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2010 Biggest Celebrity Cell Phone Blunders

Celebrities may own the fanciest cell phones on the market, but they don’t always display the finest cell phone behavior. From texting while flying to sexting their sweethearts, find out which celebrities committed the biggest cell phone faux pas in 2010.

Josh Duhamel and Katherine McPhee: Apparently thinking rules for mere mortals do not apply to Hollywood celebrities, actor Josh Duhamel refused to stop texting on an airplane. Despite a flight attendant’s repeated requests for the “Transformers” star to turn off his cell phone, Duhamel persisted and had to be escorted off the plane by airport security. Duhamel’s arrogant airplane textiquette came soon after American Idol singer Katharine McPhee tweeted on an airplane, a boast later denied by her rep after McPhee tasted egg on her face.

Miley Cyrus: En route to a massage, Miley Cyrus was stopped by a cop in North Hollywood for talking on her cell phone while driving. Her unlawful behavior rubbed the police officer the wrong way. The former Disney star may have only been modeling herself after California’s first lady, Maria Shriver, who was video-taped by TMZ three times chatting on her cell phone while driving (the Kennedy cousin later apologized and donated her cell phone to a woman’s shelter).

Brett Favre: Although a still unproven story about football star Brett Favre sending lewd messages and photos of his private parts to New York Jets hostess Jenn Sterger allegedly occurred in 2008, news about Favre’s possible cell phone shenanigans broke in 2010, launching a big NFL investigation. In Favre’s defense, celebrity rapper and entrepreneur Diddy, a self-proclaimed “sex texter,” told late-night talk show host David Letterman, “This (sexting) is a relationship that men and women have had since the beginning of mobile devices.”

Jessica Alba and Kat Denning: In another sexting case, revealing photos Jessica Alba sent to her husband, Cash Warren-shot at the end of her pregnancy or soon after-were leaked to the public, expanding the image of the “Sin City” and “Little Fockers” star. Alba’s overexposure followed on the heels of actress Kat Denning’s (“The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “House Bunny”) leaked nude cell phone photos, as reported by The New York Daily News.

As long as there are cell phones, there will be celebrity cell phone snafus. Still, it’s too bad these celebs don’t have mothers like that of tweenster Justin Bieber. The pop-singer’s mom reportedly took away Bieber’s cell phone recently for unknown misbehavior, possibly not even related to his cell phone use.

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2010 Baseball All-Star Roster Includes Twins' Mauer, Morneau

The Midsummer Classic will not go on without Minnesota Twins Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, according to Fans voted the Twins’ catcher and first baseman into the starting roster of the American League for the 2010 All-Star game.

Mauer, a fan favorite, was expected to start as catcher for the AL, but he also stole the top vote-getting spot from last year’s champion, St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols. According to, Mauer pulled in a whopping 5,372,606 votes, making him the third highest vote-getting All-Star in history, short of Ken Griffey, Jr. and Pujols’ 2009 tally. Pujols came in second this year overall and led the National League in votes with 4,380,669.

Morneau’s journey was more of a nail-biter. He claimed the starting first base position in the AL roster by the skin of his teeth, according to, edging out the Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera and Mark Teixeira of the New York Yankees late in the voting period. Morneau drew an impressive 2,933,355 votes to score his fourth All-Star berth and first-ever start.

Mauer is a four-time American League All-Star, and his will be his third All-Star start as catcher.

The rest of the All-Star roster for the American League is as follows: 2B, R. Cano (NYY); SS, D. Jeter (NYY); 3B, E. Longoria (TB); Out Fielders J. Hamilton (TEX), I. Suzuki (SEA), and C. Crawford (TB); DH, V. Guerrera.

The All-Star roster for the National League: C, Y. Molina (STL); 1B A. Pujols (STL); 2B, C. Utley (PHI); SS, H. Ramirez (FLA); 3B, D. Wright (NYM); Out Fielders R. Braun (MIL), A. Ethier (LA), and J. Heyward (ATL).

The 81st annual baseball All-Star game will play out on July13th in Anaheim, CA.

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2010 AFC Championship Game Time and Location Set

The 2010 AFC Championship Game time and location has been set. The 2010 AFC Championship Game time will be 12:00 P.M. PST (3:00 P.M. EST) on Sunday, January 24th. The Indianapolis Colts earned the right to host the 2010 AFC Championship game by knocking off the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday night, and will see their game aired on CBS next weekend. The Indianapolis Colts came into the 2010 NFL Playoffs with the best record in football, and will host one more playoff game in this post season. Their opponent will be either the New York Jets or San Diego, depending on who wins the other Sunday AFC Divisional Playoff game.

