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2010 World Cup Stadiums: Royal Bafokeng Stadium

The Royal Bafokeng stadium is located in the city of Rustenburg, a city located at the foot of Magaliesberg Mountain in the North West Province of this African country.

Rustenburg is not a big city as Johannesburg, and people makes a living with activities like mining and agriculture. This city is a humble place, but they’re die-hard soccer fans thanks to the Platinum Stars Club from the Premier Soccer League. The Royal Bafokeng stadium is the current home for the Platinum Stars and nothing will change after the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Royal Bafokeng stadium received a very minor upgrade that will end up with a around 44,500 seats available for soccer fans; before this minor upgrade the stadium received 38,000 people. They also installed electronic scoreboards, and upgraded floodlights.

The temperatures expected during the 2010 FIFA World Cup are probably the highest temperatures experience in the entire country, with the average temperatures ranking from 60 to 88 Fahrenheit degrees. These temperatures could probably affect squads like Slovakia, Japan and possibly Mexico.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup matches that will be played in this stadium are:

June 12th. Group C England vs. USA
June 15th. Group F Slovakia vs. New Zealand
June 19th. Group D Australia vs. Ghana
June 22nd. Group A Mexico vs. Uruguay
June 24th. Group E Japan vs. Denmark
June 26th. Round of 16 1C vs. 2D

After watching the 10 stadiums that will be used for the world cup, it looks like the Royal Bafokeng stadium is probably the less aesthetic stadium that’s gonna be used during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The design of this stadium is very simple and on top of that, the Royal Bafokeng is not surrounded by beautiful beaches or great looking landscapes like other stadiums. The place is 30 driving minutes away from Sun City and 12 kilometers away from Rustenburg’s downtown.

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2010 Winter Olympics Medal Count Round-Up for February 13: US Leads with 4

Day two of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games featured plenty of thrills, chills and surprises, and by the time the lights dimmed in Vancouver, five events were complete, and 15 Olympic medals had been awarded to hard-working athletes from around the world.

Male and female athletes from 11 different nations contributed to the current Olympic medal count. The United States currently leads the pack with four total medals, including one gold (Hannah Kearney, Women’s Moguls), one silver (Apolo Ohno, Men’s 1500 meter short track), and two bronze (Shannon Bahrke, Women’s Moguls and J. R. Celski, Men’s 1500 meter short track).

Other nations represented in the current 2010 Winter Olympic medal count include South Korea with two, and Slovakia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Canada, Russia, France and Austria with one apiece.

The day’s biggest medal surprise was likely Anastazia Kuzmina of Slovakia, who unexpectedly took the gold in the Women’s biathlon 7.5 kilometer sprint by just 1.5 seconds over event favorite Magdalena Neuner of Germany. Kuzmina is just the first of many upstart athletes who will shock the world during the Vancouver Games.

What follows is a complete breakdown of the day’s Olympic medal count, organized by event.

2010 Olympic Medals: Normal Hill Ski Jumping

Gold: Simon Ammann,

Silver: Adam Malysz, Poland

Bronze: Gregor Schlierenzauer, Austria

2010 Olympic Medals: Women’s Biathlon 7.5 meter sprint

Gold: Anastazia Kuzmina, Slovakia

Silver Magdalena Neuner, Germany

Bronze: Marie Dorin, France

2010 Olympic Medals: Men’s 5000 meter Speed Skating

Gold: Sven Kramer, Netherlands

Silver: Lee Seung-Hoon, South Korea

Bronze: Ivan Skobrev, Russia

2010 Olympic Medals: Men’s 1500 meter Short Track

Gold: Lee Jung-Su, South Korea

Silver: Apolo Ohno, United States

Bronze: J. R. Celski, United States

2010 Olympic Medals: Women’s Moguls

Gold: Hannah Kearney, United States

Silver: Jenn Weil, Canada

Bronze: Shannon Bahrke, United States


Olympic Medal Count, NBC Olympics

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2010 World Cup Stadiums: Mbombela Stadium

Construction for the Mbombela soccer stadium started in the year 2007, something that makes it one of the newest stadiums in South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The Mbombela stadium is located in Nelspruit, capital of the Mpumalanga Province. Nelspruit is surrounded of majestic scenario thanks to all the green mountains, and waterfalls surrounding it. This place is said to be “the Garden of Eden”.

The Mbombela stadium was newly built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup; its construction started in 2007 and was finished on November 2009. The capacity of this stadium is for a little over 43,000 people. The Mbombela stadium is close to game parks, something that will give adventurous soccer fans the chance to enjoy the wildlife in South Africa when there are no matches scheduled for this venue.

The temperature expected during the 2010 FIFA World Cup ranges from 43 to 73 Fahrenheit degrees, it’s a little cool for national teams like Honduras, Australia and New Zealand, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem if they adapt quickly.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup matches that will be played in this stadium are:

June 16th. Group H Honduras vs. Chile
June 20th. Group F Italy vs. New Zealand
June 23th. Group D Serbia vs. Australia
June 25st. Group G Korea DPR vs. Côte d’Ivoire

This is probably one of the stadiums with fewer matches on its schedule. This is the first football stadium in Nelspruit. Before the Mbombela stadium, Nelspruit had no top venues to host soccer matches.

