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2011 Oscar List for Best Foreign Language Film Excluded 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'?

Not to diminish the achievement of Denmark’s winning entry, ‘In A Better World,’ that took home the Oscar and previously the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language film, but what happened to ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’?

Comparing the 2011 Academy Award and Golden Globe nominees for the category, Oscar contenders also included ‘Biutiful’ from Mexico/Spain, 
’Dogtooth’ from Greece, Canada’s ‘Incendies’ and Algeria’s “Outside the Law’ while the Golden Globes nominees included ‘The Concert” from France, ‘The Edge’ from Russia and ‘I Am Love” from Italy along with ‘Biutiful’ and Denmark’s winning entry. In accepting the 2011 Independent Spirit Award for ‘The King’s Speech’ as Best Foreign Film, even the director said he never expected to receive an award for the film in this category.

The Actor awards in foreign language films also get confusing. Javier Bardem was Oscar-nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role for “Biutiful,” yet no Noomi Rapace under Actress in a Leading Role for her amazing portrayal of Lisbeth Salander in ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ (that did win her the Swedish version of the Oscars). Rapace was also nominated for Leading Actress in the British Academy Film Awards, losing to Natalie Portman for ‘Black Swan.’ ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ did win a BAFA for Film Not in the English Language and a nomination for adapted screenplay.

‘In A Better World’ aka ‘Haevnen,’ the original title, tells the story of the lives of two Danish families. ‘Biutiful’ is described on IMBD as the story of a tragic hero and man in free fall. ‘Dogtooth’ aka ‘Kynodontas’ involves three teenagers isolated on a country estate. ‘Incendies,’ adapted from a play by Lebanese-Canadian Wajdi Mouaward and directed by Canada’s Denis Villeneuve, is about twins who travel to the Middle East in search of family roots. ‘Outside the Law’ aka Hors-la-loi takes place post World Word II and centers on the Algerian fight for independence from France.

Of course, the press is busy reporting on the upcoming American version of ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ under the direction of David Fincher. The actress in the role of Salander, reported by ABC News to be Rooney Mara, will have her work cut out for her to live up to Rapace’s performance. In case you don’t know Mara, she played the girlfriend of Mark Zuckerberg in ‘The Social Network.’ The Swedish version has grossed over $10 million in the U.S. as of February 2011 and over $94 million internationally for a worldwide total of over $104 million from a production budget of $13 million.


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2011 Outback Bowl Predictions Against the Spread: Florida Gators Vs. Penn State Nittany Lions

The Florida Gators will play in the 2011 Outback Bowl as they represent Urban Meyer in his final game as the Gators head coach. Can the Gators make the most out of a disappointing 2010 season, or will the Nittany Lions get the step ahead in rebuilding?

The early spread on this game is Gators (-7). Here are eight of the key aspects of the game and what to watch out for when betting. All lines from Cooper’s Picks.

#1 Big Ten vs. SEC
The Big Ten vs. SEC argument originates from the Buckeyes failures against SEC competition in the national championships. However, the Outback Bowl has become a series of competitive games between the conferences. Since 2005, the Big Ten and SEC representatives have swapped victories in this classic.

The Auburn Tigers defeated the Northwestern Wildcats last season. Therefore, it’s time for the Penn State Nittany Lions to win if the trend continues.

#2 Quality Victories
Both programs were rebuilding this season, and neither was able to attract a quality victory. For the most part, both teams were handled pretty easily by the best teams within their own conferences, and their best victories came against 6-6 and 7-5 teams.

#3 Similar Opponents
Both teams had road games against the Alabama Crimson Tide during the first half of the season. Similarly, both teams were dismantled in their meetings. The Nittany Lions lost 24-3 in a game where the Crimson Tide didn’t have 2009 Heisman winner Mark Ingram. The Gators lost 31-6 in their highly anticipated rematch of the SEC Championships from 2008 and 2009.

#4 Urban Meyer
Currently, this is expected to be Urban Meyer’s farewell party as he’ll be resigning following this game. After winning two national championships and having a roster compiled of his players, will the Gators come out with a more spirited effort.

#5 Home Field Advantage
The Outback Bowl is held in Tampa Bay, Florida. With Meyer coaching his final game, there should be a distinctive home-field advantage for the Gators.

#6 John Brantley
Starting quarterback John Brantley struggled mightily in replacing Tim Tebow. Brantley has only managed to throw for more touchdowns than interceptions in one of his past nine games. He had a stretch of seven games where he failed to record a touchdown pass in all but one game (although, he recorded an interception in those games).

#7 Penalties
At 373 penalty yards, the Nittany Lions have the third fewest in FBS football. That could factor in against the Gators, who are one of the most penalized teams in college football.

