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2013-14 Chicago Bulls Season Preview

In what was supposed to be a lost season with former NBA MVP Derrick Rose recovering from a torn ACL, the Bulls exceeded many expectation to finish the regular season with a rather impressive 45-37 record. As a testament to the coaching of Thom Thibodeau, the Bulls earned the #5 seed and advanced to the second round of the playoffs before losing to the eventual NBA Champion Miami Heat by playing unrelenting defense and team basketball. Although the Bulls success came as a pleasant surprise, the Bulls really had one goal coming into the season- to have superstar Derrick Rose complete his rehab, make his return and regain his confidence so that the Bulls would be ready to compete for a NBA Championship in 2013-14.

Although Derrick Rose disappointed fans (and likely Bulls management) by never returning to action and accomplishing those goals , Bulls fans still have plenty to be excited about heading into the season. The biggest reason for excitement is simply the return of Derrick Rose. All reports seem to indicated that, 17 months after surgery to repair his torn ACL, Derrick is stronger and more explosive than ever before. Adding a healthy, MVP caliber Derrick Rose to the same Bulls mix that provided the Miami Heat a pretty tough challenge may be enough for them to finally topple Lebron James and the Miami Heat. It may take a little bit of time for Rose to shake the rust off and jell with his team mates once again but the Bulls have proven that they can win without him. They just need “MVP Rose” ready to go come playoff time.

In addition to the return of Rose, there are several other factors that should have Bulls fans optimistic for the upcoming season. Perhaps most notable is the development of Jimmy Butler, The former Marquette Golden Eagle made major strides last season – especially in the playoffs. Butler has always been known for his defensive prowess and his ability to guard 3 positions (point guard, shooting gaurd, and small forward) but he also developed into an excellent scoring threat as well. Butler turned into one of the few Bulls who could create his own shot while averaging over 13 points per game in the playoffs. Butler is expected to start alongside Derrick Rose at guard and will likely benefit from all the attention paid to Rose. Likewise, Butler will be able to take some of the scoring pressure off Derrick Rose as well.

The Bulls biggest weakness over the past few years has been on offense. Although the offense should be much improve with Rose and Butler now working together, the front office also added a few pieces to help with scoring after the departure of Nate Robinson and Marco Belininelli. The Bulls signed veteran free agent Mike Dunleavy who should desperately help out with 3 point shooting situation. The Bulls also drafted Tony Snell (forward from New Mexico) and Erik Murphy (forward from Florida). While they are developmental projects much like Jimmy Butler was, they are both excellent shooters and should be able to immediately contribute on the defensive end.

Although no one knows what the future holds for the Bulls, the buzz is certainly back in Chicago. The United Center will be rocking when Derrick Rose makes his return to the court against the New York Knicks on Halloween 10/31/2013. Bulls tickets do not go on sale to the general public until October 4th. However, if you are eager to reserve seats now, they are already available on the secondary market at places like this.

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2012's Top Sports Memories

2012 was a great year for sports fans. The following make the grade as some of the top memories of the year:

  • · Natitude.
  • · N.L. championship series.
  • · The triple crown.
  • · Baylor’s perfect season.
  • · Penn State’s football rally.
  • · Gunshot suicides of NFL and former NFL players.

Once upon a time, Washington, D.C., was synonymous with first in war, first in peace and last the in American League East. In the past few seasons, it has been the National League East. But all that changed in 2012 won its first conference title and 100 games (counting the playoffs).

They did all this in spite of a relic of a manager, N.L. Manager of the Year Davey Johnson, who would see a batter ground into a double play rather than sacrifice bunt.

As a result, more than 2 million fans passed the turnstiles at Nationals Park. A few games were televised on national television and the Nats won more games than Washington’s other five big league sports teams combined.

The N.L. championship series pitted the two past World Series winners against each other. After taking a 3-1 series lead in St. Louis, the Cardinals bats fell silent. The San Francisco outscored the wild-card Cards 20-1 over the final three games on Giants way to the title.

Ryan Vogelsong won two starts in the series while knocking out 13 in 14 innings. Veteran infielder Marco Scutaro had 14 hits in 28 tries and scored six runs during the journey.

When the Detriot Tigers bought the services of Prince Fielder, for the royal fee of $24 million, the team moved its formerly highest paid player, Miguel Cabrera, to a new position. Cabrera responded by winning baseball’s Triple Crown. He is first player to accomplish the feat since 1967, and just the 15th player ever. Cabrera topped the American League with a .330 batting average, 44 home runs and 139 RBIs.

He also led the Tigers to a World Series berth, thus earning his $21 million, relatively speaking of course.

When the Baylor Bears defeated Notre Dame 80-61 in the NCAA women’s national championship game, it completed college basketball’s first 40-win season. The roster was dominated by underclassmen. Brittany Griner, the AP Player of the Year, could become to the women’s game what George Mikan was to the men’s game.

Grinier was no one-women show. With All-American teammates Odyssey Sims and Destiny Williams, the Bears dominated the NCAA tournament winning each of their six games by at least 12 points. Throw in the brains of the cutest little coach in Texas, Kim Mulkey, and this team is a front runner to repeat.

Penn State football players returned to the field in the fall with a new coach, shortly after an independent investigation linked the late Joe Paterno and others to covering up Jerry Sandusky sex abuse of little boys.

