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2011 Fantasy Baseball Updated Starting Pitcher Rankings

As we continue to chug along towards the 2011 fantasy baseball season, lets take a look at the latest starting pitcher rankings and where they stand currently.

1. Roy Halladay
2. Felix Hernandez
3. Cliff Lee
4. Adam Wainwright
5. Jon Lester
6. Tim Lincecum
7. Josh Johnson
8. Clayton Kershaw
9. CC Sabbathia
10. Ubaldo Jimenez
11. Justin Verlander
12. Mat Latos
13. Cole Hamels
14. Jered Weaver
15. Zack Greinke
16. Tommy Hanson
17. Chris Carpenter
18. Francisco Liriano
19. David Price
20. Roy Oswalt
21. Dan Haren
22. Ted Lilly
23. Yovani Gallardo
24. Brett Anderson
25. Wandy Rordriguez

-In all honesty, after Halladay and King Felix, from Cliff Lee all the way to Justin Verlander can be in a million different orders and I would have no issue with that. All of these guys are pure aces and they all are more than adequate to anchor your staff. If I were to try and decipher between this group, I placed Verlander the lowest among them due to my fear of injury with the insanely high amount of pitchess and innings he has thrown (MLB high the last two years in total pitches thrown) and his ERA has seemed to settle in the lower mid 3.00 range whereas guys like Kershaw Wainwright, and J Johnson have gone to the 2.00 range.
-As far as Ubaldo Jimenez is concerned, don’t be concerned at all about his average second half. The luck got away from him a bit but this is still a mid 3.00 ERA, 200 plus K guy who is a sure ace.
-Mat Latos is generating a lot e-mail to me this season ( if you have any fantasy sports questions) and I understand why. Drafting a supremely YOUNG stud like Latos is always risky due to the fear of the league catching up to him, injury due to innings jumps, and other issues but in my opinion this kid is worth it to reach for without debate. Latos doesn’t walk anyone, he strikes out crazy batters, and he plays in Petco Park. Introducing you to the new Curt Schilling.
-I LOVE Ted Lilly and you can read why here:
-Chris Carpenter is a guy who absolutely scares me though as we all know the very lengthy injury history he has and the fact he is due for a DL stint after being relatively healthy the last two seasons. His age is getting up there and the strikeouts wont come near the 200 mark again so be aware you could lose a bit of value here and a heck of a lot more if he lands on the DL which is a 50/50 scenario.
-Folks don’t think that what Jered Weaver did last season was a fluke because it wasn’t. There was no BAPIP help or high strand rates that helped him in 2010 so he was absolutely legit and is someone to target for sure. The West Coast bias is in your favor as Weaver’s ADP is currently in the 90’s which is a travesty. Take advantage.
-Don’t forget about last year’s favorite sleeper Brett Anderson. Sure he was annoying to own in 2010 due to elbow issues but he was very good when he was on the mound. This kid absolutely has ace stuff so be sure you look this way in your drafts.

There you have it. That’s how it stands right now. Lets hear some dissenting opinions.

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