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the Job of the Dietetic Technician - Improving the Diet of the Sick and Elderly

Dietetic technicians work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, public health agencies, weight-management clinics, correctional facilities, and food companies. They serve in two basic areas: as service personnel in food-service administration and as assistants in clinical nutrition, which is the nutritional care of individuals.

Some dietetic technicians are involved in both kinds of activities, while others concentrate on just one area. Specific duties and responsibilities vary widely, depending on where technicians work and the area in which they specialize.

In food-service administration, dietetic technicians often supervise other food-service employees and oversee the food-production operation on a day-to-day basis. They may act as administrative assistants to dietitians, helping implement cost-control measures, developing job specifications and job descriptions, and monitoring the quality of the food and service provided. They may also be responsible for planning menus.

In a medical center, where the food-service staff prepares thousands of meals daily for patients and personnel, there may be a team of dietetic technicians, as well as dietetic aides, assistants, and other food-service workers, all working under the direction of dietitians. In such cases, each dietetic technician may specialize in just one or two activities.

On the other hand, in a small organization such as some nursing, Head Start, or geriatric care programs, there may be just one dietetic technician responsible for the overall management of the food-service staff and also for some nutrition counseling. The technician in a small facility may be supervised only by a consultant dietitian and may report directly to the administrator or director of the institution.

Dietetic technicians working in food-service administration plan and prepare schedules and activities, perhaps spending a substantial part of their time on the phone or doing paperwork. They delegate work and plan schedules for other employees, and they train new staff members in food-production methods and the use of kitchen equipment. Later, they follow up by helping prepare evaluations of the food program and assessments of the efficiency of employees or particular production processes.

They also help to develop recipes, adapting standard versions to the particular needs and circumstances of their institution. They write modified diet plans for patients, and they sometimes help patients select their menus. They keep track of food items on hand, process routine orders to the suppliers, order miscellaneous supplies as needed, and supervise food storage. They are involved with departmental budget-control measures and may participate in dietary department conferences.

At other times, dietetic technicians work more directly in the kitchen, overseeing and coordinating actual food-production activities, including the preparation of special therapeutic food items. They may even participate in the preparation of meals, although they usually just monitor the preparations. They supervise dietetic aides, who distribute food in the cafeteria and serve meals to patients in their rooms.

Depending on their employers, some dietetic technicians are also responsible for meeting standards in sanitation, housekeeping, safety in equipment operation, and security procedures.

Dietetic technicians who specialize in nutrition care and counseling work under the direction of a clinical or community dietitian. They often work in a health care facility, where they observe and interview patients about their eating habits and food preferences. Dietetic technicians then report diet histories to the dietitians, along with the patients’ progress reports. The information is used to outline any changes needed in basic diet plans and menus. They also supervise the serving of food to ensure that meals are nutritionally adequate and conform to the physicians’ prescriptions.

Technicians teach the basic principles of sound nutrition, food selection and preparation, and good eating habits to patients and their families so that after leaving the health care facility the patients may continue to benefit. Later, the technicians contact those patients to see how well they are staying on the modified diets and to help them make any further adjustments in accordance with their preferences, habits at home, and the physicians’ prescriptions.

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Inspiring Bible Verses About Strength

This life has ups and downs. We are constantly being faced with choices and attacked by Satan. However, there is good news. Relying on God can give us remarkable might. Here are five bible verses about strength.

Phillipians 4:13 (NKJV)

I can do all things through Christ who strengths me.

This is one of my favorite Bible verses. It shows that our faith in the Lord gives us incredible strength. Paul was a great example of relying on God for strength and contentment.

Psalm 18:32-34 (NIV)

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights. He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

God gives us strength to face the “battles” in our lives. Surely we will face challenges but we will not be alone. God is always there by our side.

Isaiah 40:29 (NIV)

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

As people, we have limits to our strength. However, God has no limits. We can derive our strength through his strength just by calling on him to help us.

Ephesians 6:10 (NIV)

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

In order to take a stand against the devils and his evil forces, we must have a strong relationship with God. Satan and his fallen angels are very real and attack us everyday. It is nice that God gives us “full armor,” to go to battle against the devil.

Psalms 46:1 (NIV)

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

In times of trouble, look to God. Even in complete destruction and the end of the world, God will still be there, for eternity.


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Lawyer Marketing 101: Optimizing Your Website

Lawyer marketing begins with a well-designed website: whether you have your own private practice or are a named partner at a major, high-profile law firm, you are doubtless aware of this. However, the key to lawyer Internet marketing success lies in getting traffic, or visitors to that website. With more web pages on the Internet than there are humans on the planet, this aspect of lawyer marketing can be a challenge, however.

The time to start thinking about web traffic is at the beginning of a lawyer online marketing campaign, as the website is actually being designed and constructed. Success when it comes to internet marketing for lawyers is not difficult if you consider that there are major three factors when it comes to generating traffic:

 Meta tags
 Keywords and Phrases
 Backlinks
Let’s consider these individually.

Meta tags are part of the HTML code underlying the website: it is there for the benefit of the “bots” and “spiders” that index Internet web sites; human eyes surfing the Internet do not normally see this code. When planning internet marketing for attorneys, skilled SEO consultants consider the most effective placing of keyword-rich meta tags. For this reason, it is best to consult SEO consultants when a site is first undergoing design and construction, since “retro-fitting” an existing website – while possible – is difficult.

Keywords and keyword phrases are also significant factors in the success when it comes to lawyer Internet marketing. You are probably aware that people use keyword search terms when looking for information on the World Wide Web. What you may not know – and on which professional SEO consultants are expert when it comes to Internet marketing for lawyers – is that such search terms are not necessarily the most obvious ones, and can change over time. Part of what SEO consultants do is analyze the keyword phrases used by individual people seeking legal information for frequency, distribution and conversion rate. This involves time consuming and sophisticated research, but is an excellent investment in lawyer online marketing.

Finally, the number of “backlinks” – offsite hyperlinks to your own web site – constitute the number one criterion used by search engines to determine ranking. Internet marketing for attorneys means generating as many of these backlinks as possible. As they plan the most effective lawyer online marketing strategies, SEO professionals use a variety of methods for getting offsite links to your own site.

Compared to traditional print and media ads, SEO-based lawyer marketing is a tremendous value. Whether yours is a small law office in a rural community or a major metropolitan law firm with numerous branches throughout the nation, you’ll find that having the assistance of a good SEO firm not only gets better results when it comes to internet marketing for lawyers, it was one of the most const-effective lawyer marketing strategies available. If you are considering lawyer marketing on the World Wide Web, contact a reputable SEO company and find out how their consultants can increase your Internet presence.

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What is it like to Excel Inside a Horizontal Karen Owen? Time for a Thesis

Karen Owen, a recent Duke graduate who released the now infamous mock thesis, “‘Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics”, has had her opportunity to share with the world the relative strength and weaknesses of thirteen of her sexual conquests during her time at Duke. In a 42 slide PowerPoint presentation, Owen stacked ranked her sex partners, most of who were Duke athletes, and commented and scored them on their abilities in bed.

She covered a wide range of subjects, ranging from topics such as physical appearance to staying power. Owen shared that she enjoyed alcohol infused ‘blackout sex’ (how she would remember enjoying something while blacked out is not clear), and detailed sexual romps in the Duke University library during finals week. She said she’ll have plenty of stories to tell the grandkids someday. My grandmother used to tell me stories about growing up on a farm, and I must admit they were often boring tales. Owen’s lucky grandkids will have much more interesting things to talk about with grandma.

As of yet, there has been no public word from the thirteen men who had sex with Owen. Presumably some, perhaps such as the individual who ranked last on her list, are embarrassed and want to move on with things. At least some of them have moved on probably from their glorious time with Karen Owen and have steady girlfriends or even gotten married. Not much is really known about them. Some may well feel victimized and very angry about having intimate details of their sexual encounters with Owen publicized.

But one potential route it would seem that the thirteen men could take is to share with the world their experiences with Owen. They could use the internet, as she did, and maybe even use a PowerPoint presentation format akin to the one Owen used in “Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics”. Perhaps it could be called, “Excelling In a Horizontal Karen Owen”. They could share with the world their opinions on Karen Owen’s naked body and various body parts. They could share with their world how talented, or untalented depending on their experiences, Karen Owen is at certain sexual acts.

They could share with the world if they wanted to go back for more from Karen Owen and whether or not it was worth the trip across campus. Hypothetically speaking, perhaps some of them aspired to sleep with Karen Owen and had the opportunity and were thrilled. Perhaps some saw her as a last resort when they had no luck at a party and called her up. Perhaps some would only have sex with Karen Owen if they were desperate, lonely or sad. Or perhaps some actually loved Karen Owen, though they didn’t realize she would soon sell them out to the world on a Power Point presentation.

Until one, some, or all of Karen Owen’s sexual conquests starts talking, we won’t know what it’s really like to, well, Excel in Karen Owen. But my hunch would be that at least one of them will talk and we can all share vicariously the good and the bad about sex with this recent Duke graduate.


Zachary Tracer, “Sex List Draws Media to Duke”, The Chronicle

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How to Market Yourself ?

