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2009 MySpace Valentine's Day Graphics and Layouts

When you search online for a Valentine’s Day layout for your MySpace page, you’ll find many different search engine results. For some of the search engine results, you will have to do some looking on the web page to find the Valentine’s Day or MySpace graphics. However, some of the pages have the graphics thumbnails near the top of the page so you can easily find ones that you like.

At, they have Valentine’s Day graphics, backgrounds and MySpace layouts for you to choose from to decorate your MySpace page for the holiday. These files are all free to download for use on your MySpace page. In addition to the layouts marked for Valentine’s Day, there are also some layouts marked MySpace “Love Layouts.” Like some of the Valentine’s Day layouts, these layouts have hearts and other symbols associated with the day. Some of the layouts are cute, and some look more romantic, it’s all in what you want to choose.

If you go to, you will find a large number of graphics and animated graphics for Valentine’s Day. In addition to simple Valentine’s Day graphics, this website has Valentine’s Day comment graphics for you to leave comments for your friends, or maybe that special someone. The graphics on this website are free to use on your MySpace page.

If you’re looking for something different from the Valentine’s Day layouts or graphics on other pages, you may want to visit This website adds MySpace layouts daily, though not all of the newer layouts are going to be for Valentine’s Day. Unlike many of the backgrounds on the above two websites, the backgrounds on this website are animated, and they offer backgrounds and layouts for MySpace 1.0 and 2.0 profiles. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for anywhere else, you may find it on this website. In addition to the layouts and backgrounds, they have graphics and animations for your MySpace page.

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day icons, you may find that there aren’t as many icons go through as there are graphics and layouts. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find any Valentine’s Day icons for your MySpace profile. At, not only do they have various graphics, animated graphics and layouts for your MySpace page, they have icons and even online icons for your page. This means that you can update your profile with the online icon and show everyone how romantic you are.

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2009 NBA Playoff Schedule Nearly Cleared Up

The 2009 NBA playoff schedule won’t be announced until Wednesday night, but the NBA playoff match-ups are getting easier to figure out. Although first round pairings for the Eastern and Western Conference probably won’t be settled until the last day, things are almost all set for the playoffs. The 2009 NBA playoff schedule has a few top seeds already locked up, every playoff berth clinched, with official pairings not far behind. The only suspense left is in the bottom of the Eastern Conference, the middle of the West, and who would have home court in an NBA Finals match-up that might not happen.

The 2009 NBA playoff schedule is almost all set for the top teams in the Eastern Conference, at least according to seeds. The Cleveland Cavaliers locked up the top spot in the East days ago, and despite a humiliating loss to the Cavaliers yesterday, the Boston Celtics have the number two spot clinched. This means the Celtics will have home court if they have to face the third seeded Orlando Magic in round 2.

The Atlanta Hawks were locked in at number 4 for a while, but finally have their first round opponent set up. The Miami Heat have officially held off the Philadelphia 76’ers for the fifth seed, and will not have to play the Cavaliers, Celtics or Magic until later in the playoffs.

The Sixers, Pistons and Bulls are fighting for the 6-8 seeds, though all three are likely to be destroyed by the Cavs, Celtics and Magic within a week’s time.

In the Western Conference, there is no suspense at the top, where the Lakers have been coasting since the season began. The only thing the Lakers are playing for before the playoffs is the top overall seed in the NBA – which could be valuable in the NBA Finals against a Cavaliers team that’s 39-1 at home.

But maybe that doesn’t mean so much to the Lakers, since they were the only road team to win at Cleveland this year.

The biggest suspense before the NBA playoff schedule starts is the order in the Western Conference. Denver is trying to lock up the second seed, while San Antonio and Houston fight for the Southwest division title. The loser may lose home court in the first round to Portland, which still has hopes of overtaking Denver in the Northwest.

With those four teams fighting for the 2-5 seeds, New Orleans, Dallas and Utah are at war over the sixth, seventh and eighth positions.

Once the NBA regular season ends on Wednesday, and the remaining seeds are clinched, the NBA playoff schedule will be released.

The first playoff games will not start until Saturday, leaving top teams like the Cavaliers, Celtics, Lakers, Magic and Spurs the chance for nationally televised games to start their playoff run.

Sources “2008-2009 Division Regular Season Standings”

Sports Media Watch- “2009 NBA Playoff schedule on ESPN/ABC”

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2009 NCAA Printable Brackets Available From NCAA, ESPN, Others

Nothing beats this time of year. The NCAA Tournament is so well known, almost everyone refers to it by its nickname: March Madness. This Thursday and Friday, fans from the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, WAC, MAC, PAC-10, and even the Big Sky will tune in for their teams turn to be Cinderella at the Big Dance. Everyone wants to be a part of the greatest American sports Event.