The Indianapolis Colts finished the regular season at 14-2, and there was a lot of talk about them possibly being a cold team entering the playoffs because of the way they finished the 2009 regular season. After the Indianapolis Colts clinched the #1 seed throughout the playoffs in week 15, their head coach took out the starters mid-way through their week 16 game. They ended up losing that one, and then lost again in week 17 as the starters were kept out of most of the game. Then the Colts had a week off because of their first round bye, and it was unknown whether they would be able to come out strong on Saturday against the Baltimore Ravens. Well they could have been better on offense, but the Colts defense really clamped down on both the running and passing game for the Ravens.

In a game that many thought could be more competitive, the Indianapolis Colts beat the Baltimore Ravens 20 to 3 on Saturday night. It sends the Indianapolis Colts to yet another AFC Championship Game, with the team and their fans hoping that this year can duplicate the effort that won them the Super Bowl just a few years ago. Peyton Manning won his fourth NFL MVP in 2009, and seems to still be at the top of his game, despite all of the time off at the end of the regular season. These are the playoffs though, and nobody should have counted out these Colts and their heart on both sides of the ball. Now the Colts get to host the winner of the Jets vs. Chargers on Sunday for the right to play in the 2010 Super Bowl.

The 2010 AFC Championship Games is Indianapolis vs. New York or San Diego at 12:00 P.M. PST (3:00 P.M. EST) on Sunday, January 24th. The telecast will be on CBS.





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2010 Best Prom Restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee

With Prom 2010 just around the corner it is not too soon to be making plans for a special prom dinner. Nashville, Tennessee has many good restaurants eager to welcome prom-goers. There should be options to please everyone’s taste and budget.

As you begin selecting your prom restaurant there are few things to keep in mind to make things run smoothly for the evening. Call restaurants a couple of weeks before the date of your prom and even sooner, if you have a large group to accommodate. The more people in your group, the fewer your options may be. When contacting restaurants it is important to know if they take reservations or will allow you to call ahead to get on a seating list. It may possible to be seated in a special section or even better, a separate dining room.

Goten on West End Avenue is a favorite of Nashvillians and would be a fun prom dinner spot. The chicken, steak and seafood are all good and meals come with salad, soup, entrée and dessert,so you get a lot for your money. Meals are $18 for filet, $16 for chicken and shrimp for $21. Of course, in addition to a great meal there is always the fun hibachi show! This is a good place for two-20 people.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill with locations in the Green Hills Mall and Cool Springs areas is a relaxed and family friendly restaurant. It is a very popular spot and would be especially good for teens. The menu is large and there is a wide range of prices so it will work for most budgets. The Pasta Weezie $14, and salmon $15, are delicious choices. Carrabba’s also has a private dining room that can be reserved for larger groups. If you have a group, Carrabba’s will help you select a few menu items prior to your dinner so that you can preorder. This can help to reduce your wait time for the meal. The goal is definitely to have dinner and still make it to prom on time and Carrabba’s is great at working with

Mackes, located in Grace’s Plaza in Green Hills is a lovely restaurant with tons of ambience. The food is sophisticated and delicious. There are interesting and fresh salads and the specials are always good. The seafood entrees are a highlight at Mackes. Dinner for two will probably cost about $80. The restaurant does accept reservations and they even have a small private room that can hold 12-14 nicely. Mackes also has access to the large atrium area at Grace’s Plaza and is able to do groups for dinner. Visit the website at

California Pizza Kitchen in Green Hills is a nice, affordable option with lots of teen-friendly food. They don’t accept reservations but if you call one hour before you plan to arrive, they will set up a table for you. They are able to handle groups of 8-10 easily. Their signature items are the many pizzas with a thin crust pepperoni $11.99. My favorite entree is the 4 cheese ravioli, also $11.99. Most of the salads come in two sizes. Their signature CPK Cobb Salad is a meal in itself and is 13.49 for the large size. The chocolate soufflé cake $5.29, is decadently divine so make sure and leave room for it. This is a very fun place and the prices make it a good choice if you are trying to make the most of a budget. CPK has a nice website at with the full menu listed.

Stoney River Steakhouse, with locations on West End Avenue and in Cool Springs is a restaurant that never disappoints! Salads, steak, seafood and enormous, delicious desserts are all good at Stoney River. Prices are $4.99 for wedge and Caesar salads, $25.99 for a rib eye steak and the Panko fried shrimp are $22.99. Both locations also have a private dining room that is good for 20 or more. If your party is less than 20 there is a $75 charge for the room. For more information go to their website at

Some other good dinner possibilities in the Nashville Area are:
Firefly Grill – a good contemporary restaurant that takes reservations
Midtown Cafe – located in the midtown area and takes reservations
Park Cafe – located in the Sylvan Park area.
Sunset Grill -Hillsboro Village area. Excellent menu and service.
Sperry’s – locations in Belle Meade and Cool Springs and takes reservations.