You cannot be but impressed when you see the doors open for « lucky » people. They always have the great partners, the best jobs, even people who do not know them try to please them, help them handle a situation or bring them their bag.

It is insane to watch all of the beautiful things flow for them. They attract all of joy and happiness. But how could we explain that?

Actually, there are millions of reasons that could explain why some people are so much successful, famous or “lucky”. However, what I really think is doing the whole difference, is the talent of marketing.

Marketing is a word connected to the field of sales, business and making money. That is at least the first meaning that could cross your mind when you hear the word Marketing. Basically the expression marketing comes from the word Market where people sell and buy goods and services. According to Merriam- Webster definition marketing is “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service”.

Definitely we are not a product or a service. While what I mean is how you could enhance you personality and even benefit of your weaknesses not on the level of your social life by improving you communication skills but also to find the best job the best partner and so on.

I know a lot of talented people : people who are well educated, cultured, who have a lot of talents and gifts, who have the special ideas but what they really lack is the ability to show this talent, to benefit of the whole world called A Human Being.

There are millions of things that you can do to market yourself not to mention books and articles that treat this field but let us be more practical and show the basically needed steps:

1- Appearance: that includes how you look like and how you dress up yourself. All of us know that you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. Liked or not, the first impression is done according to your appearance. That is exactly why, you should take care of your body and health and be almost all the time well dressed. Opportunities can show up in places you have never thought of. Expect the unexpected!

2- Body language: it is true that the first thing people notice about you is your shape and clothes but a beautiful and well-dressed person could be ignored if he shows a defensive or aggressive body language. It is well known that communication is basically non verbal. That is why you have to keep a welcoming smile, look people in the eye, show your palms ( it is a sign of sincerity and openness), walk in a confident and straight way and remember nothing is attractive as self-confidence!

3- Information: we have all information about different fields. It doesn’t matter how much information you know about each field. What matters is how you use them. I will give you an example someone who have 5 information about X question and another who have 500 information. Who is able to talk about the issue most? The second person? Wrong answer. Someone who has 5 information and communicative skills could talk about the issue better than an expert. Remember information are needed in any conversation but alone won’t make miracles how to use them when and in which contest is the most important!

4- Experiences: we live so we experience a lot of things emotionally, academically … We travel, meet new people taste new food… It is obvious that we have to learn as much as we can from any experience we go through regardless of how much tiny it is we are always able to learn something. But the most important thing is how all that knowledge can emerge through our behavior and daily communication. Plus you have to experience new things daily. You have to be where your passion and dreams are. Do not love music and never attend a concert! Do not want to have a partner and never go out!

5- Weaknesses: we are imperfect we all have weak points. Your weaknesses could work for your benefit if you know how to accept them and work on them. Some people think that being kind or sensitive is a weak point. No, it is not. It is ok to be kind and sensitive this way your communication skills are more developed. To be weak or imperfect is human accept but be smart. The irony is that powerful, strong, perfect, most attractive women are single!

The major point about how to market yourself is always how to show your talents and your special personality. Remember people are not you and they won’t be. They are not supposed to know, to understand, to love you the way you want them to do. For people you are a mystery till you talk, act and start showing who you really are!

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Love Poem - "Wherever I May Wonder"

You are my heart and soul

wherever I may wonder

And I’ll always make you warm

In-rain with lightning thunder

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Movie Hints: Tips on Taking Toddlers to the Movies

Looking for something to do with your 2-5 year old? How about a movie? “No way!”, is the most common answer from my friends with little kids. I try to explain to them that the fear is only of the unknown, and if you follow a few simple tips, your kids can have a great time at the movies!

1. Try to get to the movie theater as close to the beginning of the show as possible.

Most kids movies are about 90 min long. There is a reason for this, kids ages 2-5 barely have an attention span long enough to make the full 90 min. Although getting there early does get you a good seat, the previews added on to the movie time is too much for the little guys to make it. You will end up leaving early, due to the kids not being able to continue to sit still. If the kids are restless and the movie is going on too long, do yourself a favor and get out of there. The last 15 min are not worth it and chances are your kid does not understand or care whether the plot wraps up.

2. If you can get a seat on the aisle take it!

Do not apply your typical habits of trying to get the best seat in the middle. If you do you will be climbing over every other parent and their popcorn and drinks to get to the bathroom. It is inevitable with a toddler, that they will have to go to the bathroom, so get your seat as close to the aisle as possible to save yourself frustration. Better yet, take them to the bathroom before the movie starts, they just want to see the movie bathroom anyway!

3. Spread out the treats through the entire film.

Remember that for a kid getting popcorn and candy at the movies is half of the the reason for going. Spacing out the sugar will not only keep them more in line but will aid in the last half hour of getting them to the end of the movie. If they eat all of the treats during previews or in the first 20 min of the movie, they will be crashing hard by the end of the first hour. Also if the popcorn gets the primary attention in the beginning of the film, then the kids are less likely to be able to follow the story, resulting in them bothering you or wanting to leave.

4. Go to the earliest show.

Usually you can get a ticket as early as 10 am. I highly suggest this time as the theater will be filled with other parents and kids. It is pretty hard to find people who get upset about your kid bouncing in her seat at this time. Also kids are alert at this part of the day and are less likely to meltdown. The seats for early shows are usually sold at a discount so if you have to leave the film early, you don’t get so mad about the ticket prices!

5. Try to have fun and keep the kids engaged in the film.

I know that you are watching kids movies, but do your best to stay involved with your kids in the movie. Whisper a few questions to them about the characters or ask what is going to happen, you will find that they will stay more engaged if you help them out and keep them focused.

6. Ask for special seating or booster seats.

Most movie theaters will actually make arrangements for you. Give them a call and explain that you need seats by the aisle and booster seats for the kids. It beats them having to sit on your lap and squirm for 90 min. You will be surprised to find that the same considerations made for senior citizens are often times available early in the day for little kids.

7. Try to get a friend with kids to go to the movies with you and your kids.

It is just plain easier with extra adult hands. From being able to help you save seats, watch your kid as you get the popcorn, and having other kids for your child to react to the movie with, it is just easier with more people.

Follow these simple rules and you can get your kids used to going to the movies and having a great time. They will think of the movies as a special treat, and the more you go the easier it will get. Also, my wife loves it when she can get 2 hours to herself while we are off at the movies!

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Marriage and a Baby for Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is always busy with her music career, but she will be equally busy on a personal level this year. With her glowing skin and recent wardrobe choices it was not surprising that rumors of a pregnancy have surrounded Keys in the last few weeks.

Keys will be blessed twice in the upcoming year; marriage and a baby are both in the near future for the 29 year-old rhythm and blues singer. Keys publicist confirmed that she is expecting her first child; even though no specifics to the date were given. For Keys fiance, Swizz Beatz, this will be his third child. He already has two sons from two different previous relationships.

The two plan to marry later in the year in a private ceremony of close friends and family. So far the relationship between Keys and Beatz has been relatively low key so it only seems fitting that we are only privileged to the bare minimum details.

Keys is no stranger to being nominated and winning awards; everything from the MTV Video Music Awards to Female Artist of the Year. The extremely talented Keys has won 12 Grammys and has seen a handful of songs reach Billboards Hot 100.


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Use Logo Tents for Good Visibility in Public

Custom printed canopies and logo tents are the perfect advertising mechanism whereby people simply have to take a look to take in your company’s message. Graphic tents and printed canopies keep the weather at bay, and also afford your company a bright, colorful way to present yourself to the public.

A commercial canopy is a great investment in your company because it puts your company logo and graphics up above most people’s line of sight, setting it above and giving it a visual prominence. Printed canopies offer a visual space for you to set up a booth with tables and chairs, offering literature, providing product samples, or even giving demonstrations of your company’s products at trade fairs and other public events.

Custom printed canopies also offer protection from the elements if you are setting up a booth outdoors. Rain can damage any kind of brochures and paperwork that you have on display, so logo tents provide an easy solution to the excess moisture issue. Also a problem during the warmer months is too much sun making for unpleasant conditions. You want people to linger at your booth, so anything you can do cause that to happen can benefit your business, because it gives people a bit more time to be exposed to what you have to offer them. If you can provide a shade-cover in the middle of a July business fair, your booth will be the popular one where everyone will want to be.

Another aspect that you will want to keep in mind is the ease of set up and tear down of logo tents and printed canopies. Pop-up graphic tents are available that you simply unpack and they spring into shape. These are very easy to set up, and quite easy to take down as well.

Custom printed canopies can also be used for outdoor athletic events. If you are in charge of organizing a walking or running event, you will need a great deal of logo tents and custom printed canopies to provide refreshments and registration areas for participants. Custom printed canopies can be emblazoned with the name of the event, or can be printed with corporate sponsor’s logos. Fabric colors are offered in a wide range, so that you can select ones that coordinate with the graphic designs being featured on the walls and roofs of the logo tents and other structures.

There is the perfect tent or canopy which can be custom designed to your specifications and needs, so that you can offer a stylish presence in any public setting where your company will be on display.

