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2012 Fantasy Baseball: Relief Pitcher (RP) Sleepers

2012 Fantasy Baseball Relief Pitcher (RP) Sleepers are based on a standard single season redraft mixed AL/NL fantasy baseball league for the 2012 season. Scoring settings include: wins, losses, saves, strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP – (W, L, SV, K, ERA, WHIP). ( ) = players age

Relief Pitcher (RP) Sleepers are based on players who have the potential to make a significant statistical impact during the 2012 season, and are typically ranked and drafted lower in fantasy baseball leagues than what their potential stats warrant for the 2012 season.

2012 Sleepers: C — 1B — 2B — 3B — SS — OF — SP — RP — Printable Cheat Sheet

2012 Deep Sleepers: C — 1B — 2B — 3B — SS — OF — SP — RP

2012 Relief Pitcher (RP) Sleepers

Jordan Walden – LAA – RP (24)

Entering the 2011 season having just 15 innings pitched of major league experience under his belt, Walden took over as the Angels closer to begin the 2011 season and never looked back. As a rookie, Walden notched 32 saves to go along with a very respectable 2.98 ERA. With the addition of Albert Pujols to the Angels lineup, there is plenty of reason to believe that Walden could be looking at a 40 plus save season in 2012.

2011 Major League Stats: 60 IP, 5 W, 5 L, 32 SV, 67 K, 2.98 ERA, 1.24 WHIP

2012 Stat Projections: 65 IP, 5 W, 3 L, 40 SV, 70 K, 2.80 ERA, 1.20 WHIP

Sergio Santos – Tor – RP (28)

Taking over as the Chicago White Sox closer for the 2011 season, Santos broke out as one of the best strikeout relief pitchers in all of baseball last season. Posting an exceptional 92 strikeouts over just 63 innings pitched, Santos who is entering the prime of his career at age 28, is poised to become a top 10 closer in fantasy baseball leagues in 2012.

2011 Major League Stats: 63 IP, 4 W, 2 L, 30 SV, 92 K, 3.55 ERA, 1.11 WHIP

2012 Stat Projections: 65 IP, 3 W, 3 L, 32 SV, 90 K, 2.80 ERA, 1.10 WHIP

Jason Motte – StL – RP (29)

After a breakthrough 2011 season that culminated in tremendous postseason success, Motte enters the 2012 season as the Cardinals undisputed closer. Offering solid strikeout potential, Motte has all the tools needed to be a successful major league closer. One the downside, the loss of Albert Pujols in the Cardinals lineup may result in less save opportunities, but even at that, Motte has a realistic chance at tallying 30 saves during the 2012 season.

2011 Major League Stats: 68 IP, 5 W, 2 L, 9 SV, 63 K, 2.25 ERA, 0.96 WHIP

2012 Stat Projections: 65 IP, 5 W, 3 L, 30 SV, 65 K, 2.25 ERA, 1.05 WHIP

Others to Keep an Eye on

Vinnie Pestano – Cle – RP (27)

David Hernandez – Ari – RP (26)

Mike Adams – Tex – RP (33)

Fernando Salas – StL – RP (26)

Mark Melancon – Bos – RP (27)

Jesse Crain – CWS – RP


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'2012' Extended Trailer Debuts

The 2012 extended trailer, seen on TV and on the Internet, depicts the final destruction of California on December 21st, 2012. Roland Emmerich, the director, seems to have decided to destroy just about everything and kill just about everybody.

The 2012 extended trailer starts with John Cusack driving a stretch limo like a bat out of hell, frantically calling his wife, instructing her to pack up the kids because California’s going down and we’re getting out of here.

The wife replies, “But the Governor said everything’s going to be fine.”

“He’s just an actor! He’s reading from a script!”

That’s pretty funny coming from an actor. Then again Arnold will no longer be governor in 2012, so one wonders what that is about.

Anyway, just to accentuate what Cusack is trying to say, the house begins to shake.

Wife and kids follow Cusack out of the house and into the limo. There follows a wild ride through the doomed streets of LA as freeway overpasses collapse, buildings topple over, cars fly through the air, and houses explode. It appears that “the Big One” has finally come to California.