Nelspruit is probably one of the poorest places in South Africa, so the idea to be host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup was received with a lot of happiness from its population, they saw it as a big chance to obtain jobs and contribute to a major tourism revenue for this area.

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2010 Winter Olympics Crafts for Kids

With the 2010 Vancouver Olympics in full swing, chances are you and your family are paying close attention to the sporting events. Young children are often excited by the olympics, and look up to the athletes they see competing. Creating olympic themed crafts with your children is a great way to engage your children in the sporting events while spending quality time with them. Here are several craft ideas for the 2010 Winter Olympics that you can make with your children.

Olympic Medals

These medals will make your children feel like true Olympians. To make a craft Olympic medal you will need:

Gold Foil
Red Ribbon
White Ribbon
Blue Ribbon

1. Cut a medium sized circle out of the cardboard.
2. Wrap the cardboard circle tightly with gold foil.
3. Glue both ends of all three colors of ribbon to the back of the foil covered circle. Allow the glue to dry completely before allowing your children to wear their medals.

Foam Ice Skates

This is a great craft for both boys and girls. You may choose to create figure skates or speed skates.

Two Colors of Craft Foam

1. Trace the shape of the foot part of the skate onto one color of craft foam.
2. Trace the blade part of the skate onto the other color of craft foam.
2. Cut out both parts of of he skates.
2. Glue the pieces of the skates together.

Add extra details to the skates using craft gems, ribbon, paint markers or stickers. Glue a magnet onto the back of each skate to create adorable magnets for your refrigerator, or punch a hole from the op of each skate and loop an ornament hook through the hole to create a Christmas ornament for your tree.

Olympic Headband

These cute headbands are the perfect way to commemorate the Olympic games while cheering on Team USA.

Red Felt
White Felt
Blue Felt
Fabric Glue

1. Measure and cut a piece of red felt that is equal in length to the circumference of your child’s head. If you are using a sheet of felt, you may need to use two pieces. The felt should be about 4 inches wide.
2. If you used two pieces of felt, apply a line of fabric glue along one edge of one piece of felt and stick the edge of the other piece to is.
3. Loop the felt around and apply a line of fabric glue along one edge. Stick the other edge over it to seal the headband together.
4. Use a pen to trace the words “USA 2010” on he white and blue felt. Alternate the letters and numbers between the two colors.
5. Cut out the letters and numbers from the felt.
6. Use the fabric glue to glue the letters and numbers onto the front of the headband.

Pipe Cleaner Skier

These are very simple crafts to make if you have extra pipe cleaners laying around the house. Twist the pipe cleaners around to create the head and body of the skier, and twist two pipe cleaners onto the feet of the skier to make the skis.

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2010 WR Keeper Rankings - Fantasy Football 2010

2010 WR Keeper Rankings are based on a 3-year outlook for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 fantasy football seasons. Players age for the 2010 season is listed after their name.

2010 WR Keeper Rankings are established for a standard fantasy football scoring system, with scoring categories and points including:
Passing Yards: 1 point / 20 passing yards
Rushing Yards: 1 point / 10 rushing yards
Receiving Yards: 1 point / 10 receiving yards
Passing Touchdown: 4 points
Rushing/Receiving Touchdown: 6 points
Interceptions: -2 points
Fumbles Lost: -2 points

Rankings Updated: January 1, 2010

1. Larry Fitzgerald – Ari (27)
While the top 3 WRs listed here are all excellent keeper options, Fitzgerald is clearly the #1 choice. Based on his age, ability, health, and proven stats, it seems extremely safe to say that nearly all fantasy football managers in keeper leagues would rank Fitzgerald at #1. However as usual, having Kurt Warner at QB no doubt helps Fitzgerald, but even if Warner wouldn’t be back playing in 2010, I would still want Fitzgerald at my #1 WR keeper.

2. Andre Johnson – Hou (29)
Injuries limited Johnson for a couple of seasons, but after posting a career year in 2008, Johnson has followed that up with another outstanding season in 2009. With an excellent passing QB in Matt Schaub throwing to him, Andre Johnson is primed for at least another three superb seasons. In PPR scoring leagues, Johnson is a no doubt better keeper WR than Calvin Johnson.

3. Calvin Johnson – Det (25)
Offering loads of potential, Calvin Johnson has regressed a bit over the 2009 season after his breakout 2008 campaign. Yet there is tremendous hope for the future, as Matthew Stafford could easily transform into a Pro-Bowl caliber quarterback in the upcoming years. Assuming Stafford progresses and continues to get better as a QB, Johnson and his huge upside is a must rank at #3 among all WRs heading into the 2010 season for keeper leagues.

4. Reggie Wayne – Ind (31)
Wayne is just too proven and reliable not to get this #4 spot. Not to mention he is still in the prime of his career and he has Peyton Manning still throwing to him. If you want a safe sure bet fantasy football WR, Reggie Wayne is the guy you want.

