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2010 Graduation Songs: My Top Choices for 2010

Are you looking for a new graduation song for 2010 that is not played out like Graduation Song by Vitamin C? Looking for new songs can be a pain in the butt, because you want to find a song that is fresh, has great meaning, and can relate to your special day.

Are there any new songs for 2010 that can be used for a graduation song? Actually yes, you have Young Forever by Jay Z, A Place In This World by Taylor Swift, Lean on Me by The Glee Cast Version, When You Remember by Carrie Underwood, High School by John Mayer, Hot N Cold by Katie Perry, Remember Me by Hoostabank, Just Stand Up by Beyonce, and I Found A Way by Drake Bell.

Choosing a graduation song all depends on which style of music your class prefers. Pick a song that not only has meaning, but more of a slow beat. This way the words can be completely understood by all graduates and guests. Here are my top graduation songs for 2010. Some of these songs may be old, new, or in-between.

This Is Your Life by Switchfoot

I Had A Time by Embrace

Sweetest Goodbye by Maroon 5

The Last Song by All American Rejects

High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup

Running by Gwen Stefani

Remember Me by Bo Bice

My Generation by The Who

This Is The Time To Remember by Billy Joel

Time Is On My Side by John Mayer

On My Way by Phil Collins

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Make It Happen by Mariah Carey

Tuesday’s Gone by Metallica

Don’t Look Back by Boston

What Goes Around, Comes Around by Justin Timberlake

If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback

New Soul by Yael Naim

Fairewell To You by White Lion

Everybody’s Changing by Keane

Time Of My Life by David Cook

True Colors By Cyndi Lauper

Say Goodbye by S Club 7

Friends by Michael W. Smith

Goodbye by Night Ranger

I Will Remember You By Amy Grant

Live Your Life by Rihanna

Just Dance by Lady Gaga

Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Baz Luhrmann

Last Resort by Papa Roach

Really Gonna Miss You by Smokey Robinson

There you have what I feel would work great for any graduation. No matter if it’s for 8th grade, 12th grade, or college all of these songs will work very well.

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2010 Ford Focus XR5 Turbo Review

Now this is more like it. After driving the asthmatic but frugal Focus 1.6 the NZ$44,990 XR5 turbo is a breath of fresh air, or rather an intense rush of slipstream if you happen to have your head out of the window.

We all know the Focus has a brilliant chassis, and the problem with much of the range is that there just isn’t enough power to exploit the car’s abilities to corner with eye watering g-forces. Now Ford has inserted the five cylinder turbocharged 2.5 litre engine donated by Volvo, with a whopping 166kW of power – and it still isn’t enough.

That might sound harsh, but what we have here is one of, if not the, most balanced hatchback on the market today. Sure the Mazda3 MPS has more power but show it a wet road and it suddenly decides to go all wobbly at the front as the tyres reach their limits.

The XR5 on the other hand is just powerful enough to be a rather quick car, and has enough control to allow you to place the car exactly where you want on the road, regardless of the conditions.

And it’s all done to a wonderfully gruff off beat, odd cylinder count noise that reminds you of the old Audi quattros. Of course there’s no four wheel drive, but then again this car doesn’t need it. In fact, the even quicker Focus RS being developed in Europe remains front wheel drive thanks to suspension design and very good limited slip differential.

But back in the Focus XR5, it’s a comfortable place to be. The seats grip you just hard enough without being constraining and the steering wheel and driver’s seat are so adjustable almost anyone can get comfortable behind the wheel.

The close ratio six speed manual gearbox initially feels a little too loose and inaccurate, but once you’ve got the hang of it it’s easy to slam through the gear ratios and keep the engine on the boil, which isn’t that hard anyway because there’s plenty of torque across the rev range – the result of starting with a big displacement motor in the first place.

The only thing that really holds the Focus XR5 back is that it’s a four seater for some odd reason, or at least the one I drove was. Essentially the same car can be had with a less powerful engine and five seatbelts so I can’t understand why the lack of a centre seatbelt.

Another feature which falls firmly into the gimmick slot is the keyless start. You press a button on the dashboard to start and stop the engine, but you still have to pull the key fob out of your pocket to lock and unlock the car. It would be much better to also have buttons on the door handles that lock and unlock the car. If it can be done on the likes of the Nissan Micra, it should be possible in a Focus.