#8 Third Down conversion
The Nittany Lions don’t have a significant advantage, but they do lead 43.3% to 38.7.

Final Picks:
The SEC v. Big Ten argument doesn’t hold much merit in this game because the Gators lost their last three conference home games in “The Swamp.” For the Gators to post such a home record is bizarre, but Brantley hasn’t been close to being a serviceable quarterback in Meyer’s system.

The combination of Brantley’s consistently poor play, penalties, and inability to convert third downs makes the Gators an unattractive pick. No way would I give seven points here, but I think the Gators will up their game enough to pull out a victory in Meyer’s last stand, especially since its being held in Florida.

Picks against the Spread: Penn State Nittany Lions (+7)
Straight: Florida Gators

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Cooper’s Picks, December 10 2010.
College Football Statistics, December 11, 2010.
Penn State Nittany Lions ESPN Clubhouse. December 11,
Florida Gators ESPN Clubhouse, December 11, 2010.

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2011 NHL Playoffs #1 Vancouver Vs #5 Nashville Round Two

2011 NHL Playoffs Vancouver vs Nashville

The #1 seed Vancouver Canucks needed seven games to move on to the second round. For their effort Vancouver will meet upstart #5 seed Nashville Predators. The Predators won their first ever playoff series this years after failing in five other chances.

Vancouver is lead by the Sedin brothers. Daniel had seven points while Henrik had five points. Alex Burrows also is a big factor in the Canucks offense with six points. The man behind the net is Roberto Luongo. Luongo is a great goalie but can struggle at times like he did in the Chicago series.

Nashville has one of the most balanced attack in Hockey. Mike Fisher lead all Predators with six points. Shea Weber, Joel Ward and Jordin Tootoo all had five points. The key for Nashville is Pekka Rinne. Rinne is one of the best goalies in Hockey and he will have to show it for Nashville to advance.

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2011 November Nine Betting Odds in Las Vegas

The Wynn Las Vegas casino has offered betting lines on the 2011 November Nine. This marks the first time that odds are offered for this event in Vegas due to new regulations allowing for sportsbooks to include this type of wager.

The leader in this 2011 WSOP Main Event is Martin Staszko. With 40 million chips and 7 million more than 2nd place, Wynn placed Staszko as the favorite with 3-1 odds. What that means is that you would need to bet $100 to win $300 if Martin wins the 2011 November Nine.

Here are the remaining betting odds for the finale of this 2011 WSOP Main Event in November:

17-5 Eoghan O’Dea – 33,925,000
6-1 Matt Giannetti – 24,750,000
6-1 Phil Collins – 23,875,000
6-1 Ben Lamb – 20,875,000
7-1 Badih Bounahra – 19,700,000
10-1 Pius Heinz – 16,425,000
11-1 Anton Makievskyi – 13,825,000
14-1 Sam Holden – 12,375,000

Now, one may wish to pick one of the Americans – Matt Giannetti, Phil Collins or Ben Lamb – simply because they appear to be the most seasoned poker pros in the bunch. But results at a final table are pretty random. One lucky or unlucky hand can change everything. And the supposed best player quite often does not win because of that short-term luck factor.

In fact, of all the famous pros since 2006 making the final table in huge Main Event fields – Allen Cunningham, Phil Ivey and Michael Mizrachi being the most famous – they finished 4th, 5th, and 7th. While poker is a skill game, there really is no reliable way to predict the outcome of a final table like the November Nine.

Perhaps the best strategy is to place equal bets on Collins, Lamb and Giannetti. That way, you would double your money if any of those 3 players happens to win.

Generally, picking an extreme longshot like the person in 9th place would probably be the best strategy if the odds are right. But at 14-1, Sam Holden is not very good value. At 30-1, he would be a steal. But 14-1 is placed just about right to make it a true gambling bet.


Tao of Poker (Pauly): November Nine Betting Odds – 2011 WSOP

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2011 Oscar Nominations Were Just Announced: Check Them Out Here to See If Your Favorite Made the List

2011 Oscar nominations were just announced. Although the awards aren’t giving out until Sunday, February 27 fans are extremely curious to see if their favorites made the list or not.

The Best Picture nominees were Black Swan, The Social Network, True Grit, Winter’s Bone, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, 127 Hours, and The King’s Speech. No surprises here, we all knew The Black Swan and The Social Network would be right on top. Who who walk away a winner in this category?

I would have to go with The Social Network, however, The King’s Speech also has a huge chance at this so it’s gonna be a tough call.