5. Greg Jennings – GB (27)
Jennings edged out this ranking over some of the more popular WR names because of his vast potential. With Aaron Rodgers emerging as one of the premiere QBs in the NFL, the Rodgers to Jennings combo could be lethal for the Packers offense over the next several years, as both players are signed to long term deals.

6. Brandon Marshall – Den (26)
Marshall has posted better stats than Greg Jennings over the past couple of years, but he doesn’t have as good of a QB throwing him the ball, and worse yet is that you never know when his legal problems will pop up. However based on overall potential, I cannot justify ranking Marshall any lower, especially in PPR scoring leagues where Marshall is a near lock for 100 receptions each year.

7. Roddy White – Atl (28)
Finally getting the recognition that many fantasy football managers feel he deserves, Roddy White is clearly a solid top 10 keeper WR heading into the 2010 season. If Matt Ryan continues to progress and get better, Roddy White should continue to be a Pro-Bowl caliber WR over the next several seasons.

8. DeSean Jackson – Phi (23)
Jackson is extremely young at just age 23, and he is just starting to tap into his potential as a potential star WR in the NFL. If you want to rank him higher on this list I can understand why, but for now I’m sticking with the more reliable guys listed above him.

9. Vincent Jackson – SD (27)
Entering the prime of his career at age 27, Jackson should continue to excel into a Pro-Bowl caliber WR during the 2010 season. With a young gun slinging Philip Rivers under center in San Diego, Jackson and his 6-5 height should dominate defense for years to come.

10. Marques Colston – NO (27)
Colston could have easily been #7 on this list over Wes Welker, but with so much offensive talent in New Orleans, especially the emerging Robert Meachem, Colston’s touchdown totals could be limited. Still this is very much speculation, as it assumes the fact that Meachem does continue to emerge and Pierre Thomas becomes a reliable RB who could swipe goal line TDs.

11. Wes Welker – NE (29)
Many may question this ranking, but Welker is entering the prime of his career, and is a much safer and more reliable fantasy football WR than the more popular Randy Moss. If you are in a PPR scoring league, Welker is a must have at this ranking, as he is a near lock to tally around 100 receptions over at least the next three season.

12. Randy Moss – NE (33)
I don’t know about you, but I’m over Randy Moss being an elite fantasy football WR heading into the 2010 season. Yes he can still put up 1,200 receiving yards and 8-10 touchdowns, but his age and possible lack of commitment, have me taking a chance on a young WR with a higher upside.

13. Anquan Boldin – Ari
14. Sidney Rice – Min
15. Santonio Holmes – Pit
16. Miles Austin – Dal
17. Hakeem Nicks – NYG
18. Dwayne Bowe – KC
19. Chad Ochocinco – Cin
20. Michael Crabtree – SF

21. Steve Smith – Car
22. Percy Harvin – Min
23. Robert Meachem – NO
24. Mike Sims-Walker – Jac
25. Anthony Gonzalez – Ind
26. Lee Evans – Buf
27. Jeremy Maclin – Phi
28. Kenny Britt – Ten
29. Steve Smith – NYG
30. Braylon Edwards – NYJ

31. Nate Burleson – Sea
32. Roy Williams – Dal
33. Donald Driver – GB
34. Jerricho Cotchery – NYJ
35. TJ Houshmandzadeh – Sea
36. Steve Breaston – Ari
37. Hines Ward – Pit
38. Eddie Royal – Den
39. Johnny Knox – Chi
40. Donnie Avery – StL

41. Austin Collie – Ind
42. Bernard Berrian – Min
43. Kevin Walter – Hou
44. Antonio Bryant – TB
45. Mike Wallace – Pit
46. Pierre Garcon – Ind
47. Derrick Mason – Bal
48. Mohamed Massaquoi – Cle
49. Mario Manningham – NYG
50. Santana Moss – Was

51. Josh Morgan – SF
52. Terrell Owens – Buf
53. Louis Murphy – Oak
54. Devin Hester – Chi
55. Torry Holt – Jac
56. Chris Chambers – KC
57. Malcom Floyd – SD
58. Nate Washington – Ten
59. Jacoby Jones – Hou
60. James Jones – GB

61. Laveranues Coles – Cin
62. Domenik Hixon – NYG
63. Earl Bennett – Chi
64. Mark Clayton – Bal
65. Early Doucet – Ari
66. Chris Henry – Cin
67. Andre Caldwell – Cin
68. Devery Henderson – NO
69. Michael Jenkins – Atl
70. Ted Ginn Jr – Mia

71. Devin Thomas – Was
72. Jordy Nelson – GB
73. Lance Moore – NO
74. Davone Bess – Mia
75. Brian Robiskie – Cle
76. Malcolm Kelly – Was
77. Deion Branch – Sea
78. Bryant Johnson – Det
79. Julian Edelman – NE
80. Joshua Cribbs – Cle

81. Brian Hartline – Mia
82. Darrius Heyward-Bey – Oak
83. Limas Sweed – Pit
84. Juaquin Iglesias – Chi
85. Deon Butler – Sea
86. Ramses Barden – NYG
87. Laurent Robinson – StL
88. Dwayne Jarrett – Car
89. Kelley Washington – Bal
90. Jason Avant – Phi