What makes the NCAA Tournament so special is the last-man-standing format of the tournament, both for the teams, and the fans who enter bracket pools. Filling out your NCAA Printable Brackets and entering your office pool is equally as much fun as rooting for your team to win the whole thing.

All of the major sports websites have their own style of presenting the NCAA Printable Brackets. Here’s a quick compilation of the web’s big hitters, so you can visit your favorite site to grab the 2009 NCAA Printable Brackets, and start your road to office pool glory. The NCAA brings you the official version of the NCAA printable brackets in .pdf format, complete with the tip-off times for the first and second round matchups.

ESPN: The Worldwide leader gives you two options for the NCAA printable brackets, offering up a.pdf version, along with a .gif format.

CBSSportline: The NCAA’s official television partner gives you the NCAA printable brackets in a .pdf version. Sports Illustrated has the 2009 printable brackets in an easy to read .pdf version.

Yahoo!: Yahoo Sports makes the list this year, giving us their HTML printable bracket.

Best of luck in your quest for March Madness glory!

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2009 NBA Finals - Game 2 Preview: Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Orlando Magic

The 2009 NBA Finals just might get out of hand for the Orlando Magic in Game 2.

Although Game 2 is (not quite) a Must Win, the discombobulated Magic, most prove that the franchise can at least compete with the Los Angeles Lakers for the full 48 minutes, in the aftermath of Thursday’s 100-75 Game 1 shellacking. Game 1 was an unmitigated disaster for the Orlando Magic as the surging Lake Show flexed their imposing Championship muscle.

The initial meeting featured the superior gamesmanship of a locked-in 40-8-8 Kobe Bryant, timely contributions from the L.A. supporting cast, and the swarming defense of an athletic, long, and lean Laker front line that harassed Dwight Howard and his mates into shooting a wretched 29% from the floor. Orlando is an inside-out, 3-point shooting ball club that is absolutely doomed when the jumper goes cold.

Orlando has not mashed the panic button yet, but the collective hands of Central Florida remain at the ready to abandon the ship of reason with another NBA Finals debacle.

This article presents the three key match ups that will determine the outcome of Game 2.

The Orlando Magic cannot afford to get blown out of the gym, yet again.

#3 2009 NBA Finals – Game 2, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic Key Match up: Kobe Bryant vs. Kobe Bryant

The Black Mamba put the full repertoire on display with his Game 1 masterpiece.

Kobe Bryant, the best player in all of basketball, slapped together his greatest post season performance ever against the Orlando Magic. Kobe knocked down jump shots, posted up, beat his man off the dribble with penetration, and drew contact to tally up 40 points. Mr. Bryant was in control from jump and proved that he is the most cold blooded assassin alive in sports.

Still, the face of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise managed to keep his teammates involved. Kobe executed the perfect floor game while ringing up 8 assists to go with his 8 rebounds. Bryant’s renewed emphasis upon team play created double-digit scoring opportunities for both Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. The pair chipped in together for a solid 27 points and 22 rebounds.

Indeed, Kobe Bryant is picking his spots to destroy the Orlando defense.

The 6’6 215 lbs Mickael Pietrus lacks the foot speed to face guard Bryant from driving the ball to the tin and the relatively diminutive Courtney Lee is completely overmatched in terms of size at shooting guard. Ironically, Bryant faced his stiffest competition from J.J. Redick. Redick “limited” the Black Mamba to two points upon 1-5 shooting.

All jokes aside, the Orlando Magic have no answer for Kobe Bryant. Of course, no team this side of Cleveland, Denver, or Miami is capable of matching one-on-one firepower with this scorer. Kobe is a sure fire lock for 30-40 every night. However, the Magic must contain his ability to facilitate the offense and create space for the likes of Derek Fisher, Luke Walton, and Trevor Ariza to wreak havoc.

Kobe is desperate to cement his own winning Legacy atop the Pantheon of the all time Greats. Of course, today’s dominance arrives courtesy of the well-publicized fallout with Shaquille O’Neal, ongoing media backlash towards the Black Mamba, and last season’s NBA Finals embarrassment at the hands of the despised Boston Celtics.

Kobe Bryant will not be denied.

