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2010 Top 7 Diabetes Problems

Below, the top seven diabetic problems are listed. The top 10

1. Eye problems & blindness: Each year, 12,000-24,000 people become blind because of diabetic eye disease.

2. Kidney problems: Kidney problems. About 38,000 people with diabetes develop kidney failure each year, and over 100,000 are treated for this condition.

3. Amputations: About 82,000 people have diabetes-related leg and foot amputations each year.

4. Heart problems: Heart problems. Heart disease and stroke cause about 65% of deaths among people with diabetes.

5. Pregnancy complications: About 18,000 women with preexisting diabetes deliver babies each year, and an estimated 135,000 expectant mothers are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Specific women and their children have a serious vulnerability to further complications.

6. Flu & pneumonia (related deaths): Each year, 10,000-30,000 people with diabetes die of complications from flu or pneumonia. They are roughly three times more likely to die of these complications than people without diabetes.

7. Skin problems: No one knows how many people suffer from skin inflammation (neuropathy, neuritis) or are pre-diabetic. Skin problems based on this condition rob the body’s ability to clear toxins, maintain immunity and/or protect itself from outside infections.

My mentor, who had to save himself from Diabetes found these formulas to be very beneficial which also prevented amputation of his legs. It took him 10 years to find the right formula for himself. For Diabetes, this combination of Chinese herbs, in well tested formulas, work:

Diabetic master formulas

These diabetic Chinese herbs and formulas impact the main conditions that plague diabetics. Longevity Mountain has custom compounds for diabetics requiring than the normal care relating to deficiency and high blood sugar levels.

1. Diabetalin Master Formula : (800 pills) (month+ supply)
Diabetalin Master Formula brings the blood sugar levels back to balance, naturally. Diabetalin enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. The formula is especially helpful for the ailing who ingest too much food which results in toxicity. Benefits: Rashes/sores Tear duct inflammation Gangrene tissues Itching Leg / feet circulation

2. Fluid Retention Master Formula : For diabetics who have blood pressure problems, eye problems, constipation and edema, this formula assists the body in eliminating excess fluid retention. Clients whose retention in the abdominal area is noticeable will pleasantly be surprised by the ease at which the fluid is drained off. Optimal diuretic (natural).

3. Winter Melon Master Formula : Winter Melon Formula stabilizes the blood sugar level while providing soothing digestive support. Benefits: Quenches thirst, relieves nausea, hunger due to blood sugar imbalance. Eradicates excess sores or wounds. 100% natural nourishment for the whole body.

4. Paramalin Master Formula : Paramalin cools the body’s internal environment removing the potential for abnormal growth. Parasites excrete toxins, which are poisonous to our bodies. When microbes overload the body, they leach out our nutrients for their multiplication purposes, causing symptoms of illness. When our immune system is strong, our white blood cells will devour the foreign microbes keeping them in check. Paramalin strengthens immunity, alleviates insomnia & stress.

Source: The Diabetes-Reversing Breakthrough

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2010 Superbowl Commercial Recap: The Best Commercials from the 2010 Super Bowl


Doritos had a commercial where a man is picking up a women for a date, and she introduced him to her son and leaves the room. The son, who is around 4-5 years old hit his mother’s date’s hand and tells him “Keep your hands off my mom. Keep your hands off my doritos.” He is absolutely adorable.

Doritos: Keep yo hands off my Mama

The David Letterman Show:

Oprah sandwiched between late night rivals David Letterman and Jay Leno. The original aired during the 2007 Superbowl with just Oprah and Letterman, after they had a feud that lasted several years. Considering the recent late night wars having Leno and Letterman in the commercial really made this one extra special.

The David Letterman Show: Oprah, Leno, and Dave


Betty White’s Snickers commercial was another favorite: just watch

VW (Volkswagen)

The VW commercial making fun of the time honored “punch buggy” rule was cute, especially with Stevie Wonder and Tracy Morgan at the end: watch here.

Honorable Mention:

Bud Light

The commercial is a spoof on the TV show “Lost” where a plane crashes onto an island and the survivors of the crash are stranded. A man finds a refrigerator of Bud Light in the back of the plane and worry subsides and a party ensues.