91. David Clowney – NYJ
92. Sammie Stroughter – TB
93. Justin Gage – Ten
94. Danny Amendola – StL
95. Muhsin Muhammad – Car = Mia
96. Brandon Stokely – Den = SD
97. Greg Camarillo – Mia = @Car
98. Michael Clayton – TB = NO
99. Mark Bradley – KC = Pit
100. Chansi Stuckey – Cle = @Det

101. Reggie Brown – Phi = @Chi
102. Antwaan Randle El – Was = @Dal
103. Jason Hill – SF
104. Jerome Simpson – Cin
105. Patrick Crayton – Dal
106. Andre Davis – Hou
107. Jerheme Urban – Ari
108. Mike Furrey – Cle
109. Dennis Northcutt – Det = Cle
110. Josh Reed – Buf = @Jac

111. Keenan Burton – StL = Ari
104. Isaac Bruce – SF = @GB
105. Jabar Gaffney – Den = SD
109. Bobby Wade – KC = Pit
Kevin Curtis – Phi = @Chi
98. Bobby Engram – KC = Pit
Sinorice Moss – NYG = Atl
100. Javon Walker – Oak = Cin

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2010: The Year of the Web Series

Infancy or not, the web series phenomenon is here — and it’s here to stay. Technology has made it possible for aspiring filmmakers in the remote parts of the world to develop, write, cast and produce web series that are worlds apart from the gritty backyard films that made YouTube famous. Webisodes are no longer trendy, they are mainstream.

In some ways, the industry speculated correctly about the effects of accessible technology on independent filmmaking and the video generation. YouTube exploded in the last two years, giving rise to other video sites like Vimeo, Exposure Room and Hulu. The world flocked to these sites to view and upload content. What wasn’t accounted for was the slowing down of the Hollywood machine — the machine that once gave limited access to independent filmmakers — to the point of near total exclusion of new filmmakers. Filmmakers with completed feature films, some with name talent, have had to go back to the distribution drawing board after festival screenings resulted in zero sales. Where did these filmmakers turn? They turned to the one media source they could control: the Internet distribution.

The same can be said for actors who’ve seen their featured roles go to name talent in an effort to increase the marketability of studio films. Some actors have created their own web series in an effort to showcase their talents. Others have turned to web series because that’s where the work is.

2010 promises to be an abundant year for web series. From series shot on cell phone cameras and produced on $99 video editing programs to professional quality web series with recognizable names attached as director or lead actor, edited on professional editing programs and scored by award-winning composers — the year will explode with webisodes from all walks of life. Although viewers can expect to see much of the same as previous years — homespun talking-heads videos with little to no story — many new web series will be bigger, better, funnier and possess well-crafted stories and exponentially better performances.

A look at Mashable’s list of Top New Web Series for 2009, based primarily on hits leaves very little for video watchers interested in more than comedy or gaming. However, there is a larger video world out there comprised of smarter, better written and better performed dramatic web series. In that world there is an audience that wants a web series experience that resembles cable TV more than it does YouTube.

Apocalyptic Playground. A web series with little to no dialog? Creator James Rhodimer (writer/director) makes it work with stunning in-camera visuals, crafty camera work and a good-looking yet diverse cast. With the first 10 episodes in the can, in this surreal SciFi drama we quickly understand that the landscape is a character. The rich locations give birth to remarkable ad-libbed and scripted performances by an ensemble cast. In AP we’re introduced to several characters with unknown origins. Seemingly, their only link is that they have no knowledge of where they are or what happened to the world. However, they are all connected by invisible wormholes — pockets of energy that transport them across the desert plains, and through time and space. The series is beautifully shot in locations most independent filmmakers only dream about. Tight editing, with a touch of the experimental, adds to the film’s surreal parallel universe feel. Despite the series’ noticeable lack of dialog in the first few episodes, the playful performances and hint at dread is satisfying. Actor Michael Allen Burns is particularly interesting to watch with performances that border on the brink of Three Stooges-like genius and Forest Gump likability. The score is ethereal and ambient but well composed and perfectly matched to the action.

Resurrection of Serious Rogers is a promising dramatic web series. Developed with a feature film mentality, the first season’s twelve episodes were written as one long-running story, creating a cohesiveness that is often absent from a web series that is written and shot episode-by-episode. Serious Rogers markets itself as an action thriller web series in the vein of The Professional meets The Usual Suspects, and with the provocativeness of Basic Instinct.Serious Rogers is told via a fly-on-the-wall perspective as the story of Sarah “Serious” Rogers (Cooper Harris) unfolds via an interrogation scene between Trixie (Mercedes Manning) and FBI Agent Martin (Jamie Fishback). As Trixie weaves her tale about a highly skilled assassin who went berserk it becomes unclear what parts of the story are fact and which are fiction. As Trixie lures Martin in with her confounding story she begins to suspect that Martin’s intentions aren’t as noble as he claims. So the cat and mouse game continues, the roles changing back and forth.