Best actress is going to Natalie Portman in Black Swan, Best Animated of course is going to my kids favorite Toy Story 3, and Best Actor is going to Christian Bale for his performance in The Fighter.

I am not too familiar with the movie True Grit, but it comes in second place having 10 nominations. First place goes to King’s Speech which leads with 12 according to nydailynews .

Now that you have some information about the 2011 Oscar nominations let’s get on with the full list of nominees.

To make this real simple for you, head over to . This website will give you best motion picture, best actor, best actress, art direction, costume designs, directing, best documentary, foreign film, makeup, and so on. Why search all over when you can just go to one website for all the information. Hope your favorite made it.


NY Daily News

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2011 Texas Straight Talk - Debt Ceiling Drama - Congressman Ron Paul

2011 Texas Straight Talk – Debt Ceiling Drama – Congressman Ron Paul

The debt ceiling debate is providing plenty of opportunity for political theater in Washington. Proponents of raising the debt ceiling are throwing around the usual scare tactics and misinformation in order to intimidate opponents into accepting more debt and taxes. It is important to distinguish the truth from the propaganda.

First of all, politicians need to understand that without real change default is inevitable. In fact, default happens every day through monetary policy tricks. Every time the Federal Reserve engages in more quantitative easing and devalues the dollar, it is defaulting on the American people by eroding their purchasing power and inflating their savings away. The dollar has lost nearly 50% of its value against gold since 2008. The Fed claims inflation is 2% or less over the past few years; however economists who compile alternate data show a 9% inflation rate if calculated more traditionally. Alarmingly, the administration is talking about changing the methodology of the CPI calculation yet again to hide the damage of the government’s policies. Changing the CPI will also enable the government to avoid giving seniors a COLA (cost of living adjustment) on their social security checks, and raise taxes via the hidden means of “bracket creep.” This is a default. Just because it is a default on the people and not the banks and foreign holders of our debt does not mean it doesn’t count.

Politicians also need to acknowledge that our debt is unsustainable. For decades our government has been spending and promising far more than it collects in taxes. But the problem is not that the people are not taxed enough. The government has managed to run up $61.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities, which works out to $528,000 per household. A tax policy that would aim to extract even half that amount of money from American families would be unimaginably draconian, and not unlike attempting to squeeze blood from a turnip. This is, unequivocally, a spending problem brought about by a dramatically inflated view of the proper role of government in a free society.

Perhaps the most abhorrent bit of chicanery has been the threat that if a deal is not reached to increase the debt by August 2nd, social security checks may not go out. In reality, the Chief Actuary of Social Security confirmed last week that current Social Security tax receipts are more than enough to cover current outlays. The only reason those checks would not go out would be if the administration decided to spend those designated funds elsewhere. It is very telling that the administration would rather frighten seniors dependent on social security checks than alarm their big banking friends, who have already received $5.3 trillion in bailouts, stimulus and quantitative easing. This instance of trying to blackmail Congress into tax increases by threatening social security demonstrates how scary it is to be completely dependent on government promises and why many young people today would jump at the chance to opt out of Social Security altogether.

We are headed for rough economic times either way, but the longer we put it off, the greater the pain will be when the system implodes. We need to stop adding more programs and entitlements to the problem. We need to stop expensive bombing campaigns against people on the other side of the globe and bring our troops home. We need to stop allowing secretive banking cartels to endlessly enslave us through monetary policy trickery. And we need to drastically rethink government’s role in our lives so we can get it out of the way and get back to work.

House of Representatives – Public Domain – Congressman Ron Paul

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2011 SAG Awards: Al Pacino Not Present to Accept Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Mini-Series

The 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) aired Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011. Actors gathered together, dressed in their best, to find out who would go home the winners of the evening.

The nominees for outstanding performance by a male actor in a television movie or mini-series were John Goodman for “You Don’t Know Jack,” Al Pacino also for “You Don’t Know Jack,” Dennis Quaid for “The Special Relationship,” Edgar Ramirez in “Carlos,” and Patrick Stewart for “Macbeth.”

During the showing of the clips for each nominee, the actors all appeared easy going but still a bit nervous as the moment drew near. When Pacino was dramatically announced the winner, loud applause sounded, but the camera drew away from the table of actors and back to the presenters because, sadly, Pacino was unable to be present at the 2011 SAG Awards.

Due to his absence, the presenters humbly accepted his award for him and that was that.

Pacino’s win for outstanding performance by a male in a television movie or mini-series was pretty quick and they moved onto the next nomination smoothly. Also due to his absence, the reactions from the audience and fellow nominees was minimal.