Small concerns at the end of the day though, as the Focus XR5 is by one of the most fun cars I’ve driven in years.

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2010 Ford Fusion - Mid Sized Sedan of the Future

The Ford Fusion has a lot of options for interior and interior design, as well as many safety features and offers that makes it one of the nation’s favorite mid size vehicles. For a mid size sedan, the Ford Fusion gets the best fuel economy and is even available as a Hybrid, to further rescue your wallet and the world. This environment friendly and budget friendly car is one of the best on the market, and offers all of the great high tech safety and entertainment features you have come to expect from Ford.

Just how fuel efficient is the Ford Fusion 2010? It offers up to 34 highway miles per gallon, making it have one of the best fuel economies that money can buy. So it is true, you will save money on gas every time you fill up at the pump with the new Ford Fusion. Over the years, it might even pay for itself.

The Hybrid version of the Ford Fusion 2010 is even better, with up to 41 highway miles to the gallon. Every drop of gasoline counts, and you should be fill up less often and spend less money every time you hit the gas station. Maybe now is the time for you to go green with the Hybrid Ford Fusion 2010! You will be glad you did.

The exterior of the mid size Ford Fusion 2010 comes in blue, silver, red, and a few other modern colors. Just the exterior gives off the appearance of a high quality, futuristic vehicle. This stylish ride is everything an awesome car needs to be.

The Ford Fusion 2010 will master the road and create a first impression of sleekness and style. And what about the interior? An eco friendly material covers the seats, an improvement from last year’s model. Many things have changed since the Ford Fusion 2009, and you will love it.

The 2010 Ford Fusion is for anyone who is used to luxury, or simply deserves it. The safety features of the Ford Fusion are unbeatable, with voice activated navigation available as well as accident prevention technology.

A rear view camera and reverse sensing system are also safety options that can help you breath easier during your trip. You can also get SYNC, which allows you to access music from your mp3 player. With the Ford Fusion 2010, you can finally have whatever you want.

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2010 Graco Baby Strollers Recall Largest in History; Recall List Included

A recall list of Graco Baby strollers has been issued by Graco and the CPSC. The Graco Baby strollers on the recall list are all posted at the end of this article, with this quickly becoming the most massive recall of strollers we have seen. The estimate is that nearly 1.5 million Graco Baby strollers are affected by this recall list, so make sure to double check your model numbers against the list we have provided to ensure that your baby isn’t riding in a stroller that could compromise their safety.

The recall announcement of all these Graco Baby strollers is being made by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in conjunction with Graco, who is voluntarily recalling all of the affected strollers. The danger of these strollers is that an uncovered hinge on the canopy can cause injury to toddler’s fingers with a reported seven severe injuries taking place so far. The Graco Baby strollers that are directly affected at the Graco Passage, Alano, and Spree Strollers that are in the product model list below.

The recall isn’t as intense as some current recalls are, but it is a needed fix to these Graco Baby strollers to help increase their safety level. The small issue though, is that customers are required to fix the stroller themselves. Graco has a Web site and phone number set up in order to allow people to order a repair kit. Then the consumer is responsible for putting the kit on the stroller themselves. It’s a cheap solution for Graco, and hopefully enough users of these strollers are able to receive the repair kits before another injury occurs.

One of those current recalls is on Tylenol, Benadryl, and Motrin Products, which have had a chemical placed in them that could make the user sick. We have also linked to an article about that situation on the second page for those parents that might not have hear about the problems associated with the massive 2010 Tylenol Recall that is going on.

If you are looking for the model number on your stroller, it is located on the lower inside portion of the rear frame above the rear wheels. Upon learning that model number you can go to their web site or call the 1-800 number that they have provided and we have listed at the end of this article.

Graco Baby Strollers Recall List

Models Affected:

6303MYC, 6303MYC3, 6320IVY, 6320LAU, 6330CAP, 6330THR, 6330THR3, 6F00QIN3, 6F00RRY3, 6F03GLN3, 6G10CSE3, 7235GGA, 7235GGA2, 7236CDR2, 7237HOL2, 7237HOL3, 7240DNB, 7240DNB2, 7240MKL2, 7240MKL3, 7241DDH2, 7241DHO3, 7255CLP, 7255CLP2, 7255CRA2, 7255CRA3, 7255CSA3, 7255GPK3, 7255GRN, 7255GRN2, 7255JJB3, 7255ORC2, 7255WLO2, 7255WLO3, 7256CLO2, 7256SPM2, 7256SPM3, 7260BAN, 7260BAN2, 7260BAN3, 7260MRA2, 7260MRA3, 7260PKR, 7260PKR2, 7270BIA, 7270BIA2, 7E01JON2, 7E01JON3, 7F00LPE3, 7F00RSH3, 7F01FOR3, 7F02GLM3, 7F04TAY3, 7F07EMA3, 7F08DSW3, 7F08LAN3, 7G00DLS3, 7G00DLS4, 7G01CRL3, 7G04KRA3, 7G05GPR3, 7G06WSR3, 7G07ABB3, 7G07BAT3.

