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2010 Toyota Corolla: My Thoughts

We decided to cash in our clunker for a 2010 Toyota Corolla. We have been Toyota fans for a long time owning a Camry, Lexus, Tundra, and others. We test drove the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris. The Honda Fit was nice but Toyota is giving incentives that were hard to pass on. The Yaris was awful. I did not even have a place to put my coffee cup!

We bought a basic 4 door manual sedan with a 1.8 liter 5 cylinder engine. Out of the 3 the Corolla was the biggest and although the back seat does not go up as in the Fit the back seat goes down so we’ll have plenty of room for our stuff.

The 2010 Corolla gets about 26 mpg on the city roads and 35 on the highway. Certainly this isn’t the best mileage (i.e. the Prius) but in this price category, $16,000, it made the grade.

I am big on safety and felt the Yaris was just too small although the crash ratings were good. The safety ratings for the Corolla are 4 stars for the driver and passenger in a frontal crash; 5 stars in the front seat and 4 stars in the back seat for a side crash; and 4 stars in a rollover. These statistics are from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Some of the standard equipment include 60/40 split rear seat with an in-trunk release, a/c, direct tire pressure monitor, and anti-lock brakes. Remember this is the base model. We did not even get power windows though the side mirrors heat up. I do have places to put a drink and there are enough nooks and crannies for me to be happy. Interestingly enough and finally this is a no-smoking car meaning there is no ashtray. If you smoke you’ll be paying for an ashtray!

I think it’s cute – perhaps not as cute as the Fit but for a small sedan I like the look. It seems to be a baby version of my Lexus. (The fact it is the same color may have something to do with that!)

I can drive a manual and don’t mind it although my husband loves the manual and has wanted one for a long time. We had a manual Honda Accord at one time but at this point of my life it isn’t what I would choose for everyday use. However, the manual has more pickup (naturally) than the automatic we test drove. As a driver I find the Corolla very easy to handle and the ride smooth and quiet. Much more so than the Versa and even the Fit I think. There is plenty of leg room both in the front and the back and though this is truly a no-frills car it makes a great commuting car.

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2010 Teen Choice Awards Bring Out Characters from Twilight & Glee

Making for another memorable year, the 2010 Teen Choice Awards took place in Universal City, California on Sunday (August 8).

Held at the Gibson Amphitheatre, Katy Perry tended to hosting duties with help from the guys of “Glee,” including Chris Coifer, Kevin McHale, Cory Monteith and Mark Salling.

Set to air on FOX on Monday (August 9) from 8-10 ET/PT, the biggest names in show business turned up to claim their surfboards – with nominees including the stars of Twilight, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Sandra Bullock.

Also in attendance were newlyweds Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and Zoey 101 star Victoria Justice.

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2010 Unemployment Extension Decision Still Up in Air Despite Alarming Numbers

The 2010 Unemployment Extension decision is still up in the air despite alarming numbers. Why should these numbers be so alarming to the United States Senate who has been unable to pass such a provision? 1.2 million people will join the pool of jobless Americans who are without benefits after reaching anywhere from 26 to 99 weeks on their current extensions. 1.2 million people!That means 1.2 million people are going to be adversely affected by the Senate lack of urgency and inability to pass the 2010 Unemployment Extension.

Where are we at in concerns to the 2010 Unemployment Benefits Extension? The answer is very unclear at the moment. Even considering the fact that 1.2 million people will have no source of income starting this week and no job to pay the bills. The numbers are so startling, sad and very tragic. Yet, the United States Senate has not been able to pass a 2010 Unemployment Benefits Extension to solve the problem. The Senate doesn’t seem to disagree totally that the Extension is needed. Many of the United States Senators just want the bill funded. Yet as days pass by more people are added to the growing number without jobs and money. There will be people who are completely devastated by this situation with no means to recover. Yet the Senate chooses to worry instead about a deficit number that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Our money is instead being allocated for other items that will in no way help those 1.2 million people. It should be handled as a crisis-because that’s what it has become. It’s horrible to think that some Senators refuse to open their eyes and see the nightmare unfolding for so many United States citizens. If 1.2 million people were in a horrible catastrophe-would the United States Senate not pass legislation to help them out? The truth is that 1.2 million people are in a horrible catastrophe. You don’t ask how to pay bills in an emergency situation. The same can be said for now. Many good people will be crushed financially for the lack of decisions made by the United States Senate on this issue. The country can not afford to have that many people living in what will be horrible circumstances.