Bud Light: Lost Parody

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2010 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends: Recycling is This Year's Theme

The summer months allow us to put jeans and sweaters in the closet and infuse our wardrobes with brighter colors and lighter clothes. Luckily for those on a tighter budget this year, a lot of the 2010 summer fashion trends we’re seeing on celebrities are repeats from seasons past. That’s good information to have before you start throwing out what you thought was irrelevant clothing in an impulsive spring cleaning attack.

Nautical and Military Themes Highlight 2010 Fashion Trends

Considering the influx of nautical and military themes we saw in our favorite boutiques last summer, most people already own a few items reflecting this trend. In April 2009, Rihanna rocked a Balmain denim jacket with military details that sent buyers, stylists and fashionistas into a frenzy. More recently, Kim Kardashian has been seen wearing a red and white striped shirt, tucked into a camel colored mini skirt, putting a sexy spin on a trend that’s usually more masculine than feminine. The nautical trend is easy to pull off with a striped top paired with some denim or camel colored shorts. Finish the look with a few contrasting accessories (think red and gold if your shirt is blue) and shoes, and you’ve got an effortless outfit that you can probably already pull from the depths of your closet. The military look is also quite simple to achieve if you stick to tans, tobaccos and olive green-colored shorts, skirts and jackets. If you’re missing any of these spring/summer staples, worry not! Your local Zara store ( is fully stocked with nautical and military trends right now.

Ice Cream-Colored Pastels Pack Summer Fashion Power in 2010

Pastels have never been my favorite colors, but nobody can deny that a lavender or a mint green looks incredible when paired with a tan. This is exactly why we’ve been seeing this trend on red carpet. Lea Michele is a perfect example; she recently wore a gorgeous cotton candy pink Zac Posen number to the Kids’ Choice Awards. Although pastels are a typical trend for spring, this time around, the colors pack more power. When you’re shopping, stay away from colors that could be described as “wimpy” or “ashy” and instead look for items that look like a “creamy” version of your favorite color. If you’re like me, and you naturally shy away from pastels, try introducing them into your wardrobe through accessories, bags or shoes. You may surprise yourself and end up enjoying this warm-weather trend more than you anticipated. However, if you’re already prepared to take the plunge into pastels, BCBG ( has plenty of cocktail dress options in creamy colors.

Graphic and Floral Prints Find Their Way into 2010 Summer Fashion Collections

Celebrities like Leighton Meester have been spotted wearing interesting prints on the red carpet. You can easily wear this trend, too, as long as the prints are graphic or floral. We’ve frequently seen florals in spring before, but if you want to deviate from the norm, try something bold. Prints you might usually consider to be too loud in seasons past are suddenly in style, unabashedly decorating dresses in bright colors. Look through the racks at Forever 21 ( for inspiration in both types of prints.

Nudes and Whites Recycled; Check Out New Takes on the Little White Dress

The bad news is that we see nudes and whites every single spring and summer. The good news is that considering this, we’re already prepared to face this trend head on. So until the temperatures start to drop, put your little black dress in the back of your closet. Why not switch it out with a little white dress? Or for a more head-turning look, take your cues from Jennifer Aniston who showed us how hot a flesh-colored cocktail dress can be when she wore Valentino Haute Couture at the German premiere of The Bounty Hunter. To imitate her barely there look, check out ( If you’re looking for a new take on the little white dress, White House Black Market is the perfect destination. (

Blazers a Versatile Fashion Choice for 2010 Summer Evenings

Another trend that we’ve seen with frequency is the incorporation of the blazer. It’s a trend that just won’t die. Celebrities like Eva Longoria and Drew Barrymore are fans of the blazer, probably due to the fact that it’s so versatile. You can pair one with shorts and a tank or a casual t-shirt and leggings. Both looks are great for a cool summer evening. It’s a more polished alternative to a sweater or hoodie. The best part about this trend is that you can find blazers anywhere from your local department store to a less expensive option like Ross or Marshalls. Just be sure that the one you buy is fitted because it’s hard to make a box-shaped blazer look good.
If you’ve learned anything from this rundown of 2010 spring and summer fashion trends, I hope it’s that you’ll see many recycled styles this spring/summer, and while you may want to shop for the newest version of older trends, you certainly don’t have to this season! So whether you’re in the mood to spend or save, you can still look up to date.