The NCAA fined the school $60 million, placed it on a four-year bowl ban, reduced annual scholarships from 25 to 15 (all current players are eligible to transfer anywhere without penalty), and five years’ probation. The NCAA also vacated all wins from 1998-2011.

Still, the players responded with an 8-4 season. Coach Bill O’Brien was named Big 10 Coach of the Year.

On Dec. 1, Chiefs’ linebacker Jovan Belcher shot himself in front of his general manager, head coach and position coach at work. A little earlier Belcher had murdered his girlfriend. Taken by itself this could be one terrible moment in sports, but Belcher’s was the latest in four such incidents this year. That makes suicides a story.

In April, ex-Falcon safety Ray Easterling, one of the players who sued the NFL charging the league did not properly inform or protect players from head injuries, shot himself. In May, Junior Seau shot himself. Tennessee Titans wide receiver OJ Murdock shot himself in July.

Four suicides in a limited population over eight months, is that within the statistical norm? What if any role do head injuries play in the suicides? Are the environments these “men” are raised in provide a pseudo reality in which players exist? Can this be changed?

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2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Review

The 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a very strong contender in the entry level sports coupe market. What really amazes me about this car is the bang for your buck, starting at only 24,250 you get so much from this vehicle. What really separates this vehicle from the competition besides the price is its unique, distinct styling cues. The whole car has such an expressive look from the in set LED headlights to the deep front grill. This car looks like a true sports coupe.

The interior is very well put together for a car of its price. The seats have generous side bolsters to keep you in your seat while cornering. The steering wheal is leather rapped it has all of our normal features like radio volume control and cruise control, of course we have our navigation, Bluetooth, aux input and serious sat radio. The NAV system is very easy to use since its touch screen. Hyundai has done a good job making the interior just as sporty as the exterior, with sharp curves and bold styling points. The sliver trim on the interior off sets the black leather nicely.

Driving the Genesis coupe is nothing short of magnificent. They give you two engine choices, the standard one is the 274-hp Twin-scroll turbocharged intercooled inline 4-cylinder the second choice is a V6 producing 348-hp while achieving 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. The pure performance you get from the V-6 is absolutely fantastic. We also have two transmission choices there is a 6-speed manual transmission or a new 8-speed electronic automatic with lock-up torque converter and paddle-shifters. The automatic makes for super quick shifts. The front suspension is an Independent dual-link MacPherson strut with gas-charged shocks in the Rear we have a 5-link independent suspension. It provides for a superior ride quality. We also have the Brembo braking system which makes for excellent stopping power. The steering is Power rack-and-pinion which handles great. The entire car is like a proper two door coupe, you couldn’t ask for any more.

Overall the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a great car, you get so much. It’s in fact capable of outperforming its competition and will leave it in the dust. You just can’t go wrong with this car it has a great engine, superior suspension fantastic handling great style and many cool tech features. And the best part of all, its starts at only 24,250.

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2013 MLB Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft 12 Team League

It’s fantasy time. Before your 2013 MLB fantasy baseball draft, it is time to do some research and some mock drafts. The following is a mock draft and reasons behind each of my picks during the draft. View the details and picks of every team below.

Details of Mock Draft
ESPN format mock draft held on February 14th, 2013.
Draft Type: Snake Draft, 12 Teams
Draft Selection: 2nd
Note: All teams were controlled by other users, names have been replaced by team numbers instead of displaying their last names.

Round: 1
(1) Team 1 – Ryan Braun LF
** (2) Team luchies – Miguel Cabrera 3B
This is an easy selection even though Mike Trout is still on the board. Cabrera has a very consistent and productive history that is hard to ignore. The 2012 AL Triple Crown winner ishard to pass on in fantasy baseball and is my overall top player for 2013 fantasy baseball.
(3) Team 3 – Mike Trout CF
(4) Team 4 – Robinson Cano 2B
(5) Team 5 – Andrew McCutchen CF
(6) Team 6 – Matt Kemp CF
(7) Team 7 – Albert Pujols 1B
(8) Team 8 – Carlos Gonzalez LF
(9) Team 9 – Troy Tulowitzki SS
(10) Team 10 – Prince Fielder 1B
(11) Team 11 – Justin Verlander SP
(12) Team 12 – Joey Votto 1B

Round: 2
(13) Team 12 – Giancarlo Stanton RF
(14) Team 11 – Buster Posey C
(15) Team 10 – Adrian Beltre 3B
(16) Team 9 – David Wright 3B
(17) Team 8 – Hanley Ramirez 3B
(18) Team 7 – Stephen Strasburg SP
(19) Team 6 – Jose Bautista RF
(20) Team 5 – Justin Upton RF
(21) Team 4 – Josh Hamilton CF
(22) Team 3 – Clayton Kershaw SP
** (23) Team luchies – Evan Longoria 3B
This was a hard decision even though it is hard to go wrong with Evan Longoria. Felix Hernandez was the other pick worth considering here, but in the end, I wanted Longoria’s production on the team over what Hernandez can bring.
(24) Team 1 – Felix Hernandez SP