After a ride through hell that would have killed the drive train of any ordinary car, Cusack, family, and a pilot hop in a private jet and manage to take off just as the Earth swallows the air strip. Now there follows another wild ride, dodging falling buildings and flying debris, until they get enough altitude to be safe enough to witness the much anticipated but now displayed for the first time on the screen falling of California into the sea.

There follow some quick shots of scenes like the ocean inundating a Tibetan shrine in the Himalayas, the statue of Jesus in Rio crumbling, and the dome of St. Peters toppling over. The last will make one weep; all that great art lost forever. In any case, there seems to be a pattern of sacred places and things being pounded to dust. If the Kabbah in Mecca gets pulverized, there will be trouble. Roland Emmerich is going to draw a fatwa. Muslims will be pretty sure that Allah will protect them from some pagan Mayan prophecy.

Roland Emmerich is used to destruction on a mass scale. In Independence Day he has alien ships take out New York, Washington, and LA and a nuclear bomb waste Houston. In Godzilla Emmerich had a monster trample New York City. In the Day after Tomorrow Roland Emmerich put the Northern Hemisphere into a deep freeze because of global warming and assassinated George W. Bush.

December 21st, 2012, seems to have become the new Y2K, the date that the world is predicted to end. The problem is that every date predicted as being the end of the world has come and gone with the world, with all of it’s troubles and travails, persisting in being here. The idea of the end of the world is a central part of many world religions, including Christianity and Islam. Why a prophecy from a civilization long dead has suddenly seized public interest, with documentaries on cable channels and now a major motion picture, says much about our fascination with worldwide death and destruction. That is coupled with the fascinating belief among some that Native American peoples have or had some kind of unique wisdom that is relevant for modern civilization. That being that case, why the Mayans more or less don’t exist any longer is a perplexing question.

In any case, in 2012, Roland Emmerich seems to have topped himself as the master of spectacular disaster, if not necessarily in coherent story telling. 2012 opens in November.

Sources: 2012 Exclusive Scene, Fancast

2012, IMDB

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2012 Inspirational Country Music Award Nominees Announced

The 18 th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country™ Awards, which will be held on October 18 at Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee is pleased to announce this year’s final five nominees in each category.

The 18 th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country™ Awards Nominees are:

Entertainer of the Year
Chuck Day
Laura Dodd
Steve Richard
The Roys
Tommy Brandt

Male Vocalist
Chuck Day
Chuck Hancock
Lucas Hoge
Russ Murphy
Tommy Brandt

Female Vocalist
Aubree Bullock
Kali Rose
Laura Dodd
Mary James

Vocal Duo
Bruce & Betsy Mullen
Chuck Day with James Payne
Joey + Rory
The Roys

Vocal Group or Band
Crawford Crossing
CrossCountry The Band
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Last Light Band
Sunday Drive

Mainstream Inspirational Country Song
“Between Sundays” – DJ Miller
“I’m Gonna Love You Through It” – Martina McBride
“That’s Why I Pray” – Big & Rich
“Threaten Me With Heaven” – Vince Gill
“Time Is Love” – Josh Turner

Mainstream Country Artist
Alan Jackson
Jeff Bates
Josh Turner
Scotty McCreery
Vince Gill

Christian/Inspirational Country Song
“I Am Pretty” – Laura Dodd
“In The Shadow Of My Steeple” – Aubree Bullock
“Jesus Is Enough” – Russ Murphy
“Toothbrush” – Steve Richard
“While I Still Can” – Greg McDougal

Chuck Day
Chuck Hancock
Geoffrey Andrews
Paul Staggs of Branded
Russ Murphy
Tommy Brandt

I’m Gonna Love You Through It – Martina McBride
God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton
Like My Mother Does – Lauren Alaina
Loves Gotta Go Somewhere – Steve Richard
That’s Why I Pray – Big & Rich

