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2011 - the Age of IPhones and GPS

As we usher in the new year, we also usher in a new age of paranoia and a misguided attitude about the world we live in. Children are discouraged from roaming freely outside, doors stay locked at all times, and well-wishing mothers and fathers gripe about how none of this was necessary back in their childhoods, a time when everything was, apparently, safer. When every day’s evening news brings yet another story of child abduction, robbery, or homicide, it is understandable that one might tense up, perhaps even change his or her behavior to avoid what seem to be impending disasters. But when we allow a story like Natalee Holloway’s to paralyze us, to erode our trust and numb our logic, we deny the simple truth that the world is safer now than it ever before has been.

For me, the perfect illustration of this delusional mindset comes from conversations that I have had with, of course, my mother. She brings up from time to time the story about her taking a road trip with a friend from Wyoming to California when she was in college. And every time she does, my mother makes sure to add that she would never approve of me taking such a trip, that things were different back then. Trying not to be too condescending, I assure her that she couldn’t be more wrong. The two main reasons: GPS and cell phones. In 1975, technology as we know it today was essentially nonexistent. If my mother got lost along the country roads, she had to rely on foldout maps to correct her course. If she got in a collision on some desolate stretch of highway, there was no way of calling 911. If she and her friend had car trouble and found themselves stranded, no one would ever be able to find their whereabouts. These problems today in 2011 are, well, not really problems at all.

The simple fact is that crime and general danger have always existed and will continue to do so in the future. Criminals today are no more malevolent or prevalent than they ever have been. The only real changes that have occurred over time are population growth, which increases crime in a purely proportional fashion, and the media, which give us awareness of crimes that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. With the proliferation of mobile telephones, everyone is safer. As long as you carry a cell phone at all times, help is only three digits away.

Worried about your daughter playing in the neighborhood through strangers’ yards? Download an iPhone app that gives you a map showing the addresses of known sex offenders. Having second thoughts about letting your son take the car downtown? Cell carriers offer services that allow you to monitor your child’s location via his or her phone. Caution isn’t a bad thing, as long as it’s paired with logic and reason. As 2010 turns into 2011, take comfort in the fact that while the world may be a rapidly changing place, these changes are for the better.

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2011 Calendars for Business Advertising and Promotion

A calendar is the best practical gift a business can give to their customers. If your advertising budget is limited, consider having calendars printed with your business logo, address and telephone number. There are many different styles available and the cost per calendar can be as low as $0.20 each. The benefit you will receive is having your name and number in front of your clients and employees for an entire year.

2011 Calendars for Business Advertising and Promotion: Identity Links: Calendars
Imagine having a calendar posted on the monitors of your employees and customers. Identity Links has several different styles available. Some stick on to the keyboard while others are long strips that can be posted on the monitor itself. These handy calendars will do double time by keeping your business in the front of the customer in a useful way, plus your number is right on their monitor where they will see it anytime they need your services.

2011 Calendars for Business Advertising and Promotion: Value Calendars:
Wall calendars with great pictures will draw your customer’s eye as they go about their business. Imagine your customers looking up to confirm a date on your calendar. The colorful pictures brighten their office, and the handy calendar can be used to jot notes and appointments. Your name and contact information is right at the bottom where they will see it, consciously and unconsciously, year around. Prices can be a bit more, $164 for 100 calendars, but small business will reap the benefits year around. Need a business gift for Christmas? You cannot miss with a beautiful calendar. Just place them in an envelope and place a stamp on it.

2011 Calendars for Business Advertising and Promotion: 123 Print: Calendars
Promotional 2011 calendar magnets are an inexpensive option for yearlong promotion of your business. These magnets will adorn a refrigerator of kid’s artwork and provide your customers with gentle reminders of your existence every time they go to the refrigerator. If you own a restaurant, this is one of the best ways to keep your number handy for your customers to place orders.

2011 Calendars for Business Advertising and Promotion: Calendars Now
With over 400 styles and patterns, Calendars Now has exceptional selection of styles and sizes available to suit every business advertising need. The small wallet or purse style calendars come in handy with a calendar on one side, and useful information on the other. Of course, your logo and contact information is also on the business card sized calendar and people will refer to it on a regular basis providing you with advertising all year long for just pennies a day.

Providing free calendars is a great service to your local community and to your customer base. The subtle marketing strategy is actually inexpensive when considering how long the effect of the calendar will last. Be sure to pass out your 2011 custom printed calendars to everyone as they will not do you any good collecting dust in a box.

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