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Life's Spark

I think the worst fear I can imagine
Is that I will lose my desire to laugh out loud
That the world will become so dour a place
Where gloom enwraps me like a burial shroud

I see people who have reached this point
No joke or situation can lighten their mood
Their misery is a weapon to keep others in their lives
It becomes their means of survival; their daily food

Sometimes our compassion is not enough
Some people prefer to live in the shadows of the dark
They are happy to shut down the dreams of others
They no longer desire to discover life’s spark

It’s good to offer these lost souls compassion
But do not go too far out on a limb
For they are not happy until their misery has company
And your own spark for living they have managed to dim

We cannot be responsible for the joy of others
We cannot bring laughter to those who only want to whine
However, we can always be willing to offer a smile
In hopes that a new spark their hearts might one day find

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Lunar New Year Celebrations in Atlanta

A Lunar New Year Celebration begins the onset of the the 7 day traditional Vietnamese New Year, Sunday, February 7 at the Hong Kong Market Center in Norcross (north Atlanta). Brilliant, traditional silk dresses, authentic Asian cuisine, games, contests, pageants, and gift giving are all a part of a time honored celebration of the Lunar New Year, known as Tet.

Planned and hosted by the Vietnamese Community of Georgia entertainment, food, and fun serve to honor Vietnamese traditions and Vietnamese culture in the global community.

The Vietnamese Community of Georgia not only floods the celebration with excitement, but they are generous to their guests. Contests, including awards for traditional silk outfits and karaoke, will be held throughout the celebration, with over $25,000 in prize money to be given away. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to compete for scholarships and gift certificates.

Vendors have set up at the Hong Kong Market to offer a variety of traditional gifts. IPods and video games are not the kinds of gifts given to celebrate this important time of year. Vietnamese candy, indigenous Eastern flowers, and other traditional gifts.

The festive Lunar New Year Celebration is expected to draw thousands from among the more than 24,000 Vietnamese living in the metro-Atlanta area.

The Vietnamese Community of Georgia planning committee for the Lunar New Year Celebration has not overlooked the challenge of getting men away from their TV sets during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl will be broadcast on one half of a large screen to give the men a chance to experience the Vietnamese community while enjoying their favorite American pastime.

This is a cultural celebration of the Lunar New Year that shines with all the promise that a New Year brings.

Lunar New Year Celebration hosted by Vietnamese Community of Georgia
Sunday, February 7th, 2010
Hours: 11 AM – 8 PM with entertainment and contests throughout the day.
Admission: $5.00
Hong Kong Supermarket
5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, (north Atlanta) GA 30093

The following weekend, The Vietnamese Association of Greater Atlanta will host a festival in the same location, Hong Kong Supermarket on Jimmy Carter Boulevard.

Tet Lunar New Year Festival hosted by The Vietnamese Association of Greater Atlanta
Saturday, February 13, 4pm to 1am
Sunday, February 14, 12pm – 8pm
Admission: $5.00
Hong Kong Supermarket
5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, (north Atlanta) GA 30093

Sources: ; Vietnamese American Community of Georgia

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What to Look for when Hiring a Professional Home Stager

So you’re thinking of getting your home staged before putting it on the market but you’re unsure of whom to choose. As a Professional Home Stager serving the Central Florida and Orlando area who has worked with many clients I can tell you what they were looking. Read my checklist to equip yourself with the right questions for both yourself and the Stager.

Checklist for Hiring a Professional Home Stager:

The list below suggests that you’ve found some potential candidates. If you haven’t simply do a google search on “home staging” or “home stager” including the city and state you live in. Depending on where you live, you should find a few to choose from.

1.If you found them online, did they have a professional website? This is key. Anyone in the decorating, staging or design field understands the importance of a clean site that provides all of the necessary information clients may require. Some may or may not provide pricing and that is okay. With staging pricing always varies per home based on square footage, location, and general flow of the home and of course if it is vacant or occupied.

2.Did the stager(s) come recommended to you by a trusted friend, realtor or another Home Stager who perhaps wasn’t available? You might have been doing a search and found them yourself and that is fine. A referral is a great way to go if you can get one. My business is built largely on the recommendations of previous clients and realtors who I have worked with and who were happy with the results.

3.Were they Courteous and Professional on the phone? Like any business professional they should exude professionalism on the phone as well as in person. They should be able to provide you information on their services and confidently speak on pricing and how they operate.

4.Do they have a portfolio? It is important to see some of a stager’s work before hiring them on or even setting up a consultation. Remember the portfolio is a sample of their work and like your home, it is likely better shown in person, than in small photo. Ultimately though you are looking for the before and after transformation and an obvious, positive difference in the home. Be wary if a Stager does not have a sample of their work. This either means they are not proud of any of their work or worse-they are a new to the business and have not done any work at all.

5.Did they present themselves well? Well all have bad days now and then but did they come dressed professionally to the consultation? Were they put together and tidy? After all you want this reflected in your home! You want a hard worker with an eye for detail. Having said that they don’t need to be head-to-tie in super trendy clothes or designer labels. Stagers are real people, the idea is that the present the right image-clean, neat, organized and committed to sell your home.

6.Do you feel comfortable with them? So now you have decided to meet for a consultation. Do they give you the warm fuzzies? Do they listen to your needs, understand your budget and your timeline? Do they sound confident and do they explain why they would change various areas of the home? It is as important to know why something needs to be changed, as it is to know what needs to be altered. Would you trust them in your home with your belongings?

7.Testimonials Speak Volumes– Does your stager in mind have any testimonials on their website? While not every client will wind up providing a stager with a testimonial there has to be some proof of their work. Many of my clients move out of state or get busy and I keep hearing ” I promise to send one your way!” without ever receiving. If they don’t have a client testimonial perhaps they have a realtor testimonial for a home they sold? Ask for someone that has promised to give them a good referral and follow up by calling them.

8.What is the Stager’s Stats? How effective was their staging effort? Some homes regardless of staging can sit for longer periods due to their location next to a highway etc however you need to have some indication they can get your home sold in “2 weeks” or that the home sold for “98% of asking price”. These are good signs that the staging is effective and their clients are satisfied.

You are now armed to go out and hire the right organizer! Feel free to ask them questions about how they got into staging, or what their background is. If they are anything like me, Staging chased THEM down! Passionate about design and décor and well as real estate this business made so much sense for me. A born organizer (literally!) who started this business with the intention of helping clients get free from clutter and stress I found myself staging and now Florida Home Staging is a preferred home staging company in Central Florida!

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Memories Love Poem

Happy Valentines Day my sweet
My lover my friend
Your smile is my treat
Of memories waiting to begin

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Use Photo Corners when Framing Fine Artwork

If you are trying to frame your fine art photographs, you have several choices to make when it comes to mounting the artwork to the mountboard. Although it is quick and easy to simply use an adhesive spray to glue the photo to the mount, it is not possible afterward to remove the photo from the mountboard without damaging the print. Over time, the chemicals in adhesives can react with the surface of the photos as well, and cause discoloration. If you are looking for way way to mount your photos that is considered conservation quality and allows you the flexibility of removing the photo later on if you wish, then you will want to try using photo corners. archival photo corners are an easy answer for securing your fine art photographs to mount board.

Photo corner mounts can help to preserve your artwork in various ways. First, archival photo corners should be made of conservation quality materials, for this will help to prolong the life of the artwork in which they come into contact. Second, the use of photo corner mounts allows the photograph to expand and contract due to changes in temperature without the surface wrinkling, which is impossible if the artwork is permanently affixed to the mount board.

In order to hide the photo corners so that they are not seen, you have a couple of choices. clear photo corners can be used for this purpose. Another way to go is to select a wide enough mat board to place over the photograph being held in the photo corners, and the mat board will hide them. In all cases, photo corners work best with photographs that have a border edging them.

Photo corner mounts are made from varying materials. For the best clear photo corners that are also rated for archival purposes, you will want to look for acid-free polypropylene clear photo corners. Also look for products that are listed as “photo safe,” so that they do not damage the delicate top surface of your photographs. The back of the photo corners will be treated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, so you simply pull the thin covering off the adhesive, place the corner mount where you wish and press it down. This makes them very quick and easy to use, and it also helps to preserve your photographs because the adhesive never comes in contact with the artwork.

You can buy photo corners from better online fine art photography framing suppliers. It is an excellent idea to keep them on hand, especially if you do a lot of framing, so that you will have the supplies you need to frame your photographs inexpensively yourself.

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Night of the Bolshevik

There are three levels of aristocratic principle and practicality for those of wealth and power. First, and foremost are the most populous, the Common Aristocrat. If in dire straits and facing Bolshevik Revolutionists, this Aristocrat will have died in the act of putting on peasants clothing. On the second tier is the True Aristocrat, if self-respecting, this one will have died while surrendering a dueling pistol and in the act of trying to buy his life. Conversely, on the other hand, we have the Idealist Aristocrat, who is sure to have future iconic status. This is because while in vociferous state of contempt with wine glass in hand, this altruist will have died after mocking the inherent bloodline character of these insolent, pitchfork wielding peasants!