Round: 3
(25) Team 1 – David Price SP
** (26) Team luchies – Cole Hamels SP
This was my toughest pick yet with a lot of talent on the board. Felix Hernandez and David Price were the previous two picks, which I would have taken over Hamels. I can only deal with what is left on the draft board, and Hamels is still an attractive fantasy pitcher. Hamels had a solid season with 17 wins last year and he looks to repeat that performance this year.
(27) Team 3 – Edwin Encarnacion 1B
(28) Team 4 – Jason Heyward RF
(29) Team 5 – Dustin Pedroia 2B
(30) Team 6 – Jose Reyes SS
(31) Team 7 – Billy Butler 1B
(32) Team 8 – Adrian Gonzalez 1B
(33) Team 9 – Matt Cain SP
(34) Team 10 – Ian Kinsler 2B
(35) Team 11 – Starlin Castro SS
(36) Team 12 – Adam Jones CF

Round: 4
(37) Team 12 – Bryce Harper CF
(38) Team 11 – Jered Weaver SP
(39) Team 10 – Jay Bruce RF
(40) Team 9 – Ben Zobrist RF
(41) Team 8 – Brett Lawrie 3B
(42) Team 7 – Matt Holliday LF
(43) Team 6 – Zack Greinke SP
(44) Team 5 – Cliff Lee SP
(45) Team 4 – Jacoby Ellsbury CF
(46) Team 3 – Curtis Granderson CF
** (47) Team luchies – Craig Kimbrel RP
Craig Kimbrel had an impressive season last year and is one of the most coveted pitchers for 2013. He had a 1.01 ERA and 42 saves. I already have great 3B talent in Longoria and Cabrera, otherwise I would consider Chase Headley with this pick. Usually it is smart to wait on closers, but Kimbrel is hard to pass up here at 47.
(48) Team 1 – Brandon Phillips 2B

Round: 5
(49) Team 1 – Chase Headley 3B
** (50) Team luchies – B.J. Upton CF
B.J. Upton with the 50th pick has great value and is a really solid pickup for this team with Cabrera and Longoria who will have plenty of RBI and home runs to pair with Upton’s steals. At this point in the draft I feel like I have enough solid pieces to take a slight risk on Upton.
(51) Team 3 – Jason Kipnis 2B
(52) Team 4 – Gio Gonzalez SP
(53) Team 5 – Yadier Molina C
(54) Team 6 – Ryan Zimmerman 3B
(55) Team 7 – Yu Darvish SP
(56) Team 8 – Yoenis Cespedes LF
(57) Team 9 – Joe Mauer C
(58) Team 10 – Adam Wainwright SP
(59) Team 11 – CC Sabathia SP
(60) Team 12 – Madison Bumgarner SP

Round: 6
(61) Team 12 – Ian Desmond SS
(62) Team 11 – Allen Craig 1B
(63) Team 10 – Chris Sale SP
(64) Team 9 – Roy Halladay SP
(65) Team 8 – Matt Wieters C
(66) Team 7 – R.A. Dickey SP
(67) Team 6 – Johnny Cueto SP
(68) Team 5 – Michael Bourn CF
(69) Team 4 – Aramis Ramirez 3B
(70) Team 3 – Jimmy Rollins SS
** (71) Team luchies – Austin Jackson CF
There is still a lot of upside with Austin Jackson. He is entering his 4th season and did a great job in 2012 with increasing his on base percentage, walks, batting average, home runs, RBI and decreasing his strikeouts. I am counting on Jackson to increase his production, but even if he does not, he is a solid all around outfielder for a fantasy team.
(72) Team 1 – Desmond Jennings LF

Round: 7
(73) Team 1 – Mat Latos SP
** (74) Team luchies – Carlos Santana C
Getting a productive catcher is one of the hardest things to find in fantasy baseball, so getting Carlos Santana in the 7th round is a great pickup.
(75) Team 3 – Alex Rios RF
(76) Team 4 – Mark Teixeira 1B
(77) Team 5 – Jordan Zimmermann SP
(78) Team 6 – Paul Goldschmidt 1B
(79) Team 7 – Shin-Soo Choo RF
(80) Team 8 – Jonathan Papelbon RP
(81) Team 9 – Kris Medlen RP
(82) Team 10 – Elvis Andrus SS
(83) Team 11 – James Shields SP
(84) Team 12 – Pablo Sandoval 3B

Round: 8
(85) Team 12 – Matt Moore SP
(86) Team 11 – Martin Prado LF
(87) Team 10 – Alex Gordon LF
(88) Team 9 – Melky Cabrera LF
(89) Team 8 – Rafael Soriano RP
(90) Team 7 – Aaron Hill 2B
(91) Team 6 – Aroldis Chapman RP
(92) Team 5 – Jason Motte RP
(93) Team 4 – Yovani Gallardo SP
(94) Team 3 – Fernando Rodney RP
** (95) Team luchies – Jose Altuve 2B
Jose Altuve was a breakout rookie in 2012. Altuve had a .290 batting average and 33 stolen bases. At this point in the draft Altuve is about as good of a second baseman you can draft.
(96) Team 1 – Victor Martinez C

