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2010 Little League World Series Schedule; Day 6 of Little League World Series Schedule Ready

The 2010 Little League World Series schedule heads to day 6 on Wednesday. The Little League World Series schedule has already been extremely exciting, providing five great days of Little League Baseball over the weekend, and now we have only a few games left before the championships. The 2010 Little League World Series Schedule for day 6 has three games on Wednesday, August 25, with a consolation game and several key match-ups in the schedule.

Tuesday night had some exciting finishes, including Washington beating Connecticut 9-5. It kept Washington alive, but eliminated Connecticut from play.

Then there was Japan, which beat Mexico for the second time, and did so with great pitching and defense. Japan won Pool C over in the International side of things, and now awaits the winner of Pool D to decide the International champion. Washington will now play Texas to decide who advances from Pool B, Latin America (Panama) beat Canada to set up a game against Chinese Tai Pei for the Pool D title, and Georgia awaits the winner of Ohio vs. Hawaii now to decide the Pool A title. The semi-finals are almost ready at the 2010 Little League World Series, and that puts us right on the doorstep of learning which team will go home with the World Series title this year.

2010 Little League World Series Schedule (Day 5 — Tuesday, August 24)

New Jersey 10 — Saudi Arabia 0

Panama 4 — Canada 2

Texas 6 — Ohio 0

Japan 3 — Mexico 0

Washington 9 — Connecticut 5

2010 Little League World Series schedule (Day 6, August 25)

Ohio vs. Hawaii — 1 p.m. PST on ESPN

Chinese Tai Pei vs. Panama — 3 p.m. PST on ESPN

Texas vs. Washington — 5 p.m. PST on ESPN



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2010 Honda Civic Sedan Review

I purchased a 2010 Honda Civic Sedan in January and honestly it’s okay, but no gold star. I’d been a loyal Nissan customer for years and decided to try something a little different this go ’round. I’ve had 3 Nissan Sentras and a Nissan Altima and I’ve driven a Nissan Pathfinder many times.

I was expecting a Honda in the low-end price range to at least “feel” as good as my Nissan Sentra, but it doesn’t, but maybe that’s just a me thing.

Okay, so I get my Honda Civic home only to find out the gas mileage is not great. I’ve read some reviews that say the gas mileage is exceptional, but not mine. Then again, I do mostly local driving and very little highway driving.

Maybe it’s just me, but the exterior of this car feels cheap, but I guess in the low-end price range, I got what I paid for.

Twice the panel over the front left wheel has popped up and almost off for no reason (no, I didn’t hit anything). I had to snap it back into place.

I find the drive of this car somewhat sluggish and the acceleration is not great. Don’t even think about pulling out onto a busy highway into traffic unless you’ve got a whole lot of leeway. This car also does not like hills, so if you live in San Francisco or some other hilly terrain, don’t even think about it. It also has several blind spots in the front and back.

On the upside, it’s a decent-looking car – a bit non-descript, but decent nonetheless. It has a nice dashboard that’s user-friendly and it’s comfortable with a good-sized back seat and reasonable trunk space. It handles well in the snow and it’s relatively easy to handle overall as far as steering and control go. The interior is roomy and I’m tall for a female (5’9″). I’ve had people in the car up to 6’3″ and they were comfortable also.

Whenever I come to a slow stop in this car, the brakes make this annoying rumbling sound as if I’m driving over cobblestones. None of the other cars I’ve owned ever made that noise with or without anti-lock brakes.

The radio and speakers are okay. No complaints there. I wasn’t expecting a Bose System.

This car is also missing common features which come standard and free in most cars in the same price range ($15,000 to $25,000). I know, I know…it’s a cheap car.

The reason I purchased it was the price, Honda’s reputation and the fact that it had a good crash test rating.

The front end of this car is a bit low, so you’ve got to be cautious when going in and out of driveways or over ramps.

Obviously, I’m not expecting to have the quality, features and grace of a Lamborghini, but sheesh.

I want my Nissan back! Well, I really want a Lamborghini Gallardo, but I’m being realistic.

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2010 Grammy Awards Honor Michael Jackson with Lifetime Achievement Grammy

The 2010 Grammy Awards not only reminded us of all the great music that hit the airwaves and music stores last year, but it also reminded us of something we lost — Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. The 2010 Grammy Awards honored the pop legend with a 3-D tribute of a never before seen mini-movie that would have been included in his fall “This Is It Tour.” The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences bestowed upon Michael Jackson this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award and his children were there to accept it for him.