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2010 Subaru Outback - Redesigned and Here to Stay

The 2010 Subaru Outback has been fully redesigned, giving the wagon a complete face lift with many new features that reiterate why Subaru stands alone in its class. The vehicle now comes fully customizable, offering the consumer the choice between navigation, sunroof and Harmon Kardon audio. The navigation models come standard with a rear view camera, helping you park with confidence in tight spots or to reassure you that there are no obstructions in your line of travel.

Working as a Subaru sales consultant gives me great opportunity to view, drive and compare these vehicles. The ground clearance on a 2010 Subaru Outback is 8.7 inches (the best in its class). This ground clearance is not exaggerated or misleading. Remember, Subaru vehicles are built from the ground up four wheel drive. Most cars that come with four wheel drive are built on two wheel drive power trains complicating the transfer of power with extra moving parts and a transfer case. This causes for hanging parts. The symmetrical all wheel drive offered by Subaru combined with the horizontally installed boxer engine provide great efficiency and up most reliability at the same time allowing for its remarkable ground clearance.

The 170 horse power engine is still intact but this year the four cylinder engine is complimented with a CVT transmission. This continuous variable transmission allows for over 30 miles per gallon and the unique feel of driving a car that doesn’t shift. The boxer engine is fully balanced providing less engine vibration than a regular inline or “v” type engine. The CVT transmission emits zero shift shock and is very reliable. In fact it is easier to access then the regular four speed automatic transmission Subaru is used too. The CVT works as a thick metal chain on a pulley system that travels diagonally up or down depending on the vehicles speed. The chain is held in place hydraulically and the system comes apart in sections making transmission problems a thing of the past. This is not the first year Subaru has used CVT. The Justy of the early 80’s was a three cylinder car with a ECVT transmission. The “e” stands for electric. The Justy might have flopped but the technology has been perfected for over two decades and is also used in other car manufacturers.

Besides the transmission changes of the four cylinder there are many more advancements that are worth mentioning. Cross bars come standard on all Outback models above base. 2010 provides retracting and folding crossbars that are easily tucked away when not in use. Front and rear over hang has been greatly reduced from the earlier models making sharp inclines and declines non problematic. The rear gate opening is wider and with the dual wishbone rear suspension there are no strut towers blocking cargo space like in many competing wagons.

The 2010 Subaru Outback now comes standard with rear reclining seats. There is now an extra four inches in leg room, more head room front and back and more leg room for both driver and front passenger. To add to the increased front leg room for a comfier ride, the manual hand brake has been removed. Now, Subaru has made the manual handbrake a thing of the past installing an electronic handbrake with a remarkable hill holder function. The hill holder can be turned on at anytime while moving or standing still. The key to this feature is that when coming to a complete stop on a hill in forward or reverse an electronic emergency brake motor automatically engages. There will be no transmission strain on your car in even the highest degrees of incline. If the drivers seat belt is on and all four doors are closed just a small tap of the gas pedal will release the emergency brake and you are up and running.

Although the four cylinder cars are equipped with a non shift CVT you can still over ride the function and down shift or up shift at anytime. There is no need to be in sport shift mode like in previous models. A simple tap of the paddle shifter and you are electronically shifting gears. If you do not touch the paddles for about ten seconds it will automatically switch back to CVT automatic. You can also shift into sport shift and have complete control at all times.

Blue tooth is now standard in all limited models. It is hands free and built into your steering wheel. Steering adjustments have also been made to this redesigned vehicle. A better rack and pinion ratio has decreased the amount of steering you need to do to actually take the turn desired. Blue tooth is now able to stream your music from your iPod, phone or mp3 player right onto the audio system. The navigation that doubles as a rear parking camera screen is now voice activated and very easy to use not to mention bigger and clearer than 2009 models. A simple, “I’m hungry” will now display icons directing you to the closest food destinations to your location.