New Artist
Geoffrey Andrews
Rachel Holder
Scott Steele
Wade Hammond

Dennis Agajanian
Greg McDougal
Jayc Harold
Ricky Skaggs
Vince Gill

Aaron Wilburn
Chonda Pierce
Johnny Lee Cook
Mike Snider
Tim Hawkins

Radio Personality
JR Pitsenbarger
Les Butler
Marty Smith
Mona Faith
Rich Miller

Radio Station
Cross Country Radio – CBN
Inspirational Country Radio Network
KSTV 93.1 FM – Dublin, TX
WJCR 90.1 FM – Upton, KY
WSM AM 650 – Nashville, TN

Inspirational Bluegrass Artist
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Rhonda Vincent
Ricky Skaggs
The Isaacs
The Roys

Youth In Music Award
Emily Faith
Hannah Faith
Isaac Cole
Red Roots
The McDougal Kids

Music Evangelist of the Year
Chuck Day
Dennis Agajanian
Greg McDougal
Russ Murphy
Tommy Brandt

Faith, Family, & Country Movie
Dolphin Tale
Joyful Noise
War Horse
The Help

Television Network
Gospel Music Channel
Great American Country
NRB Network
TCT Networks

The 18 th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country™ Awards are dedicated to honoring and showcasing the biggest names and emerging talent among artists who perform Inspirational Country Music. In addition to the awards ceremony, this year the Inspirational Country Music Association will pay a special tribute to the past twenty years of Inspirational and Christian Country music during the ICM Faith, Family & Country™ 20 Year Home Coming Concert Celebration, on October 14 at the Cornerstone Church Madison Campus (726 W. Old Hickory Blvd) in Madison, Tennessee. (This is a free event that is open to the public.) The Millennium Maxwell House Hotel (2025 Rosa L. Parks Blvd) in Nashville will host the convention on October 15-18. Events for ICM week will include music showcases, a songwriting contest, seminars, a talent competition and more.

For more information on the 18 th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country™ Awards, or to purchase tickets, visit

The 18th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country™ Awards will air on National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) and TCT Networks.

Find the TCT Television Network here:
Direct TV-Channel: 377
Sky Angel Satellite Channel: 133

Find the NRB Network here:
Direct TV-Channel: 378
Sky Angel IPTV Channel: 126

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2012 MLB Season Prediction- New York Mets

Let’s put it this way- the New York Mets are doing abysmal this Spring Training. They are currently 3-11 and they have been losing games left and right. With injuries to David Wright (who hasn’t participated in a Spring Training game this year), Tim Byrdak (who is having surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee), Ruben Tejada (groin strain) and plenty others, the team’s health is not looking to positive. Many say that the training staff is to blame, and it is hard to argue. The Mets have been plagued with injuries in the recent years, and the 2012 season doesn’t seem to be any exception.

For starters, we’ll take a look at the bright spots on the team. Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada and Lucas Duda are young players that could have a bright future. This Spring, they are hitting .320, .217, .250, and .231 respectively. While most of these averages are not the best, these young players performed well last year and will hopefully improve for the regular season. Four Mets qualifiers are hitting over .300, and they are Jordany Valdespin, Adam Loewen, Daniel Murphy, and Mike Baxter. While the batting averages are not necessarily the best (or very close to it), the Mets will hopefully improve by the start of the season. Jason Bay, who was 1-11 to start the Spring, is now 5-20 (.250), which is a huge improvement.

The starting rotation, Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, Jonathon Niese, Dillon Gee and R.A. Dickey, are showing what they’ve got this season. Johan Santana is looking good returning from his surgery, while Mike Pelfrey is struggling to keep the ball in the park. Jonathon Niese is posting a 2.61 ERA in 10.1 innings, with Dillon Gee and R.A. Dickey putting up 5.00 and 6.43 ERAs of their own. Relief pitchers are looking strong, with Manny Acosta, D.J. Carrasco and Bobby Parnell among the players who have yet to give up an earned run. The pitching still needs work, allowing over 64 earned runs in their first 15 games.