Round: 9
(97) Team 1 – Freddie Freeman 1B
** (98) Team luchies – Max Scherzer SP
Scherzer had 16 wins and 231 strikeouts, easily worth a 9th round pick.
(99) Team 3 – Josh Willingham LF
(100) Team 4 – Dan Haren SP
(101) Team 5 – Ike Davis 1B
(102) Team 6 – Asdrubal Cabrera SS
(103) Team 7 – Mark Trumbo LF
(104) Team 8 – Mariano Rivera RP
(105) Team 9 – Doug Fister SP
(106) Team 10 – David Ortiz DH
(107) Team 11 – Jim Johnson RP
(108) Team 12 – Anthony Rizzo 1B

Round: 10
(109) Team 12 – Josh Johnson SP
(110) Team 11 – Shane Victorino CF
(111) Team 10 – Jake Peavy SP
(112) Team 9 – J.J. Putz RP
(113) Team 8 – Tim Lincecum SP
(114) Team 7 – Nelson Cruz RF
(115) Team 6 – Brandon Morrow SP
(116) Team 5 – Carlos Gomez CF
(117) Team 4 – Eric Hosmer 1B
(118) Team 3 – Joe Nathan RP
** (119) Team luchies – Joel Hanrahan RP
Joel Hanrahan is coming in as the Boston Red Sox closer and had 36 saves and a 2.72 ERA last year for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Look for Hanrahan to have a great year with the Red Sox.
(120) Team 1 – Ian Kennedy SP

Round: 11
(121) Team 1 – Angel Pagan CF
** (122) Team luchies – Hiroki Kuroda SP
Hiroki Kuroda is a steal in the 11th round. Kuroda had 16 wins and a 3.32 ERA last year with the New York Yankees.
(123) Team 3 – David Freese 3B
(124) Team 4 – Carl Crawford LF
(125) Team 5 – Anibal Sanchez SP
(126) Team 6 – Jonathon Niese SP
(127) Team 7 – Hunter Pence RF
(128) Team 8 – Torii Hunter RF
(129) Team 9 – Carlos Beltran RF
(130) Team 10 – C.J. Wilson SP
(131) Team 11 – Lance Lynn SP
(132) Team 12 – Danny Espinosa 2B

Round: 12
(133) Team 12 – Paul Konerko 1B
(134) Team 11 – Adam LaRoche 1B
(135) Team 10 – Neil Walker 2B
(136) Team 9 – Brett Anderson SP
(137) Team 8 – Jeff Samardzija SP
(138) Team 7 – Jon Lester SP
(139) Team 6 – Erick Aybar SS
(140) Team 5 – John Axford RP
(141) Team 4 – Ryan Howard 1B
(142) Team 3 – Andre Ethier RF
** (143) Team luchies – Alcides Escobar SS
Alcides Escobar is a solid option at shortstop, and many of the players I had on my board at this point were drafted in this 12th round. Escobar batted .293 with 52 RBI and 35 steals.
(144) Team 1 – Alejandro De Aza CF

Round: 13
(145) Team 1 – Brett Gardner LF
** (146) Team luchies – Sergio Romo RP
Sergio Romo will take over the closing role for the San Francisco Giants. I really like him here in the 13th round.
(147) Team 3 – Ben Revere RF
(148) Team 4 – Rickie Weeks 2B
(149) Team 5 – Howard Kendrick 2B
(150) Team 6 – Addison Reed RP
(151) Team 7 – Chase Utley 2B
(152) Team 8 – Tim Hudson SP
(153) Team 9 – Rafael Betancourt RP
(154) Team 10 – Matt Garza SP
(155) Team 11 – Chris Perez RP
(156) Team 12 – Greg Holland RP

Round: 14
(157) Team 12 – Matt Harvey SP
(158) Team 11 – Nick Swisher RF
(159) Team 10 – Michael Morse LF
(160) Team 9 – Huston Street RP
(161) Team 8 – Dan Uggla 2B
(162) Team 7 – Mike Moustakas 3B
(163) Team 6 – Jason Kubel LF
(164) Team 5 – Mike Napoli C
(165) Team 4 – Jarrod Parker SP
(166) Team 3 – Pedro Alvarez 3B
** (167) Team luchies – Matt Harrison SP
Fantasy owners are not buying in on Matt Harrison’s 2012 performance, but I am. Harrison has a great bullpen behind him with the Texas Rangers that will earn him several extra wins. Harrison had 18 wins and a 3.29 ERA last season. I did consider Dexter Fowler and J.J. Hardy with this pick as well.
(168) Team 1 – Dexter Fowler CF

Round: 15
(169) Team 1 – J.J. Hardy SS
** (170) Team luchies – Todd Frazier 3B
I drafted Frazier as a utility player and to fill in on off days at the Utility spot, 3B, and 1B/3B.
(171) Team 3 – Coco Crisp CF
(172) Team 4 – Derek Jeter SS
(173) Team 5 – Homer Bailey SP
(174) Team 6 – Kyle Seager 3B
(175) Team 7 – Derek Holland SP
(176) Team 8 – Mike Minor SP
(177) Team 9 – Marco Scutaro 2B
(178) Team 10 – Jeremy Hellickson SP
(179) Team 11 – Ryan Madson RP
(180) Team 12 – Jonathan Broxton RP