Prom is such a special time that you want to have your dinner details worked out early. Lack of seating, long wait times and bad food can ruin the evening. All of these restaurants are good choices for their quality of food, service and overall dining experience. Remember to book early, especially the private dining rooms. Then you can just relax and enjoy Prom 2010.

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2010 AllState Sugar Bowl Predictions for (5) Florida Vs. (3) Cincinnati

Here are my 2010 AllState Sugar Bowl Predictions for (5) Florida vs. (3) Cincinnati. There is no prediction needed for the gametime because that’s set in stone. The Gators face Cincy Friday, January 1st at 7:30 CST.

On to my predictions for the 2010 AllState Sugar Bowl between the SEC 2nd place team and the winner of the Big East. Could Cincy actually be a favorite for the Sugar Bowl? No way and no how. Even though the Bearcats are undefeated there is no way that oddsmakers will have Florida as an underdog.

Florida is a fresh off a whipping at the hands of Alabama in the SEC Title game. Cincinnati downed Pittsburgh in a thriller to capture the conference title. But can the Bearcats hang with Florida? There’s no question that Alabama exposed a few weaknesses in the Florida defense during the SEC Title game. But my predictions have the Gators bouncing back in a big way with a 48-23 victory.

Tim Tebow will not finish his college career on a bad note. Tebow and the Gators will have a lot to play for considering they were bounced from the National Title game in big fashion against the Crimson Tide. I also predict that the Gators will finish the season as the 3rd ranked team and possibly even 2nd if Boise State beats TCU.

My predictions for the 2010 Sugar Bowl? Tebow passes for 245 yards, rushes for 78 yards and puts up 4 total touchdowns. Tony Pike struggles a bit but still manages a decent game with 228 yards passing, 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions against a still very ticked Gators defense.

Could Florida be in for a letdown considering they aren’t playing for their original goal which was a National Title?
That could happen but I think the Gators could still put up huge points and Cincinnati will struggle to keep up offensively. The level of defense will be something the Bearcats have yet to see this year.
Pike will not have nearly enough time to pass and that will put all kinds of pressure on the Cincinnati running game. My predictions have Cincinnati with just 75 yards rushing the entire game in the 2010 Sugar Bowl.

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2010 and Bringing it In, No Matter How Your 2009 Might Have Been

Whether you are bringing in the New Year with family or friends or some combination of the two, here are 5 toasts you and your loved ones can raise your glass and drink to no matter how your year went. They all rhyme, so not only are they catchy, but also easy to remember. Cheers!

1) Toasting a Rough Year:

09 is behind us
A formidable year
If it did nothing else
It brought us all here

Surrounded by loved ones
I mean, you here today
No matter what happens
Let us raise our glasses and say

Here’s to lessons we learn
When things don’t work out
And true friends that stand by us
When we’re down and out

Here’s to simple pleasures and treasures
That enrich us anew
When with those we trust
There’s not a thing we can’t do

2) Short and Sweet (for 2010):

May you smile at what’s passed, and laugh now and then
and may you have countless joys in 2010

3) Toasting a Fruitful Year:

was an incredible time
And it’s a bit hard
To leave it behind

We laughed much and loved much
And had much to do
And closing this year
Takes some getting used to

So as we look forward
To the chapter that’s next
With all its surprises,
Things we might not expect

Let’s keep laughing and loving
And never forget
That the best times are those
That have not happened yet!

4) 2009 Event-based Toast

To a first as a President
Of the US
And to not struggling with envy
As he tries to clean up a mess

To all of the soldiers
Facing tensions abroad
May they come safely home
And may we give them laud

To surviving the year
Despite H1N1
May pigs not deter us
Our health second to none

Amidst all our troubles
Let the party begin
Let us life high our glasses
Bring on 2010!

5) Any year

May we keep looking forward
And never look back
Free of from what-ifs and should haves
And could I’ve had that

May we always be thankful
For the way things turned out
And may we always move onward
That’s what our growth is about

To the first time we get it
And the sweet second chance
to third tries and fourth ones
And changed circumstance

Press onward and upward
Whether windy or straight
Find joy in your path
Because its never too late

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2010 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors for Interior Walls: Green with Envy

Refresh your interior walls with new Benjamin Moore paint colors. The leader of the pack is still green, as society continues to be focused on the environment, nature and melding outdoor and indoor spaces. In addition to a softer shade of green, 18 new Benjamin Moore interior paint colors demand our attention. Benjamin Moore has divided their 2010 interior paint colors into three digestible palettes.