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Paternity Leave in Canada and the USA

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Part 3 of the Paternity Leave Series

The Canadian code allows 17 weeks of paid maternity leave and up to 24 weeks of unpaid maternity leave after that. By 1991, the provincial laws were amended and became more generous. Male employees could receive unemployment benefits for paternity leave. Each province will decide the amount of maternity and paternity leave. It is very complicated and everyone must be aware of the provincial law in force. This is extremely important for families who have recently moved from one province to another. For example, Ontario provincial law divvies out 18 weeks of leave for both parents working for the same company. On the other hand Quebec gives up to 34 weeks of leave that is shared between couples working for the same company. There is no qualification period in Quebec, but Manitoba workers must have been employed by the company for at least 13 weeks

All provinces guarantee that when the employee returns he or she must come back to the same job, or a comparable job at the same salary. That means if the employee was a supervisor in let’s say the claims department of an insurance company he or she may not return to that position, but may be a supervisor with the same pay in let’s say the accounting department. Similarly a senior clerk can return to a senior clerk position anywhere in the company, but cannot be demoted to an intermediate clerk, or an intermediate clerk cannot return to a entry level clerical position and so on.

In the USA, it has long been established that women in the workforce are entitled to maternity leave. The time for delivering and staying with the baby afterward is established by law and over and above that minimum time allotted, certain companies give additional time as part of their employee benefits package. However, the needs of the father to take time out to help his wife and care for their newborn are a fairly recent occurrence. The Family and Medical Act of 1993 established the guidelines for paternal leave in the United States.

Montreal men’s rights groups

Men`s Legal Defense Fund
Mark Wickman
4652 Sherbrooke West #3 Montreal H3Z 1G3
Tel: (514) 846-5733

Groupe d’entraide aux pères et soutien à l’enfant (GEPSE) inc.
4272 Papineau, bureau 101
Montréal, Québec H2H 1S9
Tél. 514 527-3166 Email Fax. 514 527-2667
Father’s right group since 1983.m


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Ordinary Women with Extra Ordinary Attitude

In the world of men, when a women stands on her own requires a great attitude and courage. My story narrates one such woman with extra ordinary attitude. Let me take to a middle class family where boy is given preference over girl. Girl from childhood is taught to remain in certain safe domain and follow orthodoxy. Heroine of my story “Neeru” is born in a big middle class Hindu family. She was the 6th child in her family. Father of “Neeru” a village school master could not sustain the burden of the big family died at an early age. So the whole family was under the guidance of maternal uncle. Neeru was given in marriage when she only completed class 6th.

Journey from AP to Orissa
Neeru a gentle natured girl was given in marriage to family in Orissa. After marriage she very quickly adjusted to new surrounding .As time past by she was blessed by first child and life of Neeru slowly turned in to turbulences. Her husband who was working in Railways has to leave his native place and go to Pune. Neeru along with her husband moved to their new place with their new born child .In the new place situation was totally different from her native village. She has to cook food by charcoal and live in a small accommodation. She had problem in communication has she didn’t know Hindi. Her husband now opted for a traveling job in Railways because the salary was very meagre. For daily chores and for marketing she had to communicate in Hindi, but she picked up Hindi quickly. This is the starting point of her life.

Inner strength
After few years Neeru and her husband moved back to Orissa. Now Neeru became mother of four children, and reached middle age. On reaching Orissa she stayed with her brother-in law’s house along with her children and husband. Her sister-in law had different character. She cleverly put all the house hold responsibility on Neeru and enjoyed her time by hearing radio. When the food is prepared she would first serve food to her children first remaining balance to Neeru and her children. And in dinner time when Neeru husband would arrive late from his job only some tit bits would remain which Neeru and her husband would consume. Slowly whole episode turned very ugly and turned in to torture. She then decided that she along with her four children and her husband will shift to the place of her husband’s work, which was a small railway station. From that that time she changed her attitude. It was very difficult for her to sustain with four children and a constant flow of relatives. She did not lose heart but started to stitch cloths from the Railway Mahila samiti & also for her family. This helped her and her economy improved. Slowly the situation changed, she gave birth to her fifth child. Neeru’s children were all girls; this was not liked by her mother-in-law as she always praised her elder daughter-in-law for giving birth to three sons. This added more woes as she referred the girls as insects & sons as honey.

Tailoring Job
She now was recognized by all for her good work in stitching cloths. By seeing her many women came forward and they too started stitching cloths as hobby and also could earn money for their family. This became a revolution. She helped many families from facing economic hardship.

Extra ordinary guts
As narrated earlier she had five girls and in Indian society giving marriage that too as a middle class family was a Herculean task. She had a far sightedness and she used to save money from first thus helped her at this moment. In this world giving one daughter marriage is a difficult job but she managed five marriages. Not only she gave her children in marriage but at least three more marriage was performed by her. She helped her neighbours at the wee hours for any lady getting delivery, helping in making sweets & so on. So she became a symbol of extra ordinary strength.

One of her niece a doctor was given in marriage to a wealthy doctor, one year after her marriage under a mysterious circumstance her husband died. And her niece was suspected for her husband death. Neeru went to her niece place took control of the whole situation and manage to bring her niece back. She encouraged her niece to once again change her life. In due course of time she got a job as a rural doctor. But she remained sad, seeing this Neeru encouraged her in getting married a Medical Representative who was four years younger to her but was of other language. Her parents were against the marriage but Neeru took courage & arranged her niece to get married . After that her niece life changed and she remained happy.

So Neeru in whole of her life sacrificed her happiness for others and never gave hope. She was always there as a person whom people could depend upon at their difficult times. In short she could be described as “Ordinary Women with extra Ordinary Attitude”

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Pet Medication

Many animal lovers treat their pets as children, and it is easy to think that human drugs would be suitable for animal use should the need occur. There are specific pet medicines for a reason – dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles all have a different physiology and require different levels of medicine to remedy a problem, so failing to consult an authority before administering drugs to your pet may prove deadly.

Many drugs designed for pets have a basis in ones originally intended for humans. Because animals suffer some of the same diseases and medical conditions as we do, the medicines we take have been modified in strength and dosage level to be appropriate for a smaller animal. Dosage of a particular drug is usually determined by species first, then weight.

An example of shared disease between humans and animals is Lyme disease. Because they can occur simultaneously in dogs and humans, both must take antibiotics to kill the bacteria – but only dogs and cats can have a monthly regiment of flea/tick medicine as a preventative. It will be a great advance in medicine when they can make that available for the avid hunter/outdoorsman of the human kind. Currently flea and tick medicine for pets is dangerous for pregnant women.

Humans and pets can also contract colds, runny noses, allergies, and coughs/sneezing. Although humans might be accustom to strong medicines containing sleep aids and alcohol, this could be deadly for a pet of any size, and your vet should be consulted if a seasonal illness starts to creep up on your friend.

Heartworm medication is relatively safe for all humans to be around, as humans cannot contract heartworm, and the pesticides used in heartworm medication are easily disposed of by the human body if direct contact is made somehow with the chemicals. It is an absolutely essential medication for your pet however, as an advanced heartworm case creates inhumane misery in the animal and leads to a slow painful death if not addressed quickly.

Pets such as cats and dogs are also vulnerable to mental health ailments. Anxiety and depression occur in them as well, and can be addressed similarly – albeit in smaller doses than in a human case. Your pet can also have a headache, muscle strain, arthritis, and upset stomach, in which case the appropriate human antidote (read: Tylenol, glucosamine, and antacids) may be effective. Ask your veterinarian about specific dosages and any unpleasant side effects. Also note that acetaminophen is deadly to cats, so ask about an alternative for pain treatment.

Advances in medical technology have made it easy to extend the life and health of our pets with medicine – even those with diseases thought to be intolerable for animals such as diabetes or skin allergies – can now live somewhat normal lives with a regular regiment of medicine, similar to humans with chronic conditions. Pet medications are available widely – contact your veterinarian for the medicine your pet should be on and where you can purchase it.

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the Musician

We’re dancing on a spider web

and he got away from me this time

or did Iet him go?

He lived by night, hibernated by day.

No, he was no


He was musician.

I enjoyed touching him then

getting touched back.

Each touch was like the poison

of addiction.

i wanted more and more.

We were dancing on a spider web

and he got away frome

or did I let him go?

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" Obama Looking at Girl "Controversy

“Obama looking at girl” and “Obama checking out girl” is something that many Americans are concerned with this morning. What do the two terms “Obama looking at girl” and “Obama checking out girl” mean? Click HERE to view the Obama looking at girl photo yourself.

President Barack Obama fell in to the ominous headline “Obama looking at girl” when a photo was snapped that apparently shows our president checking out the bum of a 16 year old Italian girl at a G8 summit photo shoot.

Was “Obama looking at girl” a headline that will haunt him for the rest of his presidency? Will Barack Obama be caught up in the same political scandals of former Democratic president Bill Clinton? I think the “Obama checking out girl” photo could mean one of three things:

First, the “Obama checking out girl” photo could just be the work of a good photographer. Perhaps Obama really wasn’t looking at the young Italian girl’s behind. Perhaps he simply glanced aside to look at something else. Looking at the picture, it looks like French president Nicholas Sarkozy is reveling in the beautiful bum moreso than our president. Look at his smug French grin.