As the story continues to unfold we learn about Ms. Rogers — the perfect assassin who suffered heartbreak and shame, turning her into an emotional unprofessional killing machine. We learn of the perverted senator, Victoria Ritchey (Amelia Pawlak), with a fetish for young women. Victoria calls in a contract hit for her nanny after she sexually assault the young woman. We learn about Serious’ boss, the Mystery Man (Jeff Torres), a puppeteer of men who’s plugged into government and organized crime. And we learn about the rogue, drug-addicted FBI agent, Hooper (Philip Hersh), who’s life and career was ruined by the Mystery Man and now he’s out for biblical justice. Vanity (Nancy Corbo) promises to be a nemesis of epic proportions. Created by an award-winning writer/producer, shot by an avant-garde cinematographer and cast with rising talent the series may delivery things notably absent in many web series: good writing, a good story, and great performances.

SOLO – the Series is an upcoming comedy sci-fi web series by writer/star Jonathan Nail (AMC’s Mad Men, HBO’s Carnivàle, Criminal Minds). It is, quite naturally, set in outer space. In SOLO, the hero, Scott Drizhal (played by Nail), is chosen to go on a solo, three-year mission to Mars as part of a reality series. Unfortunately the show is canceled and Scott is now stuck on a round-trip ticket to Mars and back. With no company in deep space other than a smart-alec, artificially-intelligent ship computer (PHAL), his wife declaring him legally dead so she can claim the millions in insurance, a Napoleonic producer whose hubris lands him and the show into Japanese mafia infested waters and a malfunctioning, prototype ship that was never meant to fly to Mars. Hilarity ensues. The series also stars Michele Boyd (The Guild) and Jason Burns. Solo is being pitched to major cable TV networks with firm commitments to the development and creation of original Internet content.

Who Shot Mamba? is the quintesential silly-comedy-played-straight, with a Dragnet cum Kojack cum Naked Gun feel. Straight from the demented mind of its star and writer, Brian Spaeth, the show is hilariously funny and the performances are near perfect, most notable is Dominic Pace. The series also boasts well-known names like Ted Lange and Bill Walton — yes, that Bill Walton. The film/series is proficiently directed by Dustin Pearlman who also moonlights as the Director of Photography. In WSM, when Merri Sherman (Spaeth) is framed for the murder of his best friend, a charismatic snake named Mamba, he must follow the ominous, doom-laden instructions of the Prophesy of the Orange Roundie in order to unravel the truth and clear his name. Enter Detective Tracey Riggs (Pace) on a whacked-out and obsessive mission to solve the murder and put Sherman behind bars. To clarify some things: the Orange Roundie is a magic glowing basketball that could destroy the entire world, one of the main characters is an inflatable gang leader, and in case you missed it, the titular Mamba is a talking snake. Who Shot Mamba? was conceived as an online venture and was written much like a MOW with breaks and cliffhangers. Although the creators of Mamba explored other distributions options including cable TV, their original plan of releasing the broadband motion picture is working out well. If audiences are lucky, a second season is in the works too.

Sites such as Hulu, KoldKast and the Streamys offer an insider’s perspective on many new web series. Often, the behind the scenes action is as fun to watch as the series themselves.

Stay tuned to your computer.

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2010 New Year's Eve Events in New York City

New Years Eve is a fun time of year to celebrate the end of an old year and to bring in the new. If you don’t know what events are in your area for New Years Eve, now is the time to get an idea so you won’t miss out. There are lots of hot spots to party at for New Years Eve in New York City, this article will detail a few of them so you can decide which one is the best one for you to go to.

2010 New Year’s Eve Parties in New York City #1: Times Square New Years Eve at Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is having a twelve hour New Years Eve bash from 8 PM to 8 AM. Ticket prices start at $125 dollars for General Admission and go up, depending on if you want a package that has more perks. A general admission ticket will get you into the doors with six hours available at the open bar (8 PM to 2 AM), canjun themed Hors d’oeuvres, champagne toast at midnight with a live show on LCD screens throughout the bar of the ball dropping and party favors. DJ’s will be playing rock, dance, hip hop and top 40 so you’ll be sure to find something you want to dance to. Bourbon Street is located at 346 West 46th Street 8th & 9th Avenues. You can buy tickets here.

2010 New Year’s Eve Parties in New York City #2: Utsav Times Square

Utsay in Times Square is having their party starting at 8 PM and their open bar will be from 8 PM to 2 AM so you’ll be able to get your drinks. There will be a DJ spinning music in hip hop, top 40 and dance categories. Ticket prices start at $105 for a basic package that includes a six hour premium open bar, passed food from 8 PM to 10 PM, champagne toast and a countdown to midnight. Other packages are available for a higher price. Utsay is located at 1185 Avenue of Americas 46th St btw 6th & 7th Ave. Click here to buy tickets.

