Monday, March 20, 2017

A Tough Economy Can Be Good for Your Career

Shaky economy or not, now is the time for newer professionals to move full speed ahead when it comes to life in the workplace. Unlike their more seasoned coworkers, newer workers don’t have a track record of successes (or much of any professional history, for that matter) to fall back on when times are tough or to justify a lackluster performance or slower sales. Instead, they’ve got to hit the ground running and start building a string of experiences now – economy be darned.

For go-getter newbies in the workplace who want to make a name for themselves, a tough economy provides the perfect landscape. Newer professionals who are able to land the client, make the sale, or simply contribute to the success of their workplace will be able to stand out from their more experienced coworkers, particularly if they are bringing in dollars when other coworkers aren’t. Not a bad way to launch a career.

Economists tell us that recessions and tough economic times come and go – and knowing how to navigate in rough waters and work under less-than-ideal circumstances are skills that any employee needs to succeed. For Generation Y professionals, who have often been branded – fairly or not – as entitled employees who have high expectations and demand lots of hand-holding in the workplace, a tough economy may provide the ‘tough love’ that will help build a stronger, more resilient workforce in the long run.

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