Now the Senate has another opportunity to again look at the issue and weigh the consequences. There will be many. Especially if in the short term future this amount of people go without benefits. There won’t be room in this horrible job climate for all of those 1.2 million people to land jobs. Perhaps a great case scenario would see 1/3 of those people land jobs thanks to the Senate “get back to work” attitude. You still have 800,000 people who will be crushed by this lack of urgency and thought toward the future. What will happen will be awful for so many individuals and their respective families. These decisions have huge implications on the American people who are suffering because of the horrible economy. Huge implications.

There will soon be strength in numbers. If the Senate does not conclude that a 2010 Unemployment Extension decision is in the best interest of the people then the people will speak very loudly when the total number approaches 2 million who are without those benefits. Unfortunately it kind of seems like that is the path we are currently on in terms of getting benefits.

It’s in the meanwhile becoming a horrible epidemic that has no immediate answer. The 2010 Unemployment Extension decision is crucial and I am not sure why the Senate does not see that. The big picture is blocking the smaller picture. People are emotionally spent worrying about where the next meal will come from. How will people go on a job search without cars? Are we hoping the number of homeless Americans will soon exceed the number of jobs available? Is that the goal? The 2010 Unemployment Extension should have been a necessity. Not something 100 silly rich people could vote on. I just worry that, for many jobless Americans, a fix to this problem will come way too late. Then, since those people should have received benefits, can we hold the United States Senators who held up the legislation accountable for those actions? I hope the Senators who blocked this legislation have to directly speak to those individuals who lost their homes, cars and faced bankruptcies in person to see what they could have done but didn’t.

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2010 Tour De France Stage 3 Results Become Bumpy

The 2010 Tour de France Stage 3 results had another early shift. With the 2010 Tour de France Stage 3 results, the 2010 Tour de France yellow jersey changed hands for a third time. In fact, it went back to the original leader, Fabian Cancellara, after he handed the jersey to Sylvain Chavanel yesterday. His stage 2 win gave him a lead of nearly three minutes, yet he forfeited it in no time flat. After the 2010 Tour de France Stage 3 results, Cancellara is back up, but Lance Armstrong took a step back.

The actual winner of the stage was Thor Hushovd of Norway, who is used to this sort of thing. Today’s triumph was the eighth stage-win of his career, as it came after a rough day yesterday. Hushovd fumed when the Tour only awarded points to stage winner Sylvain Chavanal, and when the others agreed not to sprint to the finish, due to earlier crashes.

However, the Tour de France Stage 3 results helped make up for yesterday’s madness, at least for Hushovd. This time, he set the pace and won, gaining back points in the race for the Tour’s green jersey. He is now 14 points ahead in that race, while in seventh place in the yellow jersey standards.

Not everyone could brag about the 2010 Tour de France Stage 3 results. Lance Armstrong and many others lost ground, due to the bumpy cobblestones on the track. Armstrong had gotten off to a fast start, staying ahead of co-favorite Alberto Contador. Yet, after today, he fell back behind while Contador stayed level.

After looking up at Armstrong, Contador jumped ahead on the 2010 Tour de France Stage 3 results. Contador is still in ninth, at 1:40 behind Cancellara, but Armstrong is down to 18th. He is 2:30 behind Cancellara, and 50 seconds behind Contador.

Thus far, the race has had a share of surprises and bumpy rides early on. Armstrong defied expectations in the time trials, while the stages have had crashes, controversy, and a changing leader board. The Tour de France Stage 3 results were the most topsy-turvy, due to the cobblestones, but they are nothing compared to the mountain stages ahead.

Armstrong will now look to start making up ground, while Contador is back in a good spot for the time being. The 2010 Tour de France Stage 4 results tomorrow will either mix up the leaders again, or finally provide some early stability.


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2010 Washington Redskins Training Camp Information

The Washington Redskins open their Training Camp for the 2010 season on July 29th at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia. The Redskins will host fans for 15 different practices. For a complete practice schedule, visit here.

Parking and Admission to open Training Camp practices are free. All fans should print out their free Fan Invitation to Training Camp prior to attending. The Invitation is available here.

Practices generally last from 90 minutes to 2 hours and fans are encouraged to arrive to camp early to avoid traffic and to find a comfortable seat to watch practice. Parking lots open 90 minutes prior to the Redskins practice time.

Fans are allowed to bring coolers to Redskins Park for Training Camp practices or they may make cash purchases from vendors at the training camp. (Note: No alcohol is allowed at Redskins Park.) Redskins’ merchandise will also be for sale during practice times. Fans are encouraged to bring their own chairs, as no bleachers are provided around the practice field.