Second, the “Obama looking at girl” photo could be the result of a momentary lapse in judgment. Obama is first and foremost a man, and men revel in the beauty of women. Women want men to look at them. Then, when a man looks at a beautiful woman, it’s a scandal. Obama should realize that anything he does will be scrutinized. He should put his natural male instincts aside and try to live with blinders on for the next four to eight years.

Third, the “Obama checking out girl” photo could be an indication of looming problems. Will Barack Obama become a womanizer? He is very young, very charismatic, and many women find him attractive. I am sure that after the “Obama looking at girl” photo came out, most of mainstream media will try to capture Obama checking out girl again!

I think the photo itself is rather minor. We don’t know if Obama really was checking out the young Italian behind or not. I would like to think that my first scenario is what happened here. Hopefully, a great photojournalist just captured the right shot at the right time. Hopefully we aren’t in for another Bill Clinton-like era of a womanizing president. There are too many things going on in the world today to have the media focusing on the love life of the President.

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NFL Head Injuries Could Cause Long Term Memory Effects

Many little boys dream of throwing around a football in college only to land a gig in the NFL, sporting celebrity jerseys and being adored by fans as the star quarterback, kicker or the football player who has the best touch down dance. However, too many people are not aware that there are some things that can happen to you on the football field if you’re out there getting pushed around and knocked down in the sport.

Hence, the news story of Jim McMahon, coined as one of the most interesting and entertaining players of this last generation. He played for Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, and other football teams. Famed and adored for his football skills, the player now suffers from memory loss. He ties the loss to head injuries he suffered during is time in the NFL. He said that when he was playing the game, there was a general feeling that if you were injured, you could just pop an aspirin and hop right back into the game. However, now years after playing, McMahon has consulted neurosurgeons, and according to them, the effects of those injuries are much more serious than just popping an aspirin.

According to Yahoo sports, it took the NFL a very long time to acknowledge that there was a connection between head injuries and long term effects. Former players have been talking about the issue for quite some time. However, there is an underlying pressure to get out there on the field and keep performing in spite of injuries that may have serious effects if ignored.

Football is a sport that many enjoy. However, when you retire from it, you want to be able to live a healthy and fulfilling life, free from brain injury. If you’re ever in the NFL or other contact sport such as ice hockey or boxing, wear protective gear at all times and maintain an understanding that all the money and fame isn’t more important than your health. If you get injured or feel your health has been affected in any way while you’re playing the sport, take a time out and consider seeing a doctor immediately before continuing the sport. If you continue to experience adverse health symptoms seek a second opinion from a medical professional.

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Make Your Own Website for Free

In the modern world there is not something grandiose to have a site, it already became something ordinary. Practically now everyone can place his own website in the Internet so that all people could have access to the information it contains. But if you were not engaged in similar questions earlier, the site creation may seem not too easily to you. And naturally the main question here will be how to create the site? May be you are one of those Internet surfers who wish to learn how to create the site by your own strength. Then you need to familiarize with materials, which will give you the opportunity to learn how to create the site by means of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

The beginners should learn bases of html and cascade tables of styles and having mastered them, it will be possible to understand how to design your site. Skilled website-builders will find a lot of necessary and interesting information, including ready templates and scripts, which can be used at site creation. If you want to learn how to create the site, but you do not know yet even bases, then start to study HTML, and if you never hear before about the cascade tables of styles, start your study with CSS.

There are many variants of how to create the site. It is possible to write the site code alone or it is possible to take advantage of various visual editors. But visual editors possess a number of lacks: it is necessary to study the programs in order to use them. They give a lot of a superfluous and unnecessary code. And one of the important aspects is that it is necessary to correct manually the code at correction or site change, that means you should study the necessary programming language. Manual writing of the site code does not have such restrictions, which the visual editors have. It is possible to use all possibilities, which web technologies may give. It is possible to write a simple or difficult code. At manual creation of the code there is a possibility to develop the site with any functionality and any design, including unique and new, which is present on no other site. It is possible to create scripts, which will react to user’s actions in appropriate way. Thus without the help of professionals, you will be able to meet the unique needs that occur in your site development.

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Obesity in Our School Aged Children, a New Wrinkle!

If you are like me, you chuckle at some of the directives that are on labels, as to the contents of items that you buy in your neighborhood stores. Some people do not read cautions, do not follow them and then blame the manufacturer for failing to prevent all sorts of injuries, accidents and unfortunate occurrances. Is it any wonder why we pay, so costly, for our necessary staples. The item needs to be in a container, the lid is secured, then wrapped again, sealed in plastic and put into another box or wrapping. We all pay for the foolishness of some people who thought it was a joke to insert harmful ingredients into a product.

Now there is a new thought about obesity and the way to decrease it in our school systems. Have you visited a school lately and peered into the garbage? You will find wrappers that once kept a chocolate covered candy bar, a bag of eaten salted potato chips or some other form of empty caloric ingestible. Some of these items were once purchased inside the walls of the learning institutions you and I pay taxes to keep functioning. Then those vending machines were changed to hold more wholesome items like Snickers, cookies and the like. knowing good nutrition, I do not consider those good replacement items. Soda and sweetened drinks were at the children’s finger tips too.

Now the idea is to make sure the restaurants that sell food that contribute to obesity in our young, be out of reach. A New York City individual has not mentioned The distance yet. This is someones brain storm that did not totally look at the entire picture. Children have skate boards, bikes, cars and roller blades to more than adequately travel for their desires to be met for food. Do the people that are thinking up these ideas really believe this is the answer to eliminating obesity in our schools? I have better ideas than that one, but my fingers are too tired to type anymore.

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How to Promote Your Community College

Each community school must be its own best promoter.

Sometimes seen as establishments of smaller education, community schools have a heavy time maintaining college spirit and friendship on campus. In comparison to their four-year opposite numbers, they are facing a couple of issues other universities do not have to deal with. Most frequently, community schools occupy commuter campuses offering no housing for its scholars. By reason for circumstance, this environment doesn’t naturally foster the powerful college spirit regularly found on home campuses.

Due to this, college spirit must be commended and inspired outside the standard means found at other varsities. Maybe the most imposing of issues for college spirit is the huge variety found at community schools. While conventional varsities have variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, faith, and other everyday differences, they don’t face a very huge range of age. Community students range in age from a twin enrolled school student to 30 something elders to an aged man wanting to start a second career.

This shortage of common ground makes it awfully tough to find a rallying cry for college spirit that may appeal to all groups. There are a few things that may help foster a better sense of community on campus, and maybe the start of a unified college spirit. To gain more collusion at college events, the events must be as diversified as the coed body. Elders do not wish to bring their youngsters to a normal university drinking party, and most young adults don’t find chatting over coffee especially fun filled.

Creative events like potlucks or BBQs for particular majors would appeal to a 30 something student who wants an event to bring their family to. The community university North Central State School, has successfully hosted an extremely popular event for the past twenty-five years called Rock’N’Ribs Holiday . Each year loads of scholars show up to enjoy a performance and hog roast. This out-of-the-box thinking has enabled this community school to maintain a college spirit higher than its contemporaries. With the various events that a campus desires to provide, adequate advertisement and advance notice are wanted to make these events a hit.

Those with roles, families, and other concerns must be mindful of what’s taking place on campus and when they have to make agreements. Poor public statement planning can cripple an otherwise well designed event. A robust college spirit also needs a central figure or idea to rally around. While this generally takes the shape of a sports mascot, there are other probabilities found on campus. Some community varsities have phenomenally good theater departments, or community outreach groups. These robust programs do much to represent the high-school and would be really handy to the root of a powerful college spirit. Grief and hard hurdles should be predicted when trying to cultivate a robust, colorful college spirit at a community university. This difficulty can be daunting, but the actuality of a unified, congealed student body at community colleges is waiting to be discovered all across the land.

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Private Jet Etiquette: Part 1

Traveling in a private jet is far better then traveling in a commercial jet. You get to choose what time to takeoff, the food that is served, and the movies you can watch. However there are still rules of etiquette to remember for when you are flying private, Remembered that these unwritten laws come into being, because it benefits both the crew and the consumer. If you have a trip in mind where you will be taking a private jet, here are some of the protocols and etiquette that will help you have the best time.

The cardinal sin of etiquette is being late, and private jets are no different. Of course one of the many favorite things about flying a private jet is the freedom of departure. Not being bound to some commercial airliners frigid schedule is definitely one of the main appeals of flying in a private set. However once you establish a set departure time it’s best to be punctual, Not only for your benefit, but for the crews. There are many details to prepare for your trip, and some of them are time sensitive. If you know will be late, phone your private jet company before arrival. This way, you owe crew will be able to make the necessary changes for your flights.

Bringing food and drinks is not always acceptable when flying in a private jet. In fact most of the time you’ll have catering service on your flight. That being the case, know that bringing your own food and beverages aboard a private jet is completely acceptable. The only obstacle you might reach is serving. You might not always have the plate, cutlery, or even the microwave. So it’s best to check with your jet company beforehand. You also need to check with your provider that some food and drinks are not prohibited. This might depend on which country you are entering. Rest assured that most food and beverages will be allowed; no matter what geographic location you happen to enter. In some areas of the world (some very hot vacation spots, as well) there are draconian drug laws for substances that are legal in the United States and the U.K.