In a manner that belied his 12 years, Prince stepped the microphone after accepting the Grammy. “We would like to thank the fans. Our father loved you so much, because you were always there for him.”

“To all his songs, his message was simple, love,” Prince Michael told the audience at the Staples Center Sunday evening. “We will continue to spread his message and help the world.”

Paris, 11, followed her brother. “Daddy was supposed to be here…”

Michael Jackson’s children were part of a group of Jackson family cousins that wore black and stood behind them during the small speech. Each had on a red armband.

The presentation of the Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement came after the 3-D tribute that incorporated a recorded Michael Jackson performing his song “Earth Song,” accompanied by performances by Celine Dion, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Smokey Robinson and Jennifer Hudson.

It has only been seven months since Michael Jackson was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and pronounced dead from a cardiac arrest. A media firestorm ensued that ran the gamut of speculation as to how Michael Jackson died to where he might be eventually buried, from retrospectives about his storied life and portions of his career (both the good and the bad) to news pieces about his estate, his will, and what it all meant to his family.

In the intervening months, the estate was settled, the children went to live with Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, and a homicide investigation into Michael Jackson’s death resulted in charges of manslaughter being considered against his private doctor. In the music world that he was such a driving force within for so many years, sales of his albums and singles after his death skyrocketed, setting new records. “Thriller” became the #1 bestselling album of all time in the United States, surpassing the Eagles. His catalog of albums sold millions worldwide. And Sony distributed the film, “This Is It,” made from the footage of the rehearsals taking place in the Staples Center for his tour that was to be held in the fall, and saw it become the #1 movie in box office sales the week of its release. The soundtrack album would also top the charts in several countries, including the United States.

One thing remained certain: Michael Jackson was still the King of Pop.

For his four decades of contribution to the music industry, from his work as part of the Jackson 5 to his amazing success as a solo artist, the King of Pop was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the industry’s most prestigious organization Sunday evening. He was joined by six other music legends in receiving the Grammy Awards honor for 2010: Leonard Cohen, Loretta Lynn, Bobby Darin, Andre Previn, David “Honeyboy” Edwards, and Clark Terry.



“52nd Annual Grammy Awards,” CBS Television

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2010 Little League World Series Schedule; Day 4 of Little League World Series Schedule Ready

The 2010 Little League World Series schedule heads to day 4 on Monday. The Little League World Series schedule has already been extremely exciting, providing three great days of Little League Baseball over the weekend, and now we head into a full week of games. The 2010 Little League World Series Schedule for day 4 has five games on Monday, August 23, with a consolation game and several key match-ups in the schedule.

The first game of the day on Monday is between two teams that have already been eliminated from contention (Midwest vs. Europe) and serves as a consolation game for the two teams. They are both looking to emerge with their first win of the tournament, but hopefully both teams still have a lot of fun taking the field one last time to enjoy Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The Great Lakes vs. Southeast game could be the most interesting on Monday, as the two teams are looking to win the top bracket of pool play for United States Pool A. Both teams have nice offenses as well, so this could be an epic battle between Georgia and Ohio. Look for Monday to be an exciting day, as two of the games still involve undefeated teams at the 2010 Little League World Series.



Day 4 2010 Little League World Series Schedule

9 a.m. PST — Midwest vs. Europe

11 a.m. PST — Canada vs. Asia-Pacific

1 p.m. PST — Caribbean vs. Mexico

3 p.m. PST — Great Lakes vs. Southeast

5 p.m. PST — New England vs. Northwest



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2010 Heisman Trophy Contender Watch List

The 2010 Heisman Trophy candidates list is a bit longer and the race is a bit more wide open than in recent years.

But in what has become a trend in college football, a past winner could be the favorite again this time around on the Heisman Trophy watch list for 2010.

Here is a list of Heisman Trophy contenders as college football heads toward camp season.

Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

Last year’s winner and a Flint, Michigan native who went south to help Alabama win the title, Ingram has a slashing, punishing running style that reminds many of Emmitt Smith. He’s the favorite but Alabama could take away some carries this year to keep him fresh.

Terrelle Pryor, QB, Ohio State

The former all-world recruit needs to show more consistency and improve his passing a bit more but he has the overall skills to be the best offensive player in the Big Ten this season.

Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State

Each year it seems the mid-major schools gain more credibility, and Moore could score a big Heisman Trophy win this year if Boise goes undefeated and he continues to put up big numbers.

Case Keenum, QB, Houston

Another QB who will put up gigantic numbers this season. Voters could become swayed by his stats if none of the major conference Heisman Trophy watch list contenders step up and make big plays in big games this year.

Dion Lewis, RB, Pitt

The shifty sophomore had almost 2,000 yards from scrimmage last year and he could surprise and pass other Heisman Trophy contenders and candidates on the watch list this year if Pitt makes a run at a BCS game.

Source: USA Today 2010 College Football Guide

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2010 MLB Awards

It’s the end of the season, who should the award winners be this year? A number of the award races came down to the wire with some very tight races. The following are my picks for the American and National League MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year awards.

AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera

As the season wound down, two players came out as the favorites in the MVP discussion, Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers and Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. Statistically, they were in a dead heat to each other. Josh Hamilton finished first in batting average (.359), fifth in home runs (32), twelfth in RBIs (100), second in OBP (.411), first in SLG (.633), and first in OPS (1.044). Miguel Cabrera finished second in batting average (.328), third in home runs (38), first in RBIs (126), first in OBP (.420), second in SLG (.622), and second in OPS (1.042).

While you might want to give some edge to Miguel Cabrera on the stats, there are several other considerations to consider. First, Josh Hamilton plays more important defensive positions, as he regularly played left and sometimes center field compared to Miguel Cabrera’s regular play at first base. On the other hand, Josh Hamilton barely played in the month of September as he was recovering from an injury. It’s sometimes hard to give an MVP to someone that basically missed a month of the season. Ultimately, this factor is why I’m giving the edge to Miguel Cabrera in the MVP race and making him my top pick.

People may note that Joe Mauer won the MVP in 2009 despite similarly missing a month of the year. So why are we giving the nod to Miguel Cabrera over Josh Hamilton? While Josh Hamilton lead the league in OPS like Joe Mauer did in 2009, Joe Mauer didn’t just lead the league in OPS, he owned it. In 2009 he lead the AL with a 1.031 OPS, which was .70 points higher than second place Kevin Youkilis. Josh Hamilton lead the league in OPS by beating out Miguel Cabrera by only .02 points and only .49 points ahead of third place Jose Bautista. To win the MVP while missing a month of the year, you need to really dominate the MVP race to make up for the lost month.

NL MVP – Joey Votto

As I discussed in my mid-season awards article, it’s almost cliche to pick Albert Pujols for the MVP. He’s won 3 NL MVP awards over the last 5 years, and he’s come in second place 3 other times in his career. However, Albert Pujols should fall short to his central division rival Joey Votto this year.

Joey Votto finished in the top three of virtually every offensive category in the NL. He finished second in batting average (.324), third in home runs (37), third in RBIs (113), first in OBP (.424), first in SLG (.600), and first in OPS (1.024). How close was Albert Pujols to Joey Votto? Pretty damn close. He finished sixth in batting average (.312), first in home runs (42), first in RBIs (118), second in on OBP (.414), third in SLG (.596), and second in OPS (1.011). While Albert Pujols did have more home runs and RBIs, he did fall short to Joey Votto on batting average, OBP, SLG, and OPS. While this race was really close, you got to give the edge to Joey Votto. He gets bonus points for leading the Cincinnati Reds to their first post season birth in ten years. Another bonus point you can give Joey Votto is his consistency over the entire year. He had an OPS over 1.000 for 5 of the 6 months this year and never had a month with an OPS below .900. Albert Pujols had an OPS over 1.000 in only 3 months, having an OPS below .900 in one month.

For those wondering about where Carlos Gonzalez is in this discussion, the answer is he shouldn’t be. Offensively he was near the top of most major offensives categories. He finished first in batting average (.336), fourth in home runs (34), second in RBIs (117), fourteenth in OBP (.374), second in SLG (.598), and third in OPS (.974). Those numbers are certainly great. While they aren’t enough to challenge Votto or Pujols for the MVP, normally folks would think it should put him in the picture. However, these statistics don’t tell the entire story. Carlos Gonzalez’s numbers were a definite product of playing at Coors Field. He had a 1.162 OPS at home, but a paltry .775 OPS on the road. That’s an OPS difference of .387 points. It’s hard to give Gonzalez MVP votes when he can’t play on the road. As a comparison, when Matt Holliday finished second in MVP voting in 2007, he had an OPS of 1.157 at home in Coors Field and .860 on the road. That’s still a significant spread of .297, but still not as as statistically biased as Carlos Gonzalez. As another comparison, when Larry Walker won the MVP in 1997, he had an OPS of 1.169 at home and a 1.176 OPS on the road.