Another key component added to the 2010 Outback is the engine cradle. It is designed to push the engine down instead of into the front cabin in the case of a frontwards collision. Hopefully that will never happen but in case it does Subaru has installed a total of six airbags making a cushion effect inside the vehicle insuring your safety and your passengers as well. Roomier and more luxurious the Outback will give you the peace of mind of getting where you need to be at anytime in any road condition.

Bigger seats, smaller in length but longer in wheel base the 2010 Subaru Outback is sure to turn heads on or off the road. It is built with the active lifestyle in mind and incorporates many of the passive and active safety standards set fourth by Fuji Heavy Industries. Three new colors and a lighter 3.6R engine, the 2010 Subaru Outback is here to stay and get you to work in even the worst of weather safely and securely.

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2010 SAG Award Winners Announced Tonight at 16th Annual SAG Awards Presentation

The 2010 SAG award winners will be revealed on Saturday night. The 2010 SAG award winners have been decided by the members of the Screen Actors Guild, and now the winners are finally going to be revealed. It’s one of the few awards shows out there where the actors and actresses have the final say about who gets the awards, and it is sure to be an exciting night on Saturday. The 2010 SAG Award nominations were revealed in the middle of December by Michelle Monaghan and Chris O’Donnell, and now the anticipation of the show is finally coming to fruition on the night of January 23rd.

One of the biggest awards of the night is for Best Cast in a motion picture, which is the equivalent of the Best Picture category at a number of other awards shows. The five films up for Best Cast at the 2010 SAG Awards are An Education, The Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, Nine, and Precious. It will be interesting to see which one of these shows can pull off a victory, as the decision hasn’t been unanimous at other award shows this year. Both The Hurt Locker and Crazy Heart have been getting a lot of buzz, but the Jeff Bridges film Crazy Heart hasn’t been nominated for a Best Cast award at the SAG Awards and that’s just too bad, because it is a wonderful film.

The 2010 SAG Awards aren’t just for film either, as the best acting on television over the past year will also be rewarded on Sunday night. One category that could also draw some interest is Best Ensemble Cast for a Drama, with the nominees comprised of The Closer, Dexter, The Good Wife, Mad Men, and True Blood. With the success that Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow just had at the 2010 Golden Globes, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Dexter took home the award on this night. The 2010 SAG Awards are going to be aired on TBS at 8:00 P.M., with an obvious tape delay for those watching on the West Coast. It’s a night of fun for the actors that has been created by the Screen Actors Guild, and something that shouldn’t be missed by fans of film and television.


SAG Nominations

Golden Globes Blog

Critics Choice Recap

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2010 Taxes: Should You Prepare Your Own or Pay a Tax Preparer to Do It?

It is tax season yet again and time to decide whether or not you want to prepare your own, or pay a professional to do it for you. I think there are several factors you should think about before deciding this in haste. It really depends on your personal circumstances whether or not you would benefit from using a tax preparer. Let’s look at a few of the issues that you should consider before deciding.

How confident and competent are you to prepare your own taxes?

First, if you do not feel comfortable using a computer, you probably won’t feel confident enough to use a tax software online to prepare your own. Though many tax software programs are available to purchase online, and in stores, there are some senior citizens and other small genres of people who are simply not knowledgeable about using the computer. That is perfectly okay! If you fall into this category, you should definitely seek help from a tax preparer. Most communities have help available for retirees and low income people at little or no cost. Watch the local news, read the newspaper, or even contact your church or library to see if they are offering assistance.

Is your tax return easy?

In general, your taxes are considered easy if you have income from only one or two employers, a 1099 showing some interest you’ve earned, and only a few deductions such as mortgage interest, real estate property tax, vehicle property tax, and charitable contributions. Most, if not all of the tax software available today is more than adequate to lead and guide you in preparing and filing your taxes in these circumstances. I have used H&R Block (formerly named Tax Cut) software to prepare my taxes for several years, and have been very satisfied with it. I can also recommend TurboTax, because I have used it. So if you know how to use the computer, you can save money by preparing and filing your own taxes online.