Round: 16
(181) Team 12 – Salvador Perez C
(182) Team 11 – Grant Balfour RP
(183) Team 10 – Colby Rasmus CF
(184) Team 9 – Josh Reddick RF
(185) Team 8 – Ryan Vogelsong SP
(186) Team 7 – Wilin Rosario C
(187) Team 6 – Miguel Montero C
(188) Team 5 – Manny Machado 3B
(189) Team 4 – Jesus Montero C
(190) Team 3 – Brandon League RP
** (191) Team luchies – Chris Davis 1B
Chris Davis showed his power with 33 home runs and 85 RBI last season. I still needed a first baseman, and Davis provides the power that I need with the rest of the roster I have compiled.
(192) Team 1 – Wade Miley SP

Round: 17
(193) Team 1 – Chris Carpenter SP
** (194) Team luchies – Ichiro Suzuki RF
Ichiro Suzuki is not getting any younger, but still a worthwhile addition. I really wish that Chris Carpenter was available, but he was taken the pick before.
(195) Team 3 – Tommy Milone SP
(196) Team 4 – Jayson Werth RF
(197) Team 5 – Will Middlebrooks 3B
(198) Team 6 – Jaime Garcia SP
(199) Team 7 – Josh Rutledge SS
(200) Team 8 – Corey Hart 1B
(201) Team 9 – Norichika Aoki RF
(202) Team 10 – Brandon McCarthy SP
(203) Team 11 – Kendrys Morales 1B
(204) Team 12 – Jason Grilli RP

Round: 18
(205) Team 12 – Nick Markakis RF
(206) Team 11 – Alexei Ramirez SS
(207) Team 10 – Cameron Maybin CF
(208) Team 9 – Michael Young 1B
(209) Team 8 – Casey Janssen RP
(210) Team 7 – Phil Hughes SP
(211) Team 6 – Alexi Ogando RP
(212) Team 5 – Alfonso Soriano LF
(213) Team 4 – Kenley Jansen RP
(214) Team 3 – Andrelton Simmons SS
** (215) Team luchies – Jurickson Profar 2B
This is by far my biggest reach of the draft. Profar is still just a highly touted prospect, but he has the skills to become a solid contributor this season.
(216) Team 1 – Lance Berkman 1B

Round: 19
(217) Team 1 – Edwin Jackson SP
** (218) Team luchies – Dayan Viciedo LF
Viciedo was not consistent last season, but his 25 home runs is enough at this point in the draft.
(219) Team 3 – A.J. Burnett SP
(220) Team 4 – Tommy Hanson SP
(221) Team 5 – Ryan Dempster SP
(222) Team 6 – Kyle Lohse SP
(223) Team 7 – Steve Cishek RP
(224) Team 8 – Brian McCann C
(225) Team 9 – Michael Cuddyer RF
(226) Team 10 – Jonathan Lucroy C
(227) Team 11 – Kevin Youkilis 3B
(228) Team 12 – Justin Morneau 1B

Round: 20
(229) Team 12 – Marco Estrada SP
(230) Team 11 – Garrett Jones 1B
(231) Team 10 – Ernesto Frieri RP
(232) Team 9 – Daniel Murphy 2B
(233) Team 8 – Brandon Beachy SP
(234) Team 7 – Tom Wilhelmsen RP
(235) Team 6 – Trevor Cahill SP
(236) Team 5 – Glen Perkins RP
(237) Team 4 – Josh Beckett SP
(238) Team 3 – James McDonald SP
** (239) Team luchies – Drew Stubbs CF
Drew Stubbs will get a new start with the Cleveland Indians and hopefully will improve on his terrible .213 batting average last season. Stubbs is a steal producer, but very inconsistent.
(240) Team 1 – Jason Vargas SP

Round: 21
(241) Team 1 – Everth Cabrera SS
** (242) Team luchies – Wandy Rodriguez SP
Wandy won’t have a lot of wins with the Pittsburgh Pirates, but he is still a solid starter to add to your pitching staff.
(243) Team 3 – Clay Buchholz SP
(244) Team 4 – Dee Gordon SS
(245) Team 5 – Zack Cozart SS
(246) Team 6 – Emilio Bonifacio CF
(247) Team 7 – Adam Dunn 1B
(248) Team 8 – Dustin Ackley 2B
(249) Team 9 – David Murphy LF
(250) Team 10 – Jon Jay CF
(251) Team 11 – Lorenzo Cain CF
(252) Team 12 – Jed Lowrie SS

Round: 22
(253) Team 12 – Juan Pierre LF
(254) Team 11 – Omar Infante 2B
(255) Team 10 – Tyler Clippard RP
(256) Team 9 – Vinnie Pestano RP
(257) Team 8 – Julio Teheran SP
(258) Team 7 – A.J. Pierzynski C
(259) Team 6 – Trevor Plouffe 3B
(260) Team 5 – Kyuji Fujikawa RP
(261) Team 4 – Carlos Marmol RP
(262) Team 3 – Chris Capuano SP
** (263) Team luchies – Bruce Rondon RP
The young Detroit Tiger should win the closer role and has the potential to become a dominant closer.
(264) Team 1 – Wei-Yin Chen SP