AL Cy Young – Felix Hernandez

I have a bit of a confession to admit. In Felix Hernandez’s last start, I was secretly hoping that he would lose the game to fall to 12-13 for the year. I wanted it to be done to see if the Cy Young voters would still be brave enough to select Felix Hernandez for the Cy Young award despite having a losing record for the year (not to mention only 12 wins). Alas, he won his last start and finished with a 13-12 record. With the exception of wins, Felix Hernandez finished with the lead or close to the lead in virtually every other pitching category in the AL. He finished first with a 2.27 ERA, first with 249.2 innings pitched (12 more than second place CC Sabathia), a close second in strikeouts (1 less than Jered Weaver’s 233), second to Cliff Lee in WHIP, second in complete games, and first in quality starts. While there were great years by others such as Jered Weaver, David Price, and CC Sabathia, Felix Hernandez was clearly above the pack. It’s unfortunate that many Cy Young voters will not be able to look at anything besides the win column, because Felix Hernandez clearly deserves the Cy Young.

NL Cy Young – Roy Halladay

A number of pitchers had great years in the NL, however there are really only three candidates to consider for the NL Cy Young award. They are Roy Halladay, Adam Wainwright, and Ubaldo Jimenez. Josh Johnson, who lead the league in ERA, really isn’t under consideration with only 183.2 innings pitched for the year. Some may wonder why Ubaldo Jimenez should be in the discussion. While his overall numbers aren’t in the class of Adam Wainwright and Roy Halladay, he did pitch half of his games in Coors Field, so it is worth considering how he performed when he was away from Coors Field.

Lets first take a look at Roy Halladay and Adam Wainwright. They are neck and neck in virtually every pitching category. Adam Wainwright finished with a slightly better ERA to Roy Halladay (2.42 vs 2.44), while Roy Halladay had a slightly better WHIP (1.04 vs 1.05), a few more strikeouts (219 vs 213), and he did have one extra win (21 vs 20). Both had the same number of quality starts at 25.

Ubaldo Jimenez finished the year with 19 wins, 2.88 ERA, 214 strikeouts, 1.15 WHIP, and 25 quality starts. However, lets take a look at just his road stats. On the road, he a 2.63 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP. Those numbers definitely put him closer to Adam Wainwright and Roy Halladay’s numbers. If he didn’t pitched half of his games at Coors Field, it stands to reason he could have had a few more strikeouts and quality starts to lead the league in those categories, and perhaps make the contest even closer.

Ultimately, there’s one key differentiator that makes me give the award to Roy Halladay. Roy Halladay pitched an incredible 250.2 innings. That’s 20 innings more than Adam Wainwright’s 230.1 and 29 more than Ubaldo Jimenez’s 221.2. That’s over two full games more than Adam Wainwright and over three full games more than Ubaldo Jimenez. Performing at such a high level and being such a workhorse gives Roy Halladay that edge for the Cy Young award.

One might ask, if Ubaldo Jimenez had not pitched in Coors Field, could he have pitched more innings? No one will ever know for sure, but it’s doubtful. Jimenez actually averaged more innings per start at Coors Field than on the road (6.7 innings vs 6.6 innings).

AL Rookie of the Year – Neftali Perez

There were a number of good rookies this year in the AL. Austin Jackson had a solid rookie year, hitting .293, posting a .745 OPS, and played an incredible 151 games for the Detroit Tigers. Wade Davis and Brian Matusz both also had a solid rookie years for Tampa Bay and Baltimore. They posted 4.14 and 4.30 ERAs respectively and both pitched enough to qualify for the ERA title.