Is your tax return complicated?

There are several circumstances where it may be more beneficial to pay a tax preparer. What are some of them? First, have you had any significant life changes during 2010? Such examples would be if you married, divorced, had a child, or the death of a family member. All tax software can handle these situations, and will ask you simple questions to help you not to miss a tax credit or deduction you are eligible for based on these life changes.

Other more complicated matters include the sale or foreclosure of your home in 2010, whether you own your own business and qualify for certain deductions, have purchased items in which you can receive a home energy credit, are a first time home buyer, or have multiple investments including buying and selling of stocks and bonds. All of these situations have more important tax implications.

With any of these more complicated tax matters, the bottom line of whether or not to prepare your own taxes or seek assistance from a tax professional really boils down to how comfortable and confident are you to perform this task? If you find it hard to organize your tax papers throughout the year, find yourself procrastinating, or just plain get a headache or feeling of dread every time you think about taxes, then it is best not to try to tackle this task by yourself.

If you think about doing your taxes as a challenge, then go for it. When you go online and use a tax software program, you usually don’t have to pay until you get to the point of filing, so you can always attempt it and if you get too stressed out and find the task increasingly daunting, you can just stop online, and take your taxes to a tax preparer. Shop around and get prices from two or three agencies in order to get the lowest price. I hope this article provided you with some food for thought about what you are going to do this year.


Personal experience

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2010 Unemployment Benefits - from Unemployment to Food Stamps

2010 Unemployment Benefits – Unemployment benefits ran out for 1.2 million jobless American’s during the month of June as the Senate wrangled over a H.R. 4213, the “American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010” which included UI extensions.

By June 30, the Senate could still not achieve cloture on a greatly whittled down version of of the bill which focused primarily on unemployment extensions, and so they adjourned for a 12-day Independence Day recess.

Now, back from recess, over 2 million of America’s unemployed have lost their benefits. And so the lines of unemployed at the employment office have moved to the welfare office.

Losing the only income keeping many from starvation, the millions that had been struggling to survive on unemployment benefits have been forced to turn to their local welfare offices for food stamps and family aid. Welfare offices across the country have seen major increases in people in need. Phone lines have been jammed in many. They are trying to divert aid seekers to their website as they can’t handle the volume of calls.

Some will find a little help here, but it will not be as much as they were receiving in unemployment benefits – which was seldom enough to keep people in their homes in the first place. Already struggling to keep a roof over their heads on UI benefits but now reduced to welfare, many could soon wind up on the street or in homeless shelters that will quickly become overburdened.

Many will not find help from the welfare office either. A lot of government aid programs focus on families with children. For parents, particularly single parents, there may be some aid, but for adults without children or those who’s kids are over the age of 18, there may be little assistance available.

(Check with your local welfare office online to find out the criteria.)

Income restrictions are extremely tight, too, for welfare recipients, as well they should be. But under the current economic circumstances, it may create major problems for the unemployed. If they have any other form of income, say a disability or social security check, it could put them above the maximum income allowed to receive aid.

Older Americans may be the hardest hit, and by “older” I mean over mid-40s, or early 50’s on up. This age group seems (anecdotally) to make up the lion’s share of the “long-term” unemployed, as employers skip over them for various reasons. They’re children are often grown and gone so many of the welfare benefits extended to adults with children in the household, these “elderly” may not qualify.

This situation for the unemployed is very dire. It’s no wonder the level of discouragement, anger and fear. These millions of people were working not that long ago and paying taxes to fund welfare and unemployment benefits for others.

Many owned homes or condos, sometimes for many, many years and faithfully made their payments. Now they cannot make their payments, and often cannot sell in time to avoid foreclosure. They stand to lose everything, lose their homes and all the momentos of their lives there.

Millions of Americans have already left their homes and moved in with family or friends. Many more don’t have such options available and will wind up on the street.

Families are struggling to keep their children fed and the utilities on.