Round: 23
(265) Team 1 – Mark Reynolds 1B
** (266) Team luchies – Drew Storen RP
Although he is no longer a closer, Storen has value through racking up holds, strikeouts, and a low ERA.
(267) Team 3 – Carlos Ruiz C
(268) Team 4 – Chad Billingsley SP
(269) Team 5 – Kelly Johnson 2B
(270) Team 6 – Wil Myers RF
(271) Team 7 – Yonder Alonso 1B
(272) Team 8 – Brandon Belt 1B
(273) Team 9 – Michael Brantley CF
(274) Team 10 – Maicer Izturis 3B
(275) Team 11 – Logan Morrison LF
(276) Team 12 – Shaun Marcum SP

Round: 24
(277) Team 12 – Denard Span CF
(278) Team 11 – Alex Rodriguez 3B
(279) Team 10 – Mark Buehrle SP
(280) Team 9 – David Hernandez RP
(281) Team 8 – Starling Marte LF
(282) Team 7 – Matt Dominguez 3B
(283) Team 6 – Gordon Beckham 2B
(284) Team 5 – Jose Veras RP
(285) Team 4 – Ross Detwiler SP
(286) Team 3 – Bobby Parnell RP
** (287) Team luchies – Ryan Ludwick LF
Ludwick showed some promise after having several dismal seasons. If he repeats his performance from last year he is worth the pick here.
(288) Team 1 – Frank Francisco RP

Round: 25
(289) Team 1 – David Robertson RP
** (290) Team luchies – Will Venable RF
Venable doesn’t have a lot of value here, but I still wanted another option at outfielder. I was considering Ivan Nova with this pick as well.
(291) Team 3 – Ivan Nova SP
(292) Team 4 – Paul Maholm SP
(293) Team 5 – Jose Valverde RP
(294) Team 6 – Jeff Keppinger 3B
(295) Team 7 – Rick Porcello SP
(296) Team 8 – Jean Segura SS
(297) Team 9 – Sean Marshall RP
(298) Team 10 – Adam Eaton CF
(299) Team 11 – Hisashi Iwakuma SP
(300) Team 12 – Ryan Cook RP

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2013 Chevy Volt Goes Farther but Costs the Same

The price at the pump is still a budget challenge for most Americans today. While prices have varied to the plus and the minus over the last few years, they really haven’t dropped. The average American is still paying over $3.50 a gallon. In some areas it is as much as a dollar higher. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why many Americans are looking to the EV market with hope.

The 40 Mile falter

When the Chevy Volt was first introduced in 2010, GM estimated the Volt’s range to be 40 miles on full electric before having to kick in the gas engine. At the same time, GM found through a study with the US Department of Energy that approximately 80% of Americans drove 40 miles or less a day. This looked like the golden ticket for both GM and the public at large. It would mean that 80% of Americans could make their daily commute without a drop of gasoline. It was a beautiful sales pitch. Unfortunately the EPA didn’t agree. They rated the Chevy Volt at 35 miles electric. 5 miles may not seem like a big deal, but it meant that some of that 80% of Americans would have to use gas for the last 5 miles of their daily commute.

Better Electric Mileage approaching the Goal

This year with the 2013 Chevy Volt, which will be available for sale in August, GM has worked hard to try to make up the distance. While they haven’t quite reached the goal of 40 miles electric, the 2013 Volt did receive a very respectable rating of 38 miles all electric on a single charge. GM spent time reevaluating and testing the formula of its lithium-ion battery. With some work, they were able to raise the efficiency of the vehicle. In time, they will even beat the 40 mile mark. Of course for those who go farther, the range extending gas engine provides another 340 miles. This puts the overall range at 378 miles distance and 98 mpg. That’s a 4 mpg improvement over last year.

2 Miles too Sweet

Most daily commuters would likely agree that this is a pretty sweet improvement, since GM has not raised the price of its flagship electric vehicle. My daily drive comes in just at 39 miles round trip. That means I could drive my entire week and only have to use gasoline for 1 mile a day. The idea really takes the teeth out of that $3.50 price tag at the gas pumps at my local fill-up station.

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2013 Fall Festivals in Virginia

If you enjoy fall flings and celebrations, the state of Virginia is the place to be. There are many festivals to choose from, which take place between mid September and mid October. Virginia is for lovers, especially those who love autumn celebrations. Here are 5 I believe will be great fun. You can get more details for each by clicking on the appropriate link.

Henry Street Heritage Festival, Saturday September 21st 2013, 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

The Henry Street Heritage Festival is sponsored by the Harrison Museum of African American Culture. This public festival takes place in Elmwood park in downtown Roanoke. It is a celebration of the culture, heritage, history, and arts of African Americans.

There is always a diverse offering of arts and entertainment, which include local and national talent. There are historical exhibits, as well as games and activities for children. There is a wide variety of arts and crafts from local merchants, and community organizations. When this was a free event, my family attended every year. Last year entrance was $10.00. The website did not list the fee for 2013.

12th annual Green Hill Medievil Faire and Highland games

The fun takes place in Green Hill Park in Salem Va. (2699 Harborwood Rd. The dates are Saturday, September 28, 2013 (10:00 AM-6:00 PM, and Sunday, September 29, 2013 (10:00 AM-5:00 PM) This event is filled with magic and romance. There will be magicians, knights, knaves, and damsels. There will be music, jousting, swordplay, arts and crafts, food and drink, plus vendors, and merchants. A Masquerade Ball will be held on Saturday at 4:30 PM and also on Sunday at 3:30 PM. Admission is $5.00. Children under age 5 are free.