However, Neftali Perez of the Texas Rangers was the clear Rookie of the Year winner in the AL. Neftali Perez didn’t have just a good year as a closer, he was one of the best closers in the American League in 2010. In 69.1 innings, he had a 2.73 ERA, 40 saves, 71 strikeouts with only 18 walks, and a phenomenal 0.88 WHIP. How does that compare to the rest of the league? Amongst closers he had the third best WHIP, falling only behind Rafael Soriano and Mariano Rivera. He had the third most saves, only behind Rafael Soriano and Joakim Soria. Saves aren’t the greatest statistic in the world, since they matter so much on team. However, he had only 3 blown saves all year. That’s the best in the AL for any closer who had more than 17 saves during the year. His 69.1 innings pitched was also very impressive. That lead all AL closers who had atleast 8 saves.

NL Rookie of the Year – Jaime Garcia

Wow, the NL Rookie of the Year picture was far different than the AL one and far less clear. Amongst pitchers, you have one standout with Jaime Garcia of the St. Louis Cardinals. He finished the season with a 13-8 record and an amazing 2.70 ERA, that’s the fourth best ERA in the National League. That’s quite an accomplishment for a rookie, however, he only barely qualified for the ERA title with 163.1 innings pitched.

Amongst position players, there were a number of great rookies this year in the NL, but three separated themselves from the pack. Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants lead all NL rookies with an impressive .305 batting average, .505 slugging percentage, and .862 OPS. He did all this while handling 76 games behind the plate and helping the San Francisco Giants get into the playoffs. However, he only played four months out of the year. Jason Heyward of the Atlanta Braves played the majority of the year, had a .277 batting average, impressive .393 OBP, and .849 OPS. Starlin Castro just had enough at bats to qualify for the batting title and finished 10th in the batting race with a .300 average and a solid .755 OPS, all while playing over 120 games for the Chicago Cubs at shortstop.

As you can see from the above, it’s pretty hard to pick out the Rookie of the Year in the NL, as no clear candidate really stood out from the rest. The eventual tie breaker went to Jaime Garcia. He gets the nod for several reasons. First, he played the entire year for the St. Louis Cardinals, giving him extra points compared to Buster Posey and Starlin Castro. The second reason is his amazing 2.70 ERA. It’s one thing to be a rookie and have a good year such as Buster Posey, Jason Heyward, and Starlin Castro did. It’s simply another to rank fourth best in a major category such as ERA in the league.


“ESPN Statistics”, ESPN

“Baseball-Reference.com – Major League Baseball Statistics and History”, Baseball-Reference

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2010 Mazda CX-9: Best Crossover Vehicle in Its Class

Move over German crossover vehicles, you’ve got a competitor in town: the 2010 Mazda CX-9. While the brand may not evoke thoughts of luxury and ingenuity, jump into one of these masterpieces for a test drive and you’ll reconsider. From the sporty and sleek redesigned exterior to the upgraded interior materials from their flagship 2007 model to the smooth ride and tight steering, this car has got it all. It will transition from a functional family car to a sexy night on the town without missing a beat.

The Exterior
Based on Mazda’s press release on the 2010 CX-9, the model promises a bolder and more sophisticated design–indeed it has delivered. Since its silhouette looks strong and sturdy while maintaining a sleek flow throughout the body, it can easily be mistaken for a luxury brand name car. The side windows also are wide and wrap all around, enhancing the sleek flow, and also allowing for a clear view from inside the car, diminishing blind spots while creating a feel of airiness.

The Interior and the Drive
With the use of upgraded materials and subtle stitching for the leather seats, chrome accents, and smaller print on their dials, the interior feels rich and beautiful. Just like its exterior, it has a sleek flow. The second and third row has an economical pull and release feature that will allow the seats to flatten against the floor when you’re carrying cargo. According to Edmunds.com, with the second and third row folded flat, the car allows for up to 101 cubic feet of cargo space which allows for a weekend of transporting materials for home improvement.The second row sliding feature also allows for more leg room in the third row, enhancing the comfort level for long rides. Even as a third row passenger, with the seemingly taller ceiling, he or she will not feel claustrophobic.

According to Mazda’s 2010 press release on the CX-9, as a passenger, you’ll enjoy a quiet ride since the CX-9 model is also equipped with:

-Acoustical foam filler applied to internal cavities to block noise transmission from underbody into cabin areas.

-Highly rigid damping sheet applied to large expanses of the floor pan to eliminate resonance and to block road noise.