2010 New Year’s Eve Parties in New York City #3: Times SquareCenter

Times Square Center is going to be one of the hotspots to spend your New Years at. It is one block away from where the ball drops so you’ll have the option of going to see the ball drop at midnight or you can watch it live inside the bar. There will be several DJ’s playing hot tunes and the bar is open for seven hours, from 7 PM to 2 AM. Prices start at $105 and in that price you get access to the longest open bar in NYC, the choice to watch the ball in person and a champagne toast at midnight. Times Square Center is located at 669 8th Avenue between 42nd & 43rd Streets. You can purchase tickets here.

2010 New Year’s Eve Parties in New York City #4: Hawaiian Tropic Zone

Hawaiian Tropic Zone is having an eight hour bash from 8 PM to 4 AM. A premium open bar will be open from 9 PM to 2 AM. Your taste buds will be temped during the party as there will be heavy gourmet hors devours that are catered by celebrity chef David Burke. There are two ticket prices available. General Admission is $125 dollar and a spot at a VIP table is $195. The general admission package includes a champagne toast at midnight, party favors, etc. The HTZ ladies will be on hand to help you bring in the New Year. Hawaiian Tropic Zone is located at 729 7th Avenue at 49th Street. If you want to buy your tickets online, click here.

2010 New Year’s Eve Parties in New York City #5: Ruby Tuesday

Do you want to be as close to the ball as possible while you’re bringing in the New Year? Well now you can be. Ruby Tuesday is the closest located party to the actual ball dropping in New York City. Prices start at $145 dollars. For $145, you’ll get access to an open bar from 9 PM to 2 AM, Ruby Tuesday passed snacks, champagne toast and party favors. If you want to go see the ball drop live, you’ll be able to leave Ruby Tuesday and then get back in with your ticket. Plus your ticket includes tax and gratuity so you wont’ have to worry about paying an additional price for something. Ruby Tuesday is located at 7 Times Square on 7th Avenue. Buy tickets online by clicking this link.

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2010 New York Giants Offense


Eli Manning will lead the Giants at quarterback once again. Eli has proved to be a very durable quarterback for the Giants. Manning , who was the MVP of the 2007 Super Bowl, will be trying to repeat that in the 2010-2011 season. Last season Eli Manning threw 27 touchdowns, and just 14 interceptions. Manning threw the ball for 4,021 yards. Look for similar numbers this season. 30 touchdowns and 4,000 yards will make any fantasy football owner happy. Jim Sorgi is the number two QB for the New York Giants. He previously backed up Peyton Manning. Sorgi has the best job in sports, backing up the Mannings. He could have a fifteen year NFL career, and never get hurt. Look for Sorgi to handle the bulk of preseason, and run scout teams. If Eli is lost for the season, Sorgi will only play until another starting QB can be found. The New York Giants offense depends on Eli Manning being healthy.

The New York Giants backfield has quality, with Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. Jacobs played last season injured. He dropped from 15 touchdowns in 2008, to only 5 in 2009. Jacobs ran for over a 1,000 yards in 2008, but just a little over 800 in 2009. Look for a healthy Jacobs to carry the load. He could amass 1,400 yards. Bradshaw ran for almost 800 yards in 2009. An expanded role could give Ahmad Bradshaw double digit touchdowns, and a 1000 yards rushing this season. Madison Hedgecock will see time at fullback for the New York Giants offense in 2010. Don’t look for any carries from Hedgecock. He is an excellent blocker, who catches an occasional pass. The New York Giants don’t need him to rush, only block.

Look for Kevin Boss to turn into an elite tight end. This is the fourth year in the league for Boss. His receptions have risen each season. Last season Kevin Boss had 43 catches. Look for him to eclipse 50 this year. Eli will use him extensively in 2010. Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks will start at the wide outs. Smith had 107 receptions last year. He will break the century mark again. Nicks showed promise in his rookie campaign. He shouldn’t suffer the sophomore jinx. Nicks caught 47 passes last season. Look for him to double the catches this year. Mario Manningham will be the third wide receiver for the Giants. He had 57 catches for the Giants in his second season. His numbers will go down this year, as Nicks will see more time. The problem with the Giant’s receivers is depth. The quality falls off greatly.Jerome Johnson will be asked to step up. Look for the 2010 New York Giants to pick a receiver from the waiver wire. If Smith or Nicks go down, T.O. might make sense. Owens has lost quite a bit, but still is better than a third string receiver.

A strength of the New York Giants is the offensive line. David Diehl will be at left tackle. Drafted out of Illinois in 2003, Diehl is paying big dividends. Left guard will be Rich Seubert. He can also move over to center in an emergency. The center will be Shaun O’Hara. His explosiveness makes him a great run blocker. The right side has Chris Snee at guard and Kareem McKenzie at right tackle. Both weigh over 300 pounds, and have better than average quickness. Look for rookie Mitch Petrus to see plenty of action. The New York Giants have an offensive line that backs love to run behind.


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2010 New Year's Eve Events in the Tampa Area

We’ve done various things on New Year’s depending upon the opportunities that have come our way and whatever else we may be doing at the time. One year, before I was married, friends invited me to their New Year’s party. Another year, while our son was still home, we went to a New Year’s BBQ and had our own fireworks show. Not long ago, after my foster father’s memorial I spent New Year’s with my foster mother and we ate special treats, talked and watched the NY New Year’s celebration on TV.