2010 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors for Interior Walls

In previous years, Benjamin Moore has introduced four or five different color palettes. For 2010, the palettes are narrowed down to three palettes of six necessary hues. The three palettes are subdued, and what seems to be missing from any of the 2010 Benjamin Moore interior paint collections is an international thread.

Benjamin Moore’s Alternative View

These are not shocking colors, or colors that would send buyers running. If you have your house on the market or will soon, and would like to choose subtle yet pleasing colors, any of the wall paints from these collections will meet your dual needs.

Cedar Green (Benjamin Moore 2034-40) is a pleasant green on the yellow side of the color palette. It’s brighter than the sage greens of previous years, and is one of the more saturated colors in this collection. Cedar Green can easily be the main color on interior walls.

The paint color adds a fresh and airy atmosphere to the kitchen, and you may find yourself reaching for healthy apples and celery instead of crackers and cookies.

The paint color which plays the best with Benjamin Moore Cedar Green is Claret Rose (Benjamin Moore 2008-20). Claret Rose is the perfect foil to Cedar Green. Claret Rose is an equal companion to Cedar Green. Some designers insist that a shade of red exist in every room, and the warm Claret Rose fulfills that duty.

Midnight Navy (Benjamin Moore 2067-10) is the deepest color in this Benjamin Moore paint palette for 2010 home interiors. The Midnight Navy should be used sparingly, and as an accent color. Consider painting trim and architectural accents with the Midnight Navy. Take the color along with you when shopping for home decor accessories, and look for Midnight Navy pillows, drapes, lamps or fabrics to use in a room painted with colors from this palette.

Neutrals for the Benjamin Moore Alternative View Interior Paint Palette

There are three neutrals which feel at home with these wall paint colors. One is a greenish beige called Guilford Green (Benjamin Moore HC-116). This is an ideal paint color when you want something more than off-white. Pale Celery (Benjamin Moore OC-116) is bright neutral to pair with this Benjamin Moore alternative view palette. The final neutral for this palette is a light sand brown, Meditation (Benjamin Moore AF-395).

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2010 Chinese New Year Celebrations in Las Vegas

The Chinese New Year 2010, Year of the Tiger, celebrations throughout Las Vegas celebrate Chinese Culture and Chinese Traditions from Lion Dance performances., to lavish floral displays, and Asian Food Festival.

Every year the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce organizes the largest Chinese New Years celebration in Las Vegas and this year their event will take place on Sun. Feb. 21 st Chinatown located at 4215 Spring Mtn Rd. from 11AM-4PM

The 2010 Chinese New Year celebration and Asian Food Festival at Chinatown is a family cultural and food experience. The Chinese and Asian cultural performances throughout the day include traditional Chinese Lion Dance, Chinese Acrobats, Chinese Folk Dance, Japanese Taiko Drums. Japanese Dance, Tahitian Dance, Philipinne Bambo Stick Dance, Korean Dance, and Dragon Dance.

The Asian Food Festival cuisines offered include Hong Kong, Canton, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tahitian, and Hawaiian. Try Lychee nuts for dessert which symbolize strong family relationships for the coming year. Coconuts symbolize togetherness. Oranges symbolize abundance and happiness.

Chinese New Year 2010 celebration to help welcome abundance into the New Year include flowers and fruits. Two of the most elaborate floral displays for the Chinese New Year are at the Bellagio Conservatory and at the Venetian.

The Conservatory at the Bellagio changes their floral displays which are open to the public 24/7 with seasonal events and themes. This year at the Bellagio they have included huge floral covered panda displays. Experience the world-reknowned Fountains of the Bellagio outside the resort before coming inside to the Conservatory for the Chinese New Year floral display.

At the Venetian, Feb. 13 at 3PM the traditional Lion dance will begin at the Porte Cochere. Also on display at the Venetian and Palazzo to celebrate the Year of the Tiger is a custom-made 16.5 ft long designed Tiger.

MGM Grand performance at 8 PM Feb. 13 kicks off the 2010 Chinese New Year with Canopop performer Sam Hui. Tickets are available at or directly from MGM Grand at Sam Hui’s hits inlcude songs ” Tian Cai Yu Bai Chi” and “an Jin Ba Liang.”

MGM Mirage has booked Yau Kung Moon, one of the most respected and best rated dragon and Lion dance organizations in the world, now with 3,000 members to perform the Lion dance at MGM, The Mirage, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, and Aria.