Mountain magic in fall, bluegrass, antiques, and crafts festival.

This festival takes place on Saturday October 5th, 2013, at 19753 Main Street, in Buchanan, Va. The time is 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. This will be a celebration of the region’s heritage, through history, architecture, crafts and music. There will be free, live bluegrass music throughout the day, and plenty of arts and crafts plus delicious food.

Massanutten fall festival.

The time and location is Saturday October 12th, 2013, 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the Massanutten Ski Area,4614 Massanutten Dr., McGaheysville, VA. This annual Fall Festival will feature more than 60 arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, live music, wine tasting, children’s activities, chairlift rides, and so much more.

Tickets are $5 in advance, and $10 at gate. Children under age 8 are admitted free.Chairlift Ride Vouchers are $3.00 and will be for sale at the admission gate. Chairlift rides will run between the hours of 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Be in line with your voucher no later than 2:30 pm.

Children’s Arboretum Festival

The fun takes place, on Saturday October 19th, 2013 from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the Edith J. Carrier Arboretum & Botanical Gardens at JMU, 780 University Blvd, Harrisonburg Va. There will be musical instrument demonstrations and performances, singers, crafts,dance exhibitions and lessons.

There will also be seed collecting trail activities, trail tours, story time, and snacks. This fall festival is a free event. Horse drawn wagon rides however, will be available for the entire family with ticket purchase.

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2013 Fantasy Football Sleepers at Quarterback

COMMENTARY: It’s every fantasy owners favorite time of year again. The hunt for the coveted Shiva or your leagues counterpart. The online drafts are more and more packed everyday, and just like in the NFL, it all starts with the quarterback. The fact is that your quarterback should be the highest scorer on your fantasy team. If they aren’t, you need to be checking the waiver wire every hour on the hour and praying to the football gods for a miracle.

Over the past few seasons, there have been five quarterbacks who have really set themselves apart in terms of points scored Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, and Peyton Manning. Those quarterbacks averaged 321 fantasy points last season. In current online drafts, all five of them have been drafted before the end of the third round. The next five quarterbacks averaged 278 fantasy points and three of those quarterbacks where rookies last year. I always preach using caution when drafting rookies on account of the history of inconsistency with them. If you take out those rookies, the average drops to 259 fantasy points for those five veteran quarterbacks. That’s a 62 point difference over the season, which is just under four points a week. So landing a top five quarterback can make all the difference, but that doesn’t mean you have to burn a third-round pick for one when you could wait for one of the following gems that’s poised to shine this year.

Matthew Stafford is currently going around 60th overall in current drafts and is usually around the 10th quarterback taken. He’s been going after Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson. For a guy who has averaged 5000 yards and over 30 touchdowns the last two seasons, landing after three guys with barely a track record, is insane. Having the most physically gifted and dominating receiver in the history of the NFL alone warrants more attention then that. Add the fact that the offense has added a pass catcher like Reggie Bush out of the back field and you can’t ignore the potential for another huge year. I think last year’s struggles where a fluke, and I know for a fact that Detroit receivers where stopped inside the five-yard line more times than anyone else last year. If bad luck exists anywhere in the universe, it has to be in downtown Detroit, but I think this year the talent and the arm of #9 will be strong enough to overcome. I think waiting until the middle of the 6th round is safe anywhere outside of the state of Michigan where Stafford will probably go a round or two earlier.

Andy Dalton is currently going 128th overall and has been the 18th quarterback taken overall. That means for a 10-person league that everyone took a starter and then seven backups before Dalton. Would it surprise you that Big Red was the 15th highest scoring player in all of fantasy football last year. It shocked me and I was even more impressed that he did it in what is arguably the toughest defensive conference in the NFL. This kind of value doesn’t come around very often in a fantasy season. With A.J. Green blossoming into one of the top five receivers in the league Dalton has what every top tier quarterback has to have a dominating go to receiver. The Bengals pairing Tyler Eifert with the talented Jermaine Gresham at tight end opens up all kinds of fun possibilities. They also added Giovani Bernard to the back field who had 47 catches for 490 yards and five touchdowns during his final season in North Carolina. That can only help a backfield that had a combined 42 receptions for 256 yards and never saw the end zone as a group last year. I think you could wait until the 13th round to land him if your feeling lucky unless your in a league with the Ginger Giants.

Carson Palmer and yes I said Carson Palmer is going 137th overall and is the 23rd quarterback taken in online drafts. So for a lot of you he could be drafted in the final round of your draft. Now I know a lot of you think I’ve completely lost my mind on this one, but let’s think about it for a second. Palmer is in Arizona now with non other then Larry Fitzgerald who I think is still a top three receiver in the league in terms of talent. They also have Andre Roberts who actually caught one more touchdown than Fitzgerald did last year. If you remember last year in Oakland that Palmer threw for 4000 yards and had an 85.3 passer rating. Now that’s not pro bowl numbers but come on people its freaking Oakland where his #1 target was Brandon Myers! There is more ability in one of Larry Fitzgerald’s glorious dreadlocks then on the entire receiving corps of the Raiders last year. I expect a comeback year for Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald who should be nothing short of brilliant together. In addition they still have Michael Floyd to develop and for crying out loud even Patrick Peterson is catching passes in practice. I see him as a must have for any team this year if nothing else as trade bait or insurance for a lesser established starter.