Most often while our son was still home, we ate Hoppin John with greens and had our own fireworks party alongside with the entire neighborhood. Since our son moved out into his own life our New Year’s tends to be quietly spent in front of the TV and hearing the neighbors light up their fireworks unless I’m preparing for a trip, then I’m busy tending to lists and running in and out of rooms packing, while watching TV.

In this article you will find listings of various venues offering a variety of activities to celebrate the coming in of the New Year. At the end of this list you’ll also find a few activities planned for New Year’s Day:


New Year’s Eve Parties:

Approximately 80 New Year’s Eve parties are listed on They’re being put on by local clubs, cafes, hotels, a beach resort, a dance studio, the Ford Amphitheater, Channel Side, Raymond James Stadium, Ruth Eckerd Hall and St Pete Forum. They’ re located all over the Tampa area, in Hyde Park, Channel Side, Ybor City, Downtown Tampa, Clearwater and St Pete. Each listing has a link to more information on their event and for purchasing tickets.

“Light Up Tampa Bay”:

This is the premier event in the area which many other activities are centered around. Channelside will “Light Up Tampa Bay” on New Year’s Eve with live entertainment from 8:00pm to 3:00am, a midnight fireworks show and ball drop at the downtown Tampa waterfront. The event itself is free. Channelside Plaza is the best location for viewing the action. There are, also, several restaurants and night spots at Channelside where you can view the fun. Call Channelside at (813) 223-4250 for more information. Call Cab Plus at 813-288-8888 if you’ve had too much to drink.

“Claws for Celebration”:

Enjoy Aqua-Eve at the Florida Aquarium For an unusual New Year’s Eve party from 9pm to 1am right next to Channelside. There’ll be live entertainment, food, free beer and wine, and one of the best locations to view the fireworks display in Tampa.

Tickets are $90, December 7 to 20 and $100 after December 20th. You can purchase tickets by calling 813-273-4568 or on-line at

Yacht StarShip Celebration Cruise:

Usher in 2010 on a Yacht StarShip Celebration Cruise. The 2 hour cruise includes an open bar, food buffets, entertainment, party favors and champagne toast at midnight. You’ll have a great view of the midnight fireworks show at Channelside.

Participants must be 21 years or older to cruise. The price is $125.00+.

“Salute to Vienna”:

Celebrate the New Year with Salute to Vienna as it returns for another performance. Influenced by Vienna’s New Year’s Concert, Salute to Vienna brings the same uplifting performance to North America with music, song and dance. There’s a new cast of over 75 musicians, European singers and ballet and ballroom dancers with a
new program featuring operettas, waltzes, polkas and marches.

Salute to Vienna will presented at Ruth Eckerd Hall, on 1111 McMullen Booth Rd. in Clearwater. Tickets are $52.

Fireworks at The Pier in St. Petersburg:

A Fireworks display will be presented at Spa Beach Park in St. Petersburg at 9:00pm and at midnight. There will be dancing in the Courtyard from 9:00pm to 1:00am to the music of the “Rock ‘n’ Chair Band”.

St Pete Coliseum, “Swingin The New Year 2010”:

This is a New Year’s celebration for all ages with a midnight countdown, balloon drop, swing dance celebration with dance performances, a vintage fashion photo shoot and contest. Party favors, chocolates and prizes will be given out.

The party runs from 9pm to 1am, with an introductory swing-dance lesson 8 to 9pm. You don’t need a partner. The doors will open at 7:30pm. There’s also a cash bar and free parking. It will cost $15-$22.

The St.Petersburg Coliseum is on 535 4th Ave. St. Petersburg.

“First Night”, St. Petersburg:

This will be First Night St. Petersburg’s 17th Annual New Year’s Eve celebration for the arts from 5:00pm to 12m with various venues in downtown St. Petersburg. There’ll be family oriented celebrations in art, music, drama, dance, entertainment, games and fireworks, etc.

Admission buttons can be bought in advance at one of the local outlets are $10 for adults and $5 for children 6 to 12.

Lowry Park Zoo, “Noon Year Eve”:

This celebration will be offering games, arts and crafts, educational displays and live entertainment. Participants can watch a giant clock strike 12pm noon. The activities are included free-of-charge with Zoo admission. This will be 9:30am to 1pm.

Busch Gardens Africa:

Special nightly entertainment and New Year’s fireworks will be celebrated December 27-31 from 9:00am to 8:30pm and until 1:00am on December 31.

This event comes with the daily park admission or a Passport membership.

Ybor City Parade:

Ybor City is the venue for The Outback Bowl New Year’s Eve Parade sponsored by United Health Care Children’s Foundation, Budweiser, 970 WFLA, 93.3FLZ Radio, 95.7 The Beat, 620 WDAE and City of Tampa. This is a free family event. Come early to find a good spot.

The Parade starts at 5:30pm and will go down 7th Avenue. No coolers, glass containers or open alcohol will be allowed on the streets for safety reasons.