In keeping with Chinese traditional beliefs that Red is considered lucky, you’ll want to experience one of the Las Vegas strips’ newer additions by Steve Wynn, Encore with its extensive Red interiors and upscale Chinese dining. The Chinese custom of Lai See includes giving a gift of money in a special red envelope during the New Years celebration.

At Wynn resort next door you’ll find another way to celebrate at the award winning AAA Four Diamond Excellence and Michelin 2009 Star Award Wing Lei restaurant and Executive Chef Richard Chen and his Cantonese, Shanghai, and Szechuan specialities. Include oranges in your Chinese New Year celebration to attract abundance and happiness into the upcoming year.

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2010 Christmas Gifts

Choosing a Christmas gift is always a difficult task. You may be wondering what the best 2010 Christmas gifts will be. I have compiled a list of what I believe will be the hottest gifts for this year. Searching for the right gift does not need to be hard and this article will outline the gifts that will be at the top of everybody’s list this year and will help you to pick the best 2010 Christmas gifts.

1.) IPad

There is no doubt in my mind that the number one on most people’s wish list for 2010 Christmas gifts will be the IPad. This is the first Christmas season that the IPad has been out , and I believe it will the hottest 2010 Christmas gift. The IPad is definitely this years most popular gadget, and will certainly top many young people lists of most wanted 2010 Christmas gifts. IPad’s start at $499, but will certainly be the most sought after of the 2010 Christmas gifts.

2.) Flip Camera

The flip camera is a video camera that is very portable and has a USB drive that flips out so that you can upload your videos or pictures right to your computer. With pictures and videos being so popular on Facebook and Youtube these days the Flip camera will definitely be one of the most popular 2010 Christmas gifts. Flip’s can be found on Amazon for about $120 this year. This is a great gift for somebody who is interested in technology, but for whom you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money for their 2010 Christmas gifts.

3.) Wii

The Wii has been out for several years now, but it has proven to be a consistent winner among desired gifts. I am certain that the Wii will be among the items on many peoples 2010 Christmas gifts wish lists. The Wii is also a great gift because it mixes video game entertainment with exercise. A Wii console will cost you about $200 this Christmas season.

The Christmas shopping season will soon be upon us, and it is important that you get your list of 2010 Christmas gifts together so that you can easily find good gifts for the people on your shopping list. The IPad, Flip Camera, and Wii console will all be excellent 2010 Christmas gifts, and will help you to give presents that will bring joy and happiness to those you love this Christmas season.

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2010 Census Shows Political Advantage for Republicans

The 2010 US Census, released earlier today, changes much about the political landscape of the US. Not only do electoral votes change for several states, but demographics are updated to include more people, many of which are targeted by political parties as potential voters.

The Census meticulously measured polling data the past year, and Democrats and Republicans have waited with anticipation for the results. Though there have been predictions on which states would win or lose votes for months, nothing was official until today. The results show changes in electoral votes for over a dozen states.

Texas was the biggest gainer, with four more seats in the House of Representatives, as well as four more votes in the Electoral College. Though the state may not elect four new Republicans to Congress, this is nevertheless a big help to Republicans, who have continuously won the state in presidential elections.

Florida, the hottest battleground state in past and, perhaps, future presidential elections, gained two seats. Ohio, another contested state, lost two seats. Democratic stronghold New York lost two seats as well. Another state that lost seats included Illinois, the state President Obama served as a US senator.

Population changes will affect the political makeup of several states as well. The biggest population gains come from the South, while the Northeast saw little gain. Michigan was the only state to have population loss. While many will pay attention to the numbers of the populations, politicians are more concerned with who is actually shifting to the Southern states.

Results show many Hispanics have moved into Republican states like Arizona and Texas. While Democrats may not win either state come the 2012 election, they are addressing Arizona’s new immigration law, hoping to garner Hispanic voter support.

With Republican victories in many state legislatures back in November, the bitter partisan process of redistricting, or recreating the boundaries of Congressional districts, is in the hands of Republicans. The 2012 elections are going to be important for both parties, as the Democrats will have to work hard to fend off the Republican presidential nominee.

Since the idea of compromising has vanished from the realm of politics lately, a deadlock of partisan bickering is sure to follow. A decade ago, the 2000 Census ended up with court battles in 40 states over redistricting. But with no compromise, one party will gain a big advantage for 10 years to come. While the Census may appear to heavily favor the Republican Party, nothing is for certain.