SAG Awards Live on TNT

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2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Review

For the first time in three years, Subaru is offering up a four-door version of their performance icon, the WRX STI. This is the first time that Subaru has ever offered an STI in two body styles. Those who crave performance will want to check out the 2011 Subaru WRX, which gets not only the STI’s wide-body fenders but also improved handling thanks to wider wheels, wider track dimensions and stiffer subframe bushings.


From a powertrain perspective, nothing about the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI has really changed. The same turbocharged and intercooled 2.5-liter flat-4 cranks out 305 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 290 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. The 2011 WRX continues to get a 265-horsepower, 2.5-liter horizontally opposed (boxer) four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission, with viscous-differential all-wheel drive, while the STI gets a 305-horsepower, 2.5-liter turbocharged boxer four, six-speed manual transmission and an all-wheel-drive system that includes the Driver-Controlled Center Differential (DCCD). Worth noting is that the former Impreza GT model with the four-speed automatic has been dropped.

The 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI has seen some changes to improve its handling and performance. The WRX version of the Subaru Impreza is a higher-performance model of the Impreza that is often used for rally and street racers. The big performance upgrade for the WRX is that the front and rear track increases by 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches, respectively, and the tires (235/45 vs. 225/45 on the old car) and wheels (17 x 8-inches vs. 17 x 7) are wider all around. It also has firmer rear-suspension subframe bushings, which are intended to reduce body roll in corners.


The interior of the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX will see a few new changes. Some cosmetic changes were made to the interior. Bluetooth audio streaming, satellite radio with a USB port, and mp3 compatibility are all standard. A navigation system is available as an option. The tilting and telescoping leather steering wheel with audio controls, automatic climate control, and keyless entry. Bluetooth audio streaming, hands-free calling, and USB ports for your media players are new and join a single-CD stereo as standard equipment. Heated seats, side mirrors, moonroof, Satellite radio, leather upholstery, xenon headlights, a navigation system, and projector-beam fog lights are available.


The exterior of the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI is the highlight of this year’s model. It is now wider and lower than the previous model, with wider tires for a better grip on the road. The vehicle has flared fenders, fog lights, and a newly styled grille and bumper. Despite all of these changes, the vehicle only weighs 33 more pounds. Also the 2011 WRX 4-door model, newly designed wider fenders are stretched out on the side more than the tail lamps, accentuating a look of stability. The new design details contribute to an improved drag coefficient.

Beyond its new sedan body style, the STI gains some other aesthetic tweaks for 2011. Like the ’11 WRX, the grille is revised, the bumpers are more aggressive, and the fog lights are blacked-out. But differentiating the STI from the lesser WRX is the huge rear spoiler. New standard 18-inch wheels are said to save a total of 17.6 pounds over the old rims. BBS-brand 18s will continue to be optional, and both rollers will come wearing summer-only 245/40 Dunlop SP600 rubber.

The base four-door sedan STI starts at $34,720, $385 more than a base Mitsubishi Evo. The STI sedan Limited is $38,070, $1665 less than a Evo MR, and $3665 less than an Evo MR Touring. Those who stick to the highways and byways should probably go with the 2011 WRX and you get the STI’s muscular look and most of its strengths. So if you’re looking for a sporty street racer, try out the 2011 Subaru Imprenza WRX STI.

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2011 Texas Longhorns Roster: Sit or Start Garrett Gilbert for the 2011 Season?

Quarterback Garrett Gilbert and the University of Texas Longhorns offense were a mess in 2010. Every position group deserves some of the blame for the 5-7 record. But as the quarterback, Gilbert received the most criticism for his play. With coaching reorganization taking place, Gilbert could face losing his job as starter after only 1 year.

Here are some of the reasons to sit and start Garrett Gilbert for the 2011 season. All stats are courtesy of

#1. Completion Percentage

Gilbert completed only 59% of his passes during the 2010 season. He was able to throw for 260 completions out of 441 attempts, but his throwing mechanics were inconsistent at best.

While Gilbert was frequently off-target, he also had problems with passes being batted down at the line of scrimmage. The offensive line setting a firmer pocket will help. But Gilbert has to know when his throwing lanes are blocked and not try to force a pass.

#2. Interceptions
Gilbert threw only 10 touchdowns against 17 interceptions for the year. He had 2 games with 3 interceptions. Gilbert also had a complete meltdown against the Kansas State Wildcats where he threw 5 interceptions.

Gilbert’s lack of accuracy contributed to most of his interceptions. He made poor reads and occasionally seemed to be confused by defensive coverages.

#3. Yards Per Attempt
Despite possessing a strong arm, Gilbert threw for only 6.22 yards per attempt. He seemed hesitant to challenge defenses down the field. When Gilbert did try to go deep, he wasn’t able to consistently place balls where receivers could make an easy catch.