While the passengers are comfortable and relaxed, the driver gets all the fun in maneuvering through town in this 273-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine. There is power and zip to this crossover, so no matter who you’re driving or to where you’re driving, it is always a fun ride.

Safety Features
In the 2010 model, Mazda engineers enhanced their safety features worthy of receiving the highest rating of five stars from the U.S. government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In addition, there are numerous anti-rollover features. To increase safety, Mazda also includes a Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) system in all their CX-9’s. This system alerts the driver with a blinking of a light on the side mirror when there is a car in their blind spot. When the driver is ready to change lanes and clicks the signal lever, the system will beep if there is a car in the blind spot. For the price of this car, this is an addition that other luxury cars may not have.

This crossover really has it all. With an MSRP starting at $29,135, you can’t get better than the CX-9.



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2010 MLB World Series Set - ALCS Texas Rangers Vs NLCS San Francisco Giants

The 2010 World Series is ready to go – the Texas Rangers are playing the San Francisco Giants, after the Giants beat the Phillies 3-2 tonight to move on. The Rangers closed out the New York Yankees on Friday night to become the American League representative to the Series. The first game of the Major League Baseball World Series is scheduled for next Wednesday, Oct, 27, in San Francisco.

Giants Win NLCS 4-2 Over Phillies

The pitching rich Giants flexed their bats a bit to take control of this National League series and never look back. While the Phils put up a good fight, the Giants win tonight was emblematic of the series – good pitching, and small ball or whatever kind of hits it takes to win. This is the first time back to the Series for the Giants since 2002.

Rangers Beat Yanks to Win ALCS 4-2

The Texas Rangers had been pointing this direction all season long and they got it done against the Yankees in the ALCS. It was their usual combination of strong pitching and timely hitting, with Josh Hamilton stepping to the fore on that count. The Yankees kind of looked flat throughout the series, and could not get the clutch hits when they needed them.

2010 MLB World Series – Rangers vs Giants

The 2010 Major League Baseball World Series begins in five days and both teams will be well rested and ready to play. The first game pitching match up on Wednesday will very likely be Cliff Lee vs Tim Lincecum, and it should be a doozy!

For more on baseball and sports see:

MLB Scores – San Francisco Wins to Take 2-1 NLCS Lead; Texas Wins to Take 3-1 ALCS Lead

NCAA Football Scores – Complete Top 25 College Football Scores and Analysis

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2010 Mississippi's 1st District Race: Alan Nunnelee May Take District from Travis Childers

This race should be considered a toss-up; it is strongly conservative in nature and the incumbent, Travis Childers, has demonstrated himself to be a very conservative Democrat. But Alan Nunnelee is a tough competitor and this race could come down to the wire.

Candidates for Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District (two-year term)
(This district includes all or part of De Soto, Marshal, Tate, Panola, Lafayette, Yalabusha, Grenada, Benton, Tippah, Alcorn, Tishomingo, Itawamaba, Lee, Union, Pontotoc, Calhoun, Webster, Choctaw, Clay, Chickasaw, Monroe and Lowndes counties. Additionally, the cities of Oxford, Corinth, Tupelo, and Columbus are in this district. See a boundary map here.)

Candidate: Travis Childers

Party: Democrat

Political experience: Before becoming the district’s representative in 2008, Childers served for 16 years as Prentiss County Chancery Clerk and was president of the Mississippi Chancery Clerks Association.

Professional experience: Childers owns a personal care home, Landmark Community, and the Landmark Nursing Center.

Key issues: Childers says he feels shoring up Medicaid shortfalls and closing the Medicare Part D donut hole is a part of looking out for his senior constituents, though he did vote against the health care reforms. He wouldn’t raise the retirement age or privatize Social Security.

He has an A+ from the NRA for his pro-gun voting record and has a 100 percent pro-life voting record, according to his website.

Endorsements: Childers has earned endorsements from the NRA and the National Right to Life.

Chances of maintaining his seat: As an incumbent, Childers has the natural advantage of incumbency, which provides name recognition. Given the atmosphere of this election, it could be a real disadvantage as well. Despite trying to make a name for himself as a conservative Democrat with key conservative endorsements like the NRA and National Right to Life, Childers will have a difficult October.

Candidate: Alan Nunnelee

Party: Republican

Political experience: Nunnelee is a Mississippi state senator and chairman of the Committee on Appropriations.