Hornick, Ed. December 21, 2010. “Census Results: Red states make gains”. Retrieved December 21, 2010 from CNN:

Tavernise, Sabrina. December 21, 2010. “Census Data Show 308 Million People and a Regional Shift”. Retrieved December 21, 2010 from the New York Times:

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2010 BMW 128i Convertible Performance Review

The German automotive brand BMW has always been synonymous with a seemingly unmatched blend of performance and luxury. However, their relatively new 1-series has also attempted to add budget to the equation. Though many critics were quick to doubt BMW’s ability to create a (relatively) inexpensive car that lived up to its brand’s standards, after owning a 2010 128i convertible for the better part of a year now, I can confidently say they have succeeded.

With a base MSRP of $33,875, its just over $10,000 cheaper than the entry 3-series convertible. However, it should be noted that the 3-series does feature a hardtop, while the 128 is a conventional soft-top. While the rag top seems to do a great job of inhibiting wind noise, visibility in parking lots is no better than what is to be expected from a convertible, which can be frustrating to say the least.

One instance where the 1-series sets itself apart from other convertibles is, by no surprise, performance. Even something as simple as casual driving makes you realize that it’s lived up to the BMW name. Competitors such as the Lexus is350 and Audi A4 convertibles feel as though their frames are made of plastic when compared to the 1. Even with the top down, the 128i feels firm and sporty. Adding the sport-package ($1,200), stiffens the chassis even more, while also adding performance tires and 17″ wheels. Though it does boost the car’s performance, the bimmer seems to do just fine without it.

Behind the wheel there is very little cowl-shake. The car feels, stiff, confident and planted, even on the bumpiest of roads. Equipped with the sports package, however, the car’s suspension still manages to soak up imperfections in the road at a level normally expected from a coupe. The steering is tight, responsive and on center, making the 1 feel as though it can handle the windiest of roads with ease.

Though the 128i foregoes the turbo (and the extra $6,000) seen on the 135i, there is no lack of acceleration. The legendary 3.0-liter inline six propels the vert from zero to sixty in a very respectable CarAndDriver reported 6.2 seconds. Shifts are smooth with the automatic and lightning-fast when the car is switched into sport mode.

On the inside, the 128i looks and feels good. It carries the BMW tradition of being both spartan, yet very luxurious at the same time. The clear, modern gauges look great and are easy to read at quick glance, something not always achieved in luxury-sports cars today. However, with the sun glaring directly into your eyes, they do manage a slightly annoying amount of reflection. The seats are quite comfortable and feel bolstered enough without being in any way intrusive.

Though the 128i is smaller than its 3-series counterpart, it doesn’t seem to let it get in the way. Taller passengers will be hard-pressed to find the front seats less than accommodating. The back seats, though anything but roomy, are more than you would expect from other convertibles of its size, and are able to carry considerably larger passengers with an unexpected level of ease.

Whenever a coupe-based convertible hits the market, the loss of the top seems to indicate a loss of performance. While the BMW is no exception to this, the degree to which any of vehicle’s dynamics are lost is minimal at most and far less than any of its direct competitors. Its MSRP of just below $34,000 makes it an excellent buy for the money, a price range at which its performance is unmatched.

“BMW 128i Convertible,” Car And Driver Magazine.

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2010 Christmas and Holiday Events in Dallas/Fort Worth Area

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the holidays in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 2010. They range from viewing light shows to parades, to meeting Santa Here are just some of the holiday events in Dallas/Fort Worth.


Light the Night at Watters Creek, November 20, 6 to 9 pm, Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm, 970 Garden Park Dr.More than a half-million LED lights and glowing icicles will be illuminated as children toss magical fairy dust into the air. Santa will be there, as will Chamberlain’s Performing Arts fairies, and live entertainment. Additional festivities include a window décor contest and a horse-drawn carriage parade.


Old Towne Christmas, December 3, 12 to 7 pm, December 4, 10 am to 3 pm, Dottie Lynn Recreation Center, 3200 Norwood Ln.

Do your gift shopping at the annual craft fair. Santa will be there, and you’re sure to find something for everyone. For more information, or to reserve a booth, call 817-277-5001.

Breakfast with Santa, December 11, 8 to 11 am, Cliff Nelson Recreation Center, 4600 W. Bardin Rd.
In addition to sharing a pancake breakfast with Santa, there will be crafts and activities everyone can enjoy. Registration is required; for more information or to register, call 817-561-2819. Cost is $10 per person.


An Old Fashioned Christmas, December 3, 6 to 8:30 pm, A.W. Perry Homestead Museum, 1509 N. Perry Rd.
Come on down for an open house featuring Victorian carolers, a petting zoo and children’s area, free cookies and hot chocolate, and, of course, Santa Claus. For more information, call 972-466-6380.


Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade, December 4, 10 am, Downtown Dallas
The parade will feature five themed sections, each with its own Children’s Medical Center patient as Grand Marshall. The themes include: Winter Wonderland, Toyland, Country Cookies, Sounds of the Season, and Home for the Holidays.