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2013 Kyle Busch Motorsports Prospects

Camping World Truck Series

Joey Coulter No. 18

Coming over from 2 full seasons at Richard Childress Racing, Coulter surely has some momentum on his side that he hopes will continue at KBM. He finished 3rd in the point standings last year, and more than half of his 47 Trucks races run have ended with a finish inside the top 10. If those consistent results continue he will be a huge asset to KBM in their quest for a championship.

Darrell Wallace Jr. No. 51

In his first full time NASCAR year ever, Darrell Wallace Jr. is another KBM driver with some pretty great stats. Even though he’s only run four NASCAR races ever, he has finished in the top 10 three times. Not to mention, he’s only 19, imagine the experience he’ll get racing for Kyle Busch in his rookie year.

For people wondering about his background and his capability of racing full-time in the Truck series. Wallace Jr. spent his early years racing legends cars, and then in 2010 at 17 years old Wallace Jr. began racing in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. Finally,in 2012 he ran a few races for Joe Gibbs Racing, which most likely got him on future team owner Kyle Busch’s radar.

So, what is Wallace Jr capable of this year? It’s hard to tell seeing as he’s never raced a truck race before. But, he has some great racing experience under his belt in other series. Once he gets used to the truck series, he should be good to go. He also has a great attitude, the day it was to be announced that he would drive full time for KBM, he tweeted that it felt like Christmas morning. That grateful attitude alone will get him far, possibly to a top 10 points finish in 2013.

Nationwide Series

Parker Kligerman No.77

The most experienced driver out of KBM’s new crop of drivers, he made his Nationwide debut in Kansas at only 17..Since then, he’s run 48 Nationwide series races, and won the 2012 Fred’s 250 powered by Coca-Cola which was run at Talladega. He then went on to finish 5th in the 2012 standings. With a great team on his side for 2013, Kligerman is likely poised for another top 5 finish in the Nationwide series for 2013.

Overall, the team of driver’s Kyle Busch put together is a pretty great one. While they are a young team, all under 20 years old. The youth will pay off, Kyle Busch knows what it is like to race NASCAR at such a young age. So, he is sure to give his driver’s all the advice that they need. It is very possible that all drivers will finish in the top 10 in points in their respective series, which would be a stellar 2013 for Kyle Busch Motorsports.

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2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: #1-10

2013 fantasy baseball rankings and projections for the 2013 fantasy baseball season. Rankings include the fantasy baseball players ranked #1-10. Rankings are established for a standard fantasy baseball scoring system in mixed AL/NL leagues, and are based on a single season outlook for the 2013 fantasy baseball season.

2013 Rankings: Catcher © – First Base (1B) – Second Base (2B) – Third Base (3B) – Shortstop (SS) – Outfield (OF) – Starting Pitcher (SP) – Relief Pitcher (RP) – Top 100 Overall

2013 Sleepers: Catcher © – First Base (1B) – Second Base (2B) – Third Base (3B) – Shortstop (SS) – Outfield (OF) – Starting Pitcher (SP) – Relief Pitcher (RP)

2013 Deep Sleepers: Top 10 Overall – Deep Sleeper Hitters – Deep Sleeper Pitchers

2013 Top 50 Rankings with Player Profiles & Projections: #1-10 – #11-20 – #21-30 – #31-40 – #41-50

1. Ryan Braun – mil

Toss up between Braun and Mike Trout for the #1 spot, but I’ll take the proven and reliable veteran in the prime of his career right now.

2. Mike Trout – laa

Even though a regression in stats is possible for Trout this season, he still offers too much potential, and therefore is an easy choice at #2 in these rankings.

3. Miguel Cabrera – det

Given position eligibility at 1B and 3B, and proven reliability, Cabrera is basically play candy at #3.

4. Matt Kemp – lad

A step below Braun and Trout, but barely. No reason to believe anything less than 30 homerun and 30 stolen base potential for Kemp in 2013.

5. Robinson Cano – nyy

A second baseman who is in the prime of his career and is a proven 30 homerun and .300 hitter. Can’t go wrong with Cano at this point in the rankings.

6. Clayton Kershaw – lad

Across the board, Kershaw is the easy the #1 starting pitcher in my book. A 20 win season is calling his name in 2013.

7. Carlos Gonzalez – col

A Coors field beast, Gonzalez should challenge for 30 homeruns and 30 stolen bases in 2013.

8. Albert Pujols – laa

The move to Los Angeles did not exactly go smoothly for Pujols last season, but with offensive talent galore surrounding him in the Angels lineup, I can easily picture a huge bounce back season for Pujols in 2013.

9. Troy Tulowitzki – col

The oft injured shortstop is always hard to rank in fantasy baseball, but given his position eligibility, prime of career age, and hitter friendly park, I feel it is worth the risk ranking Tulowitzki here.

10. Justin Verlander – det

Seemingly a sure bet, but I’m a bit more worried than other fantasy baseball managers might be about Verlander’s high amount of innings pitched the last few seasons.

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