Several hundred thousand are expected to fall from the unemployment line to the welfare line each week while Congress delays. For these people, the prospect of ever finding a new job grows more remote every day as they lose their cars, their electricity, their internet and phones, their address. Bad economic policy and a totally failed “stimulus” expenditure of over $1 trillion has left the country with no real job creation, just a lot more unsustainable debt.

Surely Congress will not – cannot let this go on. Surely they will see us and restore our unemployment lifeline before it is too late. Harry Reid could end this today and accept one of the many Republican proposals for unemployment extensions that don’t damage the economy further.

Write, call and fax your Senators and Harry Reid and tell them to pass a paid for unemployment extension bill TODAY. This does not require waiting for a replacement for the late Senator Robert Byrd. It can happen today. (Read: “UI Extensions NOT Hinging on Byrd Replacement”) Far to many of us cannot afford to wait another week for the Democrats to hold out.


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2010 Unemployment Extension - Republicans Pickup a Senate Seat for Lame Duck Session

There were three key races in the midterm elections for Senate seats in Delaware, West Virginia, and Illinois. The winners in these three key races take their Senate seats immediately when the Senate returns on November 15’TH for the lame duck session. The Delaware and West Virginia seats remained in Democratic hands, but with the Illinois Senate seat going to Mark Kirk, a Republican, this change is noteworthy and worth mention due to its impact on any bill surviving a Republican filibuster. With one more vote on the Republican side of the aisle, obtaining 60 votes to break a Republican filibuster just got tougher for the Democrats.

99ers and the unemployed that have been hoping that the Senate will take up Senator Debbie Stabenow’s bill S.3706 The Americans Want to Work Act in the lame duck session now have one more reason to be nervous. Knowing full well that the Republicans filibustered legislation to extend unemployment benefits back in June and July causing many to have a lapse in benefits of up to 7 weeks, there is good reason to be concerned that the Republicans now have one more vote in their back pocket. This change in the make up of the Senate will make it one vote tougher to pass any unemployment extensions that are not partially; or fully paid for. The Republicans have objected loudly to recent attempts to pass any legislation for the unemployed as emergency spending.

There are a number of concerns for the 99ers and the unemployed going into the lame duck session:

1) Will the Republicans support unemployment extensions and the addition of a Tier V benefit for the long term unemployed? During the summer filibuster, many Republican Senators said that they would support legislation to provide unemployment extensions if the bill was partially or fully paid for. It was not made clear whether or not this meant that they would support the creation of a Tier V extension, or something similar, if this type of extension was funded in some fashion. Only by introducing a bill will we be able to find out for sure.

2) With the Republicans gaining a large number of seats in both the House and the Senate in the midterm elections on the message of cutting spending, will money be able to be found to pay for this legislation within current budget constraints?

3) Will the Republicans and Democrats work together to create a bill that can be supported by both sides of the aisle that provides much needed relief to the millions of 99ers that have exhausted there federal extensions and are now living in abject poverty?

The addition of one more vote on the Republican side of the Senate does not bode well for passage of extensions and a Tier V if the Democrats continue to press ahead legislation as emergency spending. It didn’t play well in the summer, and it most certainly doesn’t look like its going to play well after the midterm election results. The factor in favor of passing extensions and creating a Tier V is the malingering unemployment numbers and the lack of any real economic recovery in the jobs market to date. Based on the reality that the Senate now has one more vote on the Republican side of the aisle, it looks as though any bill will have to be partially or fully funded, to get past a filibuster.

Will the Democrats be smart enough to do this, or are they going to pick a fight and leave this important issue on the table for when the Republicans take office in January? I can only hope that reason and compassion prevail and legislation to support the great needs of the 99ers and the unemployed gets center stage in the lame duck session and quick passage by Congress.

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2010 Trends in Kitchen Design in Denver

Kitchen design in Boulder, Denver and Littleton is moving in a beautiful direction for 2010. New kitchen designs take into account innovative ideas for countertops and other work surfaces, finishes and woods used for cabinetry, and more modern-looking fixtures in a variety of positions. These trends for kitchen design in Littleton and other Colorado cities can be adapted for both contemporary and traditional interior d├ęcor styles, and can be adjusted for both large and small kitchen spaces.