There will also be marching bands, inflatables, costumed characters and dancers as well as Santa. The parade is free, although tickets for bleacher seating can be purchased.

Flower Mound

Breakfast with Santa, December 4, 8:30 and 9:30 am, Community Activity Center, 1200 Gerault Rd.
Kids under the age of 10 can have breakfast with Santa, sit on his lap and give him their wish list, and make a souvenir ornament. A photographer will be present.

Cost for Breakfast with Santa is $10/child for members, $11 for non-members, and $4 for each additional child or parent. Photographs are additional.

Christmas Parade, December 11, 10 am, Eaton Drive to Marcus High School
The Christmas Parade will feature floats, costumes, music and candy. For more information about the parade, call 972-874-6276.

Gingerbread House Decorating, December 12, 1 to 3 pm, Community Activity Center, 1200 Gerault Rd.
Parents and children can put their creative juices to good use, and decorate their own gingerbread house. Cost is $20 per house, with all materials provided.

Grinch Scramble, December 17, 7 pm, Gerault Park, 1200 Gerault Rd.
Bring a flashlight to help you search for candy canes, and a bag to put them in. Keep your eyes open for the Grinch as well: whoever finds the Grinch wins the grand prize. In addition to the candy cane hunt, there will also be music and games. This event is free.

Fort Worth

Christmas in the Stockyards, December 4, 2 to 6 pm, 130 East Exchange Avenue
Come out to the Fort Worth Stockyards on December 4th to kick off the Christmas season. The Christmas tree will be lit, and there will be a holiday parade, caroling, and off course Cowboy Santa Claus, will be there, too! For more information about Christmas in the Stockyards call 817-625-9715.

Birds’ Christmas Tree, December 6, 11 am, Fort Worth Botanic Garden, 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd.
Make biodegradable bird treats and bring them to hang in the Garden’s Grove, giving the wildlife a holiday feast. There will be music and entertainment as well.


Christmas in the Square, November 26 through January 8, 6 to 10 pm, Frisco Square
Check out the choreographed light and music show, billed as the “largest in Texas.” Family activities will be taking place December 10-11, 17-18. There will be carriage rides, trackless train, and a miniature train on display, inflatables, parachuting Santa, and an inner tube snow slide.


Family Funday, Greeting Card Workshop, December 4, 11, 18, 2 to 4 pm, Irving Arts Center, 3333 N. Macarthur Blvd.
Local artists will help children make holiday greeting cards and other art projects to take home and share. All supplies are provided. Santa will be available for photographs, bring your own camera. Both events are free. For more information call 972-252-7558.


Watters Creek

City of Arlington

A.W. Perry Homestead Museum

Children’s Medical Center

Town of Flower Mound

Stockyards Station

Frisco Square

Irving Arts Center

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2010 Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit Animal Sign

The Year of the Tiger begins on February 14th 2010. What can Rabbits expect in the Year of the Tiger?

This is the Chinese year ahead horoscopes for people born in the years: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999

The New Year Holidays should be something to look forward to as this will give you a chance to relax, have some fun and prepare for the year ahead. Being sensible and taking an organised approach to your future will help you further your aims.

What you’re likely to find in 2010 is there could be some delay before you see results. This means you could come up against rules, regulations and authority figures that seem to be there to block your progress rather than help. Not everything or everyone is as it seems. Someone who insists they’re trying to be of assistance may actually have their own agenda and they aren’t making your best interests the priority.

If you are patient and you accept that there are going to be hurdles to overcome before you reach your goals, there is every chance you will start to see better progress later in the year.

You’ve always been a quiet worker and you are happy to get on with whatever tasks are set for you. People know they can rely on you to fulfil your obligations. This year you will be taking considerable care over your work and that’s because you want to let others see what you are truly capable of.

Relationships should be reasonably harmonious but you could encounter some resentment in the workplace when someone who isn’t as capable as you are is envious of your progress.

This is likely to be a demanding year and a one where you will feel a need to be cautious. It is as if you are preparing for your long-term future and laying the foundations of what is to come. It will be a lot of hard work but this will be justified in 2011 which will be a far easier year for you.

Money in general shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as you are careful. You will be working hard and you will be rewarded, financially for your efforts. Financial bonuses may take a short while to materialize, but you do know they are coming. And this helps you plan your future accordingly.

It might be hard to imagine you will be travelling far this year when you have so much responsibility but you could be considering booking a rather extravagant holiday for 2011 and this will give you something special to look forward to.