#1. Experience

Gilbert is currently the most experienced quarterback on the roster. He played in every 2010 game. While Gilbert struggled considerably during the year, he should be able to improve in 2011.

#2. Lack of Options
Case McCoy threw 1 incompletion and had 1 rushing attempt in 2010. Connor Wood recorded no stats during the year. Both of them are the most likely challengers to Gilbert for the starting position in 2011. Neither has had much playing time at the collegiate level.

#3. Mobility and Sacks
Gilbert only took 18 sacks during the season while playing behind an unsteady offensive line. He had 100 rushing attempts for 380 yards and collected 5 touchdowns on the ground.

Gilbert isn’t going to run a 4.4, but he is faster than a pure pocket passer. Calling more bootlegs with run-pass options could help cover up some of the offensive line’s problems and make passing reads a bit simpler for Gilbert.

With only 1 season as the full-time starter, it’s difficult to tell whether Gilbert was a victim of the circumstances around him or if he is truly a bust at quarterback. With the high standards set by Colt McCoy and Vince Young, Gilbert was expected to come in and play well from the start.

During the offseason, Gilbert needs to rededicate himself to his fundamentals. A consistent throwing motion will lessen some of his accuracy problems. He also needs to spend a significant amount of time breaking down film and learning the offense.

I think the Texas Longhorns should start Garrett Gilbert at quarterback for the 2011 season unless he’s dramatically worse than his competitors in spring ball. He looked terrible in 2010, but so did a lot of the team’s offensive players. Give Gilbert at least half of 2011 to see whether he’s turned things around or not.

Sources Garrett Gilbert’s Player Page. February 21st, 2011.

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2011 Rossignol Cobra V2 Binding Review

Product Overview:

The first thing I noticed about the Cobra V2 was the radical paint scheme and highly appealing aesthetic design, but unfortunately looks do not always make for a solid binding. This specific model features an adjustable highback, wherein rails on either side of the binding itself slide in and out of a housing allowing one binding to accommodate a variety of different boot lengths. The adjustable back is an interesting design element, but if it is not going to be used as a rental binding it seems rather pointless to have such a wide variety of adjustments. The traditional sizing system of small, medium, large and extra large seems to be working so there is no point to alter a functional means of binding production. The addition of a sliding rail to one of the crucial support areas of a binding could possibly compromise the overall integrity and strength of the unit. The more moving parts found on the binding itself, the higher the chance of a structural malfunction. Personally, I would rather have a solid construction design to lower the chances of something breaking or failing when I’m cruising down an aggressive line or deep in the backcountry. Despite some of these potential flaws, the Cobra V2’s were very light and had a number of features that I did really like. The buckles were very smooth and strong and the ladder straps seemed very solid. This allowed for a quick strap-in and release even though the temperature outside was fairly low. Many buckles have trouble releasing when frozen but under these circumstances the Cobra V2’s excelled. The baseplates, featuring the “HC-X 18 Baseplate”, were very comfortable and included crucial heel and toe padding. All in all the binding had a number of nice features and was uniquely stylish but unfortunately it did not live up to any of my expectations for a Rossignol product.

The Ride:

Despite the physical appearance of the binding itself, I felt the entire experience to be quite bland and disappointing. The highback was relatively stiff while the base and straps had a fair amount of give making for a combination that was detrimental to my riding style. I believe one of the most important advancements in binding technology in the last 10 years was the Burton Capstrap, so I feel there is really no excuse to have the traditional strap combo any longer because it is completely obsolete. Even though the binding was adjusted out past a US size 12, the base was short and did not comfortably accommodate my boot. Even when maxed out, the straps were extremely tight and the support itself was less than optimal. I had a fair amount of heel lift within the binding despite the ankle strap being uncomfortably tight. The one thing the binding did offer was security, there was never a time where I thought the straps might slip off or that the board was not under my control. These bindings did not offer a very high level of control but there was control nonetheless. Unlike a lot of other products, the padding on the baseplate could really be felt through the boot and it definitely did absorb a lot of shock from the snow. This was a very nice feature that after a day of riding would really cut down on foot, ankle and leg fatigue.

The Bottom Line:

The Rossignol Cobra V2 is a very beautiful and unique binding, but it fails to uphold the high standard of the company itself. I was rather disappointed with the entire experience and for the price range I feel there are a number of other far superior products. Unless one is in the market for aesthetics alone, the Rossignol Cobra V2 offers nothing special in terms of overall performance.

I would rate the Rossignol Cobra V2 two out of five stars.

The Cobra V2 can be found here:

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