Graco Contact Information:

Phone: 1-800-345-4109

Web Site

Tylenol Recall Information

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2010 FIFA World Cup: Switzerland Beats Spain for First Time Ever

Switzerland shocked the world by beating heavily favored Spain 1-0 in their opening match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

They say every dog has its day, right?

The Swiss won playing excellent defense and capitalizing on that one chance that the underdog looks for in a match. Gelson Fernandes dribbled into the box and eventually put it past Spanish keeper Iker Casillas in the 52nd minute. It certainly wasn’t the prettiest goal but, just like the U.S., the Swiss will take it.

Though Spain lost, they dominated play, possessing the ball 74 percent of the time and launching 25 shots, five on-goal, compared to Switzerland’s nine shots, two on-goal. Spain also had 12 corner kicks to Switzerland’s three. By all accounts, they should have blown Switzerland out of the water. But, sometimes, things don’t happen like you expect.

The highlight of Spain’s frustration was a picture-perfect blast off the post from Xabi Alonso in the 70th minute.

The loss does not put Spain out of the running to make the round of 16, but statistics are not in their favor to win the tournament. No team in World Cup history has ever won it all after losing their first game. Argentina came closest in 1990, when they lost in the Final after losing to Cameroon in their first match.

Spain will need to regroup before their next match against Honduras on June 21. Anything less than a win, and they will be in serious trouble in the standings, and with their fans who have to be extremely disappointed with the result against the Swiss. Their national team had won 27 of its past 28 matches, its only loss to the United States in the 2009 Confederations Cup. Even more, they had not lost to a European squad in 37 matches.

The defeat was Switzerland’s first ever against Spain. They had gone 0-15-3 previously.

If the Swiss manage to make it to the round of 16, they will look back at this game as the one that did, in fact, change everything.


“World Cup Match Results: Switzerland vs Spain – FIFA World Cup 2010”, ESPN

Tom Timmermann, “FINAL: Switzerland 1, Spain 0 !!”, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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2010 Horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a Fire sign and you can sometimes be impulsive. Now on the plus side, this can, at times, lead to you achieving goals others were too hesitant to start out on. However, I must caution you Sagittarius. For the start of 2010 is a time when a look-before-you-leap approach is strongly recommended. Think before you act.

Plan well ahead and always consider the possible consequences of your actions. Your mood will be unusually ambitious and aspiring in 2010 but this could lead to disappointment. Generally, you should be prepared to face a few challenges before things start going your way.

Sagittarius 2010 Horoscope

Now your thoughts, as the year begins, will take you back to the past when you might start to wonder whether certain memories are a little distorted. The only way to find out is by discussing this with others who were involved to see if they remember it the same way as you do. There is something on your mind and in order to move forward, it seems as if you will need to sort out something that’s bugging you from the past.

Sagittarius, during the first three months of the year, you’ll be amazed at your progress when it hardly seems as if you have made that much of an effort. And because you will enjoy working on certain jobs and accepting new challenges, they haven’t been a chore at all.

In the spring, you shouldn’t be too quick to turn down someone’s offer even if this is a person you don’t know very well. They may mention a club or society that they want you to join and this could be an ideal opportunity to widen your social circle.

I also think that news received at the end of March will make you feel like the cat that got the cream. Your good fortune may however be as a result of someone else’s bad luck and this will, in a way, mar the overall excitement of the occasion.

Sagittarius Astrology Predicitons 2010

Far away places will strongly appeal in July when the Sun is in the travel sector of your chart. A holiday will be a strong attraction and you might be tempted to travel on the spur of the moment. This may mean putting back plans already made for the middle of the year but if you don’t feel like getting on with them, why bother?