Professional experience: Nunnelee is vice president of Allied Funeral Associates, a life insurance firm. He is also a deacon and Sunday School teacher at Cavalry Baptist Church in Tupelo.

Key issues: Nunnelee says he agrees health care reform is necessary, but he doesn’t like the way it’s been handled. He says insurance should be portable across jobs and state lines, and that insurers shouldn’t drop individuals or families due to illness. Small businesses should be able to purchase coverage at the same rates large corporations are able to, he says, and tort reform is an important part of health care reform.

He says government should be more transparent and elected officials to be held to a higher ethical standard. He says on his website that he is pro-life and for the traditional definition of marriage.

Endorsements: Nunnelee has been supported by Concerned Women Political Action Committee and Mike Huckabee.

Chances of unseating Travis Childers: Childers appears to still be better funded than Nunnelee; he has $903,469 remaining, while Nunnelee has $233,205, according to OpenSecrets.org. But Nunnelee has outspent his opponent thus far, having cashed out $665,390, as opposed to Childers’ $396,434. The spending will have helped him get his message out, which can only help his cause. Add in that it’s a tough year for Democrats in a district that favors Republicans, and Nunnelee has good odds to pull out an upset.

Key Differences between Alan Nunnelee and Travis Childers

Jobs: Childers feels his No. 1 job is jump-starting the economy. He wants to make sure that small-business tax credits and loans are used to help stimulate the economy, while fighting to end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs out of the country. Nunnelee wants to create a pro-jobs environment by reducing regulatory restrictions and change tax policy to be more conducive to small business.

Deficit reduction: Nunnelee wants a top-to-bottom spending review of all federal agencies — not to cut spending, but to reconsider how government operates. Calling himself a fiscal hawk, Childers highlights that he is against taxpayer dollars being wasted; he opposed bailing out Wall street banks. He wants to cut non-defense spending and balance the budget.

Mississippi‘s 1st U.S. Congressional District

Location: The Mississippi’s 1st District is located in the northern part of the state. It borders Tennessee and Alabama and includes Tupelo and Oxford.

2008 results: Childers received 54 percent of the vote to Republican ‘s Greg Davis 44 percent.

Demographics: According to the U.S. Census, 69.1 percent of the district is white, 27.1 percent black, 3.2 percent Asian, and 2.1 percent Hispanic.

The Cook Partisan Index gives the Mississippi 1st District a rating of R+14, providing Republicans with a very strong advantage in this district.

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2010 Makeup and Hair Trends from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show

After looking through many pictures from the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show in September, I noticed some new makeup trends and the continuation of others. I tried to focus on the trends that are the most wearable and easy to achieve with only a few products. Below is a summary of the most notable trends I found:

The Natural, No-Makeup Makeup
This trend was seen at various shows, including Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and Thakoon. The look features a natural face with slightly flushed cheeks and a hint of clear gloss. To achieve this look, apply a tinted moisturizer, such as Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, all over the face. Next, with a light hand, apply a blush in a peachy-pink tone such as NARS blush in Orgasm, to the apples of the cheeks. I noticed that in Thakoon, the makeup artists seemed to use only a bronzer applied as contour and did not use blush. Apply one coat of mascara, using a lengthening mascara instead of a volumizing one. I suggest Cover Girl LashBlast Length Mascara, or Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. Finish the look with a clear lip gloss and out the door you go!

The Peach Lip
I certainly love this shade and I am so excited to see it as part of a fresh, new look for Spring. I’ve seen the peach lip featured on J. Crew’s most recent Fall 09 Catalog, and I have been wearing this shade just about everyday – why wait for Spring? You have the option of going with a punchy peach, almost orange gloss as seen at Nanette Lepore’s show, or with a muted, matte lipstick as seen at Vivienne Tam’s show. Two suggestions that fit each option are Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Temper and Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor in Prized Peach, #065.

The Bold Eyeliner
With this look, you can opt for a bright, almost-neon eyeliner, or go with the classic black eyeliner. There is also the option of choosing to line your upper or your lower eyelid. The eyeliner application is heavy and dramatic as it features the classic wing at the outward corner of the eye – think Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The bold eyeliner was prominent at the L.A.M.B, Nanette Lepore, Donna Karan and Badgley Mishka shows, to name a few. To achieve the look, choose the eyeliner of your choice and line heavily; don’t forget to wing it! Product suggestions include MAC Technakhol liners in Artistic License (bright turquoise blue) and Color Matters (bright lime), and MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for your classic black eyeliner.