#3 2009 NBA Finals – Game 2, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic Key Match up: Kobe Bryant vs. Kobe Bryant

Advantage: Los Angeles Lakers

#2 2009 NBA Finals – Game 2, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic Key Match up: Andrew Bynum vs. Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard scored 12 points in Game 1.

The Man-Child went 1-6 from the field, without dunking the basketball, and was forced to earn his points at the line. Howard reverted back to his old form at the charity stripe and shot a miserable 63% on free throws. The Los Angeles Lakers game plan exposed the weaknesses of Dwight Howard’s development. Superman is still a raw athlete that lacks polish.

Kendrick Perkins and the Boston Celtics proved that Howard could be corralled by brute strength. The underrated Perkins simply got physical with Superman and forced Orlando’s center to operate from the foul line – extended area in the high post. Dwight Howard lacks a consistent 15-foot jump shot and is unable to use the dribble drive to manufacture scores from that distance. The Magic focal point averaged a pedestrian 16 points per game versus the Boston Celtics during the 2009 NBA Playoffs.

Whereas Perkins gave Howard fits by using force, the Lakers have installed their trademark brand of athleticism to harass this beast in the paint. Lamar Odom, Trevor Ariza, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum have all been trained to converge towards the rim and swarm Dwight Howard’s drop step and spin pet moves. Howard must calibrate his game to effectively combat this Western Conference style of attack.

Andrew Bynum will be largely unable to match Howard point for point on the stat sheet. However, Bynum’s role is to stay active, throw his body at the big man, and serve as a roadblock to make life difficult for Dwight Howard. The Laker youngster scored 9 points and took down 9 rebounds during 22 minutes of play to neutralize Orlando’s star.

Certainly, Game 1 has proven that Los Angeles is quite prepared to get Bynum’s back.

Meanwhile, Orlando’s Hedo Terkoglu and Rashard Lewis shot a combined 5-21, while clanging contested jump shots off the iron from every possible angle. Magic wings, especially role players, will be unable to punish L.A.’s defensive commitment to stopping Howard on the road.

#2 2009 NBA Finals – Game 2, Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando Magic Key Match up: Andrew Bynum vs. Dwight Howard

Advantage: Los Angeles Lakers

#1 2009 NBA Finals – Game 2, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic Key Match up: Rafer Alston vs. Jameer Nelson

Jameer Nelson is the one true player that is capable of inflicting damage upon the Los Angeles Lakers remaining on the Magic roster. The Lakers soft spot is at point guard and the platoon-unit of Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar is routinely torched by big time guards. Nelson also proved to be unstoppable, averaging 27.5 points, 6.5 assists, and 5.5 rebounds amidst Orlando’s two-game regular season sweep of this L.A. club.

Of course, Nelson’s torn labrum injury forced him to the sidelines near the midpoint of the 2008 regular season. Prior to Game 1, the budding All-Star had not faced in-game action since February 2, 2009. Predictably, Nelson checked in to the Finals, provided a quick spark, and flamed out with 6 points and 4 assists over the course of 23 minutes.

The fourth-year pro is clearly not back in game shape. Still, Stan Van Gundy stuck to his guns and left a gassed Nelson out on the floor to degenerate into an abject liability. The curious substitution pattern swung the flow of the game towards the Lakers favor. The Magic were clearly out of sync as Rafer Alston, the integral cog of this NBA Finals run languished on the bench.

The Orlando brass is caught between a rock and a hard place. Bringing Nelson along slowly preserves continuity, while putting the team at risk of getting dominated; while calling this man’s number out fresh into the game and throwing him into the fire may only incite a topsy-turvy frenetic pace and shake the confidence of Rafer “Skip to my Lou” Alston.

The Orlando Magic must remember who got them here.

Besides, Game 3 is the real time to hit the panic button, start Nelson, and pray.

#1 2009 NBA Finals – Game 2, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic Key Match up: Rafer Alston vs. Jameer Nelson

Advantage: Los Angeles Lakers

2009 NBA Finals – Game 2, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic Prediction:

Los Angeles – 108

Orlando – 93

The Lakers hold serve and protect home court. Game 3 is a must win for Orlando.

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2009 NBA Draft Team Order of Selection

Blake Griffin of Oklahoma is expected to be the no-brainer choice for number one this year in the NBA Draft but the Clippers are prone to making bad decisions. Here is the order of team selections for the 2009 NBA Draft:

2009 NBA Draft Team Order of Selection

1. L.A. Clippers
3.Oklahoma City
7.Golden State
8.New York
11.New Jersey
21.New Orleans
25.Oklahoma City
29.L.A. Lakers

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