Career gets the priority in August but this may make it difficult to carry out all responsibilities at home. You will have to put your keen Sagittarius mind to work and think of some ways to make domestic life less complicated. – This might be the case too, if you are trying to divide your time between two families.

In September, the Sun will be in your social sector and you should accept any invitation that gives you the chance to have a little fun. It won’t be good idea to make any rigid plans for this busy time of the year otherwise you could miss out on other opportunities that come your way unexpectedly.

Moving on to the last quarter of 2010 and this will be a time to devote yourself to a private and very special project. There may be some thoughts about making new starts but you will want to get your head around all the pros and cons before you bring such ideas out into the open.

You might be tempted to pull out of some social arrangements but think about how others will react. if you leave them in the lurch, you might not be offered a similar opportunity. In fact, you could gain yourself a reputation of being irresponsible.- In September and October too, the people around you will be an important factor of your life.

2010 Predicitons for Sagittarians

As November begins, you might sense some contention in the air and you’ll be stuck right in the middle of all that’s going on. There may be some worry that the person you least want is going to come out the victor. Now if there is any way that YOUR support might ensure this doesn’t happen, this is the time to offer it to the other side. Because of this, you could find yourself working alongside someone you never imagined you would get on very well with. And this, could be the start of a beautiful friendship or a romance, if you’re single.

A hectic and demanding year will give way to a more relaxing time in December. As 2010 ends, a partnership matter will come to a head when joint decisions are made and you start moving forward more decisively.

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2010 Kentucky Senate Race: Rand Paul vs. Jack Conway

Kentucky has been a reliable Republican state in the Senate, with Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnell leading the way. However, Bunning dropped out of running for a third term, and he would have had a hard time winning if he did run. With his seat open, Republicans have to rely on an already divisive figure to keep it. They thought early on that Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson would win the nomination, but libertarian Rand Paul rose up to take the spot in the May 18 primary.

Yet despite some notable controversy, Paul is looking like a solid bet over Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway. Paul’s messages have certainly caught on with a section of Republican voters, and now they may be enough to win over the whole state.

Candidates for Kentucky’s Senate seat (six-year term)

Candidate: Rand Paul

Party: Republican

Political experience: Paul is in his first general election, as he is an outsider to the system. But he is a lifelong Republican, although he is classified most often as a libertarian. His father is Ron Paul, once a presidential candidate, U.S. House representative and libertarian firebrand.

Professional experience: Paul is better known in Kentucky as an ophthalmologist, as he owns his own practice in Bowling Green. According to his website, Paul has won numerous awards from Lions Clubs International, which gives eyeglasses to the less fortunate. He formed the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic in 1995, and has participated in the Children of the Americans Program.

Politically, Paul founded the Kentucky Taxpayers United group in 1993, a non-partisan group which rates elected officials’ voting record on tax issues.

Key issues: Paul has been passionate about lowering taxes, halting federal bailouts, fighting inflation, strengthening national defense and the 2nd Amendment, and using free market principles for health care. He also argues for more transparency on the Federal Reserve and against abortion and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Endorsements: Sarah Palin, Dr. James Dobson, Freedom Works, the National Tea Party Movement, Steve Forbes, and the Guns Owners of America have pledged their support.

Chances of winning the Senate seat: Although Paul was not on the political radar at the beginning of last year, he has been swept into the favorite position in this race. As of Sept. 7, Rasmussen Reports had Paul up by 15 points over Conway. This has come in spite of some controversial incidents, in which Paul questioned parts of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and said that President Obama’s criticism of BP sounded “un-American”

The Tea Party and the new tide of Republican supporters have embraced Paul, however, and could sweep him toward a victory. Because Paul has already survived criticism over his statements, there may not be much left that could derail him now.

Candidate: Jack Conway

Party: Democrat

Political experience: Conway has been Kentucky’s Attorney General since 2007. According to his website, Conway has increased Medicaid recoveries by 600 percent, recovered more than $100 million in pharmaceutical costs for taxpayers, created a Cybercrimes Unit to fight child predators and reduced costs in his own office by 26 percent.

Before he was attorney general, Conway was an aide on the U.S House Banking Committee from 1991 to 1997, then served as deputy cabinet secretary and general counsel to Gov. Paul Patton, from 1996 to 2001. There, he helped develop a higher education reform bill that drastically improved Kentucky’s educational standards. Afterward, he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002, but lost the 3rd District vote to Republican incumbent Anne Northup.

