new member is measured against in the future. It’s not like new drivers weren’t already measured against the great Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt though, as no other drivers have been as successful as those two men were on the NASCAR circuit. During their careers, Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt both won the NASCAR Championship seven times. That is the award given to the points winner each season in NASCAR.

The people who were among the 50 voters on the final 2009 NASCAR Hall of Fame ballot were NASCAR representatives, NASCAR Hall of Fame owners, Speedway owners, 14 media members, four manufacturer officials, nine retired competitors (made of three drivers, three owners, and three crew chiefs) and finally two recognized industry leaders. It is a pretty special group to be a part of, because they are setting the standard for entry into the NASCAR Hall of Fame that future voters will use to measure the newest nominees against. It must have been a hard decision on who to select from the history of NASCAR, but these five men apparently stood out from the rest.

I only had the privilege of watching Dale Earnhardt race in person, and I have to say that I always thought his style was very exciting to behold. Watching old footage of Richard Petty was also amazing, as there were times when he was in a class by himself when it came to racing cars. Bill France and his son were instrumental in making NASCAR what it is today, and Junior Johnson was one of the first stars who then became a car owner later on. He is a blast from the past, and it’s remarkable that the new NASCAR took the time to honor him. This is a great first class for the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and now it will be interesting to see who makes the 2010 Hall of Fame.

Source: NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction

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2009 Masters Golf Tournament Hype Built Up by Tiger

The 2009 Masters Golf Tournament can be mistaken for being the Tiger Woods Invitational sometimes. However, Tiger Woods hasn’t won the Masters in a few years. What’s more, if a big name wins the 2009 Masters tournament, it will be the first time that happened in a few years. No names have tended to win the Masters lately, which has gotten in the way of Tiger worship. But next week, the 2009 Masters will begin, and so will the “drive for five” for Tiger.

The 2009 Masters didn’t really get into the full swing of anticipation until Woods officially came back from his injury. Today, with Woods officially back in power after his comeback win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the hype for Tiger winning a fifth green jacket is on full force.

Betting odds are already in Woods’ favor for the Masters, of course. has Woods as a +200 favorite, with the next closest favorite, Phil Mickelson, as a +1000 favorite. This was always going to be the natural order, but it looks more solidified after Woods won his first tournament since coming back.

Woods performed another one of his comebacks against Sean O’Hair to win yesterday. However, Woods has never needed to come back from behind at a major, as he has won all his majors when in the lead, or tied for it, heading into Sunday. His four Masters championships have been no different.

Golf needs Woods to be back in form, and after disappointing performances in his first few events back, Woods showed that he might have done just that. Luckily, it came in his last event before the 2009 Masters.

The Masters, in particular, needs Tiger Woods to do something. The Masters is still the most prestigious event in golf, but without Woods to win it lately, there has been a lack of star power on Sundays.

In 2007, Zach Johnson was introduced for the first time when he won the Masters. Little known Trevor Immelman did the same last year. In this decade along, the Masters winner has either been Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, or little known golfers like Johnson, Immelman, and Mike Weir.

The 2009 Masters golf tournament brings Woods back to reclaim his throne against pretenders no one has heard about – and those that we have – starting on April 9.


Backspin- “Let the Masters hype commence”

Sports Odds- “Tiger Woods 2009 Masters Betting Odds Favorite” “The Masters – Past Champions”

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2009 Mazda CX-7 - Stylish Crossover SUV

The design of the Mazda CX-7 is perhaps the first thing you will notice about this car. It has an attractive build with four doors and carries up to five passengers. This is for those who love sport sedans and compared to other SUVs available, the Mazda CX-7 does not disappoint.

The Mazda has a 6 speed automatic transmission but the manual system can also be used with the easy to use gears. The standard turbocharged engine is a 2.3 Litres with 244 horsepower and makes the Mazda CX-7 a high performance vehicle. The vehicle can be fuel efficient although there are better cars that conserve fuel better than the Mazda CX-7. Other standard features notable on the new 2009 model are the power windows and locks, air conditioning and the cruise control system.

The 2009 Mazda CX-7 also comes with the useful Technology Package that gives users the benefit of the Bluetooth technology and the satellite radio. The car has two seat rows inside, the front row being the most comfortable with plenty of room for occupants. The back row does not, however, provide enough leg room and would be a bit uncomfortable especially for adults. The backseats can be folded for increased cargo space which comes with a washable surface. There is enough front and rear headroom though with adjustable head restraint for both.

Controlling the car during drive is not hard, it being quite responsive to different driving situations including mountains. There is an automatic drive indicator, clock, warning for open door and many more features. The exterior design is stylish and modern and gives a sportish look to the Mazda CX-7. The car features 18 inch alloy wheels, frosted glass taillights and dual exhaust pipes.

The designers did not forget to make sure that the Mazda CX-7 is as safe as possible and there are both the front and side impact protection capabilities which make the car withstand crashes pretty well. Safety is provided by the air bags, side curtain bags, anti-lock disc brakes and the stability control system.

Mazda CX-7 comes in three trims; Sport, Touring and Grand Touring and can be either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. The price is around $ 23,000 to $ 28,000, the Grand Touring trim being the most expensive. Generally, the performance, reliability and safety of this car can be rated above average which is perfect for a commuter car.

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2009 NBA Playoff Predictions: The Finals

Now that the participants in the 2009 NBA Finals have been determined, we can finally end the long and arduous season (hopefully on a high note for the basketball-less summer). But after the testy conference finals with its fair share of bruising and last-second games, my personal record of 9 right and 5 wrong answers for these 2009 NBA playoffs remain far below an acceptable average (at approximately 64%). After these finals, I hope to end my own predictions on that same high note.

(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (3) Orlando Magic

The Western Conference Champion Los Angeles Lakers will appear in their 30th NBA Finals (an NBA record) and will attempt to clinch their 14th championship in team history. With the ultimate closer Kobe Bryant leading the triangle charge alongside point guard Derek Fisher (who will be a factor after a lackluster conference finals), forwards Trevor Ariza and Pau Gasol, and the youngster, center Andrew Bynum, the best starting five in the Association (along with one of the best six-mans all year, Lamar Odom) seems ready and able to acquire their first NBA crown since the first half of this decade.

The Eastern Conference Champion Orlando Magic will seek their first NBA championship in the franchise’s short history (in only their second appearance). Kryptonite has yet to claim the superhuman superpowers of Dwight Howard joined by the best frontcourt in professional basketball (Rashard Lewis and Hedo Trukoglu), and the most infamous street-baller the Association has ever known (Rafer Alston). But now, the team which lost its starting (All-Star) point guard months ago is talented and blissfully ignorant enough to shock the basketball experts.

The Orlando Magic defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in both of their regular season meetings this year. In this series, Howard’s paint dominance will control the L.A.’s “soft” frontcourt defense will result in several more double-doubles atop his resume. However, they lack the experience obtained by Lakers’ championship run last season is vital to this series. And, as Lewis and Turkoglu caused endless match-up issues in the previous rounds, the Lakers have the personnel to limit the inside/outside Orlando game (especially if Coach Phil Jackson decides to start Odom on Lewis). But most importantly, these two franchises are attempting to recover their glory post-Shaq, and Kobe Bryant’s memory remains the freshest. The “Black Mamba’s” drive to shed the shadow of his former partner-in-crime far supersedes any motivation the Magic can muster. Therefore, the Los Angeles Lakers will ultimately claim their 15th NBA championship, restoring order to the post-Celtic glory basketball world. Lakers win series 4-2

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