One thing that has been a huge problem for the Mets is the injuries that have consumed the team. David Wright, the longest current Met, has not seen any playing time due to a torn muscle in his left rib cage. He received cortisone shots and is hoping to be ready by Opening Day. That means absolutely no Spring Training for him! Lucas Duda was scratched from a few games with pain in his back, and Ruben Tejada was pulled just a while ago with a strained left groin. Johan Santana is recovering from shoulder surgery, and he’s reaching speeds of 92 mph with his fastball, which is a good sign. If the Mets can avoid injuries, they could be successful.

The New York Mets have a great team on paper! David Wright as the Gold Glove third baseman; Ike Davis as the power-hitting first baseman; Ruben Tejada with a great glove at shortstop, and many other productive players around the lineup. The Mets have what it takes, but they need to find a way to put it together! In my honest opinion, I feel the Mets can clinch a Wild Card spot, but they most likely will not do so this season.

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2012 NBA Fan Christmas Gift Guide; Holiday Suggestions for Basketball Fans

Looking for gift ideas for a dedicated NBA fan? You came to the right place.

There is nothing like the feeling of receiving a gift and actually enjoying it instead of throwing it in the ‘returns’ pile. NBA fans love supporting their team, but that doesn’t mean you can pick out any team related piece of merchandise and put a bow on it. The gift should be well thought out based on the receiver’s interests and you should know a little bit about what they already have so you do not end up buying something that is already a part of their collection.

This list of top 10 gifts will also give tips and extra pieces of advice with every suggestion. Here are my top 10 2012 NBA related gift ideas.

#10. NBA League Pass Television Package
This may seem like an odd gift, but what could be better for an NBA fan than a season worth of NBA games to watch? NBA League Pass is can now be viewed through multiple cable and dish providers as well as streaming online. League Pass Mobile is available for the fan who is always connected to their phone.
Advice: This gift is best for a passionate fan whose favorite team is located out of state and not often on local/cable television. To give as a gift you may need to get in contact with someone who is on their cable television account. A great way to give the gift is to have it active when you announce the gift and watch a game with the person you are giving the package to.
League Pass Mobile $54.99
Television/Online Package $189 or $28.99/Month

#9. NBA Video Game; NBA 2K13, NBA Jam, or Retro Game
If the NBA fan you are buying a gift for has a gaming system, think about buying them a game. This is not the most unique gift idea, but is a non-expensive gift and will give the user hours of entertainment. If the person you are buying for has old game systems around that they play once in a while, think about getting a retro basketball game. You can often find old games at garage sales or thrift stores for a few dollars. Some of my favorite retro basketball games include; Double Dribble(NES), Jordan vs. Bird(NES), NBA Jam (SNES, Sega Genesis), and any of the NBA Live series of games.
Advice: Make sure they actively play video games and that they do not already have the game that you are considering. If the person you are buying the gift for already spends too much time playing video games then you may want to avoid getting them another distraction. Also, check reviews of the games before you purchase.
Cost: $20-99
NBA2k3 Dynasty Edition $99.99

#8. DVDs
The NBA has done a great job of compiling amazing NBA footage into different series of DVDs. You can find NBA Finals series’ DVDs of your favorite team, highlight films, and much more. A DVD targeted to the interests of the person you are buying for, can be a great and inexpensive gift. If you know a Bulls fan, make sure to check out NBA: Ultimate Jordan. My favorite new release for this Holiday season is the Best of the Slam Dunk Contest, which came out this year and has highlights from the ’80s all the way to the 2011 competition.
Advice: DVDs can seem like a bad gift, and they can be, but as long as it is targeted and will be something they are interested in, this should be a good gift.
Cost: $15-99
NBA Store DVDs

#7. NBA Jerseys
The new designs are out for the 2012-2013 NBA season and several players have switched teams this past off-season. You can choose from a replica style jersey for around $50 to a professional quality authentic jersey for around $300. Depending on the style of the person you are gifting, you may look at the ‘throwback’ style jerseys and players who are not currently active, but legends who people still wear their jerseys.
Advice: Make sure to find out the correct size of jersey before purchasing. Do not settle on any jersey from the team the person you are buying for likes, try to find out who their favorite player is. The biggest mistake you could make is purchasing a jersey that is discounted because the player is no longer on that team.
Cost: $50-300
NBA Store; NBA Jerseys