Professional experience: Conway put himself through night law school at the University of Louisville, and taught history at Fairdale High School. He has an undergraduate degree in public policy from Duke University, along with a law degree from George Washington University.

Key issues: Conway proposes an economic plan that will create 731,000 jobs nationwide, and nearly 11,000 in Kentucky alone. To reduce the deficit, he has a plan to save $430 billion over the next 10 years, without any tax raises. He has pledged to fight for Wall Street reform, close tax code loopholes and offshore tax shelters, and to make pharmaceutical companies lower the cost of prescription drugs. In addition, Conway plans to expand prescription drug coverage for seniors and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.

Endorsements: Lt. Gov Mongiardo endorsed Conway after he beat him in the Democratic primary, although it took him weeks to do so. The Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police has also endorsed him, due to his work against cybercrime and prescription drug abuse.

Chances of winning the Senate seat: According to most polls, Conway has a long way to go in defeating Paul. He is down by double digits in many projections, and Democrats have not won a Kentucky Senate race in many years. However, Conway’s website points to polls in which he and Paul are in a statistical dead heat, according to the Benenson Strategy Group, Opinion Research Corp and Anzalone-Liszt Research. But to make the other polls reflect that, Conway must get a surge of momentum, or hope that Paul gets himself into more trouble.

Key differences: Conway has formed a website called “Rand Waffles” in which he accuses Paul of flip-flopping on issues like balancing the budget, term limits, Veterans benefits and many other core principles.

Nevertheless, Paul still argues that the debt can be solved by strengthening the dollar and increasing Federal Reserve transparency, while Conway stresses fighting Medicare waste, pharmaceutical companies and tax loopholes. They both oppose federal bailouts, although Conway accuses Paul of going back on his word to not take money from pro-bailout senators.

Last results: The last time this seat was contested, Republican Jim Bunning won re-election over Democrat Daniel Mongiardo in 2004, although it was by just one percentage point. In 2008, Republican Mitch McConnell won his own re-election, over Democrat Bruce Lunsford by five percentage points. No Kentucky Democrat has served in the Senate since Senator Wendell Ford retired in 1998.

Demographics: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Kentucky is 89.6 percent white, 7.9 percent African American, 2.7 percent Hispanic, and 1.1 percent Asian and biracial.

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2010 Great American Beer Festival: What to Expect in Denver

Going to the 29th Annual Great American Beer Festival (GABF) from September 16th through the 18th, or just wish you were since it’s already sold out and you haven’t bought tickets yet? Here is a who’s who, what’s what and how to get around in and around the festival.

The Great American Beer Festival (site): A massive competition and beer tasting extravaganza hosting more than 450 breweries for a total of 2,200 different brews; the largest collective of American brews in one place, ever.

Started in 1982, the Great American Beer Festival has always been held in Colorado (skipping from Boulder to Denver over the years), one of America’s tastiest hotbed for microbreweries. This year you’ll be experiencing (or would have experienced) the madness from the Colorado Convention Center.

Traveling There: If you’re driving or renting a vehicle, allow for extra time to and from the Colorado Convention Center. Near Speer Boulevard and Colfax Avenue city planners fumbled the ball by squishing the Convention Center and all of Denver’s major stadiums close enough together to create San Francisco gridlock on I-25, Colfax, Speer, Colorado Blvd or any of the major thoroughfares surrounding the Convention Center.

Places to Stay: Hotels? Two things. First, if you haven’t already reserved your spot at one of the big name hotels (remembering to mention to the customer service rep that you’re attending the GABF), then you’re probably out of luck. Second, I’m a cheapskate and wouldn’t be caught dead paying $200 a night for some hard bed that smells like an old lady.

Hostels, however, cost tons less, are almost always available, and the accommodations are similar to, if not better than hotels (because who ever has time to spend lounging at a hotel pool anyway?). There are several hostels in the Denver area. The AAE 11th Avenue Hostel has private rooms for less than $50 and will give you all sorts of info on what you can do when you’re not actually in the Convention Center.

Other Things To Do: The GABF is only in the afternoon and evenings. That leaves at least three mornings and mid-afternoons to find yourself bored.

16th Street Mall: Awesome strip of shops from tourist shops to an ESPN and a Hard Rock Cafe. Its a clean strip designed for walking or taking the free trolleys that dart from one end to the other. Street performers are almost always out and about during the summer months as well.