The Bright Lip
This could certainly be an extension of the peach lip, but this trend includes other colors, particularly those in the red family. The bright lip was seen in many collections including Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, and Rebecca Taylor. The key to wearing this trend is to keep your eye makeup clean and simple, since the focus is on the lips. For an orange-hued lip, try Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in A-Go-Go, a reddish coral. For a pale cranberry-red hue, try a stain such as Benefit’s Benetint, or Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.

The Wavy Hair
While not a new trend, the wavy, beachy hair trend continues strong. This trend was seen at Pamela Roland and Twinkle by Wenlan to name a few of the designer shows. The look can easily be achieved by using Velcro rollers to get a soft wave plus volume. Start with a volumizing mousse applied to the roots of the hair, and proceed to curl your hair using big Velcro rollers. Spray your hair with hairspray, followed by a hot air blast from your hair dryer. Let the hair cool off and undo the rollers. Separate your curls only using your fingers. Set your ‘do with more spray and your are done. If you already have natural curls, you are set for the season!

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2010 MLB Preview - Los Angeles Angels Offense

The Los Angeles Angels are nothing if not creative. Even in the face of losing one of their top offensive stars in Chone Figgins and one of the best pitchers in the game in John Lackey, the optimism is running high in Los Angeles – and why not? The Angels have won three straight divisional titles, and owner Arte Moreno seems dedicated to winning a fourth. The pitching staff is still sound, but the offense may need some help. If the Angels dive further into the free agent market, then they may solve it directly. Otherwise, some youngsters will need to step in. Here is a look at the Los Angeles Angels offense heading into Spring Training in 2010:

First Base
Probable Starter – Kendry Morales

Morales burst onto the Major League scene seemingly out of nowhere in 2009 posting career numbers in virtually every category. While certainly one must look at the numbers and wonder if he can repeat them, the fact is he looked like he was for real. So much so that he nearly won the AL MVP race. In 2010, the Angels will need him to be all of that and more.

Probable Starter – Mike Napoli

Napoli is a bit of a wild card here. He is capable of putting up fantastic power numbers, especially in streaks. The issue with Napoli is staying on the field, though he did play in a career high 147 last season. If he stays on the field, the Angels become much more formidable offensively. Prospect Hank Conger may make a late season appearance, but with Napoli hitting like he has the youngster may be at DH for a bit.

Second Base
Probable Starter – Howie Kendrick

While Kendrick is far from an offensive force, he is a pretty decent bat to plug in at the two spot. He reaches base as his .300 career batting average shows, but his strikeouts are concerning. Hopefully Kendrick will find his comfort level sooner rather than later and show some of the pop he did in 2009.

Third Base
Probable Starter – Brandon Wood

Youngster Brandon Wood is finally set to take a stab at the big leagues, and many consider him to be the key to the Angels’ offense. Wood has been a monster in the minors, but he is beginning to near the age where he could be termed a bust. In his time in the Show, Wood has not hit the broad side of a barn. If he can keep the ball in play, he will get the confidence needed to hit in the Big Leagues. Wood is a sleeper pick and might surprise some folks.

Probable Starter – Erick Aybar

Aybar is only now beginning to show flashes of the speed and gap power that made him one of the finest Angels prospects in recent years. If he continues to hit the other way, Aybar could well end up an Angels surprise at the bottom of the lineup. Aybar could potentially be a leadoff man if he could make contact a little more often.

Probable Starters – Juan Rivera, Bobby Abreu, Torii Hunter

The outfield is the Angels strength in the offensive categories as they sport two of the most consistent players in the game. Abreu and Hunter have shown year in and year out that they can be counted on for run production and leadership. Rivera showed that he is far from done as well posting career highs in most every offensive category last season.

Probable Starter – Hideki Matsui

Matsui is the logical choice here, as he is unable to play the outfield as well as he once did. He can, however, swing the bat with the best of them. Matsui will be a consistent bat in the middle of that Angels lineup, and could be set for a huge year in spite of his age.

While the Angels are far from struggling in the offensive areas of the game, they do have enough question marks to make us wonder. If Brandon Wood materializes as a viable force, and Aybar and Kendrick continue to grow as they have the last couple of years, the Angels should be in position to defend their title admirably.

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