Flying on a private jet can still be an enjoyable experience despite having some minor social civilities to appease. These “unwritten laws” are to make the trip smoother and more enjoyable for everyone, crew and passengers.

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What Do the Recent Scandals Mean for the Catholic Church?

Recently the Catholic Church has again been besieged by a variety of scandals. More information has been released regarding the already known child abuse cases within the church and the practice of moving priests who were suspected to other parishes in order to quiet the situation. Further it has been alleged that the current Catholic Pope, the Cardinal Ratzinger, knew of the practice and did not end it, or may have actually engaged it. These are very serious issues for the church, which already suffered a great loss of faith on the part of parishioners when the child abuse scandals first came to light.

While it is not necessarily crucial to the affect on the Church, and all the details are not known completely, there’s a reasonably good bet on what is and isn’t true in this case. It is pretty established that clergy who were accused of abuse were moved, and that this was a deliberate action to quiet down the situation. It is not immediately apparent whether there was any attempt to rehabilitate such priests or limit their interaction with potential new victims.

It is apparent that Cardinal Ratzinger was away the practice did occur but not immediately obvious whether he truly had any way to personally affect it. The management of different dioceses within the Catholic Church is typically done at the local level, and the Vatican and other higher administrative levels within the Church are loath to intervene especially without full details. It is likely that Ratzinger did encourage an end to this practice and attempted to affect this as best as possible. That said the practice, however well intentioned, inexcusably presented fresh victims to priests who either deliberately intended to act out abuse again, or mentally unable to stop and yet left untreated. The affect of this has been to once again call into question how much parishioners can trust their clergy, as well as the greater administration within the Church.

This reminds me a lot of the position of the Orthodox Church in Russia following the fall of communism. It was no secret that the KGB had agents within the ranks of the clergy who regularly reported confessions and other activities of parishioners to the authorities. The KGB was notorious for using such information as cruelly, and humiliatingly as possible not to mention with devastating legal results. There was no reason for the citizens of Russia to place their trust in such an organization ever again, and yet when he recently passed away Patriarch Alexy II was the most trusted official in the country, as is the case with Patriarch Kirll, his successor, today; even as there was compelling information that Alexy II had originally been compelled to join the church by the KGB as an informant. How the Russian Church regained the people’s trust is very applicable to the situation the Catholics now face.

It does appear at least that the Catholic Church is considering their reaction much more carefully this time that they had with the previous scandals. Indeed transparency is much needed; there are many who want to know both what allowed this activity to proliferate and what is being done to ensure it will not again. Previously the Catholic Church at least came across as more concerned about keeping everything secret than necessarily remedying the situation. A quick look at the Catholic teachings regarding repentance would be of great help to the Church right now; they have to admit what sins were committed, apologize both to the victims, and to God, and take steps to ensure these sins not be committed again. The extent to which their laity see and accept this will define how the Church is again able to command the trust of their faithful.

All this said it is important to consider this scandal in perspective. For one much of the media loves the ratings a good scandal causes, and is as interested in that as in getting the facts correct. Further this scandal should not be seen as something specific to the Catholic Church, in as much as it has been well documented this sort of covering for abusive clergy has taken place in numerous other confessions. It’s not just Catholic priests who are in a position to abuse minors, or for that matter other adults. Anyone with authority over a minor, or a co-worker can abuse this authority, and one should always be concerned about the potential for this, as should any organization.

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Prostatitis, a common adult male condition, is inflammation of the prostate gland, involving a wide spectrum of conditions. Acute prostatitis is most often caused by infection and can develop rapidly. Chronic bacterial prostatitis is hard to cure. The term prostatitis is associated with a number of disorders. Symptoms include:

* Urinary obstruction,
* Burning during urination
* Testicle pain
* Bloody urine
* Fever-chills
* Impotence
* Painful ejaculation
* Perineal pain.
* Pain during bowl movements
* Foul-smelling urine

Generally, the development of prostatitis is unknown. Acute prostatitis is usually the results of a bacterial infection of the prostate gland. Certain sexually transmitted diseases can cause acute prostatitis along with common bacteria such as E. Coli. Those at high risk are men with numerous sex partners, especially if they engage in anal sex.

Gonorrhea is a common cause of prostatitis, passing tuberculosis to the prostate. The inflammation causes blockages in the prostate glands, causing a secretion buildup, resulting in an inflamed prostate. Swelling develops rapidly in acute cases, causing a great deal of pain. Slow developing prostatitis impairs urine flow, forming stones that can become infected themselves, worsening the condition

Prostatitis is difficult to diagnose with such a wide varied of broad symptoms. The doctor inserts a finger into the rectum to examine the prostate, which is usually swollen and painfully tender. Urine and penis fluid samples are taken. The absence of bacterial infection makes the prostatitis hard to cure. Treatment in those cases involves mostly symptom relief.

Recurrence is common in men who have had acute prostatitis and they are likely to develop chronic parotitis. Try to avoid excessively spicy foods, alcohol, citrus juices and caffeine. Increase fluids to help flush out bacteria. After bowl movements, wash your hands before handling your penis to prevent the spread of bacteria from the rectum.

Symptom relief includes:

* Frequent ejaculation.
* Avoid constipation
* Hot baths or Ice packs- whichever helps

In conclusion, millions of men each year are diagnosed with prostatitis. With a few lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, good hygiene, safe sex, and increased fluid intake along with proper medication, most cases of acute prostatitis can be successfully treated. Call your health care provider if you are experiencing the symptoms of prostatitis.


a Prayer for Lynnie!

They say nothing in excess

Is the best medicine for life

I say there is the infinite

And lets just create the future!

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Procurement of Veteran Administration Home Loans Oakland Made Easy by Well-Known Housing Finance Agency Bay Area

You can apply and procure a VA loan to fulfill your long-term dream of buying and owning a home. These loans are specifically aimed to help the aged or the senior citizens in their mission to build or buy a new home.

Get to know the basics of housing finance Oakland

At the same time, it is a well-known fact that the processes involved in the application and procurement of a home loan are quite cumbersome and time-consuming too. You may have to spend a lot of time and energy in getting all of the paperwork prepared. So, the best idea for you is to appoint a well-experienced realtor like us so that we can help you earnestly.

i. We are well aware of the ins and outs of home loans and hence better placed to get the best deal for you.

ii. In addition, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that your needs are fulfilled in every aspect.

iii. With us, you will find that applying and getting a VA loan is made simpler and easier.

iv. Through our fast-paced approach, we ensure that you access a VA loan and get benefited just when you are in need of finance to purchase a home.

Enjoy the advantages of choosing a well-experienced professional with versatile experience with a recognition of being a dynamic housing finance agency Bay Area

We make good use of our experience and expertise to help you in your endeavor to own a home.

a. We are in a perfect position to help you buy a suitable kind of residential property, whether it is a huge flat or a single-family small home.

b. Through our vast knowledge, we minimize the time taken to apply and procure a VA loan.

c. Putting our time-tested knowledge and experience at your service, we assure you of uninterrupted support and end-to-end assistance to you at every stage.

Pension program Oakland California made easy by our well-experienced staff

Never mind if you are not confident of fully settling the home-purchase deal in one go. There are a diverse range of options that you can adopt so that you can protect your credit history and also settle your dues if any that are pending while you bought a home. The pension program Oakland California is also a viable option for you in case you are on the lookout for a customized and affordable loan program.

If you are an ardent fan of the recent developments in the real estate and the financial industry, you would have definitely heard of the CALSTRS home loan. This stands for the California State Teachers Retirement System. This ranks as a renowned and popular form of pension program Oakland California.

You can get amounts ranging from $400,000 to $800,000 to make the purchase.

You are entitled to get many benefits like retirement, survivor and disability benefits in case you are an educator based in California.

You can choose from a diverse range of loan options for either a 15-year or 30-year period.

Through our able guidance, you can easily fulfill your housing finance needs in a seamless manner.

When it comes to procuring Veteran Administration home loans Oakland or choosing a suitable pension program Oakland California, there can be no one who can help you as efficiently as we do.

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Recipe for Sleep


We have always heard parents say how a glass of warm milk works wonders to put you off to sleep, right? Dairy products contain tryptophan which induces sleep in the body. So have a glass of milk or treat yourself to a bowl of dahi. Banana and honey are also rich in tryptophan.


If you find it difficult to fall asleep, have a small snack before you go to bed. However, this should not be seen as a guilt-free excuse to binge on everything that’s in your fridge. Keep the snack as light as possible. Go overboard, and you will be adding on unnecessary pounds. Also, a heavy meal before bedtime will strain your digestion system.


You may not be having coffee before bedtime, but that doesn’t mean you are cutting down on caffeine as well. Other sources such as chocolate add a fair amount of caffeine to your body, without you even realising it. To improve your quality of sleep, make sure you cut down every possible source of caffeine from evening onwards.