Tokyo Joe’s (site): The best darn Americanized Japanese stir-fry fast food you can get in a bowl. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It can get pricey for fast food, but you will never leave hungry and the service is never below amazing. And, though they are only in Denver and its suburbs, there’re as common in the city as Starbucks.

Denver Zoo (site)or Botanic Gardens (site): Again, I’m cheap. But if you’ve got about $12 bucks per person burning a hole in your beer-soaked jeans, you have to go to either or both of these hot spots. Family oriented of course. The Denver Zoo is one of the better. I’ve been to Denver, Milwaukee, and Chicago to name just a few, Denver Zoo’s set up is fun and easy to get around. The Botanic Gardens are not as cool as Milwaukee’s Conservatory Domes and twice as expensive, but serene and beautiful all its own.

Beers To Be On the Look Out For: Anything from New Belgium. If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that gets Fat Tire, lucky you. If not, move! Fort Collins Brewery has never put out a bad brew. Lefthand Brewery’s Milk Stout and Blackjack Porter are by far my favorite thick beers.

Pumpkin Beer is one of many new categories. Look to Lakefront to probably walk home with this award. Their Pumpkin is not only legendary, its distilled by Great Lakes Distillery into the distillery’s fastest selling flavored malt whisky.

A disappointing absence is Estes Park Brewing. They do the only Blueberry Wheat beer that I’ve found and actually tastes like real blueberry.

Whether you’re enjoying a cold one at home wondering what your next brew should be or whether you’re standing in the cornucopia of beers at the GABF coming up, the beer is bound to be fantastic and the the winners out of this world. Welcome to Denver!

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2010 Horoscope for Geminis

First of all as the year begins, when offered the chance to join forces with others on a venture that holds a lot of appeal, look into the costs before you go any further. There is more to consider than the simple fact that this is something you have always wanted to do. At the same time, if you are determined to reach certain goals, you WILL find away to succeed. No matter what the obstructions.

In February, Mars in your third house encourages you to make new friends and meet different people. You might realise you’re spending too much time with the same folk and relationships start to get a bit stale. You need to mix with unfamiliar faces, talk to strangers and make new friends. Joining a club or society might be the key.

Gemini 2010

There is some emphasis on money matters during the first half of the year and this suggests that you WILL see an increase in earnings. OK, as the year begins, expenses will be high and you might not feel very lucky when it comes to money. But between March and June, you will see a definite improvement in this area.

Towards the end of June, you may have to find some extra cash to buy an unexpected gift or donate to a worthy cause. The situation will have cropped up suddenly but you won’t begrudge the expense.

Family relationships could be a little strained in July. Hold back your thoughts when someone says something that annoys you. This person might be an in-law or older member of the family and you don’t like what you read between the lines but this is not the right time to confront them. I actually get the impression that there may be some big changes in the life of a close relative around this time of the year. Somehow, these changes could affect you, although not so drastically, too.

Still on the first half of the year and Mars continues through your solar third house encouraging you to use your mind to improve your status or qualifications. Take up a training course, enrol on a new study course. You could be surprised at how much pleasure and satisfaction there will be through learning anything new.

Around the time of the new moon in August, others will be glad of your quick thinking. You’ll be able to help out in a mini crises and Gemini, even you could be surprised when you didn’t know you had it in you. – Sometimes it takes a certain set of circumstances to bring out your hidden qualities.

Gemini Year Ahead 2010

Family and friends start to see the more cheerful side of your nature in the summer. You will be in the mood to relax and have fun and a matter that has caused you some anxiety in the past is resolved. It’s a time too when any emotional wounds from earlier in the year will be starting to heal.

One of the reasons why you will be feeling so positive in September, is because you will start to see results of your past hard work. The pressure will now start to ease and you can look forward to having more chance to relax in the future.

Emphasis is on your opposite sign in November. Gemini, the deeper you dig into a matter that is causing some problems in a partnership, the more uncertain you will start to feel. If you feel someone is keeping something from you, tell them so. Relationships need trust to last. Start by being honest yourself. The end of the year will be a great time to work at deepening the bonds of your most intimate relationships.

As the year ends, a sociable mood will surround you and this will match your own happy spirits. You’ll be mixing with those you can be relaxed with and if you happen to drop your guard and say too much, you can trust them not to spill any secrets.