For more information, visit:

Washington Redskins,

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2010 Unemployment Extension Voted NO in Senate ~ $25 a Week Cut in Unemployment Benefits Next?

2010 Unemployment Extension did not pass and the benefits have been denied, according to CNM News. The Senate decided against the extension yesterday and now millions of Americans could be denied an extension of unemployment benefits. The Senate cites the reason for the decline of the HR 4213 or the “Tax Extenders Bill” as it needs to stop the overspending in our country, according to the Bloomberg Business Week.

There is overspending in our country, but taking the food out of the mouths of families out of work is not where the problem of overspending should be targeted. Put away the private government jets for a few months and save a bundle by making the officials fly passenger class in a commercial jet like everyone else. Put a stop to government entertainment accounts for just one month and save a bundle. Taking thousand dollar meals away from the elected officials for a few weeks would allow for that money to be re-routed and feed the families who have no income.

The government has no problems getting “creative” and cutting the spending to the public sector, but what about mandating the Washington elite trying it for a change.

The benefits are exhausted after 99 weeks, which does seem like a long time to be on unemployment compensation, and it would be during the prosperous years of the 90’s, but those days are gone and a new world is on top of us now. A world where jobs are scarce and the employers have their pick of master degree level applicants to flip burgers today. The average Joe does not have a chance.

Unless emergency measures are put in place, the unemployment extension is possibility dead in the water. This is just another story where Americans were lead to believe help is on its way and it turned around at the front door. HR 4213 may never come to realization. Over 300,000 Americans have lost their unemployment compensation as lawmakers continue debating this legislation, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. June 2, 2010 was the deadline for qualifying for EUC benefits.

Another Possibility Being Considered By Senate

Senate is considering taking $25 a week out of unemployment benefits, which was the extra money the Obama Administration added to the benefits in 2009. This Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) Program was part of President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Apparently the extra help in recovery is on the back burner for the little people! I see the recovery act in full swing on just about every highway in New England. We will have great roads to travel on, but we do not care if you cannot afford the cars to put on the roads that we made beautiful for you, is what this says to me. Another area effected was the HR 4213 had the COBRA subsidy dropped from it while it was being debated.

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2010 U.S. Open Leaderboard for Round Two Has Graeme McDowell in Front

The 2010 U.S. Open leaderboard has a new leader in round two. The 2010 U.S. Open leaderboard saw Graeme McDowell jump out to an impressive second round at Pebble Beach, posting a three-under-par score of 68 for the day. When McDowell went to the clubhouse on Friday, he had posted the best score of the first two rounds and, with it, a three-shot lead over the rest of the field. McDowell shot an even par 71 on Thursday, keeping him within eye-sight of the leaders at the end of round one. And, on Friday he made his move up the 2010 U.S. Open leaderboard. Now, McDowell has a prime spot to make an even bigger movie over the weekend, but it could also mean he just needs to hold par to win the tournament now.

The 2010 U.S. Open leaderboard has been a bit odd through the first two rounds, and none of the golfers that were expected to contend for this Grand Slam event are near the top. Maybe more surprising than that is that there were only two Americans even in the Top 12 mid-way through the second round on Friday. The best American of that group was Dustin Johnson, who had a one-under-par score through the 15th hole, in addition to breaking even on Thursday. With so many golfers shooting over-par rounds on both Thursday and Friday, it has presented some unimpressive scores at Pebble Beach, and amplified the scores of those golfers doing well. Though a four-under-par score after two rounds might not sound too impressive, it could just be strong enough to win the 2010 U.S. Open on Sunday.

Further back in the field (much further) was Tiger Woods, who had posted a three-over-par 74 on Thursday, and really needed to come through with a strong round two score in order to make the cut. Through his first holes on the course Friday, he was doing just the opposite, pushing his personal score to five-over-par, and dropping him into a tie for 70th place in the tournament. That’s not a score that will save him from the cut if he doesn’t finish out the second round tough. And, if Phil Mickelson doesn’t improve from his first round of four-over-par, it could be the first time that the No. 1 and No. 2 golfers in the world both failed to make the cut at the same tournament.

We are living in an upside-down world right now at the 2010 U.S. Open, and it could mean that the leaderboard will shift even more heading into the weekend. Can Graeme McDowell of Ireland hold on to his two-shot lead at Pebble Beach? Or will his spot at the top of the 2010 U.S. Open leaderboard only last until round three ends on Saturday? There is still a lot of exciting gold to come at this tournament, and, luckily, there will be a lot of television coverage this weekend to go along with it.





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