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Thursday, October 20, 2016

10 Best Hot Drinks: Cocktails that Really Warm You Up!

Need a winter warm-up? Choose one of these hot drink cocktails to keep you warm!

Hot Toddy. Traditionally, a hot toddy is hot tea, brandy, honey, and lemon; although there are many variations. In fact, the term “hot toddy” is sometimes used in a generic way to mean any hot drink with alcohol, much like the words cocktail or mix could mean any cold alcoholic drink.

Irish Cream and Coffee. This drink is self-explanatory, it’s a shot of Irish cream in a cup of hot coffee. You can top it with whipped cream, if desired. This drink is often called Bailey’s and coffee because Bailey’s brand is the most popular of Irish Creams. In my opinion, Emmet’s and Carolan’s brands are just as good as Bailey’s, and a lot less expensive.

Amaretto and Coffee. Amaretto is an almond flavored liqueur, and tastes delicious in hot coffee. This drink is particularly appealing to coffee lovers who don’t like cream in their coffee. The best brand of amaretto is Amaretto di Saronno and, unlike Irish Creams, the brand of amaretto really does make a difference.

Kahlua and Coffee. Kahlua is coffee flavored liqueur, so it stands to reason that Kahlua mixes well with hot coffee. Kahlua and coffee is usually served with whipped cream on top, although it’s optional. Kahlua brand is very good, but on the expensive side. Kamora brand is just as good, and less than half the price.

Warmed red wine. This old Italian wives’ tale is rumored to cure the common cold. In the old days they probably heated it on the stove, but in modern times, we just put a mug of red wine in the microwave for about a minute. I’m not sure if this drink is for everybody, but once you’ve had it during a mild case of the sniffles, you’ll want it again!

Hot Peppermint Patty. A Hot Peppermint Patty is hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint schnapps in it, with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Definitely a decadent after dinner drink if there ever was one!

A-lot-a Salada. This one’s an old bar favorite. Start with a cup of hot Salada tea and add one shot of Grand Marnier and one shot of Amaretto di Saronno. Yep- it’s a double- that’s why we call it A-lot-a Salada. It’s a little strong, but absolutely delicious. It’ll definitely warm you down to your toes!

Warmed Grand Marnier. This drink is also known as a Gra-ma in the bars. It’s another self-explanatory one- just heat a snifter of Grand Marnier in the microwave until it’s warm, not hot. Grand Marnier is an orange flavored liqueur, and, for some reason, more popular with men than women.

Jameson’s and Coffee. Jameson’s is an Irish Whiskey and there’s really nothing else like it. Personally, I think it’s an acquired taste and, in my experience, only popular with people of Irish heritage. But hey, it’s a manly drink after a long cold day of working outside.

Hot Cranberry Tea and Vodka. This is very much like a vodka and cranberry juice, except it uses hot cranberry tea and vodka. I recommend making a strong cranberry tea so the vodka won’t overwhelm it. Serve with a squeeze of lime, if desired.

Go ahead- enjoy a little booze in your mug this winter!

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