Gemini 2010 Astrology

Also in December an old friend – someone you won’t have seen at all earlier in 2010 – might contact you via e-mail or ‘phone call. They may offer an invitation or opportunity. Whichever it is, it will give you something exciting to anticipate for the start of 2011.

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2010 Grammy Fashion Recap: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Fergie and More

Ryan Seacrest, Jay Manuel and Giuliana Rancic hosted E! network’s “Live From The Red Carpet: The 2010 Grammy Awards” Sunday evening, and gave us a fun sneak-peek at Grammy night fashion before the big awards show!

‘Glee’ starlet, Lea Michele, a presenter at tonight’s Grammy’s, expressed her excitement on meeting Ryan Seacrest and working on her hit show in a black-but-bubbly, one-shouldered Romona Keveza frock that featured a flirty, feathered skirt.

Funny lady, Kathy Griffin, playfully bantered for a bit with Seacrest in a pale yellow Carolina Herrera mermaid gown, with her shock of red hair under-styled nicely in loose waves. Kathy Griffin is up for a ‘Best Comedy Album’ Grammy for her release, “Suckin’ It For The Holidays”.

Giuliana Rancic also got to chat up Ms Griffin, who gushed about her nomination, “This is a big deal for me!” When Giuliana asked Griffin how she maintains her shapely and toned figure, the diva Ms. Griffin responded “Frustration and starvation” are keeping her fit!

“General” Larry Platt made a rather lacking (sorry, General…but its over) musical appearance on the Grammy’s red carpet, performing his now-viral number, “Pants On The Ground”, with a fistful of belts in his hands. Yawn.

Rapper Common looked dapper in a gray, tailored suit, crisp white shirt and scarlet scarf that featured white polka-dots. As Common spoke with Giuliana about some of his peers, he described Kanye West as “misunderstood”, “a great friend”, and as having “a great heart”.

Jessica Simpson could be seen looking healthy and toned on the 2010 Grammy Red Carpet in a bright-white, ultra-fitted strapless mini-dress. Fitted mini-dresses were a fairly common theme for ladies throughout the evening. Strapless, one-shouldered and other shoulder-baring looks also ruled the evening, though a few female stars opted for long-sleeved ensembles.

Giuliana caught up with musician Harry Connick Jr., and his wife, who were using the Grammy’s as a “date night” away from their typical parenting duties. The Connicks’ wore all black and their fashion impact fell flat, overall.

Pop sensation and new daddy, Ricky Martin, looked sleek and styled in a fitted leather jacket, black button-down and skinny black tie. Martin sported a bit of sexy facial scruff and freshly buzzed hair as he spoke with Ryan Seacrest.

Indie rock scene brats (who actually seem rather polite), MGMT, spoke with Giuliana about their Best New Artist nomination for tonight’s Grammy Awards. The band donned plaid and geometrically-patterned suits, tussled hair, and their best game face for the evening’s festivities.

Giuliana also spoke briefly with the guys in the Zac Brown Band, who are Grammy nominees also in the running for the Best New Artist award.

Lady Gaga appeared at the 2010 Grammy Awards heavily made-up and in stunning translucent-gothic-fairy fashion, with an industrial-feeling, completely over-the-top white gown and shockingly yellow-blonde faux locks, teased BIG, to complete her statement. Her gown featured a tight bodice around her tiny waist, what looked like structured ribbons of, well, ribbon, encircling her body. The construction of the gown featured daringly-angled hoop skirts which appeared as if they were made of spun sugar. Even as Gaga stood fully upright, her sugar-coated skirts of cosmic-crazy just about showed her, um, little monster, to anyone who dared to look.

Lady Gaga carried a “star burst” prop of the same shimmering, space-age material that her dress was composed of, and wore dangerously high, platform heels. The result? Lady Gaga’s Grammy look was what one might expect if an episode of both “Ace Of Cakes” and “Project Runway” collided with a third-grade class re-construction of the solar system in 3-D, with just a touch of pin-up porn appeal. In other words, exactly what we would expect.

Ryan Seacrest met up briefly with Katy Perry, who disappointed in a dowdy-looking Zac Posen frock. Her dress looked like a figure-skater’s nude-bodysuit with gold-appliqué flowers stuck on randomly.

Fergie, of The Black-Eyed Peas, wore a cute, sapphire-blue mini-dress, which featured an asymmetrical line of gold embellishment that ran strikingly across her body.

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