Many trust alcohol for a good night’s sleep. However, that may not be the case. While alcohol may put you off to sleep, it is also responsible for some nasty hangovers. Not to forget, there are higher chances of you getting up many more times in the night than you do otherwise. If you have had alcohol in the evening, have nimbu paani by night to dilute its effects.


The nicotine’s effect on the body is similar to that of caffeine. You may want a drag before hitting bed as it helps you relax, but the same drag will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Avoid smoking before you sleep or at any time in the night.


The spicy chaat may qualify as dinner for you, but it also sends your beauty sleep out of the window. The digestive system slows down when you are sleeping, and combine it with spicy food, the result can be quite unpleasant. Not to forget, it may also lead to heartburn.

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Railway Travel Guide to San Francisco from Various Parts of America

How to Reach San Francisco by Train

San Francisco is well connected by train to different Parts of US and Canada. Amtrak has an excellent service connecting San Francisco with places like San Diego, Ney York,, Washington, La Vegas etc. Amtrak’s silver service offers comfortable coaches and an efficient service.

In order to get a better idea about train services from San Francisco Please go through the following link:

How to Reach San Francisco from Los Angeles by Train

San Francisco has a direct train service from New York. Amtrak runs aSilver Meteor and Silver Star trains from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The journey takes around 10 t hours to complete. In this journey Amtrak is very strict in terms of luggage.

For more information about train services to San Francisco from New York please check the link below:

How to reach San Francisco from Seattle by train

The train ride from Seattle to San Francisco takes approximately 23 hours. Amtrak runs passenger train between Seattle and San Francisco. For further information please go through this links:

Though the journey is a time consuming one yet the train compartments are good and provide comfort to the passenger.

A Railway trip to San Francisco from Denver

A train trip from Denver to San Francisco can be a long one but can also be a pleasant experience. As Amtrak do not depart from the city of San Francisco. Actually Amtrak provides a bus to nearby Emeryville for those who want to go to Denver. The entire trip including the bus trip can take 33 hours to complete. For booking your tickets you may visit the Amtrak website

For further knowledge about the trip to San Francisco from Washington to San Francisco you may visit this link:

Travel to San Francisco from Okland by Train

Travelling to san Francisco from Oakland by train is very convenient. If you travel in a BART ticket it will only cost you $3. It takes around 3 hours to complete the trip. The seats are comfortable and the outside landscape is very beautiful. The Oakland San Francisco routes include stations from the Coliseum/Oakland Airport to the Macarthur station, and San Francisco arrivals are just as wide-ranging from Embarcadero to the San Francisco International Airport.

Please refer to the bellow link for further knowledge:

Train service as cheaper alternative to flights for travellers from Washington and Loss Angeles

For travellers to San Francisco from Washington and Los Angeles both train as well as flight options are there. However, train services are much cheaper in comparison to air fares but also more time consuming. But if you are travelling for pleasure and have time on your hand you can definitely try this train route. It will give you opportunity to witness beautiful landscape of rural America and you will pass through many cities and towns. So apart from the cost effectiveness a train journey from Seattle to San Francisco can be a new experience too.

Train travel from San Diego to San Francisco

Amtrak runs daily train between San Diego and san Francisco The approximate travel duration is 8 hours. The journey is a comfortable one as the coaches provided by Amtrak are good and the train is a direct one. For more information about the tickets and train schedule please visit the Amtrak website at

You can also visit the following link for further information:

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SEC Football - Week 10 Preview

As we head into week 10 of college football game play, the SEC already has three teams (Alabama (Ap#2), Georgia (Ap#8), and Florida(Ap#5)) bowl eligible with four on the cusp(LSU, AP#19, Vandy, South Carolina, and Kentucky), and two other teams standing at four wins (Ole Miss and Auburn). None of the remaining teams in the conference are eliminated from bowl contention (Tennessee, Mississippi State, and Arkansas) making the 2008 season one of the strongest ever for the SEC!

Entering week 10, the top three SEC football teams are still in the mix for the national title: Alabama (Ap#2), Florida (Ap#5), and Georgia (Ap#8). This number will reduce to two teams after Florida travels to play Georgia this Saturday in one of the hottest college football games in play this weekend. Following are previews of the SEC teams upcoming games in Week 10:

Conference Match ups

1 – Florida Gators (4-1, 6-1) at the Georgia Bulldogs (4-1, 7-1). Florida has been hot since losing to Ole Miss at home in late September. Looking to makeup for last year’s loss to Georgia (42-30), the Gators have won 15 of the previous 18 meetings between the two teams. This game pits two of the best quarterbacks in the league with Tim Tebow going against Matt Stafford. Florida is favored to win by 6.

2 – South Carolina Gamecocks (2-3, 5-3) hosting the Tennessee Volunteers (1-4, 3-5). After a 29-9 thumping by Alabama last week after starting the game strong, the Volunteers are in danger of a losing season after winning the SEC East last year. Rumors persist that Coach Fulmer’s job may be at stake as well if the Volunteers do not win the remaining games the team is expected to be on top. South Carolina is favored by 5.

3 – Ole Miss Rebels (2-3, 4-4) hosting the Auburn Tigers (2-3, 4-4). A season changing game for both teams. Ole Miss comes in after a close victory over Arkansas looking to get in position to become bowl eligible in Coach Nutt’s first season at the helm. The Tigers are trying to recover from a disappointing season so far and get back on track. The Rebels are favored by 6.

4 – Mississippi State Bulldogs (1-3, 3-5) hosting the Kentucky Wildcats (1-3, 5-3). The Bulldogs host Kentucky for an important game for both teams. A win for Kentucky makes them bowl eligible for the third year in a row in the first time in over 40 years. A win for State gives the Bulldogs a chance at qualifying for a bowl after dropping four games in a row earlier in the season. In what is considered a fairly even match up, State is favored to win the game by 3.

Non-Conference Play:

1 – LSU (3-2, 5-2) hosts the Green Wave of Tulane (2-5). LSU has won 16 straight against Tulane (since 1982). Tulane will also be playing without their star Running Back, Andre Anderson who is out due to injury. This should be a good game for the Tigers defense to get back on track before taking on Alabama. LSU is favored by 25 points.

2 – Alabama Crimson Tide (5-0, 8-0) hosts the Arkansas State Red Wolves (4-3). Bama takes the week off from SEC play to take on Sun Belt Conference opponent Arkansas State. Trying to avoid a late season let down similar to their 2007 November loss to Louisiana Monroe, Alabama is a 23 point favorite over the Red Wolves. The Tide’s next SEC opponent will be against LSU.

3 – Arkansas Razorbacks (1-4, 3-5) host the Tulsa Golden Hurricane (8-0). Arkansas brings a 16 game winning streak over Tulsa into the game. Tulsa comes into this non-conference match up with a perfect record and the nations top-ranked offense. Tulsa is favored by a touchdown over the Razorbacks.

Idle: Vanderbilt Commodores (3-2, 5-3). Host Florida 8 November 2008.

SEC Standings through Week 9:

SEC East

Georgia (4-1) (7-1)

Florida (4-1) (6-1)

Vandy (3-2) (5-3)

S.C. (2-3) (5-3)

UK (1-3) (5-3)

TENN (1-4) (3-5)

SEC West

Alabama (5-0) (8-0)

LSU (3-2) (5-2)

Ole Miss (2-3) (4-4)

Auburn (2-3) (4-4)

Miss St (1-3) (3-5)

Arkansas (1-4) (3-5)

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Preserving Legacy Images with a DICOM Converter

It’s a problem that virtually everyone who works with computers and digital media must deal with; what to do with old and outdated media after hardware software and operating systems have undergone multiple upgrades – or worse, attempting to read a file that is in a format no longer supported. When it comes to medical imaging, the DICOM converter provides solutions when it comes to reading older files.

It’s Easy To Convert to DICOM

Only fifteen years ago, capturing a medical procedure on analog video was state-of-the-art – but modern digital video has made videotape a relic. In addition, videotapes deteriorate over time, and the picture quality on a digital monitor can be extremely poor. The dicom image converter allows one to transfer all types medical images for archiving in the DICOM format.

The primary advantage of a DICOM image converter is that your clinic or private practice will not need to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it would otherwise cost to upgrade and/or replace your older, but still serviceable imaging equipment.

How It Works

DICOM is basically an image file format, similar to .jpeg, .gif, .png or .tiff files. Applications such as Photoshop or GIMP can easily convert images among the more common formats, but DICOM was developed specifically for medical imaging, and therefore contains information that is not usually part of common image formats.

The DICOM image converter consists of an inexpensive piece of hardware into which the user feeds any medical image, such as an x-ray, MRI, mammography image, etc. The DICOM converter then translates the image into the DICOM format; it can then be uploaded to a server or PC, a picture archive and communication system (PACS), and saved to portable media such as a DVD. Any medical image that you convert to DICOM file format can then be read by any web browser across multiple platforms (provided the host PC has the proper software loaded).

DICOM Image Converter Choices

There are several different companies that offer various ways to convert DICOM files. The Lumen System is a user-friendly DICOM converter by which non-DICOM video can uploaded to any location on the health care facility’s intranet or a specified location on the Internet (i.e., a specialty clinic or the PC of a distant colleague involved in a consultation).