Use Of Sleek, Modern Fixtures

In 2010 you will see a return to cabinets without handles. Cool colors, including always-in-style white, also make a comeback in cabinetry, countertops, and even appliances. This can also be matched with cool blues or warm yellows for paint colors and for kitchen accessories such as bar stools. Having a pared-down feel in the kitchen also helps to emphasize the mod fixtures such as venting systems over the stove and popular stainless steel-finish for appliances, as well as table and chair legs.

Use Of Warm Wood Colors

Another move is toward featuring beautiful woods for cabinet fronts. Walnut is a hot pick for cabinetry wood, and is beautiful when paired with cabinet hardware with a chunky feel. Another great look for use in a traditional kitchen is to combine warm wood with painted cabinetry. These cabinets can be mixed and matched to add charm to any kitchen design.

Curved Counters

Since most rooms are rectangular or square in shape, curves offer a great design feature to soften the overall look of a kitchen. Now countertops can features curves, making them not only safer to work around, but also lending grace to a heavy-use area of the home.

Backsplashes To Match The Cooking Unit

2010 brings with it a trend in kitchen design in Boulder to pair colored stoves and ranges with similarly colored backsplashes. Stoves now come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and the backsplash can match through the use of colored tiles and other easy care materials.

Mixing In Dark Accents In A Light Kitchen

An all-white or light-colored kitchen can look a bit sterile, and so the new trend is to mix in dark accent pieces. These could include the stove venting system, or could be as simple as using dark metal decorative curtain rods with deeply hued curtains and towels. Dark wood flooring is also a modern design twist when used in light-colored kitchens.

For more new trends in kitchen design in Denver, visit a cabinetry showroom, where new ideas for kitchen design will be displayed.

Wayne Hemrick is a consultant in the kitchen redesign industry. Wayne writes about trends in kitchen design in Boulder & kitchen design in Denver.

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2010 Unemployment Extension Update: Senate Breaks Filibuster, Final Vote on Wednesday

A full vote on the 2010 unemployment extension bill will be held tomorrow, says the U.S. Senate. On Tuesday, Senators broke a Republican-led filibuster which had held for weeks, clearing the way for a final vote to extend unemployment benefits until November 30. The 2010 unemployment extension bill (H.R. 4213) was originally a $141 billion dollar package, but was reduced by nearly two-thirds by Senate Dems in an effort to gain Republican support.

Senate OK’s Wednesday Floor Vote On 2010 Unemployment Extension Bill, Breaking Weeks-Long Filibuster

The 2010 unemployment extension bill (H.R. 4213) will be put to a floor vote in the Senate on Wednesday, after which point it will go to the House for approval. The bill was originally dubbed the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010, but has since been named “Unemployment Compensation Extension Act”, which brings the focus back to the heart of the issue: jobless Americans in need of extended unemployment insurance.

After all the hurdles H.R. 4213 has faced, the unemployment benefits extension bill will likely be signed into law by President Obama next week. President Obama has said publicly that he supports the measure, and was disappointed to see the GOP so opposed to giving hard-working Americans the boost they need.

Now that Senate Democrats have managed to break the 2010 unemployment extension bill filibuster, and the extended deadline to file for unemployment benefits is expected to become law, millions of Americans can collectively take a breath. Though the average unemployment benefits check is only around $300 a week (according to CNN, 7/20), this money is a much-needed lifeline for many hard-working but out-of-work Americans as they navigate this tough economy. If it passes, the measure up for vote tomorrow will retroactively allow for those cut off by the June 2 filing deadline to apply for extended unemployment benefits through Nov. 30, and also allow for the long-term unemployed needing to move to the next tier of benefits to be able to do so.

According to, this 2010 unemployment extension bill does not provide for unemployment benefits beyond the current Tier VI (99 weeks of benefits) for states with high unemployment rates. In states with low unemployment rates, Tier III (86 weeks of benefits) is still the highest tier of unemployment benefits available.