Pregame Bowl Bash:

Bowl fans can get ready for the big game outside the stadium with live music and a pep rally which will be sponsored by Bright House, Coca Cola, The Tampa Tribune and 620 WDAE Radio. You can purchase food and drinks at this event which begins at 8:00am at the south plaza between gates C and D, though the location may change.

Spartan Staffing Pregame Show:

There will be a pregame show which is sponsored by Spartan Staffing. It includes high school and college bands and several other special events, such as a US Marine Corps flyover and skydivers delivering the game ball. You’ll want to see this popular Outback Bowl tradition. The show begins at 10:15am.

Outback Bowl 2010:

The 24th Annual Outback Bowl will host the Auburn Tigers against the Northwestern Wildcats. Kickoff is scheduled for 11:00am. The gates will be open at 9:30am.


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2010-11 NHL Season Preview: Columbus Blue Jackets

On paper, the Columbus Blue Jackets should be a much better team than they have been. They are replete with young talent, culled from numerous years of early draft picks. For some reason only Rick Nash have ever really panned out to deliver on his potential, leaving the Blue Jackets as perennial also-rans in the NHL.

More of the Same
There is not a whole lot new about the 20010-11 Columbus Blue Jackets. Rick Nash will still be leading an offense that consists of Antoine Vermette, Derick Brassard, RJ Umberger and Kristian Huselius. All of those names have shown brief flashes of greatness, but they all also have trouble maintaining momentum.

In the case of Derick Brassard it comes down to not delivering on his potential. The Columbus Blue Jackets can not afford to rely on Brassard’s 10 goals a season as a second line center. That production leaves the Blue Jackets woefully ill equipped when powerful defensive teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues come to town.

If the reports are true then Nikita Filatov will be returning from a season in the Russian KHL as a more mature and well rounded player. At only 20 years old, Filatov still has a lot of time to develop into a top line player, but if he can squeeze out 15-20 goals then the Blue Jackets will be much better off.

Another player to watch will be Jakub Voracek. Voracek improved to 50 points from 38 in his rookie season, and another jump should not be out of the question. If (more like when) Kristian Huselius falters, it will be Jakub Voracek who gets the call to play alongside Rick Nash.

Thin Defense
Again, on paper the Columbus Blue Jackets look better than they are. The only change is the lack of Mathieu Roy, which should not amount to much. The players who are still around are far from the NHL elite.

Mike Commodore should be the back bone of the Columbus Blue Jackets defense, but has cooled considerably since reaching the Stanley Cup Finals in back-to-back seasons with the Calgary Flames and Carolina Hurricanes.

Fedor Tyutin is the more likely quarterback on the blue line. Tyutin is a decent player, but is in over his head as the Blue Jackets’ leading defenseman. Judging by his skills, Fedor Tyutin would be far more comfortable on the second pair than the first.

For Columbus to find success, they need to find a defenseman to bolster their blue line. Tomas Kaberle would have been a great piece for the team, as he is nearly everything the team is missing. If a deal can still be worked out, the Blue Jackets have the pieces to move.

Sophomore Slump?
Steve Mason shocked everyone in the 2008-09 NHL Season when he emerged as the answer to the Blue Jackets’ playoff dreams. The love was short lived, however, as Steve Mason regressed in his second season. The talent is still there, now it is up to Steve Mason to prove that his rookie year was not a fluke.

Backup Mathieu Garon is hit or miss. Sometimes Garon can look like a starter, other times he looks as though he does not even belong in the AHL. The Blue Jackets would be smart to find a more aggressive backup to threaten Steve Mason’s unquestioned number one status. Not one who can usurp the throne, but one who will reliably win games when Steve Mason is unavailable.

Hopes Dashed
The Columbus Blue Jackets looked poised to break out after making the playoffs for the first time in franchise history just two seasons ago. Unfortunately, the developing team plays in one of hockey’s most competitive divisions and often have to be better than just “good.”

Recent additions Ethan Moreau and Chris Clark could be the surprises of the season, as a Moreau, Clark, Samual Pahlsson line combines three of the top defensive-minded forwards in the NHL. A potential line of Ben Guite, Andrew Murray and Jared Boll also provides a level of grit that could fold the weaker teams in the NHL.

The forwards of the Columbus Blue Jackets heavily resemble the 2006-07 Stanley Cup winning Anaheim Ducks in most ways. The defense, however, is lacking the quality that the Ducks enjoyed at the time. This will be Columbus’ undoing, leading to another statistically poor season for Steve Mason. An early-season defensive signing would be good, but should not be expected.

Predicted Standings
Central Division: 4th
Western Conference: 13th
NHL: 20th

Depth Chart

Kristian Huselius – Antoine Vermette – Rick Nash
RJ Umberger – Derick Brassard – Jakub Voracek
Ethan Moreau – Samual Pahlsson – Chris Clark
Nikita Filatov – Andrew Murray – Jared Boll
Derek Dorsett – Ben Guite – Mike Blunden

Mike Commodore – Fedor Tyutin
Rostislav Klesla – Jan Hejda
Anton Stralman – Kris Russell
Marc Methot

Steve Mason
Mathieu Garon
Dan LaCosta


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