The TIMS System provides a more advanced way to convert DICOM files; this device will convert any medical image and upload it to a PACS, where the image can be archived, distributed and enhanced if necessary.

The DICOM Exporter is yet another type of DICOM image converter which allows the user to convert to DICOM any medical image or video to the most common web image formats (.jpeg, ,mpg, etc.), which can then be uploaded across an intranet to a clinic’s digital archive, where it can be readily accessed by authorized personnel.

Greening The Industry

Another reason to convert to dicom is to reduce paper and chemical waste associated with standard modalities. The DICOM converter is a large step toward a “paperless” operation in addition to being far more cost effective in terms of material and space. An investment in the hardware required to convert dicom files is an investment not only in your health care facility, but an investment in the planet as well.

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What Supplements Are Beneficial for Diabetics?

Diabetes is a disease involving inadequate production of insulin for processing of glucose by the body. Simple and complex carbohydrates are converted by the body into glucose and used for energy or stored as fat. In Type I diabetes the pancreatic cells that produce insulin are damaged. Type I diabetes generally occurs in young adults and children and is thought to be an autoimmune response. It’s not clearly understood how Type I diabetes occurs or why. In Type I diabetes the body has stopped producing insulin to the degree insulin replacement is needed to prevent diabetic coma and death. Type II diabetes is associated with poor diet, obesity, advancing age, lack of exercise and heredity. Type II diabetes can sometimes be controlled with proper diet and exercise.

Both Type I and Type II diabetes left untreated cause hyperglycemia or elevated sugar in the blood. Hyperglycemia over time damages nerves, blood vessels, and other organs such as the eyes, and kidneys. Hyperglycemia increases the risk of heart disease and kidney failure. Diabetes is a serious disease and is the fifth leading cause of death in America. The disability diabetes can cause including blindness, loss of limb, renal failure and early heart attacks is profound. Studies clearly show the course of diabetes can be vastly improved by proper diet, exercise and medical follow up. Even people without diabetes can benefit from a diet low in simple carbohydrates and a regular exercise program.

While no diabetic should pursue any over the counter treatments without talking with their doctor, certain vitamin and herbal supplements s may be helpful in improving blood sugar levels and overall health. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that fights free radical damage and is needed for normal carbohydrate metabolism. In studies blood sugar has fallen in approximately 30% of people who took the supplement. Low magnesium levels appear to be associated with increased risk of heart disease particularly coronary spasms. Magnesium is also felt to support kidney function. Low magnesium levels are felt to increase insulin resistance and magnesium supplements may help insulin production in Type II diabetics. Zinc is involved in insulin metabolism and synthesis and can decrease blood sugar. Take Zinc with food as it can upset the stomach. Chromium and niacin have been shown to improve glucose tolerance and sensitivity to insulin. Vanadium administration has also been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and decrease the need for insulin. Evening primrose oil which is high in gamma linolenic acid is felt to be helpful in improving nerve function which can be damaged by high blood sugar.

Supplements can’t replace diet exercise and appropriate medication but they can be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

This article is meant to be informational and is not medical advice. If you’re diabetic, talk with your doctor before any change.



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Ring Worm is a Skin Affliction

Ring worm is a common skin problem that has nothing to do with worms. Ring worm is called ring worm because long ago people believed that ring worm was caused by a worm. Ring worm is a skin disorder that is caused by a fungus not a worm. Some types of ring worm cause round spots to occur on the skin but other types of ring worm are just red rashes that can be itchy and scaly. A case of ring worm is uncomfortable but it can be cured.

Ring worm can occur just about anywhere on the skin but is common on the scalp and feet. The surface of the skin is where ring worm is located but it can go deeper into the body on rare occasions. Heat and moisture is the place where ring worm likes to invade so it is found in moist areas of the body like the groin and between the toes.

Public showers and pools are places where people are likely to be exposed to the ring worm fungi. You can also get ring worm by touching someone who has ring worm. Ring worm is highly contagious and easy to get by contact with humans, animals and even public places.

You can get ring worm from your pets. Pet cats are commonly infected with ring worm and can easily pass it on to humans. Cats can get symptoms when they have ring worm and the symptoms are similar to humans. An infected cats skin has a reaction of a scaly red rash like humans. Other animals can also transmit ring worm to humans like dogs, cows, goats, horses and pigs.

Ring worm can be easily diagnosed by a doctor and you can treat ring worm with a topical medicine. Some cases of ring worm are very severe and do not get better with topical medicine so then a oral antifungal treatment is administered.

Ring worm can contaminate a home and if someone in the home has ring worm then it is important to thoroughly clean the home to rid the home of the ring worm fungus.

Ring worm is a skin infection caused by fungus. It is uncomfortable yet curable. A doctor can diagnose ring worm and help you recover from it. To find out more about ring worm you can go on the net to

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Steve Vai: Musical Master of Your Domain

After polling 25 random people, I discovered that Steve Vai commands the bedroom. Over half preferred listening to Steve Vai over other musicians in his class, while having a romantic romp. Most noted for this preference was Vai’s sexual undertones and overt command of his audience. He’s unique, forward-thinking, and one of a kind. Vai truly is in a class of his own. He lets his imagination take him places other musicians have never dreamed of, and apparently he takes his audience along with him.

Top 5 Stevie Vai Songs

Is the audience listening?

Brilliant how Vai makes the guitar talk. Grade School mimicking of the teacher is hilarious. Very clean finger picking intro which goes into screaming mayhem as Vai starts back-talking the teacher with is Wah wah pedal. A naughty little riff that goes the extra mile to spice up the action.

Bad Horsey

A super mad driving beat. Another very expressionalistic artistic look at forceful music with a driving baseline to carry the song. For the audience he sings the song through his guitar with his Wah wah and glass slide and totally pushes it to the limit. Very wild horse sounds.

For the Love of God

A slow melodic start like a love story as the love gets more intense the riff builds in tension and no wait; it gets almost playful and teasing. You can feel the musical verbiage between the couple as if they’ve just had great sex and are now talking about a life together. A Killer song.

Tender Surrender

A lustful beginning-jazzy, sweet, tender. It builds into a changed up craziness that draws you in yet allows you to make love in a hypnotic Vai state of mind without being overwhelmed by his genius. He gives you the moves; all you have to do is keep up with him.

Blue Powder
A sexy, slow moving melody, that Vai without a care in the world totally takes command of his audience ripping it up with this bluesy piece. The energy level is classic Vai.

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Small Business Loans for Working Capital Financing in Canada

If your firm is looking for what is commonly known as a ‘ Small Business Loan ‘ it is critical to focus on two major issues –

1. Are you looking for additional financing

2. Are you looking for new Financing, aka ‘ re financing ‘

The current overall economic environment makes it challenging for business owners and financial managers to often access the right amount of capital they need.

When we talk to client’s discussion tends to revolve around what type of financing they require, and as a business owner you should understand the options and benefits that come from various types of working capital financing.

A good way to address the issue is to simply focus on why you feel you need the additional capital. Reasons might be as follows – refinancing existing debt, leasing new equipment, or, if we use the true meaning of working capital, to further monetize current assets such as A/R and inventory. You need all the help you can get in assessing those needs and the benefits that arise from them – as a result we recommend you work with a credible, trusted, and experienced advisor in business finance.
For ongoing working capital needs you are either in Category one or two-

Category 1 – You have a bank relationship but can’t access the true amount of financing you need

Categories 2- You can’t and haven’t accessed traditional financing, are self financing, and require additional capital to maintain and grow your business.

If we get straight to the heart of the matter for options for working capital financing are as follows:

– a working capital term loan

– additional bank operating facility

– a true asset based lending / working capital facility – ( this is a non bank facility)

– Receivable discounting, also know as factoring your receivables

– Inventory financing via a supplemental inventory loan ( this traditionally works best when it is combined with a receivable facility

– Sale leaseback options to release working capital in assets

We encourage customers to think around the terms traditional financing and non traditional financing. If you are thinking of exploring traditional financing with a new or existing bank then you should anticipate, in our experience, at least a 1-2 month timeframe. This might not be suitable for your timing purposes if you have increased payables to address, or new orders and contracts which require a build up in A/R and inventory.

If timing and increased working capital are your priority you should consider an interim solution to the always long term problem of business financing – that solution might be a working capital facility from a private finance firm, one that provides you full margining of your receivables and inventory .Typical entry advances for a/r and inventory are 90% and 40% respectively, and if you work with the right partner that specializes in inventory financing then you can even enhance those ratios . All that simply means is more working capital! One point of confusion that we like to clarify with clients is that the government small business loan program finances only equipment, leaseholds, and real estate, i.e. hard assets – as such this program should not be confused with a true working capital solution .

So what is our bottom line for small business loans (unsecured) and working capital financing .It is simply that you must realistically recognized the commercial lending landscape has changed:

Traditional financing is harder to access

Collateral requirements and guarantees are at a higher bar for approval

There are alternative methods to securing working capital financing – these might come at a higher cost, but should in most cases provide you with the cash flow you need to effectively run and grow your business.

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