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2010 Unemployment Extension Hope -- Two More Shots at Benefits Passage Before the Break

Congress is looking at approximately 2 million angry unemployed taxpayers by the time they return from their July 4 recess (July 14) if something isn’t done in the three days before the current Congressional session ends to ensure the passage of at least a standalone provision that would extend unemployment benefits.

At present, there are three legislative measures in Congress that have a chance at breaking the current stalemate with regard to the unemployment issue. According to Donny Shaw at, two of them will most likely see votes on Wednesday. The third, Senator Debbie Stabenow’s standalone bill, is currently in committee, and may rest there until after recess. Even if Stabenow’s unemployment extension bill saw a vote before the week’s end, it and any other measure passed by either chamber must be one (i.e., the same measure) agreed upon by both chambers before it can be sent to the White House for the President’s signature.

Tuesday evening, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) filed to vote for cloture again on H.R.4213, the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010. The bill has failed to gain cloture twice (needing 60 votes) in the past two weeks. With the death of Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) and with Ben Nelson (D-NB) voting with the Republicans for filibuster, the Democrats at present have only 57 votes. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) has promised her support if Senator Reid can get a standalone bill to the floor, but H.R.4213 is not a standalone measure. However, it is unclear if the constant reworking of the separate provisions might be enough to draw the three needed Republican votes.

H.R.4213 is scheduled for a cloture vote on Thursday, but it might actually be voted on Wednesday due to the Senate honoring the late Senator Byrd Thursday morning. Reid has also blocked further amendment offerings to the bill (a parliamentary maneuver known as “filling the tree”).

But, even though the cloture passage of H.R.4213 is doubtful, the House of Representatives is set to vote Wednesday on Washington Congressman Jim MCDermott’s sponsored H.R.5618, a standalone measure that failed to pass on Tuesday under expedited rules (needed 2/3 vote to pass). Under regular rules, the bill will only need 218 votes, a simple majority, for passage. On Tuesday, H.R.5618 garnered 261 votes.

Although the passage of H.R.5618 is all but certain in the House, getting the same bill through the Senate is a long shot. As with all the pieces of legislation that have met with nearly unanimous Republican disapproval, McDermott’s bill would increase the deficit, because it does not have provisions that generate revenue to pay for the unemployment benefit extensions.

Still, it would have Senator Olympia Snowe’s vote. Assuming that all Democrats would vote for the measure, except for Ben Nelson, the measure would still need two senators to vote “yea” to get it approved and sent to the White House.

All the different measures are retroactive to June 2, the ending date for the last unemployment extension. All would extend unemployment benefits through November.

In the meantime, the unemployed that have seen their regular benefits or Tier benefits exhausted on or after June 2 (estimated to be around 1.2 million) wait and wonder what their future holds. With the economy still sluggish and the creation of jobs nearly at a standstill, the near-future doesn’t look too bright for the jobless.

At present, there are approximately 15 million people out of work in the United States. According to the Department of Labor, roughly one-third of those are collecting unemployment benefits. Those same statistics show that nearly one-half of the 15 million are long-term (27 weeks) unemployed. In the timely and pointed article, “Trickle ON Economics,” one of the long-term unemployed blogged that, given the average unemployment benefit check ($318 per week), the loss of monies to the unemployed deprives the overall economy of roughly $1.5 billion per month.

And, if a sluggish economy depends on money just for stabilization, the loss of $1.5 billion — and even more, as the number of unemployed increases each week — to said economy will naturally have a further destabilizing effect. Economic recovery depends on a constant money flow. In fact, the loss of such a massive amount of money might ultimately increase the jobless rate (through businesses being forced to close) and the number of unemployed, which will also increase the number of people on the unemployment rolls and extend the time that the already unemployed remain in a jobless state.

The question remains for elected officials: Can the weakened economy withstand the wait while Congress recesses and the 2010 unemployment benefits extension matter remains unsettled? And, by extension, how many beleaguered individuals will not be able to withstand the crush of bills and the growing pressures of the average day-to-day before they see drastic changes in their lives?



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