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2010 Christmas Gift Guide for the Spa Lover

Do you have someone one your list this year who works a lot? Do you often suggest that they need to take some time off to enjoy themselves? If this sounds like someone one your Christmas list this year, then why not get them something to do with the spa. Just because you can’t get them to actually go out to a real spa doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy creating their own spa at home. It could be just the opposite, perhaps they love the spa. They just don’t always have the time or the money to get to a spa as much as they would like to, that’s where this gift guide will come in handy.

Bath & Body Invigoration $30

If you’re looking for the ultimate spa kit, then you have found it. This wonderful kit contains everything you could need to pamper yourself. All of the products found in this gift set are made from Burt’s Bees. Everything comes packed inside a neat little compact sauna bucket. Inside this sauna bucket will include: Soap bark, chamomile deep cleansing cream, milk & shea Butter body wash, hand salve, peppermint foot lotion, radiance day cream with royal jelly, lemon butter cuticle cream, grapefruit & sugar beet shampoo and lip balm. Along with these great products you will also receive a pumice stone, a loofah, nail brush, massaging brush and a hair brush. This is the perfect gift for any spa lover.

Bath & Body Splish Splash Gift Set $30

If your looking for something that’s a little cheaper then the above but still much need then this is the perfect gift. All of these products are packed inside a cute dark purple bath tub. Inside the tub you will find dark kiss shower gel, dark kiss body lotion, dark kiss fragrance mist, dark kiss triple moisture body cream and a small sponge.

Bamboo Bath Caddy $44

If your spa lover already has a lot of lotions, loofahs and everything else then you probably won’t want to get them more of that to add to their collection. Instead why not get them something to hold their items while they are inside the bath tub. This bath caddy is made from bamboo. The bamboo has steel arms that hook onto the bathtub keeping it supported above the water. The tray has soap holder, wine glass holder and a fold away book support for those that like to read while in the tub.

Aromatherapy Stress Relief Large Gift Set $45

Aromatherapy is something that a lot of people love and they say Eucalyptus and spearmint are the best for that. That’s why this gift basket is a must have. This set will include: Body lotion, body wash, foam bath, wallflowers pluggable home fragrance diffuser set, massage oil and a pair of aloe & peppermint infused socks.

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2010 Celebrity Halloween Costume Idea; Many Looks of Lindsay Lohan

2010 celebrity costume parties should be quite interesting this year. Who’s hot and who’s not for a celebrity Halloween costume? Well, on top of the list has to be Lindsay Lohan, and from there you have other hot searches such as Tiger Woods, Justin Bieber, Mel Gibson, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and an old time favorite for Halloween Miley Cyrus.

Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Kayne West, Jon Gosselin, Octomom, Kate Gosselin, and Michelle and Barack Obama are out.

2010 Lindsay Lohan Costume Ideas

Lindsay has been a huge talk on the web ever since she was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violation of probation. But this hasn’t stopped Lohan from creating crazy fashion statements, especially for Halloween.

Wow! You can dress up wearing a nude catsuit with the SCRAM bracelet on, be a model prisoner, Complex Magazine cover girl dressed in a bustier and hooker boots, Lohan jailbird costume, Court costume, The Inferno Porn Queen, mug shot costume or for a funny celebrity couple costume dress up as Lindsay Lohan and Robert Shapiro. This will definitely get a lot of laughs and giggles at any party.

The ideas can work as a single celebrity costume idea, or turn it into a couple or group idea. For group costume, have one person dress up as Lindsay, and the rest of the girls can dress up as bar tenders. If males are involved they can be drug dealers or pimps. You can also have one girl be Lohan, and have a group of cops escorting you to each house in your fancy handcuffs.

Important Halloween Accessories Needed For 2010 Lohan Celebrity Costume

No matter which idea you choose, you need to have the MUST HAVE items such as a fake bottle of hard liqueur or Kombucha, which is a fermented tea that has a content level of 0.5. A blonde, black, or red Lohan hair wig. Preferably a blonde one if you are going with the latest Lindsay pictures.

Also you will need a pair of big fashion sunglasses, a short cropped leather jacket, homemade SCRAM bracelet, a small bag of flour to represent cocaine, soft neutral makeup, and a profane message on your nail.

Lindsay Lohan 2010 Jailbird Costume

Right now in fashion, orange is a very hot color trend, even for Lohan in jail. To make this simple costume, all you need is a Not Guilty Orange Convict Costume, pair of cheap handcuffs, black work boots, and either some ankle weights or the SCRAM bracelet.

To make a Robert Shapiro costume, wear a navy blue button down dress shirt, gray dress pants, gray and black sneakers, black belt, and a bald head. They sell latex flesh bald head masks for Halloween at many retailers online.

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