#6. Official NBA Basketball
A basketball might seem like a childish gift, and depending on the ball you give it might be just that, but giving an official leather Spalding basketball is a great gift. For an official basketball you will spend close to $200, but you can get solid replicas for around $25.
Advice: Make sure that the NBA fan you are giving the gift to at least plays basketball. This basketball is perfect not only for the basketball enthusiast, but for a collector who may later get the ball signed by their favorite player.
Cost: $24.99-169.99
Spalding NBA Arenaline Official Basketball
Spalding Official Size Leather Game Ball

#5. Basketball Hoop
Advice: I would only suggest a basketball hoop setup for a teenager or younger unless you know that they would enjoy having a home basketball setup. This gift can be as simple as nailing a basketball hoop to the top of your garage for a young child, or you can go all out and buy a portable basketball hoop.
Cost: $100-400
Walmart; Portable Adjustable Basketball Hoop

#4. Autographed Items

From 8×10 pictures to signed jerseys, there are plenty of options when considering purchasing something autographed to give as a gift.
Advice: BE CAREFUL! There are many replications and fake signatures that are sold as being authentic. Although many autographed items come with a Certificate of Authenticity(COA), you should research the company that produced the COA to make sure that they are trustworthy.
Cost: $25-500
NBA Store; Signed Memorabilia

#3. NBA Man Cave Items/Wall Hangings
There are many options for man cave items and wall hangings, so we will only cover a few great options. Use what you know about the person you are buying for to select the best option. If they are more passionate about a team, or a particular player, use that to your advantage. Here are a couple of the top options:
-NBA Fatheads
-NBA Signs
-Team Flags
-Team Beer Mirror
-Team Pennant
Advice: Use your creativity to pick one of the above options for the person you are buying for. Make sure to check out retro options for the above items on eBay.
Cost: $24.99-99.99

#2. NBA Gift Card’s & Certificates
The NBA is constantly changing and so are the tastes of NBA fans. If you don’t know exactly what the person you are buying for wants, but you do know they love NBA basketball, you can’t go wrong with a gift card.
Advice: This gift is not unique but is somewhat personal because you know that they are a passionate fan of the NBA and will be able to find something they want. I would suggest this gift for a relative or somewhat distant friend that enjoys basketball.
Cost: $10-100
NBA Store; Gift Card

#1. Tickets
NBA Tickets are a great idea, but don’t just buy the tickets for a random game and think you are done with the gift. There are many things to consider before buying tickets as a gift. Below in the advice section, you will find questions to ask yourself before making a purchase.
Advice: There are many places to purchase tickets from, but I would recommend first checking out the official ticket source , and then check out secondary ticket brokers online. As mentioned above, there are several questions to ask before purchasing the tickets:
Travel Expenses: Are you purchasing tickets for someone that will have to travel out of state or several hours away? If the answer is yes, consider adding to the recipient that you will be driving them, or possibly add train/plane tickets to the gift if you are able to and if they are needed to get them to the game.
Seating Preference: Although the experience of an NBA game can be great, many fans would rather watch at home unless they have premium seating. Make sure that the person you are buying the tickets for will be happy with the seats and will not be disappointed that you bought them nose bleed seats to a non exciting game.
Add-Ons: This is where you can be creative and thoughtful with the gift. If you are buying for a spouse, think about adding things to make the trip more enjoyable. Possible add-ons that would be good to add include parking passes, dinner reservations, hotel accommodations, and seeing what other events or attractions you could visit during the day/weekend you will be going to the game.
Date/Opponent: You may need help with this part of the gift, but have a friend do some detective work to make sure that they are free the date that you are planning to purchase the tickets for. Also, make sure to take into account the opponent that the home team is playing on that date. Example: If the person you are buying the tickets for is a Boston Celtics fan, they would much rather see their team play a rival like the Los Angeles Lakers than witnessing a game between the Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves or Milwaukee Bucks.
Cost: $30-500+


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